All 30 First Round Picks | 2020 #NBADraft

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Arcade Craniacs
Arcade Craniacs:
Bro Lavar casually walking into the Hornets' office and challenges MJ into a 1v1 would be funny
the only thing that matters to me is that the legendary 1v1 between the goats Michael Jordan and Lavar Ball might actually happen
JD's Variety Channel
JD's Variety Channel:
8:31: Tyrese Haliburton in full bloom tonight. =P
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
bro we are literally watching people's childhood dreams and everything theyve worked for come true
Key Epic
Key Epic:
Lavar vs MJ coming soon
Steve Karlsen
Steve Karlsen:
Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise
Rech Narcisz 28
Rech Narcisz 28:
The 2020 NBA Draft :
1.0:01 Anthony Edwards - MIN
2.1:24 James Wiseman - GSW
3.1:53 LaMelo Ball - HORNETS
4.2:28 Patrick Williams - BULLS
5.2:51 Isaac Okoro - CAVALIERS
6.3:22 Onyeka Okongwu - HAWKS
7.3:51 Killian Hayes - PISTONS
8.4:21 Obi Toppin - KNICKS
9.6:55 Deni Avdija - WIZARDS
10.7:23 Jalen Smith - SUNS
11.7:56 Devin Vassell - SPURS
12.8:23 Tyrese Haliburton - KINGS
13.8:44 Kira Lewis Jr. - PELICANS
14.9:06 Aaron Nesmith - CELTICS
15.9:35 Cole Anthony - MAGIC
16.11:27 Isaiah Stewart -PORTLAND
17.12:01 Aleksej Pokusevski -MIN
18.12:36 Josh Green - MAVERICKS
19.13:04 Saddiq Bei - NETS
20.13:35 Precious Achiuwa - HEAT
21.14:12 Tyrese Maxey - 76ers
22.14:33 Zeke Nnaji - NUGGETS
23.15:05 Leandro Bolmaro - KNICKS
24.15:35 R. J. Hampton - BUCKS
25.16:17 Immanuel Quickley - OKC
26.16:40 Payton Prichard - CELTICS
27.17:09 Udoka Azubuike - JAZZ
28.17:23 Jaden Mcdaniels - LAKERS
29.17:47 Malachi Flynn - RAPTORS
30.18:09 Desmond Bane - CELTICS
RIP ANTHONY Edwards mom and grandma :(
Javier Cervantes
Javier Cervantes:
it really sucks that these players can’t get the full experience to get to walk yo that stage in front of everyone but regardless, best of luck to their new life✍️
Don LaVega
Don LaVega:
Golden State got EXACTLY the player they needed.
The AadyLegion
The AadyLegion:
Yo everyone is talking about anthony's mom and grandma, thats awesome but noone's talking about onyeka's brother who passed away. RIP Nnamdi
I low key felt bad for Melo when they announced his pick. Everyone’s initial reaction was very cold haha
Just A Random Normal Human Being
Just A Random Normal Human Being:
I love that in every draft, there is one guy on the draftee's side who is more hyped than the draftee himself. I mean those random guys around the draftee not the family.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
Young people achieving their dreams is really beautiful to watch. Congratulations to all the people drafted 1st or 2nd round and those undrafted just gotta grind their time would also come. Amen!
Isabela Fabbrin
Isabela Fabbrin:
Kings... BLM... black family and BLACK GIRLS deserve respect in the world... 👑💚👑👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
Anyone else noticed when onyeka okongwu got drafted that there is a seat saved for his brother that passed away? That gave me chills and I felt his emotion for real
Sandi Sečkar
Sandi Sečkar:
This has to be the most emotional draft ever
Cece 123
Cece 123:
bro we are literally watching people's childhood dreams and everything theyve worked for come true
Lavar's reaction when the hornets pick Lamelo.

Lavar: did that mthrfckr just pick my son?
MJ: I picked your son to teach him play real basketball.
Ambitious 29
Ambitious 29:
RJ family member disrespectful 😂😂😂😂
hen ko
hen ko:
I love that in every draft, there is one guy on the draftee's side who is more hyped than the draftee himself. I mean those random guys around the draftee not the family.
This year how they draft is good cus knicks fans cant boo their pick
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Man I love watching black people celebrate, makes me feel good seeing these scenes
Alexis Acuña
Alexis Acuña:
Deni Avdija, this draft biggest steal, save my words
Alexey 23
Alexey 23:
That Milwaukee cap 🧢😂😂😂 im dead
Kabir Rathore Muthu
Kabir Rathore Muthu:
It really feels more authentic to see it like this, when they are at home or with just their family and friends
Plus the hoopers who couldn’t go to college cuz of personal problems
Project Wave
Project Wave:
“Cuz dad spent a lot of time away” 😂😂
Fluffah -
Fluffah -:
Where’s Julian Newman? Thought his dad said he would be in the nba by now?
3:43 Beautiful moment <3
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure:
Lonzo went 2nd, Lamelo went 3rd and Liangelo fidna go 4th in the chinese draft to work off the sunglasses he stole 😎🤓😅🤣😂
Fresh Start
Fresh Start:
This my first time ever crying through a draft. There’s a lot of good kids in this draft.
2:03 you know Lavar had money on his son being the #1 pick.
Enrique Ruiz
Enrique Ruiz:
15:50 why he yeet it like that when it was clearly the bucks hat💀
Baby Shanahan
Baby Shanahan:
2:03 you know Lavar had money on his son being the #1 pick.
Saurani Sumasafu
Saurani Sumasafu:
let’s be honest, Obi Toppin was crying because he realised what team he was going too

Edit: I didn’t mean it, I knew he was crying because he’s playing for his home team and I respect it besides as a bulls fan, I don’t know how to feel about Patrick Williams
14:40 that family got drip
Yannick Fink
Yannick Fink:
14:23 when the quiet kid reaches in his back and somrthing clicks
🌅 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Matthew 5:3‭-‬8 KJV 🙏
JellyFaM Jay
JellyFaM Jay:
15:50 someone threw rj hat lmao
Will's Pain
Will's Pain:
Adam Silver looks like a Vampire who disguises himself as a business professional, but always forgets to wear his human wig...
Yo I know Isaiah Stuart, he lives in my city, and I met him at a basketball thing he was hosting, it’s pretty cool how someone from our little city, got drafted into the NBA!!
minij hooi
minij hooi:
the only thing that matters to me is that the legendary 1v1 between the goats Michael Jordan and Lavar Ball might actually happen
Eugene Oleary
Eugene Oleary:
2:07 thats the LeMelo in the back, what we're seeing is a clone
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki:
I’m rooting for Obi. He’s my favorite player out of the draft.
Juan Treto
Juan Treto:
This draft is filled with grateful grateful players.....much love to all the players that got drafted
Phantom CJ
Phantom CJ:
You can see obi toppin’s pain when he got drafted by the Knicks
Obi Toppin Was Crying When he got picked to the Knicks
contrite sinner
contrite sinner:
For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: (I Peter 3:18 [KJV]
Shane C.
Shane C.:
When they showed Zeke NNaji, I thought that was king T’challa. Wakanda Forever!!!
0:30 we gonna talk about these graphics
Thiru Veleyudham
Thiru Veleyudham:
Onyeka realized that he ain’t gonna score at all cause trae’s gonna hog the ball the entire time
No Nem
No Nem:
3:30 that man went straight to crying, it teared me up to now I wanna be a pelicans fan 😭😭
nilen abney
nilen abney:
this is great i am so proud of these boys their lives will never be the same.
Knicks finally got a stud in Obi Toppin, I was actually hype to hear them call his name
I like how there was a little pause when lamelo got picked to the hornets
QMD-Marvin Resurreccion
QMD-Marvin Resurreccion:
this quarantine brings family closer together
Houston Trashtros
Houston Trashtros:
Deni falling that low is such a steal
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔻
MP Solutions
MP Solutions:
I thought I was gonna get drafted oh well there is always overseas
Mika OW
Mika OW:
We all know obi toppins reaction when he got drafted there
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
This is for those who read this message 5 years after : Did Anthony Edward, James Wiseman or LaMelo Ball one of them become bust?
Lavar vs MJ coming soon
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran:
I love seeing them get so happy when they get drafted. It’s so heartwarming!
Juju Halapua
Juju Halapua:
Dang, Memphis is gonna be STACKED
Joseph Sultana
Joseph Sultana:
i cried after every reaction i wish i could feel that one day
Cole Anthony. I love his reaction. Nice job by Orlando. That was a name in the lottery discussion
Viper Toxic
Viper Toxic:
Lamelo had the whole block in his house.
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij:
so many Nigerians in the draft
Hasib YouTube
Hasib YouTube:
11:57 dam bro just give a hug to ur dad and mom lmao...
Stefan West
Stefan West:
I love it when the emotion get's them and the tears flow, it takes a lot of sacrifices to become a NBA player!
Omo Naija! Those who know, know. Wish all the draftees the best, every single one of them worked hard to get to this point. Much love!
Basketball For Life
Basketball For Life:
Warriors are gonna kill it with James Wiseman
kmden Rt
kmden Rt:
Why is she asking questions when they're so emotional.
Pepi Choolow
Pepi Choolow:
Let's be honest, everyone wanted to go to the warriors lmao
lamelo was like: "I knew i was finna get drafted"
Lucas Tchelikidi
Lucas Tchelikidi:
4:32 Obi's crying because he got picked by the Knicks 😂
Heartless_ Nunu
Heartless_ Nunu:
Obi crying cause he went to the knicks

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Bruh I feel like that bald guy with glasses is gonna live forever I see him every time
Milo S
Milo S:
When I watched this live I was so happy for the nicks
Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng:
This is one hell of a tear-jerker. 😭😭😭
Deli Kanli
Deli Kanli:
The knicks player didn’t know what to say to the knicks 😭😭😭
Damn my girl got drafted to the streets
MJ only drafted LaMelo so Lavar would be forced to come to his state and 1v1 him
Vignesh Narayan
Vignesh Narayan:
cole anthony to the magic was such a steal
IamNaitsirk 30
IamNaitsirk 30:
He's praying like "i hope a trade will happen"
Kyle Mendoza
Kyle Mendoza:
After everything that had happened today.. I just found out that there's actually a guy named Precious
Night Bot
Night Bot:
Cole anthony obi toppin and anthony Edwards are my favorites from this draft class
Kabir Rathore Muthu
Kabir Rathore Muthu:
Love seeing them hug their parents because I love to hug mine haha
LaMelo is going to Charlotte he’s going to to lead this team
A Family’s Journey - Viviendo en Canadá
A Family’s Journey - Viviendo en Canadá:
Good job boys !
You’ve been blessed by a higher power, don’t mess it up.
Husain Campbell
Husain Campbell:
Cole Anthony gave the Greatest speech ever! Can't wait to see him in Orlando!
ShiSui Uchiha
ShiSui Uchiha:
Admit it we all watched this to see the top 3 get drafted
I feel like this draft class is going to have a lot of sleepers .
prince TNC
prince TNC:
first time i’ve said i’m excited to watch some hornets basketball in my 14 years of living💀
I feel like RJ going to the bucks is like when they picked Trevon Duval, both really good in highschool, and living on the hype afterwards
10 Adi Esguerra
10 Adi Esguerra:
Man, I was looking for this kind of video when you reminded me to like
majid mousa
majid mousa:
WTF World News
WTF World News:
Obi Toppin is amazing, check his highlights out. Dayton was fun to watch.