Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE

An inside look at how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos built one of the largest and most influential economic forces in the world — and the cost of Amazon’s convenience.

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Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man in the world, he has built a business that is without precedent in the history of American capitalism. His power to shape everything from the future of work to the future of commerce to the future of technology is unrivaled. As politicians and regulators around the world start to consider the global impact of Amazon — and how to rein in Bezos’ power — FRONTLINE investigates how he executed a plan to build one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.


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100+ comentarios:

Hear more from Amazon executives and former insiders:
Inspiring & kinda terrifying
leoz maxwell jilliumz
leoz maxwell jilliumz:
The "new model" destroying small business and creating mass compliance.
Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson:
“The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for". How's your high street and community doing?.
We do not wat monopolies in America. That is not good for anyone.
Yoda B.at1
Yoda B.at1:
When amazon replaces you with a bot, it's Jeff that takes your wages..
Matt S
Matt S:
Americans in the 1970s : "Careful with phone calls the feds could be wiretapping you" Americans in 2020: "Wiretap what's the weather like today"
Xander Bame
Xander Bame:
"They raise their hand and we fix it." Meaning they get fired. Dang.
Mary Amee
Mary Amee:
Bezos, an important member of the Swamp
All Lies BStrong
All Lies BStrong:
I think it’s a problem if they have almost 50% of the sales and pay minimal taxes I’m sure. That’s a problem.
Thelonestarstate TEXAS
Thelonestarstate TEXAS:
I’m glad I canceled my Amazon prime yesterday
Redouane Daoud
Redouane Daoud:
The interviewer in this documentary did a great job - asking hard questions to proponents of both sides of Amazon. Top notch journalism - thank you for posting PBS.
Freedom is over sad
Freedom is over sad:
The irony, in the end he's rich as hell and now looks like the monopoly guy in real life.
Mark Culp
Mark Culp:
1:52:40 "This program is also available on Amazon Prime Video" ironic
Nur Deanna
Nur Deanna:
People should stop buying from Amazon, he is responsible for closing all small businesses, it's like a MONOPOLY, wake up people!
Luke S
Luke S:
And usually when someone asks a friend, relative or acquaintance , hey, where’d you get that? They will always respond, I got it on Amazon not oh, I got it from a company on Amazon. The consumer always invariably feels that they are buying a product from Amazon!
This dude laughing maniacally while wielding giant robot arms is literally the closest we’ll get to Lex Luthor.
The fact none of them had to think about the answers, and can clearly anticipate the questions says everything.
BREAKING: Amazon renamed to Skynet
peter davies
peter davies:
Seen enough, no more Amazon for me.
Jeffrey Wienecke
Jeffrey Wienecke:
“these companies who are maybe not as careful with adhering to the law.”
Joe Nisanov
Joe Nisanov:
Lol at the post credits “this video is also available on Amazon Prime Video”
jetskiWilly Willy
jetskiWilly Willy:
"its an old Walmart trick"...and that makes it morally ok for me to do.
massengar rongar nguetobaye
massengar rongar nguetobaye:
Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.
for me hes the smartest.
I feel like I just watched an episode on Satan, especially on a YouTube channel that hires employees who were exposed for say he wants right winged civilians to be put in re education camps!
Bezos either has a lazy eye, or he is an honest to god robot/ demon. Never seen such a menacing eye before.
"Bezopoly" I can picture it now.
When people first respond with “so again” RUNNN !
John Tyler
John Tyler:
It is easy to live without Amazon. This video seems to imply that you cannot.
Amazon also has extreme practices where they put not just competitors, but people that sell on amazon, out of business.
Nate H89
Nate H89:
this documentary starts off like the origin of a supervillian.
Yara A
Yara A:
When I decided to stop being an Amazon customer, it took a year to delete my account and have them stop contacting my personal email...
Job Rodgers-Foster
Job Rodgers-Foster:
PeaNuT BuTTer
PeaNuT BuTTer:
Bruh, that employee looks shook af at 1:22:11, I swear he's holding his breath!
Eric Delay
Eric Delay:
I think we all need to remember that everything Amazon does is for our own good because they love us obsessively. Like a stalker.
Leslie Young
Leslie Young:
My daughter bought me one of those Alexa things and I took it back; I felt like there was a stranger in my house.
I canceled my account as of yesterday after watching this video and researching his staff
Steve S.
Steve S.:
When a former high-ranking partner who helped implement Alexa tells you he turns his off during personal conversations " I don't need another person hearing," you should take heed.
Scotian Visual Sound
Scotian Visual Sound:
1:41:32 "Bezos Exposes Pecker" lmao Great clickbait title!
Darius wang
Darius wang:
the reporter is doing a good job by not judging but to let everyone of us getting his own judgement, that's true journalism....
sand blaster1
sand blaster1:
It all starts with us us people have to stop relying on certain companies and get back our own rights
kath david
kath david:
Orr... god pity that man. what must it be like to feel nothing... like that freak... bless him.
Iced Out
Iced Out:
im literally reading 1984 right now, wtf
trevor francis
trevor francis:
if he's that clever why is he still bald
Nyc music mix
Nyc music mix:
The person scrolling down through the comments, have a nice day.
I love Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Truly inspiring and impressive
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones:
9:37 damn they really did him like that
Chelsey Trading
Chelsey Trading:
Jeff Bezos has forgotten where he came from. Take a look at how Amazon treats it’s vendors.
Mary Amee
Mary Amee:
Microsoft is going to destroy Amazon, by making Windows license more expensive on AWS
Why does Bezos look progressively more evil the wealthier he becomes?
Yso Sirius
Yso Sirius:
"Defeating tiny guys is not cool" ;)~
let rat
let rat:
3:30 "The Power of the sun , In the Palm of my hand"
Henry Ezeh
Henry Ezeh:
"I love Amazon I just wish you delivered a little more slowly", I've been there.
Next year will be titled the rise and fall of Jeff Bezos
Herman Hyde
Herman Hyde:
Props to the interviewer - James Jacoby for asking real questions.
Greek the gacha wolf
Greek the gacha wolf:
I deleted my amazon account a year ago and I am so glad I did.
Rich for no reason
Rich for no reason:
Make me rich as well somehow, I believe in you guys, let's see how dumb life can get
Brooke Price
Brooke Price:
Best documentary! Please release another one on this soon! Thank you!
Painful to hear those textbook answers from the Amazon guys. It's like they hired robots
Evan Dickinson
Evan Dickinson:
And now with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down everything Amazon has virtually no competition....
John D Wayne
John D Wayne:
It shows money can't fix ugly! No wonder his wife left him!!
Beth Koenig
Beth Koenig:
Sounds like genius to the consumer. Makes jobs . Love it!
Andy H
Andy H:
When a company NCO "Gulps" and visibly shakes, answering questions concerning my safety. I aint buying in. Their customer obsession is likely unhealthy.
Danny Schwartz 432hz
Danny Schwartz 432hz:
Humanities direction should not be decided by "who can take the most " Money is not wisdom
Dino M
Dino M:
"We are not even treated like robots, we are data." customers and employees alike.
CP不要音乐 CP
CP不要音乐 CP:
He is my idol, you are the best amazing
Born Free
Born Free:
"I don't know" actually means "I know" but to keep my job, hell with publisher's!
Jake Martens
Jake Martens:
Imagine my surprise when Tony Abbott pops up on screen
bahar dan
bahar dan:
He looks like Gargamel from the Smurfs 👹 Both physically and character-wise.. Even his evil laugh is similar ☠️
John Possum
John Possum:
Wow, this is on TV right now. Kudos for releasing it at the same time on YT. I wish more companies would get the hint & do this!
This was amazing to watch. Insightful 👍🏾👍🏾
Erik Baker
Erik Baker:
I just canceled my Amazon my wife just canceled my Amazon I have 15 other friends are canceling Amazon they need to run a business and stay out of politics.
Bert Dahlman
Bert Dahlman:
I've never given 1 dollar to Amazon and never will
michael tucker
michael tucker:
We don’t do Amazon at my house anymore. Boycott Amazon!
Kitty Witty
Kitty Witty:
Kevin Spacy would be perfect actor to play Bezo.
Sara A.
Sara A.:
Amazon needs to go down. I stopped ordering from Amazon long time now.
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson:
1:49:30 He's just explaining how much growth potential Amazon sees for itself in the future.
Beth Koenig
Beth Koenig:
I love my amazon account! YAY!
Belinda Tousson
Belinda Tousson:
And it's time for an Amazon alternative. :)
Maurice O'Ray II
Maurice O'Ray II:
The pandemic was a gold mine for Bezos.
Lola Saint
Lola Saint:
Pay your Taxes on your Earnings like everybody else!!!!!!
Lefty Lou
Lefty Lou:
Screw Amazon I'll never order a thing from them.
The Challenger
The Challenger:
"Big things start small"-jeff
Cliff Shockley
Cliff Shockley:
1:12:17 - who the heck calls it "Star Track"
If Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man can't grow his hair back. I surely can't
1:52:44 after all that "also available on Amazon prime"....
John Johnson
John Johnson:
1:21:27 This guy may be a robot, watch his head.... creepy.
James Jones
James Jones:
My son worked for Amazon He called it the slave Pit
to all those complaining workers... trust me, amazon cant wait to lock you out and just have a fully robotic warehouse lol, i hope u put some of those paychecks in a savings account, amazon doesnt owe u anything
It never ceases to amaze me how in an age where everyone is so worried about privacy, millions of people will voluntarily buy devices that are perpetual hot mics. Don’t blame Amazon, this is your stupidity.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown:
Great jobs, ha! They’re most likely the only jobs! 😂
54:49 We Live in a Society!
Anonymous 42
Anonymous 42:
Jeff Bezos reminds me of Lex Luthor 😂
barbara wilt
barbara wilt:
Yeah turn that smile upside down and it is a frown
billy bob
billy bob:
Lex Luther in real life
Dhanwin Acharya
Dhanwin Acharya:
Barnaby Craig
Barnaby Craig:
Thanks for sharing this helpful video, I order the wonderful one from last month
Famicom Nintendo
Famicom Nintendo:
Amazon is turning into the real life version of Buy 'N' Large from the Cinar universe
Sukai Penn
Sukai Penn:
Freedom peace and Blessings 🙏🙏
idont exist
idont exist:
Notice there's no ads when watching this. Keeps you watching