Amber Heard's Double Life Is Completely Exposed

Amber Heard has carved out an impressive onscreen career, but you're likely to also know the actress from her personal life, which has often become tabloid fodder. Here are some things you may not know about Amber Heard's real life.

Heard and her estranged husband Johnny Depp met in 2012 on the set of The Rum Diary and wed in 2015. By May 2016, Heard had filed for divorce and accused him of domestic abuse. Heard wrote in the declaration,

"During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me. I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse from Johnny, which has included angry, hostile, humiliating and threatening assaults to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him."

Heard submitted a photo depicting her with a bruised face. She claimed the injury was caused by Depp striking her with his phone. She told the court,

"I live in fear that Johnny will return to [our house] unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally."

The police found no evidence of an assault when responding to a domestic dispute at the couple's home in May 2016, and Heard declined to file a criminal report. Depp's attorney told the court,

"[Heard is] attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse. [...] Johnny cannot protect himself or Amber from media scrutiny." Keep watching to learn how Amber Heard's Double Life Is Completely Exposed!


Accusing Johnny | 0:15
Arrested for abuse | 1:23
Amber and the press | 2:29
Defamation suit | 3:26
Secret audio recordings | 5:04

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Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
Who do you think should replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?
Mister Random
Mister Random:
She’s the reason why people don’t believe actual ABUSE victims.
Phuong Le
Phuong Le:
"Impressive career" i didn't know who she was till she married Johnny
I can't believe she really tried to ruin him like that. Terrible!
The Greatest Comforts of Life
The Greatest Comforts of Life:
She's ignorant and heartless. I'm glad she didn't have any kids with Johnny.
Simon Smith
Simon Smith:
She is the reason why a lot of people do not take feminists serious because of women like amber
Rachel Barker
Rachel Barker:
I think that this woman has capitalised on the notion that every woman should automatically be believed. It’s disgusting. Look at how quickly Hollywood threw Depp into the trash when this came out and even though it’s proven she was lying and actually the abuser, she’s still working. Total sociopath!!
Of Mice and Gods
Of Mice and Gods:
*I believe:*
🔲 *Women*
🔲 *Men*
☑️ *Facts & Evidence*
jackie schafer
jackie schafer:
I hope her career is over. How dare she talk about my Johnny like that.
U left out the part where she crapped in his bed!
Mary-Ann Roy
Mary-Ann Roy:
Abused men are too humiliated to come forward and Heard knows it.
Emilsi Deschamps
Emilsi Deschamps:
Heard needs to pay for lying and destroying Johnny. She is disgusting and mocked the entire me too movement.
Mike deGruchy
Mike deGruchy:
It’s 1thing to falsely accuse Johnny but it’s a thousand times worse that she’s using those claims to represent ACTUAL abuse victims. She has zero integrity.
Johnny Depp is innocent. It's been proved by his former lovers that he's sweet and non violent

I'm on his side!
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez:
B B:
The tape where all Johnny's staff are searching for his finger that Heard cut off with a bottle is truly harrowing. Depp's security guard referred to Heard simply as 'The Devil'.
Amber heard abused Johnny Depp.
Noemi Esquivez
Noemi Esquivez:
She’s horrible
Carolyn Ambrose
Carolyn Ambrose:
I really hope Johnny Depps career comes back from the damage she's inflicted. What makes me the most angry is how hard women have worked to be believed in situations like this and this creature comes along and sets all that progress back 50 years.
Just Another Happy Humanist
Just Another Happy Humanist:
Amber Heard is proof that external beauty is not indicative of a who a person is on the inside.
She has no conscience, she used the "Me Too" movement to her advantage posing as a victim. The truth will hunt her down.
Lisa Shields
Lisa Shields:
Except, no other women are coming forward against Depp.
Sherri Carlson
Sherri Carlson:
I'm siding with Johnny Depp. I'm a survivor myself and yes, women abuse men too!!
Hisana Nasreen
Hisana Nasreen:
She's a psycho brat, she was arrested for dv in 2009, she's the one admitting on tape that she gets violent and she can't promise that she won't get violent again. When he tries to escape, call him coward... Admitting that she sliced his finger by saying "i didn't do it on purpose"... One day with bruises, the very next day without... It absolutely beyond any doubt proves that she's a classic narcissist.
Cristi Giambasu
Cristi Giambasu:
Johnny Depp "emotionally terrorized" women with hugs, kindness and respect all his career. Johnny respects his fans and all the actresses he worked with on set.
Kari Lari
Kari Lari:
Amber should be kicked out of all movies and Depp should get his Jack Sparro status back
Say hey if you love klaine
Say hey if you love klaine:
I hate her more than I hate Dolores Umbridge and that is a lot of hate.
binil raj
binil raj:
Hollywood needs to ban Amber Heard😠..and apologize to Johnny Depp and Disney needs to give back his Pirates of the Carribbean role as Jack Sparrow... Period.

Listen to the audio recordings of them fighting.... It's all over the Internet
Kevin Sharon
Kevin Sharon:
Kick her out from Aquaman 2....
Another curious fact you may not know: She is a psychopath.
She is pretty on the outside & a monster inside.
She is a monster.
Diana Saez
Diana Saez:
She targeted him. Now she will go back to her girlfriend with the money bags. What an evil mocking bird.
Amber Heard is evil.
laura bellamy
laura bellamy:
She is making a mockery of real abuse victims
Giorgos Manahiaris
Giorgos Manahiaris:
Amber heard reminds me of the woman from gone girl.A freaking psychopath
Gaby xx
Gaby xx:
I literally never knew her before Johnny Depp. She just ruined everything that’s it. She ruined johnnys career and health. Sorry but she’s pure evil.
It sucks because she’s the reason people don’t believe women when they come forward about assault.
deviant m00n
deviant m00n:
I never believed her just because of the person he is when he goes to hospitals and hangs out with the kids
As Johnny Depp lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean. He should be given a role in the next Aquaman movie as compensation... He would be a better Mera anyway
Street-wise Smart-bomb
Street-wise Smart-bomb:
The people should rally round and show solidarity to Johnny Depp by boycotting her movies. Permanently.
Wendy Bryant
Wendy Bryant:
Hopefully people are starting to realize she is a crazy abusive person
The Man
The Man:
L'Oréal and Amber Heard release New abuse colors
Bruising Blue
Pummeled Purple and
Lying Lavender
Because Someone deserves it
Joshwa V Sunny
Joshwa V Sunny:
you know she's guilty when her social media comments are disabled.
Taylar Tupou
Taylar Tupou:
Hope Depp gets her. She ain't much different from jussie Smollet
Loulou Benetton
Loulou Benetton:
Women like her is the reason why women who have real issues to press-on does not get heared properly, does not taken seriously, because there are women like her!!! Exactly like her!! An actress! And her case were used against women who has real case to press!... Reason why from the very first time she came-out of that well told story. I have doubts on her side, as no one who wants to press, would put it in full publicity if she truly has a case to pass in the court and not public-publicity-trial, and her case won't help other women who are really battling abuses!! She is infact using the platform of abused women instead to look better in her lies.
Daniel A
Daniel A:
Another narcissistic woman 😱
Mortesya Kim
Mortesya Kim:
Could be that shes just after his money from the very beginning, because she's cheating on him so many times since they were married.. she doesnt deserve to receive anything from depp..
"Impressive onscreen career"

BS Killa
BS Killa:
"I'm sorry I didn't hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you" the *entitlement* of some women that's it's ok to slap or hit a man
Tiffany L
Tiffany L:
Johnny Depp...Elon Musk....Now I aint sayin' she's a gold digger but she wasn't playing with no broke...
BobbyDuke eypoo
BobbyDuke eypoo:
imagine the emotional abuse of finding out she was bangin elon musk a month after there marriage
V Hunter
V Hunter:
It really sucks that she would take it that far. She has harmed the women who are actually experiencing domestic violence and are struggling to come forward.
She is still working. Has upcoming roles in film! L’Oréal haven’t dropped her as a spokesperson. She is still a UN Ambassador! Gross while Depp was literally blacklisted.. The double standards 🤯
Andrew Cook Jr
Andrew Cook Jr:
She’s the problem with women like that I don’t understand why court and judges can’t see through this BS women do get abused but women should come to Johnny defense
Mamma Bear
Mamma Bear:
I refuse to watch anything that AH has a role in!!!
India Shanté
India Shanté:
Amber Heard is the reason why you shouldn't just "trust the woman" blindly. No, you trust real facts/evidence. Unfortunately some women lie just to ruin their ex's life and heavy investigation should always come first. Innocent until proven guilty.
Saki Agio
Saki Agio:
Heard is playing the system, doesn't care about anyone but herself... trash
I wanna hug Johnny Depp for all the abuse he went thru.
Shamber had an impressive career? I must of missed that.....
When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Why didn't he just stay with that nice French girl with whom he had children???
Francis Choo
Francis Choo:
This video spent more time defending Amber then going straight to her wicked way. Quoting her lies so many times.
winston lennon
winston lennon:
never have a relationship with someone who is crazier than you are
Wow, she really set women back.
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson:
The worst woman in Hollywood, a stain that will never go away. This is backed up with evidence and involves Johnny Depp.
I love how this video is pretending like she had much of a career. She's trying to use this crap to try and gain momentum because she's best known for a supporting role in Aquaman while Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp.
Deb InUSA:
All of her goodness is in her looks with all the ugliness on the inside: Dorian Grey (female version)
Jayne Dough
Jayne Dough:
Heard does women a disservice by claiming these "abuses". Genuine domestic abuse victims know she is a narcissist attention seeker. She comes across as a vengeful self serving brat.
I Love Johnny Depp even more. As a person and actor
Lgac123 Lgac123
Lgac123 Lgac123:
The make up artist who did the fake injuries on her face should step forward..whole bunch of fraudsters
She’s horrible. Do you doubt it? Just watch Incredibly Average and That Umbrella Guy on YouTube. They have the best compilation of evidence. She hasn’t “allegedly” abused him. It is a FACT, and the evidence is impossible to counter
Kaholi Y Zhimo
Kaholi Y Zhimo:
I never liked her.. Her face is too smart.. Sinister...
you have something in your eye
you have something in your eye:
I don't believe ONE BIT that Johnny was abusive to her.
Equuleus Eroc
Equuleus Eroc:
I’m really disappointed ... amber..why u are ugly inside?
Pamela Renae
Pamela Renae:
im glad this is getting more attention. this deserves more attention!
I hope she gets what she deserves.
Kimberly Hood
Kimberly Hood:
As a woman of dv I would appreciate her NOT speaking for me! I would've liked to see how her bs would play out with my ex! Grow up little girl, high school drama class is over!
Torri Taite
Torri Taite:
When you look up the word "toxic" in the dictionary you should see, Amber Heard's image.
veethevee Vong
veethevee Vong:
The gold digger with the gold digging techniques didn't go well with Mr. Musk.
Oh she is evil
Kat DEL:
A bruise face? I have pictures with a bruise face this ain't it.
Starboy's Girl
Starboy's Girl:
Okay okayy! So when will she get jailed? Coz I cant wait. All the news about this evil woman is making me crazy
Sarah Debenham
Sarah Debenham:
Unfortunately, the court case against her had been delayed for a year due to Corvid....
BUT at least a majority of us know Amber is a liar. That's justice in itself.
AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople
AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople:
Women like Amber Heard are precisely why it's so difficult for real victims of violence to come forward - men or women. She is toxic and her actions verge on criminal as she has tampered with evidence to frame Johnny.
Andrea G.
Andrea G.:
I'm so afraid of him losing the case against her after all the evidence. She's a liar and manipulates everything in her favor. Look how she even avoid jail in Australia by just posting an apologize video.
‘ Impressive onscreen career” is about as believable as the advocacy she’s “ embodied” 😒.
Jamie Jambuster
Jamie Jambuster:
He does a lot for a children’s hospital here in England. I never doubted him ✌🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸
Tendai Vushe
Tendai Vushe:
now that johnny has his truth out there now he got time heal
To whoever's is reading this and didnt know about this.

PLEASE search for the recordings. Amber heard is clearly at fault. Johnny Depp is Innocent
Suki B
Suki B:
I never believed her for a second.
"Amber Heard has carved out an impressive onscreen career" literally laughing my ass off. bye
Len Van Der Neut
Len Van Der Neut:
The shameless witch accused Johnny of EVERYTHING SHE DID AND EVERYTHING SHE IS and is now being protected by the elites of mainstream media. They use hypocrites like Amber to twist and discredit, to insight conflict and hide real abuse and statistics..Amber your Karma will be as devastating as your vicious black heart (Lucy)
Emily Valentine
Emily Valentine:
Binibining Bambii
Binibining Bambii:
I remember how quick he was cancelled but it's disgusting to see how he's played the victim especially with the MeToo movement but is actually the one who has been abusive to Depp and her past partners and is till given the benefit of the doubt. Men can be abused too and this case should be more spoken about to help other men in the same situation.
Soontogomoon X
Soontogomoon X:
I knew it from day one she is bad company it’s her face it’s beautiful n if u stare it closely it becomes devilish 🤷🏻‍♂️
Susan Gail Hutchison
Susan Gail Hutchison:
She is a true real life nightmare
Aayush Paudel
Aayush Paudel:
What good is money, good looks, fame, if your life is toxic?
Lisa Malin
Lisa Malin:
She was so afraid of him coming back to his home where she was living... that she brought her new boyfriend over the day after they had a major fight. Sure
Take Out The Trash
Take Out The Trash:
Still cant believe she pooped in his bed as a prank lol that's just nasty.
Lee Taurus
Lee Taurus:
She’s a straight up sociopath
She's delusional🤔