ALL of Bayern's Goals This Season • 76 Goals in 25 Games

Record-breaking Bayern
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FC Bayern München are once again scoring at will this season. 76 goals after 25 matchdays is a new Bundesliga record! Lewandowski, Sané, Gnabry & Co have already netted so many goals this term that we just have to show you. Which strike impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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33 comentarios:

Goretzka and davies are so important,without them bayern is a bit lost
I like players like thomas muller, he has the same energy and enthusiasm while bayern scores a goal doesn't matter if he scored the goal or assisted it or he isn't even involved in the play but still celebrates it as if he has scored in a final. He is surely a team player and gets happy for the team, everyone should be like him.
FC Bayern is a machine goals! ⚽🔥
Cavid Zerbeliyev
Cavid Zerbeliyev:
All the goals were beautiful, thank you to those who made the video
Aleksy Citriauskidis
Aleksy Citriauskidis:
Funny how like half of them was scored by Lewandowski
David Adriaenssen
David Adriaenssen:
Nagelsball hits different
Seena gopakumar🙃🙃
Seena gopakumar🙃🙃:
ONE WORD masterpiece
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
Tonight is a huge night for Bayern. A must win game to stay in the champions league
We may hit 100 goals come season finale. Come on bayern münchen
Ayasmita Chakraborty
Ayasmita Chakraborty:
More and more to come😄❤
Bongi Gift
Bongi Gift:
Hubert Matysiak
Hubert Matysiak:
Lewy the best
Thuy Phu
Thuy Phu:
i hope we have all Bayern goals this season video
Kacper Kowalczyk
Kacper Kowalczyk:
Ich liebe Bayern Monachium
amr gamil
amr gamil:
Beautiful 🧡🧡💚💛💓
Hello Bundesliga from Macedonia 🇲🇰
Nobody survives even one bit
Nobody survives even one bit:
Too much lewangoalski
David Adriaenssen
David Adriaenssen:
Nagelsmann goat
Debasmita Chakraborty
Debasmita Chakraborty:
Bayern.....MIASANMIA 🔴⚪
Michael Melian
Michael Melian:
El Bayern una maquina de hacer gooles.
David Adriaenssen
David Adriaenssen:
Record breakers
Muhammad Hazim
Muhammad Hazim:
I hope Bayern will win against RB Salzburg tonight..

احمد المزوغي
احمد المزوغي:
Bayirn for ievr
Filip Polomski
Filip Polomski:
Why is there no people when it’s this seasons goals
John Ekow
John Ekow:
Bundesliga's best
will salazar ramirez
will salazar ramirez:
chiclayo 🇵🇪 🇩🇪
Maulidi pky
Maulidi pky:
Dari indonesia🇮🇩😁
yanti norma
yanti norma:
pemburu nasehat
pemburu nasehat:
❤️🇲🇨🇯🇴🤲🤲🤲 URAAA
Hopefully Russia's 🇷🇺sovereignty will not be disturbed by NATO. I am an Indonesian citizen, I support Russia's steps... to fight with honor, Russian friends. Let's take care of each other and wish each other the best. Hopefully NATO will be more neutral towards white or black countries...either to Christian countries or Muslim countries. #Israel invades Palestine 🇯🇴= Football no Politics (FIFA) #Russia invades Ukraine🇺🇦 = Football yes Politics (FIFA)