Amber Heard’s Ex-Assistant Testifies on Behalf of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s former personal assistant gives a testimony in Johnny Depp’s defamation case.

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Kind Regards
Kind Regards:
The most damning was when she said. "Amber's mother was terrified of her, she told me herself".
Aqua Caprice
Aqua Caprice:
Amber Heard has been accused of domestic abuse in a previous relationship she had while Johnny has always been described as passive this leads one to think that Amber Heard is employing narcissistic abuse
I feel sorry for that baby she got herself recently. She has a history of abuse of her own sister, imagine what she will do to a creature that cannot speak and tell on her.
Noor Aby
Noor Aby:
The most shocking part was when amber's personal assistant described how amber had spit on her face, and amber just turned, looked at her lawyer and gave this long smile as if she was taking pride on her actions, it was amusing to her, and for the rest of it she behaved like she was bored... I don't think she is taking this seriously at all!
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Poor Johnny. The press ,and all of hollywood owe him a huge apology!!!
Rama Hamaedeh
Rama Hamaedeh:
She’s so evil I can’t look at her face how can someone be this manipulative poor Johnny I’m sorry you had to deal with her stay strong we love you
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Amber's Body language tells everything.
Amber stole Kate's abuse story and twisted it as her own - don't forget.
Dee Johnston
Dee Johnston:
I don't ever remember accusations like these coming from any of the women Johnny was involved with, prior to Amber...
I predict winner will be...The lawyers. 🤑
Precious Vidad
Precious Vidad:
So tiring for all these clips trying to mislead people who arent really following, or in this case, watching the entire thing. Everyone: the couple's then therapist was telling the lawyers what Amber said to her. She said, multiple times, that these were all reports from Amber and Depp wasn't there. THE mutual abuse she based it all on everything amber had reported her since she hadnt witnessed it personally. It's important that this is included in your reporting, ET, because there's a difference.
Luciana Thina
Luciana Thina:
it's so annoying how you chose the clips for this news. it was clearly out of context when the therapist said 'mutual abuse' there. it meant drug abuse. not Depp abusing her as well. and she says Amber was always instigating him on fights
enas mohammed
enas mohammed:
The fact that they play the back of the trunk statement but don't show that it's after she ruined his career and claimed he abused her taking things out of context. Stop trying to manipulate events and people your job is to convey the truth
Shawndra Rush
Shawndra Rush:
It seems to me that after 30 years in the business I don't recall him ever having an accusation like this. It seems strange that this just all of a sudden started happening. Abusive men are always abusive not just against one person. On the other hand, it seems as though Amber is a bit manipulative. If these allegations are false which I think they are Amber heard has just turned back the clock on the me too movement.
Paivi Project
Paivi Project:
I feel sad that Amber Heard end up being the worst woman ever happen to Johnny Depp.
Oyediran Tolani
Oyediran Tolani:
Justice for Johnny
Maggie says
Maggie says:
I question if whoever edited this saw the trial. It's important to tell facts and not create sensationalism twisting those facts for the shock factor.
Lisa Kirk
Lisa Kirk:
ET still trying to show amber as a victim
EVERYONE ELSE knows Johnny is the victim. I watched the trial. ET completely manipulated the video to compliment Amber. This is sick.
Danielle Sumar
Danielle Sumar:
Johnny Depp seems like a kind and gentle soul. Praying he gets justice.
JS Me:
Here’s my thoughts she is derange and it appears to me that everyone is benefiting from Johnny painful emotions. It’s crazy that one selfish person with a abusive mind can create this lying mess that she’s at fault . You’re an abuser I can feel that about that woman, and Johnny knows he’s going to win but you insisted making a fool of yourself.
J L:
Samar Jalal
Samar Jalal:
She's so disgusting, she plays the victim. Johnny hasn't hurt anyone in his entire career. She's the one who hits his ex and then comes along and ruins Johnny's innocent life.
Everybody agreed Amber is the aggressiv one not the other way around!! # free Jonny Depp 🙌🙌❤❤❤🇸🇪
Arian Dito
Arian Dito:
she has this terrible vibe about her, I know it sounds stupid and superstitious and I could be wrong but I would bet she's a Narcissist, she has this look like she knows she's guilty but she does not care.
Narcissist don't think it's wrong of them to hurt others, they think they have a right to do it and they justify it in their mind, usually when someone around them doesn't submit to what they want they take it as justification to treat them as enemy.
Firefly Hope
Firefly Hope:
I find it interesting that the people defending amber are other celebrities that do not know her well or that she very briefly seemed to date.

The people defending Johnny are from their very personal lives, his sister, her sister, her parents, her ex employee, their shared friend... all very personal people... his exes also defended him as he never hit them.

No one is perfect you know? When he was younger he would lash out at paparazzi. I dont know if he drinks or does drugs, but doing that doesn't mean he is going to hurt someone. I know plenty of people that do and they are nice people but definitely worry for their health and mental well being as most tend to be depressed.

Amber has several abuse stories. All horrible and all where she is the abuser. There is hard proof of her abusing johnny where she, on tape, admits to hitting him. Screaming at him to stop hiding from her. Calling him a coward.

I feel so sorry for him. The person I feel the most sorry for is her sweet baby. She is probably abusing them as well.
Danielle Schiazza
Danielle Schiazza:
I love that assistant. She is not about the bullshit, I love how she got right back with that lawyer.
This was pasted together to support Amber…. Not what actually was stated in the court.
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67:
Johnny Depp deserves better. 💯
See moon
See moon:
This make me so mad, how can she be so disgusting to treat her assistant in that way!?
Oh Emily!
Oh Emily!:
She did this to help promote a movie and she ended her career instead 😐

She’s horrible.
We want answers Now
We want answers Now:
The dr called it mutual abuse but usually in an absuive relationships there’s one abuser and one who does what’s called reactive abuse.
I wouldve said those things Johnny said as well, getting abused enough would throw anyone over the edge to say hurtful things, I knew it was fake the second the allegations came and then the voicemail with proof of Amber saying "Who are they going to believe you or me" and admitting "Ok you may not have punched me". Its crazy to me he gets blacklisted from Disney and the like while she gets to be apart of other projects including Aquaman, she is a demon.
even if he wins the trial, she already destroyed his career...Winona would never do this to him, that's the difference between fake love and true love
estela hernandez
estela hernandez:
Amber wants to play dirty, but there is karma for her.
Sabrine EB
Sabrine EB:
I hope johnny's lawyer have a great comeback to shut the media for twisting everything. You can see in court how Amber is bored out of her mind, no remorse what so ever.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae:
That Johnny is a hoot! I hope he wins!
I never liked amber because I remember a few years ago, I was finishing highschool and I use to watch E! 24/7 absolutely loved it, and there was an interview with amber promoting a movie and she say horrible and racist things about mexico and latin people, and since then, I never liked that woman.

I hope some people found that interview and expose that woman.
K Pay
K Pay:
Johnny Depp ❤❤ We love you and are behind you ❤
Mermaid DIYArtist
Mermaid DIYArtist:
Justice for Johnny!!! Amber is a manipulative person
Lianne Marie
Lianne Marie:
And so many turned their back on him. Screw all these news outlets because they took her side from the get go.
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye:
Even Amber's own therapist and assistant hate her 😂
♡ HealthIsWealth ♡
♡ HealthIsWealth ♡:
I'm sorry but He appears hurt and his case is clearly evident & believable. Johnny Depp has always kept it classy. I don't even have the words to measure his greatness of contributions to the Theatre industry he made American film and other Countries theatre famous, by way of his legendary masterpieces.
Sophie Loren ×͜×
Sophie Loren ×͜× :
Mainstream media, including ET, have VERY SELECTIVE editing skills!! Some of these clips don’t match up with what they’re actually associated with or even within the correct context. It’s like they WON’T admit THEY WRONGLY SUPPORTED AN ABUSER FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS and DIDN’T HELP JOHNNY BY TRYING TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH THAT HE WAS BEING ABUSED. Passively or not, it’s still wrong.
Los Angeles Rampart Audits
Los Angeles Rampart Audits:
Let’s hope Johnny gets justice
Walter and Sebastian
Walter and Sebastian:
Go Johnny! Stay strong Johnny!!❤️❤️
Aileen Suarez
Aileen Suarez:
You winning this Johnny I believe in you!!! We love you’
Lisa Howard
Lisa Howard:
You don't just wake up one day and become a woman beater. There is no history or stories about him. They were both supposedly doing drugs so it's understandable if the "relationship" was volatile because obviously your just a different person under the influence. Also during withdrawal. To me that seems to be the case here. Why drag each other through the mud? She should have never tried to portray herself as innocent. That is a narcissistic trait.
Caitlin Mae Martin
Caitlin Mae Martin:
Johnny could care less about the money. It’s the fact she ruin his reputation and sold a sob story that wasn’t truthful
Phantom Genius
Phantom Genius:
They have already spent $20 million in legal fees. My God....
Jo clarke
Jo clarke:
I just hope who ever is telling the truth wins the case and there's proper evidence and not allegations and texts that amber was hit by jonny Depp.
John Ayala
John Ayala:
I'm going to make a prediction now...Johnny is going to win as he should, no doubt.
MileyCyrus's Swollen Gums
MileyCyrus's Swollen Gums:
Amber Heards a prime example of "the prettiest people do the ugliest things"
Leona neill
Leona neill:
Poor Johnny, l hope men start to release that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
Media twisting what happened in the court. The "mutual abuse" was drug abuse from both of them not violence. The Dr said she was always instigating the fights. Don't be bias and informed the truth. #Amberturd
Oh look at that classic malignant narcissistic “I’m gonna get you later” look on Amber’s face, love it
Jarvis Hart
Jarvis Hart:
I think there are 3 sides to the story, his, hers and the one we will never know for sure. They were both obviously very toxic together and I think both guilty at times. It’s sad
Mrs. OZ
Mrs. OZ:
They already spent $20 million in lawyer fees?? How much exactly are they suing each other for? Does Amber even have that much money to pay Johnny?
Veronica Zollo
Veronica Zollo:
I want his win just as viral and being a huge celebration, a big apology from everyone who turned their back on Johnny and an amazing comeback returning as Captain Jack Sparrow when he wins this!!! JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY ❤
Diablo Montana
Diablo Montana:
Guys, you’re not looking at what’s important. I She took a dump on his bed. Left a turd.

I don’t care who did what before or after that. At that point, she should just be locked up . Case fking closed.
E C:
“Incredibly Average” has done many videos on this situation that are really detailed and show the truth.

Justice for Johnny.
Vim 23
Vim 23:
Poor Johnny Kate is a mood she tell everything and I’m here for it. I hope amber heard go to jail for what she did.
Watch JD’s body language- he knows he’s not in the wrong .
Come on. Everyone knows who is aggressive and who is passive. Don’t sway the plot.
Justice for Johnny!!
Able Rides
Able Rides:
I remember watching Amber on pimp my ride, her personality showed through loud & clear on that show!
kali boden
kali boden:
The way shes been doing her makeup making her cheeks darken makes her look terrible
Bre Lovely
Bre Lovely:
Amber really trying to fake and lie she cheated on him so much horrible things amber dose! I hope Johnny wins and gets justice!
My Truth 🧿
My Truth 🧿:
Justice for #johnnydepp
Now amber heard can live like Johnny has, justice 🙏
Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer:
Amber Heard seems an impossibly difficult person to relate to or work with according to the testimony.
Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton:
Oh my God thank God for my life so glad I never have to go through all that
It's always a difficult situation when the personal assistant to a celebrity has to "break ranks" and spill the beans.
whoopty doo
whoopty doo:
So their couples counselor goes into court and tells what one of the people said in a counciling session. 😳 what the ××××. I sure hope that guy never gets another client ever.
Isatu Fanta
Isatu Fanta:
I'm actually a bit confused, from my understanding this case is to prove the article Amber Heard wrote is about Johnny Depp. I don't understand how some of the stuff coming out is helping. It seems more like they are also trying to show Amber Heard is abusive, but that's not what the trail is about is it?? It seems like the more information is revealed they both were toxic, damaged and abusive.

Please can anyone explain to me and help me understand?
I think the defamations he keeps suing her for are just another form of control.
Angelina Cobos
Angelina Cobos:
Justice for Johnny
Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter:
Come on Johnny, you got this!( Not all women are crazy like her.) We love you so much and send you thoughts of love and strength, think "what would Captain Jack do?" Sail away and love your life 💜💜💜
Harper Grace
Harper Grace:
You can see how mad amber is getting
cooldude o
cooldude o:
that scammer played whole the world, and ruined real domestic violence victims, 
just send her to the jail for failure statement she made so far.
Rachel B
Rachel B:
Justice for Johnny, truly
I’m not sure about this judge, she seems to sustain Johnny’s council constantly and overrule all of Teards councils!!

Will the recorded phone calls be played in court?
Jess lyn
Jess lyn:
amber prob got away with alot du to her looks and manipulation. It created a spoiled monster.
Jeffany Joralemon
Jeffany Joralemon:
Justice for Johnny Depp!!!!!!!
I really hope Johnny Depp make it stronger.
Rebecca C
Rebecca C:
ET reporting is like watching, or getting your information from legacy media 😂
Allie C. Lopez
Allie C. Lopez:
Johnny will prevail
♌️ Leo 🥰 Michigan USA
♌️ Leo 🥰 Michigan USA:
She’s like the GF from Hell. No one is going to date her after all this. Look at what she puts men & herself through. She’s drama & chaotic
Justice for Johnny Depp!
Irmaj Garcia
Irmaj Garcia:
Let's get all their ex's up in court... I want to hear from them.I know we'll get reports on Johnny.. Amber not so much since she was abusive to her ex live in girlfreind.. It's on record..
San Dra
San Dra:
Amber is like a beautiful porcelain doll ~turning into chuckie in closed doors.
~~ 😔I feel sad for my papi what he went through.
Linda Tallon
Linda Tallon:
Her blank, zombie like icy robotic stare says it all!
Oh how I wish she was on the stand for another hour cuz I think Amber would have busted out and and showed us the real Amber.
Isaac Baruch who is Johnny's lifelong childhood and adult friend gave outstanding truthful testimony in court. Isaac is someone that I would like to get to know and to be a friend with.

Amber's female defense attorney is a barracuda who is trying to shred and rip Johnny apart as a drug addicted domestic violence abuser devil, and to publicly cast Amber as a domestic violence victim poster child saint.

I seriously question the domestic violence abuse allegations of Amber because Amber
1. Didn't call 911 during the so-called abuse events herself. 2. Amber didn't physically run away and leave Depp early on. 3. Amber apparently tried to get a restraining order at a later time, instead of right away which is suspect. 4. People all around Amber did not see any signs or symptoms of physical bruises, cuts, or other physical injuries on Amber at any time. 5. People around Amber also said that she often would not wear any make-up, so make-up was not being used to cover-up any injuries she claimed she received. 6. Apparently, Amber has admitted to using the illegal drugs of ectasy, cocaine during the marriage, and Amber also was frequently seen drinking alcohol and she admitted to her therapist that she was initiating striking and hitting Johnny Depp. See the 42:00 mark: .

I know domestic violence abuse victims are scared and most do not want to go public, and they often will hide their domestic abuse because of fears, shame, or financial concerns.

However, I do not think Amber took the normal course of actions that domestic violence victims take. All Depp's lawyers need to do is to show that the so-called evidence that Amber's lawyers have against Depp are a maliciously calculated attempt by Amber to extort money, blackmail, and to defame Johnny Depp.

I only support the moral and ethical truth in this issue. If Johnny is a wife beater abuser of a woman (Amber, his wife), then he needs to be held accountable and corrected. If not, then Amber needs to be held accountable for calculating false allegations, lies, extortion, blackmail, and defamation.

No matter what happens, Johnny and Amber both need to focus on their individual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and REPENT and seek ALMIGHTY GOD THE CREATOR by daily learning, reading, and obeying ALMIGHTY GOD's Holy Bible holy instruction book for humans. They both need to go to rehab to get sober from their alcohol and drug addictions to save their lives, or they will end up like Elvis, Prince, or Michael Jackson. I will pray to CHRIST THE LORD for good things to truly happen for Johnny and Amber in their lives.

🔥ALMIGHTY GOD’s Holy Bible’s Forever Alive, Forever Living, & Forever Life-Giving Eternal
Covenant Words & Faithful & True Promises To Us: 🔥

Hebrews 4:12:
Romans 12:2:
Ephesians 4:22:
Ephesians 4:23:

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🔥 How To Apply The Infinite Merits Precious Blood of ALMIGHTY GOD The Divine Physician
& The Savior of Humanity, LORD JESUS CHRIST, The Messiah, For CHRIST’S Healings & Miracles 🔥

I feel sorry for both Johnny & Amber. Imho as a Christian I can see that Amber should not have married Johnny or even have had a relationship with him because of their admitted substance abuse addictions. Until Johnny and Amber get their lives together without being addicts on alcohol and drugs, they are in no shape to be in a dedicated love relationship with anyone until they can love GOD first, and then love their neighbors, and love themselves in GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST'S Eternal Divine Love, before they enter into a love relationship or into a lifelong marriage with anyone. Must See: and and and !!!!!!!!!!!
Maria stallion
Maria stallion:
#justiceforjohnnydeep 🙏
Tina Marie
Tina Marie:
In your mom's guts
In your mom's guts:
Amber, you will remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!
babY liSa
babY liSa:
mutual abus*, my ass!! she was exhibiting abus*, he was exhibiting REACTIVE abuse! get it straight. #JusticeForJohnny💯
the fact that she is still in aquaman 2 while Johnny have been pull off from many big project is FU*K UP
About Face
About Face:
Amber also used Kate James own personal and tragic attack from years ago on some holiday by a stranger. She had confided with Amber about this event. Amber then repurposed it as part of her own narrative story against Depp. Maybe this will come out in court testimony later from Kate, hopefully.
Cyber Six Moon Clouds
Cyber Six Moon Clouds:
Can't wait for the phone call recordings we've all heard where we see Amber's psycho behaviour
greyghost dog
greyghost dog:
How did he fell for her at the first place!!!