Amber Heard's accounts of abuse were a hoax, Johnny Depp says

Hollywood star Johnny Depp told London’s High Court that allegations that he had physically abused his ex-wife Amber Heard were a hoax.


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100+ comentarios:

Eliza j
Eliza j:
She is just a terrible human being. I don’t think she ever loves Johnny. She is using him to advance her career.
Sarah Retro
Sarah Retro:
I honestly think she’s a full blown lesbian and only gets with men to use them for money etc.
lisa richards
lisa richards:
She takes off her mask to get her photo taken, not understanding she’s an object of ridicule her what she did to death
AllsWell L
AllsWell L:
She looks so stupid walking into court. This isn’t a fashion show. This is a serious matter Amber🤦‍♀️#JusticeForJohnny
B Flotte
B Flotte:
Amber has lied so much. I cannot believe anything she says.
Ortheia Pemberton
Ortheia Pemberton:
The truth will always prevail. I dont see how a man who has literally no known history of DV and has been open about drug and alcohol abuse for many years, isn't believed over a female who has a CRIMINAL history of DV and who has been caught on tape ADMITTING she has assaulted her husband numerous times. It absolutely baffles me! And the newspapers are still publishing absolute BS about this 🤯
Toshi yaar
Toshi yaar:
Wait, lemme get this straight. An email that was never sent is her evidence???
bigrub tocool
bigrub tocool:
Yes sounds like his wife Is trying to walk away with some cash
Ride or Dis
Ride or Dis:
All of the evidence supports Depp’s version of events. Amber Heard is a lying abuser and set up Depp for fame and fortune. #AmberHeardAbuseHoax
A W:
She needs charges against her
Atom Bigod
Atom Bigod:
Rocky ROCKS:
Even "The Sun" n moon is jealous of Johnny Depp.
Amber is one hell of a gold digger
DD 101
DD 101:
Sarah Retro
Sarah Retro:
I honestly think she’s a full blown lesbian and only gets with men to use them for money etc.
Naz dec
Naz dec:
She is a sociopath clearly. Depp doesn’t need to hit her. He can end the relationship.
Amethyst Angel
Amethyst Angel:
Heard is a psycho. 🤪
I heard the audio and Amber is no fragile flower.She was gaslighting him and too aggressive to be in fear of Johnny.To be a wife beater or monster due to drug and alcohol intake, there would have to be a pattern set long before Amber came into the picture. Trashing a hotel room is not the same as hitting a woman.You can take out your anger on furniture and use a pillow as a punching bag but nowhere did I hear or read that Johnny was violent towards past partners.Amber set Johnny up from the start.She never loved him and saw him as someone to advance her career.
Louis Verna
Louis Verna:
The defense is exposing their weakness imo. They have to prove the accusation of wife-beating was substantially true. An unsent email draft isn’t proof and the drugs/drinking are irrelevant. I’m shocked they didn’t settle if this is all they have
Moviestar Memories
Moviestar Memories:
We have a word for her in the US.Gold digger.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter:
Johnny is definitely innocent.
Atom Bigod
Atom Bigod:
Linda Keefer
Linda Keefer:
Feel sorry for her having to stop that low. She's just plain stupid.
Dee Sommer
Dee Sommer:
Common now, A. Heard steps out of her vehicle w/ entourage filming en toe? While J. Depp, the man who brought this woman to the alter for security, offers humble acknowledgements to onlookers.
The Itis
The Itis:
Sue her for every penny and every newspaper printing her bs
Hold up.. she released pictures of her injury after depp gave her a headbutt, how can you draw blood in that section whilst completely missing the nose.
She knew he has his own personal demons to deal with and exploited it, this shit was planned.
Johnny Depp just seems like a chill dude , when I heard I never believed and when he came out with proof that it was the other way around, I knew in that moment that Johnny was just another victim of a manipulative person
I am so pleased her lies are now known. Amber Heard is despicable. Support Johnny Depp.
We all know she is only after his money!
Raja ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ
Raja ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ:
The Sun believe on what heard allergations based on the evidence from the email compose and not send by whom again? Heard? have you "heard" someone is lying?
WATCH INCREDIBLY AVERAGE’S VIDEO ON HIS ANALYSIS OF AMBER HEARD AND JOHNNY DEPP. it’s extremely in depth and literally covers everything it’s insane.
John Aristotle
John Aristotle:
One two Amber's coming for you, three four better lock your door, five six grab your crucifix, seven eight better stay up late, nine ten never sleep again.
Kashyap Shirodkar
Kashyap Shirodkar:
Reminds me of Ben Affleck's Gone Girl
Milahan PhilosophersCorner
Milahan PhilosophersCorner:
Love Depp.
She wants to take his 💰 💰 gold digger😡
Jerome Isaacs
Jerome Isaacs:
Amber Heard the Masked Vigilante known as the Poopoo Avenger
Mr. Snark
Mr. Snark:
Alas children, this is the day you will always remember as the day you almost canceled, Captain...Jack...SPARROW! *kicks zip-line and flies away*
JG Guitar Covers
JG Guitar Covers:
Johnny is a fool for getting involved with her. Absolute gold digging liar. Everyone loves Johnny Depp and always will. Amber who? Never "heard" of her.
Kasun Gayantha
Kasun Gayantha:
She been a liar, been a thief
Been a lover, been a cheat..

Truth and her lies right now are falling like the rain
So let the river run ivy her....
Lexii Loo
Lexii Loo:
She only loves herself
Lee Williams
Lee Williams:
She’s is a lot on the crazy side
I mean its not that hard to find out it was hoax.. you just needed to do a little bit of research lol
Thousand thoughts Music
Thousand thoughts Music:
Justice for Johnny Depp
Sanel Tube
Sanel Tube:
Borries No Worries
Borries No Worries:
The sketch looks like Willem Dafoe was playing Depp on the stand.
michtimi Bof
michtimi Bof:
marry a "beach" and suffer the dire strait consequences, either stay single or try gay lifestyle ….. ah ah ah !
Venom Neff
Venom Neff:
Justice for Johnny Depp!✌️
Samsunk Androit
Samsunk Androit:
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardAbuseHoax #MeToo #MenToo
She must of realized his life style very quick. Yet she was happy with him, while he blew his drugs, she continued to blow him
Levi Curran
Levi Curran:
Apparently whatever questions the defence were trying to put to Depp today in court the judge had to tell them “this isn’t a memory test” so they mustn’t making too many inroads with there case. All that happened 5 years ago and they must be trying to catch him out on details
l. kerr
l. kerr:
It'll be very interesting to see what happens here
Mystic Man
Mystic Man:
Someone make a biopic of their relationship.
Then after make a biopic of Johnnie's life before their relationship.
peace media
peace media:
This entire legal fight is like watching two children argue.
Abbie Hazel Florence Hunter
Abbie Hazel Florence Hunter:
Well considering she keeps changing her story of the events that supposedly took place. Yes I think people will defend Johnny Depp hes taking this more seriously where as shes smiling
Oh wow I thought the case was already closed lol.
Liliana O’hara
Liliana O’hara:
We all know he didn’t do it
S S:
Amber has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and a sociopath. She takes Rx medication for these conditions. Amber goes into violent rages when she combines Rx medication with recreational drugs and alcohol. She is projecting her abusive behavior on Johnny.
Elisabete S.
Elisabete S.:
They stay more time in court divorce disputes than in their own marriage.
Vincen Jones
Vincen Jones:
stay single and live alone forever much cheaper.
Kaffekaffe Kaffe
Kaffekaffe Kaffe:
Johnny ❤️
yasmine farhat
yasmine farhat:
These two fell into love and it turned volatile !! It happens everyday no need to hate either one of them
sg.socialnetworks Team
sg.socialnetworks Team:
We all know it!!
Amber Heard you tell lies is about to get Johnny Deposed from her high horse! 😂🤣
I love Winona Ryder
Amanda 3
Amanda 3:
Is that even Johnny Depp? Lol
at 1:27 you can literally see the struggle and fear in Johnny's eyes from what kind of monster Heard really is.
Video Guy
Video Guy:
Amber HEARD Johnny Depp’s feelings.
Young Raikage
Young Raikage:
It’s crazy picture if roles were reverse would this even be a case? Picture if johnny did this I’m tired of hearing women say “ equal rights” women don’t have equal rights they have superior rights women in America need to stop acting like they live in the Middle East
Nick Lim
Nick Lim:
Johnny lives matter
Mika Wright
Mika Wright:
Johnny Depp deserve to be treated better. Johnny Depp has always been loyal to everybody
Johnny Waldo
Johnny Waldo:
Justice for Johnny
robert wilson
robert wilson:
#Mepoo Movement 💩💩💩💩💩💩
That artist need fired
JustRach A
JustRach A:
I can’t wait for her to pay up
Time Rider
Time Rider:
secret Window
Jp Herrera
Jp Herrera:
It's the truth
Cosmos, Ghost and Cape May Lauren Damrich
Cosmos, Ghost and Cape May Lauren Damrich:
She is a liar
Rachelle Kates
Rachelle Kates:
Such a narcissist, she still has to smile and wave, even as she’s walking to her beheading.
Piyush Anand
Piyush Anand:
I feel sorry for Capt. Jack Sparrow. :(
Dawn Wagner
Dawn Wagner:
im so glad they finally seeing her for all her lies. I feel so sorry for not only Johnny but his family as well...dealing with Ambers bs
Olivia’e K. Fowler
Olivia’e K. Fowler:
Why did she get with him in the first place? I’m sure she knew he drinked and stuff.
4 hours and only 2k views? thats not very much considering your sub count, isn't it?
Antonio F.
Antonio F.:
Amber is done
Renate Renate
Renate Renate:
Iju Dnc1
Iju Dnc1:
jhony deep the best no 1 gangster, mob movie
Bill Parrish
Bill Parrish:
Hope she's jailed for lying under oath.
Colleen Benedict
Colleen Benedict:
Johhny Depp is a KNOWN kind person. He had been adored by millions for decades and Amber obviously used him. Since day one she has been doing things such as writing elaborate falsified emails, taking photos of her husband sleeping on the floor and first thing that came to my mind was she was probably being the "bully"she is and he didn't want to sleep on the bed with her or on the bed that she cheated on him with with multiple men. The staged photo of the full cup, the perfectly clean glass of the table which makes it obvious it wasn't used and everything was set out for the photo and Amber not being the not very bright person she is didn't realize her coffee mug that that is seen in pap photos is on the table next to everything. Makes women look bad and she makes women that really have been in abusive relationships like bad.
Maja Jaspaert
Maja Jaspaert:
Johnny we believe you and only you!! Belgium loves you and believe you win the cas!!! Greets Maja
So many videos of the mainstream media still backing heard just because she is a woman and #believeher not one of those videos allowed comments or had positive thumbs up, lol
It will be found amber heard was the horrible person in that relationship and all of the media will have to eat their words!
Johnny Depp's life matters people. Stop being racists pleasssssse. Madeline come home it's tea time lol. Recycle your masks to help the environment. I miss you EastEnders. Please make more episodes now.
Jason Brand
Jason Brand:
Filed writ of habeous corpus against said to by law, petition dissolvement of any and or all charges.brought against said client.without evidence of said wrong doings.slanderous Defamatorium is hereby un constitutional.and no longer legal binding.
A Kitty
A Kitty:
Narcissist v. Narcissist
Myra Dameron
Myra Dameron:
Dont believe johnny Depp Ever hit or abused her
She is Evil
He has been truthful about some rocky things
I find him Very truthful!!
Michael Fenn
Michael Fenn:
She will walk... she's female
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp 🕶✌🏻. AH, SHAME ON YOU!!! 👎🏻
Look at her mannerisms... Does this look like a battered wife? An abused wife? Smiling widely as if she's going to a red carpet event, wanting to win the people's approval. A truly abused victim doesn't do that nor do they need to. They don't need to prance around all jolly with a silicone smile that is faker than her so called "bruises". All Johnny did was wave to thank the public without putting an act of "LOOK AT ME. AREN'T I NICE? LIKE ME! PLEASE!"

why is this in London? didnt all this happen in US?
Jan Johnston
Jan Johnston:
Now we know how she got into the film world... What an actress... While a real quiet true actor... Now has to be unquiet... Face this horror...
Did she have no conversation unless scripted... So drown any wisdom in booze and drugs....
Im sad also it seems Johnny also needed to escape into the wrong sort of bliss...

I hope this resolves quickly so J can go play his guitar... And chill with himself only...
Why are they fighting in UK court? They are both americans and got married in the US? Can anyone tell me?