ALMOST SOLSKJAER OUT! Sheffield United 3-3 Manchester United FanCam

Sheffield United 3-3 Manchester United and Miles is almost Solskjaer out after today's performance. Get the latest Man Utd News on the United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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100+ comentarios:

Mustafa Hirsi
Mustafa Hirsi:
"Williams goal means nothing"
What have you been smoking
Ole shot himself in the foot by not signing enough midfielders
Ole should go back to Molde.. that's his level....
Well Williams goal does mean something, because it propelled us into a comeback
A brilliant debut goal that started a comeback means nothing? Ok then.
alexio Phytides
alexio Phytides:
“He was in the right place at the right time” 🤣🤣🤣 this man is clueless , I’d love to see you in that position and finish on your weak foot like he did
Woodward glazers Ole out
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele:
Ole plays dead football. He is Zero coaching abilities.
Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk:
Could've been 5th on the table
El Negro De WhatsApp
El Negro De WhatsApp:
Miles should stay behind the camera, not in front of it
jobz Joe
jobz Joe:
Ole should be questions of substituting martial why defending at the last minutes went we have already put Sheffield United in our pockets
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
Ole : *"I promise there will be signings in January, I promise"*
What he means is : *Keep me till January I dont want to spend Christmas unemployed*
Riyan Khan
Riyan Khan:
Ole out
Martin Oviasogie
Martin Oviasogie:
Our cub has become a win loose win loose draw team. Sitting in 9th. Ole OUTT
Crap football with average or worse players and a manager who's starting to resemble a Norwegian version of Mr Bean 😂 oh how the mighty fall 😭
Pia Davison
Pia Davison:
This Miles dude is clueless... everytime i hear him hes just repeating paper talk
Flacko 7
Flacko 7:
Without William goal that games ending 2-0. Is it crack you’re smoking?
Hamza0790 Lingärd
Hamza0790 Lingärd:
This guy is a donut 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂we played well for 20mins and bad for the rest
King Noctis
King Noctis:
The way United was creating chances was mind blowing....literally
Awonlimai Pius
Awonlimai Pius:
Wished some of the man u fans could see...some of us ain't seeing at all...
Ole will take like 30 years to build man u..He is that bad..LOL
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski:
Williams was lost the whole game but he was the victim of that formation and the whole mood in the team.
Its funny how ever team who comes again us say they didnt play well ha.
Kay A
Kay A:
ole admits his tactics in the first half was atrocious.. why we wasted 45min to change is beyond me .. not convinced
"He was in the right place at the right time"
So you mean he has great awareness and positional play then?
The only way to score goals is to be in the right place at the right time.
Jerry James
Jerry James:
Same interview every week
I dont entirely agree with this guy. You could then say that their 3rd goal came from us sitting back
Muhammad Raihan
Muhammad Raihan:
ole's on the wheel... sometimes up ... sometimes down... 😂
Vernon Francis Gallagher
Vernon Francis Gallagher:
Apart from them 3 goals in that 10 minute spell qe didn't play for 80 mins🤷‍♂️
KingSweat TV
KingSweat TV:
When people try and rationalize giving time to a manager who failed at cardiff spectacularly , who's only success was at molde, but somehow did not find any reason to do the same for Van Gaal and Jose...? Mind boggling!! We've sacked better managers for less.!!
Mulki Haashi
Mulki Haashi:
Williams was good tbf
Tristan Paglianiti-Roberts
Tristan Paglianiti-Roberts:
I appreciate everyones opinion but he's clueless
Zakir Feysal
Zakir Feysal:
Wolly ain't going nowhere for the next 10 years. Give him time they said 😂
michael Corcoran
michael Corcoran:
We shouldn’t have to be having miny heart attacks against these teams
I'm sorry but you don't play with 5 or 3 at the back however you want to see it at Sheffield ! No disrespect to them they are doing an amazing job
The subs... Lingard the game changer comes on before Greenwood and then he takes martial of the pitch I don't get it
Edwin Akara
Edwin Akara:
Williams goals means nothing ?can't share a blunt with you,you will make me see demons
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli:
His comments always make me feel like he watches 1 half of the game , or doesn’t watch some players at all
Champions of the world
Champions of the world:
Banter club 😂
Abdulnasser Ali
Abdulnasser Ali:
Ole out is no longer just a joke or a banter. Man needs to go for real. With tottenham and man city coming I fear for us I swear
We should beat teams like these
From Dark to LIGHT
From Dark to LIGHT:
POCH would be a better pick than all the managers they have hired so far after Sir Alex.... POCH is a better fit than all of them.
Anyone who follows our Youth Academy knows Williams' Goal does not mean nothing and it's a fantastic moment for him!!
He’s only on this show because he’s friends with Rants and Flex. He speaks no sense.
Jude SN
Jude SN:
When is ole going to realise that 442 is the man United formation
Kamyar ufc 1990
Kamyar ufc 1990:
Michael Bay has more chance to win an academy award for the best director than ole getting top 4 with United.
Dielowren 39
Dielowren 39:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ole's at the wheel
Tyller Phillips
Tyller Phillips:
Could you finish like that cow?
Jack Oxley
Jack Oxley:
We make big teams play bad 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️⚔️
Pia Davison
Pia Davison:
Brilly West
Brilly West:
Poch in please
Even Steve wonder saw that it was a handball. VAR should be scrapped off🖕
Bryan Briby
Bryan Briby:
Bro expect that from a young inexperienced kid. Get off the kids back. He's been brilliant before this
Jason M
Jason M:
Jones for fk sake how why 🤪
Kuda Ruz
Kuda Ruz:
Someone needs to sponsor my guy miles the people's cameraman
Epsilon -Epps
Epsilon -Epps:
dr kay
dr kay:
If anyone thinks OGS is doing well,then check the table cos Emery apparently is on top of Ole.. Which means a lot..
Giorgi Koghuashvili
Giorgi Koghuashvili:
Seriously half of the players are injured and everybody is blaming ole. I mean we are without pogba and mctominay our best midfielders so i think we shouldn't blame everything to ole and just believe in him little more and after january transfer window we will be stronger so we only need to wait little more
n z
n z:
Miles - always talks sense -respect
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr:
Once again comments not taking a statement in proper context.
He looks like ramz
Gideon Obeng
Gideon Obeng:
Why is Ole still at the club?
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We needed to win this match today.
Colin Hunter
Colin Hunter:
Poor team just like spurs !
Sundeep Kaur
Sundeep Kaur:
Ole innnnn
The only positive is Rashford a definitely gonna have his best goal tally this season.
Soto Lee
Soto Lee:
My God...u guys are not to bright...the shape (formation)was bad, the team played better in a 433 with attacking players on...then the dull coach took us back to a back 5 and lost it.
Gegen press
Gegen press:
Banter Fc is back.
Quan the vlogger
Quan the vlogger:
It's his opinion you have to respect that, we all will have different views on the game. I also thought William's didn't have a good game he was bullied and doubled team a lot and I don't think Ashley young would have done a better job either
Dance Billy
Dance Billy:
Leon Biggs
Leon Biggs:
This man doesnt talk sense blud
Matty Williams
Matty Williams:
Williams goal was great for the lad but, he needs time to progress in this team. Didn't have the best of games but he'll get there.
Ahmet Kemal
Ahmet Kemal:
Big clubs dont adjust playing style and system to recently promoted or mid table clubs... no matter how well they are performing.. they must adjust to us....Man u worked all international break to try and mimic SU ... a team that scores less than 1 goal a game...Ole is out of his league..... lower mid table, league 1 manager at best...
denis richard
denis richard:
Please sak ole
Epsilon -Epps
Epsilon -Epps:
How the hell our we so lacking in the midfield and striker department how !!!! We got rid of what 3 midfielders and what two strikers??? Olly didn’t think maybe buying just one of each to keep the depth. What a D🤥k head ......the nose should be on the forehead people
Abdul Shahin
Abdul Shahin:
3 goals in 7 minutes from 2-0 down doesn't excite him? Does he really expect us to believe him? Also we scored another three goals with no midfield.
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez:
Why is this guy giving Brandon stick, it was a tough game to play and with Jones playing behind him
Daniel L
Daniel L:
5 minutes of rubbish
Gavin Summers
Gavin Summers:
Ole is a joke
Wayne Lilly
Wayne Lilly:
@ Mustafa Hirsi and that why he should stay behind the camera
Faiz Mohd
Faiz Mohd:
I really don't think we can get a result against Aston Villa
Edwin Akara
Edwin Akara:
With that midfield you can't blame ole cmon guys ,no one can work with that
denis richard
denis richard:
Please sack ole
denis omahoney
denis omahoney:
Flex did you see Fergie and Woodward arguing proper....we are shite Ole out ,tactically a shambles...
Jason Wheatley
Jason Wheatley:
Give ole some good midfielders we play a lot better
Joao Trindade
Joao Trindade:
the man united goalkeeper had moe touches that Marcial or any man untied striker. Mourinho!!!!!!!
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions:
Ole is dodgy
Just Emeka
Just Emeka:
Williams goal brought belief. It was critical. The players were not bad, they were outplayed by s stronger team. This game was a battle of midfield strength and clearly United players are not physically strong
Dan Badd
Dan Badd:
Laurent Blanc has been available for ages and people still wanting Ole or Poch.. Two managers who won nothing.
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson:
Play the younger players Chong greenwood Williams we have nothing to lose were so poor anyway ole not got a clue greenwood and Chong score for fun they need chances ole our for me he not trying new things
Siddharth Menon
Siddharth Menon:
What a tool.
Aakar Mamtora
Aakar Mamtora:
Andy Wheeldon
Andy Wheeldon:
if sheff didn't sit back at 2-0 wed have been dead n buried.ole has no clue whatsoever so has to go
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Oly is totally clueless, people learn from their mistakes but (He), Ole is too stubborn to change his ways. He plays the same boring sideways passing football that got Mourinho fired. Ole will always be a United Legend, but he will never be a successful manager at United.
why does ole NEVER make subs at the right time? is he slow? everybody knows around 60 minutes MAKE CHANGES, Sheffield manager knew hahahahaaa what joke!
glazzer out
Paul K
Paul K:
I'm dreading murinio and spurs coming to old Trafford he knows these bad players like the back of his hand he wont park the bus on this occasion he will let the hand brake off and go for it ....wouldint you ??????
denis richard
denis richard:
Didn't u saw the stupidity? Its just 5 minutes and ole change tactic from attack to defend? He surely doesnt know to think more logic. Here is the logic. He changed tactic to defend means there is possibilities for the opponent to score at least one goal as happened today but if he didn't changed the tactic, the possibility for man united to score at least a goal to make 2-4 is so huge... And another. Big mistake made by ole for choosing phill jones as first eleven..
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
and a bad VAR decision.
Waelongo Mrisho
Waelongo Mrisho:
how does william's goal mean nothing?
for the way we were playing, he could have stayed back but because he did not give up he pushed up forward and that's why he scored.
secondly because of that goal we got momentum.
I'm not saying I'm happy with the results but we need to appreciate some stuff.
I agree that Sheffield took their feet off the gas padel after they were 2-0 up but imagine if we did not take our chances?