Aly Raisman reveals one of the most devastating parts of Nassar case

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman delivers a powerful statement on the abuse she and others suffered at the hands of former Team USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar.
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Luu Sapphire
Luu Sapphire:
Aly Raisman is a REAL American hero. I cannot imagine a braver, more sincere and heroic woman than her and the other girls involved. She's an inspiration.
Theresa Brantley
Theresa Brantley:
As a SA survivor I felt all of their pain. Knowing that it was swept under the rug, infuriates me. This is why so many of us remain silent. I’m hurting again but not for me, for them. They are truly brave women.
Aly is a real hero... Please take this experience and keep leading. Our world needs more people like you .
Aimee Rice
Aimee Rice:
These testimonials and these brave women just is making me cry. Where is their justice?
As a survivor myself, I feel the pain in their voices. It’s not easy. I was only 5yrs when it started and ended at 9yrs. I am 41 now and it still hurts when talking or thinking about it. Especially since the man is free and wouldn’t ever be charged of any crime.

But we survivor’s need to stay strong, strong together. This has to stop.
Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin:
The FBI needs an independent branch that deals exclusively with child sexual abuse. It's obviously been a hidden epidemic for centuries. These athletes should not have to endure this long, painful process. Fortunately, they are brave young girls and women and my absolute respect goes out to them. Imagine how many children have to go through this horrible, soul shattering trauma and never say a word.
I'm so impressed how these young women are so poised and articulate while re-visiting their trauma and exposing official criminality on a national stage.
Cedar Hill Workshop
Cedar Hill Workshop:
The most devastating part of this story is that 70 more girls were abused AFTER the FBI knew about what was going on.
Respect  Begets Respect
Respect Begets Respect:
This can't be easy for these girls. I pray for their healing. 🙏
Julie Jane Smith
Julie Jane Smith:
Sadly, very few men out there will ever have any real idea if the sheer strength this took from her, the emotional toll and gut-wrenching pain that writing this took out of her, and the racing heart she must have had when doing this in this intimidating environment surrounded by a bunch of powerful men. This woman is just getting started in life- she has the making of a lifelong legend! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
wily wascal
wily wascal:
All of these young ladies testifying were very articulate and eloquent, Aly Raisman especially. But what struck me most about them was the tremendous courage shown.
Grant Woodby
Grant Woodby:
Wow. So articulate and well spoken. I hope everyone involved in this cover-up is taken to task.
Appalachian Girl Designs
Appalachian Girl Designs:
These women are so strong to take their abusers to task in front of the world. You are not alone ladies.
wendy b
wendy b:
I cannot imagine not only what these girls have lived with, but the parents of these victims not knowing and finding out now.
For too many decades sexual abuse & sexual assault has not been taken seriously by the “Powers that Be”. Ongoing healing blessings to all the brave survivors everywhere!
Erica Perkins
Erica Perkins:
You all deserve a gold medal for the thoughtful, articulate, and powerful testimony you presented.. The general public can’t possibly understand the dedication and hours it takes to achieve the virtually impossible magic you have shared with us..Very few athletes acquire the super human physical strength needed for elite gymnastics.
You have proven to be extraordinary young women despite the horror and scope of a network of adults that shamelessly failed to protect you (our nation’s best)),, Your strength of character Is clearly as strong as your
unmatched physical capabilities.
You are truly superheroes☮️💟
Virtual Feats
Virtual Feats:
This is terribly sad. My thoughts and prayers are with their family. Sending love from Ireland 🇮🇪
Michele Olson
Michele Olson:
She spoke so well to defend herself & others, and to demand accountability so it never happens again. So proud of their bravery. 💜
Monica Hill
Monica Hill:
RESPECT to all these brave, survivors for showing up and reliving/telling your nightmare! I’m so THANKFUL that you survived & I wished that it never happened. ❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
I’m in awe at the strength, composure, and power with which these amazing women testify. I know the bravery each had to muster. I know the PTSD they go through in spite of their strength. They not only speak up for themselves, but come forward to protect other children. That, friends, is far more amazing than you realize. #MeToo
Harumi H.
Harumi H.:
Bitter reminder: a crime was possible because of "enablers" that helped the perpetrator continue the crime by coveting up and "aiding and abetting"
We have seen the same pattern during the past 4 years
These incredibly brave women deserve all of our respect. Thank you for doing this on behalf of future generations so we can stop these cycles. There will always be abusers, but we can take steps to stop systems that protect them and empower them.
NYC Person
NYC Person:
The criminal investigation MUST brought against these FBI agents and FBI authorities who refused to take any action against its own agents. No ONE - FBI or NOT - should never get a special treatment in the law. Everyone must be treated equally in front of the law. These FBI agents and FBI authorities MUST be tried at the court.
Juanita Skelton
Juanita Skelton:
It shames me, a sexual assault survivor, that our hardworking star athletes, ever have to suffer the kind of dismissive attitude that goes with the territory of being a woman in what should be a progressively healthy global stage. A mans world is what it is...and a woman's world is what it is. Both are necessary for life to unfold in a well balanced way. We need both genders to get all of God's Work done, if for no other reason than to show true gratitude and faith in an almighty God who designed us.

Just for me, it is incompatible with true faith for anyone to show favoritism to one over another or to further their bias by hurting one gender over another. That, is in defiance of God's Grace. So, if you find it easier to relate to one sex over the other healthfully, or you enjoy perpetrating any violence or advantage over one gender, you have failed to be a shepherd. Everyone needs to be a shepherd.
Carolyn Lindgren
Carolyn Lindgren:
I am amazed at these young women's bravery. This must have been the hardest thing for them to deal and live with. We, as a country have let them down. It breaks my heart.
Satya Santosh
Satya Santosh:
Hats off to Aly Raisman for having the courage to speak out these things!
For him to feel that comfortable to do something this twisted on the job, he had to be enabled. Just look at Penn State and Sandusky.
Give them hell, Ms Raisman, may I suggest a career path after gymnastics - law or politics. We need folks like you.
We want to feel like we are not adversaries of the Olympic organizations… wow that’s incredibly well stated and full of wisdom. Thank you Aly!!!
Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt, RMT
Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt, RMT:
As a survivor of regular childhood sexual, mental, emotional & physical abuse, with no voice and no resources to help me, I applaud these girls and I thank them. I thank them for having the courage and bravery to stand up and speak out and maybe change what happens to other girls out there! The world has to know that abuse & molestation is not OK!
Mary Monroy
Mary Monroy:
The fact these strong courageous young women were subjected to sexual abuse, and continue to preserve in their pursuit of Olympic Gold, demonstrates the strength, resolve, determination and courage to be SHINING STARS for the USA is unbelievable! These Young Women are our future and I hope they go on to become Attorney’s, law makers, elected officials or advocates for sexual abuse victims!
Dana Sol
Dana Sol:
Amazing testimony and brilliant, talented and courageous women standing in there truth. I love the demands that are so reasonable and so needed. Proud of our team USA women for uniting and coming forward. This is the future of how to make things right for young women all over the world. Who have been violated in such prominent industries that abuse their powers and our filled with evil corruption.
M. Meyers
M. Meyers:
These women are so strong and so brave and deserve justice. Those who enabled Nassar for decades need to be punished. FBI agents need special training to communicate with compassion to those who've been abused. Otherwise, they're victimized again by their apathy. Shameful day for the FBI.
Amazing women. Healing themselves and healing their community.
Sara McColligan
Sara McColligan:
These ladies are fighters. I am so proud of them!
I am so freaking proud of these girls. I am glad that they are holding their feet to the fire.
Sad that this krap continues six years later.
These are impressive presentations. Difficult to hear, because of the underlying content.
You girls give me hope for the future.
A glimmer of hope in the distance.
I am so proud of you. The endurance is eyebrow-raising.
Names + dates + your truth = __justice__.
You girls should get to choose the independent investigator. This is a big job.
Money influences people too much for you to allow them to pick-n-pay.
That would taint the process.
Sherlock Holmes.
Aly Raisman is talking about how the system failed her and Nassar's other victims and half the comments here are going off the rails on other topics. Can we stick to the topic at hand, that topic being these girls were subjected to a horrible ordeal and the people whose job it is to help them did nothing?
….and I think of all woman, and even some men, who suffer similar abuse & have no where to go with it.
Most of us have no choice but to choke it down & go on powering thru life the best we can, some do ok, others no so ok.
Way too many men, & some women in our society, are so quick to dismiss & shame victims in our society.
Thank you ladies for your bravery in stepping up, you shed even more the light on this travesty which is so easily ignored , for people who have no voice.
Even in higher government folk still get away with dismissing all this kind of shit, and when it gets ignored, the ones that let them get away with it , are just as guilty .
People in power rarely want accountability to others in power. It sets a dangerous precipitant where these very people in power, are in any way shape or form held accountable for their actions.
Pilar González
Pilar González:
Yes, she absolutely stated that perfectly.
gunner RED. 27
gunner RED. 27:
Now that is what courage and strength looks like 👍. I hope everyone involved is properly investigated and sent to prison. It is the very least the survivors deserve
Rose Davis
Rose Davis:
Aly Raisman is a righteous woman warrior speaking truth to power. Her testimony is earth shaking.
Jenna Olbermann
Jenna Olbermann:
The way Miss Raid man’s case and others were handled is hideous! These athletes deserve justice and those in the various agencies should also be held accountable for enabling Nassar to continue to abuse his victims and create new ones!
CL Stevenson
CL Stevenson:
Absolutely disgusting and shameful. My heart goes out to these brave and talented young ladies.
Brave brave panel of young woman standing up to the horrors caused to them, not only by the monster but the investigation and powerful Olympic entities! Of children! Shameful!
g. stephens
g. stephens:
We had an incident in scouting, when we learned that one of our leaders was a pedophile. How did we find out? When my wife received a call at her work place from a newspaper reporter (the guy had been arrested)! It turned out that the professional scouters district leaders, and the state police had known about the guy for at least six months, but our parent group were never told! The only reason that the issue was made public was through our efforts, and the district people and police were NEVER proactive on our behalf.
Danette Douglas
Danette Douglas:
Brave Women 🌻I am proud of you!
Wayne Burton
Wayne Burton:
The intelligent well spoken women speaking their truth today are as brave as anyone I've ever known. Bravo. Now let's get this fixed . Let's take steps to assure this never happens again.
This whole things is really really sad ,as a parent listening to these young women is heartbreaking.. not only did USA gymnastics fail them ,the FBI failed them too !!
Who else do you turn to ,fire and indict those agents and remove the head of the department…. Failure at every turn ! Shameful
Rebecca Mæd
Rebecca Mæd:
Wow!! What a powerful message!!
Vivianne Bisson
Vivianne Bisson:
Thank you Aly!! This isn't just in the Olympics, none of the police or FBI cared about me either. Me Too. Even an Olympian with numerous metals can't get a call in...why would they take a call from this peon...
She is amazing.
Steven Zajac
Steven Zajac:
"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children"
Mahmoud Sarhan
Mahmoud Sarhan:
You are my hero and we are always with you
Gertrude Laronge
Gertrude Laronge:
Thank you for telling the truth that they were trying so hard to not hear.
How many women across the country have had similar experiences, because people we trusted to protect us chose to look the other way?
Cliff Knighton
Cliff Knighton:
I think justice will be done and accountability is when all the men in power are fired and women who are strong enough to do the job put in their place.
Mindi Kruse
Mindi Kruse:
What Aly Raisman said.🙏👏🙌💞
This is literally how the game is set up. It’s taken women decades to obtain accountability and yet there still is none. Brave young ladies ❤️
Carney Bernadette
Carney Bernadette:
As one of the largest countries in the world, we need to do more to protect children against rape and all people! Thank you, brave, brave, young, beautiful women. Please keep fighting for your justice! God bless you all and I hope that you find peace.
Malini D.
Malini D.:
♥️🔥truth is out finally. Both women and men are assaulted in our society. It is so hard to get over. Peace to all. 🕊
Shiloh Friend
Shiloh Friend:
This poor woman! She makes me so proud of survivors everywhere. She is so brave and strong. She has to wake up every day for the rest of her life with this on her shoulders. The weight of it alone is enough. But to know that people were complicit in her abuse, is just awful. I say jail time for anyone she can prove knew. 5-7 years.
Random Person
Random Person:
That's right girl you tell them. Aly is such a great speaker she tells it like it is no bullshit to your face. No woman man child no one should be touch with out concent this is beyond crazy I am so proud of you girls
Onee Dez
Onee Dez:
Our young woman don't get the respect they deserve i so happy that they are speaking of the abuse to everyone
Natalie B
Natalie B:
Amazing young women!
Finally, sexual abuse needs to be stopped in it many forms
Thank you, Aly, and all the ladies who are speaking out! You continue to make us all proud!
Now that, is how you make an argument.
Well said miss.
Jonathan Butts
Jonathan Butts:
Very well said!
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez:
Carlos Ramirez is a pseudonym. The courage and fortitude of these heroic young women is remarkable. When I watched them testify at Nassar's trial in 2015, the final piece of a very large puzzle fell into place for me. It would be several months before I found the courage to contact SAPR, the agency designated by the United States Air Force to investigate reports of sexual assault. I was inspired by the gymnasts to finally break my silence. My abuser died without going to prison or being held accountable for his atrocities which were numerous, affected far more people than me and lasted for decades. The take-home lesson in this post is this: Parents, listen to and believe your children. Pay attention. Know where they are going and who they are going to be with. Listen to your inner radar and your gut feelings. Have conversations with your children about predators. Teach them how to read people and develop good instincts about them. Teach them to be aware, and to watch after their friends and how to come to you when they have suspicions. One out of three women are raped, molested or sexually assaulted as a child. That's a lot of doctors, pastors, lawyers, teachers, karate can be anyone. And it's usually someone you know.
Bradford Arthurson
Bradford Arthurson:
right on ladies you're all heroes in my eyes
This is incredible, you would think that if a child is abused by an adult it would be investigated and shut down. Accountability looks like if anyone knew about the abuse and didn't report it, they should be prosecuted as well. This is horrifying, these days parents can't trust anyone even a doctor around their children.
Steve Moore
Steve Moore:
I feel bad for everyone who was a victim and honestly team US Gymnastics club should be fired from the top down and not get anything out of their release based upon their misconduct. Secondly, a major major lawsuit needs to fund the victims of this. Not just the main girls on the stand, but the ones who didn't have a strong enough voice to sit in front of congress.
These women are our national treasures! They put themselves through hell to get gold, and we supported them whole heartedly then, and this should be the same if not more now.
This P.O.S. that sexually abused all of these girls sure needs a few broomstick treatments in prison, but all of the people who tried to brush this under the table should get it just as hard for covering it up or looking the other way. If you are going to treat Joe Paterno like you did, they should be in shame also.
Cindy Ibarra
Cindy Ibarra:
Literally in tears. Brave brave brave.
Randy Fuentes
Randy Fuentes:
Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz need to be held accountable
Jar Head
Jar Head:
Great example of how our justice system is broken. Please hold all these derelicts accountable.
Patty Tracey
Patty Tracey:
There needs to be a protocol for agencies and administration when reports of abuse begin. The person /people in question need to be pulled out of service and thoroughly investigated by the LE and an independent agency and then ruled upon before the person returns to work.
Ivelisse Lopez
Ivelisse Lopez:
I applauud you..
Such a message..
Roberto Caballero
Roberto Caballero:
Might be a good idea to start addressing brain disease being that it is the organ of behavior. Everyone should be screaming for a functional scan of Larry Nassar’s brain along with some of the other coaches. Every neurobiologist in the world knows Valeri Liukin has CTE. This is the part where all the scientist, doctors and researchers say I TOLD YOU SO.
Megan Jane
Megan Jane:
This country is amazing. There are so many amazing people like these strong survivors and the leadership in this country should have made it a top priority to protect vulnerable children. they want to put the balme on the lack of a competent people. but when there has been simply been a system to award and enable such abhorrent abuse. We need people like ali to shake things she is so brave to face these evil powerful people publically. Justice needs to prevail.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith:
We need more people willing to topple a house of cards! So sad.
Stevie Bee
Stevie Bee:
This…was and still is a tragedy for these young women and will always be a stain on the USA.
Chris's Nine Year Wildlife Journal
Chris's Nine Year Wildlife Journal:
I pray for all of you victims. I also prey that every single person involved that failed to act immediately get the karma they deserve... Death by ungabunga!!!
Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz:
Do you feel your heart breaking?
Francisca Hidalgo
Francisca Hidalgo:
O Captain! my Captain! Aly Raisman is outstanding so well spoken she is the future of the sport hope they make her usa chair someday of usa gymnastics.
Lita C
Lita C:
Good for them 👏 👍 ❤
Bill Wardlow
Bill Wardlow:
I just wonder how much more covering up have they done with other cases!
Yōkai Gypsy
Yōkai Gypsy:
The irony of Aly testifying on Capitol Hill is that the very same building she's testifying in shady stuff happens behind close doors.
Richard mcKenzie
Richard mcKenzie:
Subject to this part,the minister may by order (hereinafter in this Act referred to as a "wages council order ") establish a wages council to perform ,in relation to the workers described in order and their employers,the functions specified in this Act in any case in which he is satisfied that no adequate machinery exists for the effective regulation of the remuneration of such workers,or that existing machinery is likely to cease to exist or be adequate for that purpose,and that having regard to the remuneration existing among such workers,or any of them expedient that such a council be established.
Erica Rona
Erica Rona:
Happy Movement 101 - Cassie Love
Happy Movement 101 - Cassie Love:
She is really right about the education, I am shocked that there is not more education around spotting abuse. We have extensive training to spot abouse at the YMVA, why does the US Olympics not have this?
Dominique Green
Dominique Green:
Justice for Survivors 👏🏽❤️ Justice. Justice. Justice.
Yeah this is important on a national level right now.
Regina Perry
Regina Perry:
Is there not an independent branch or department within the FBI that deals exclusively with sexual assault cases?
That independent branch should also have a psychologist on staff to sit in on any and all interviews, even over the phone interviews.
Also all communication should be recorded! If these interviews had been recorded these agents couldn't have lied. Prosecute them all! And the DOJ agents who failed to investigate thoroughly and failed to prosecute the agent who perpetrated the FBI cover up need to be federally prosecuted too!
Jim Jordan should be interrogated and put in jail with Nassar also, because he allowed sexual abuse in young boys in OHIO university and "NEVER" did anything to stop it.
O V:
How can 58 people give thumbs down? They must be part of the abusers.🙄
It is clear that the caliber of Ms Raisman‘s character and strength is the absolute opposite of that of the inmate and of those who protected him and who appear now to be protecting themselves.
Phoebus Apollo
Phoebus Apollo:
How could this man get away with his behavior for so long and with so many young women? Where were these women’s parents? Teachers? Friends? Relatives? Priests? This is beyond belief.
Steve Edward
Steve Edward:
How could this go on for 18 years? Why did Victims keep going to him? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me for 18 years?
Katy Not Kathy
Katy Not Kathy:
So many powerful words shared by Aly! Absolutely BOLD and AMAZING! Speaking truth for all to hear...Love it.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith:
What have we learned? Tell the sponsors first! That’s how you get things done fast!