#AmeliaRessler Elementary school #substitute teacher charged with 19 counts of child molestation

Officials said that Amelia Ressler is accused of engaging in 'indecent and immoral acts while in the presence of school-aged children.'


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This makes my stomach knot up and my heart break for the kids that have their innocence taken by female and male perverts!!!
Nana 1776
Nana 1776:
They need to throw the book at her. If this had not been exposed it most likely would have progressed to touching the children. Good Show. Thanks
Rendi Griffith
Rendi Griffith:
Yes, I am a parent of a 2nd grade student at Mt. Zion Elementary. I'm heartbroken and flabbergasted. This lady thought it was an amazing idea to perform these lude acts in front of "OUR" children!! I can't for the life of me understand any of this. From my research this lady lives a mile within my home, which I hope she never comes home to. She also has children if she thinks this ok imagine what her children see. Please know we appreciate ppl like you who plastering these monsters for everyone to see.
Renee B
Renee B:
I think there should be a parent teacher conference. I know there would be 19 sets of parents showing up to meet with her.
Bri C
Bri C:
This is awful
Today’s Tomorrow
Today’s Tomorrow:
She probably subs to Trisha Paytas who normalizes only fans and advertises sex toys constantly on her channel. There is no adults only or warnings open to all on the internet. It’s out of control!
Rated R
Rated R:
The bigger question is why the schools don't warn the teachers not to do anything sexual around the students ? You would think someone would at least warn them so they would't do that. It would prevent a lot of grief.
Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders:
She would've gotten a beat down rt
Warrior Z Martinez
Warrior Z Martinez:
Ooo man Bear, this is horrible. What is this world coming to when parents thought they can send kids to school to be safe and learn something. ..... But this is all kinds of abuse. I feel for this kids. The teacher... no comment.