America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020 | Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

Watch the brand new season of America's Got Talent The Champions 2020. Best-loved auditions and winners such as Duo Transcend, Paddy and Nicko, Jack Vidgen, Mentalist Oz Pearlman, Comedian Ryan Niemiller and MORE...

What did you think about the amazing auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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100+ comentarios:

0:02 - Jack Vidgen (Singer)
2:57 - Dan Naturman (Comedian)
5:13 - Duo Transcend (Acrobat Duo)
10:32 - Eddie Williams (Singer)
14:22 - Paddy and Nico (Salsa Dance Duo)
16:38 - Oz Pearlman (Mentalist)
22:50 - Ryan Niemiller (Stand-Up Comedian)
Pablo Jorge Goncalves Pereira
Pablo Jorge Goncalves Pereira:
Amo esse programa.
Nelson Beltran
Nelson Beltran:
I really admired the husband and wife acrobats, i can feel the the strength of the husband carrting and holding on air his wife! The swiftness and grace throughout the performance!
Bienchie Carpio
Bienchie Carpio:
This season is very entertaining! I can feel the competitiveness of each participant. Damn! This is what you call Battle Of The Champions!
Empress Carrot
Empress Carrot:
That trapeze act is amazing! So much trust with the two of them!!!
Gloria Uriarte
Gloria Uriarte:
Hermosa voz.
Robin Klein Bayninan
Robin Klein Bayninan:
You can feel the Aura of champions in them. True talents
Michael Grimm should have won. Hands down best talent on AGT
Талантище!!! Вау, миллион раз Вау!!! До дрожи пробирает, какой голос, это что то свыше!!!!
khamzat kaimov
khamzat kaimov:
I've watched duo transcend for more than 20 times. Such an amazing show. And I really like them. But my goodness...that in the tonight air tonight remix track!!!!!!!!!! I'm listening to it now every time at the hardest moves during my gym workout!!!
I like them and Tyler with violin most.
Lorna Macansantos
Lorna Macansantos:
You are a penomenon, Marcelino Pomoy! We, the Filipinos are all so proud of you! Keep it up! 👍
Martin Black Cat
Martin Black Cat:
9:19 — Это жесть!!! 👍👍👍 У меня аж глаза на лоб полезли!..
13:05 — Красава мужи!!! ツ
А номер с бабушкой просто шедевральный ツ Вообще крутая подборка!!!
Nabilah Sharine
Nabilah Sharine:
Gotta give a big applause for the dancing duo transcend
Jake Nocum
Jake Nocum:
After watching this clip for me the duo transcend is the group that really did a true Talent. But of course I'm proud of marcelito pomoy.
Im So Happy Alesha Was In This Season Of AGT The Champions, Gives Me Many Memories
Evelyn R. Cordovero
Evelyn R. Cordovero:
Hope Marcelito will made it in the grand final. We fully support and proud of you!
God bless you to your final moment to win !!!
Sending love from us...🇵🇭 🇲🇫 🇵🇭
Туёна ТВ
Туёна ТВ:
Super zvezda 👍👍👍🤝
imbjxoxo __
imbjxoxo __:
Oz Pearlman was the best!! ❤️
Elepaz Tadong
Elepaz Tadong:
He’s a great pride of the Philippines!!!A Diamond from the ruff!!!
Barbara Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds:
So many talented people from around the world doing their best, definitely a positive these days....thank you!
Nilda Oliveira
Nilda Oliveira:
Gosto de ver estes vídeos, só gostaria que tivessem legendas, qdo estão contando piadas eu não entendo nada . Sou brasileira e não falo outra língua que não seja o português.
m/nners s/nners
m/nners s/nners:
01:08 o'clock has been really good
02:03 o'clock has been incredible
03:02 o'clock has been Unbelievable.
Simen Hagen Eliassen
Simen Hagen Eliassen:
9:26 that man is a beast for doing that, i can't even imagine the amount of strength and focus that took, for both of them
Guillerma Casquijo
Guillerma Casquijo:
Wow nice voice, and touch my heart, thanks
Marcus CEARÁ
Marcus CEARÁ:
A música é uma linda arte que move o coração de Deus . Dom de Deus para a humanidade amo o got talent.
Duda Bezerra
Duda Bezerra:
Meu eu amei esse concurso de talento eu estou jocada
Macro FF
Macro FF:
Mind blowing 😊😊
Norma Strickland
Norma Strickland:
Those trapeze artists are increitable. Win or lose they are amazing.
The Poetry Channel
The Poetry Channel:
Love it 😍
Justin Carlson
Justin Carlson:
I don't know how AGT Champions goes about finding talent for the Champions show? But in my searching this guy is incredible! I don't understand a word he is saying but the heart ache and feeling in his voice is truly amazing. > Jon Henrik @
Bring him to America!!
Vincent Robin delos Santos
Vincent Robin delos Santos:
Duo Transcend for the win! 😱😱😱
Hellen Moore
Hellen Moore:
Duo Transcend...They are the Best!!!
The third one have such trust in each others, and "played" with their failed catch last time, making a lot a fear .... so good.
Rwan Ahmed
Rwan Ahmed:
All these auditions are REALLY FUNNY 😄, SHOCKING, AND AMMMMMMAAAAZZZIIINNGG TO WATCH. LIKE OMGGGGGG. The first Audition of the boy singing that song really touched my heart ❤️.
kane kaba best
kane kaba best:
I want Glennis Grace to be in season 3
Let’s go Philippines 🇵🇭
Clems Informative Video
Clems Informative Video:
A very talented marcelino pomoy... I always watched him... so many times .... good luck
Kelly Santiago
Kelly Santiago:
The third audition was on fire😍🤗
vlado kunev
vlado kunev:
Страхотно,бабата е уникална
Doila Perez
Doila Perez:
That couple in high wire is so awesome 😎🙂🙂
Marie Gutierrez
Marie Gutierrez:
Marcelito Pomoy the best of the best Voice Amazing Bravissimo
Robert Boldoranov
Robert Boldoranov:
9:29 my heart beating like crazy
Larry Oswald
Larry Oswald:
I am for Marcelino Pomoy. I wish he will win to the end......he is a good singer
A lot of good talents.
Debería traducir los programas al espalol,mucha gente ya en estados unidos hablan español y no saben ingles.este programa gusta mucho
Michael Palecpec
Michael Palecpec:
Oz pearlman got it⭐
Gwen batoon
Gwen batoon:
Transcend duo is superb...... im removjng nationalism from the is pure art with adrenalin...
Kenneth Armando
Kenneth Armando:
my hands sweat watching DUO Transcend! Geeez!
Joseph Stefanelli
Joseph Stefanelli:
This was a very good sing and I love it
Xem Xem TV
Xem Xem TV:
good, very good. I was excited to watch this show. It is very special
Glo Ria
Glo Ria:
The whole Philippines is cheering for you Marcelito.🇵🇭
Dawn H
Dawn H:
He has a similar voice to Ryan Reynolds
Earl A.
Earl A.:
This particular series should be renamed "world's got talent" so much awesome people around the world
Lychi Bakugou
Lychi Bakugou:
15:10 proves you are NEVER to old to audition
Phil Saraceni
Phil Saraceni:
That magic trick was insane
25:30 i had a friend who's brother had this exact disability. he became a really good jiu jitsu fighter. got a lot of trophies.
Segundo Bosquez
Segundo Bosquez:
English comedy is different from American comedy, that's why Simon Cowell is lost. Simon Cowell is a legend, America loves you Simon.
joseph Gabumpa
joseph Gabumpa:
Wow what a beautiful voice.. We love you from Philippines
I especially loved the first one
bendy s
bendy s:
Jack has a beautiful voice, he needs to be more confident
rosario acuña
rosario acuña:
God patty and nico still have it🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥
Natalia Nathan
Natalia Nathan:
I wish I could sing like Jack,the first performer💯
Queen Of All Damned
Queen Of All Damned:
This woman 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Kyaw Zin Lat
Kyaw Zin Lat:
Great I love it
Duo Transcend was perfect.
Sonia Echevarria
Sonia Echevarria:
I can’t get enough of AGT!
Jeanette Liedecke
Jeanette Liedecke:
Duo Transcend amazing global winners in my book
Eduardo de Noronha e Ozorio
Eduardo de Noronha e Ozorio:
Loved eddy... big guy with a very very nice voice... shredding some views about big guys
Jake vidgen gave me goosebumps
Really inspiring from all the champions it was really funny when Howie hit :) the buzz and ran away
Zova Vangchhia
Zova Vangchhia:
Wish i had their talents...
I was just a little kid when Got Talent started...
Look at me now, being a complete adult, getting a job
And it makes me sadder and sadder seeing the fact that judges getting older year by year
RK Mesa
RK Mesa:
The Trapeze act was amazingggggg such talent
Julie C
Julie C:
Jack is amazing!!!
Corinne Ritenour
Corinne Ritenour:
Wow! What a voice!
Duo Transcend 5:13 I definetly would like to see the performance life! its so amaizing
Over aLL
Over aLL:
Daym!! 9:30 Give CREDITS TO THE EDITOR of this video and the guys behind that stage makin it magic!!!👊👏👏🎆🎆
Derick Cornick Gonzales
Derick Cornick Gonzales:
Philippines is proud of you Marcelo Pomoy!
I just love Paddy and Nico 🤩
Southern Lightning
Southern Lightning:
Resembles Ricky on silver spoons..Amazing singer🤙😎
I Am Blank
I Am Blank:
9:33 marcelito is great but this act will make you through finals
ololRainoa Serrano
ololRainoa Serrano:
Grande jueces descubren talento y hacen grande estrellas cantores
Jean Clavel
Jean Clavel:
10:00 act... Amazing.. They really need Trust to do something like that
Rwan Ahmed
Rwan Ahmed:
I love WATCHING AGT!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Crunchy Crispy Chip
Crunchy Crispy Chip:
Paddy and Nico were my fav 🔥🔥
Gina Friend
Gina Friend:
They're all good. Ryan is Hysterical!!
Yeeeessssss exactly what I want to listen/watch to everyday 👏👏
weng weng
weng weng:
when its learned its just a skill. but when we say TALENT its inborn..

ma vote goes to singers

#americas got talent..
Sleepy Cats
Sleepy Cats:
Duo Transcend and Oz got my chills!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Jeune Herode Kim
Jeune Herode Kim:
Wow ! So nice!
Leovy Convento
Leovy Convento:
proud to be a filipino..go marcelino. aja!!!
Trepoli EverdayChannel
Trepoli EverdayChannel:
The AGT runner up,,the mentalist..he is good..unique talent!!
krismadison cruz
krismadison cruz:
#marcelitopomoy is the best among all participants 👏👏👏
Alex Mani
Alex Mani:
At least Ryan has 3 fingers to show he had 3rd place 😅 23:23
Ms. Robles
Ms. Robles:
Grandma we all respect you, and I adore ur performance, but I'm praying 🙏 for marcelino to be win, his performance is 💯 % for American got talent his a perfect singer hope judges can see that 🙏🙏
Wowmazing TV
Wowmazing TV:
Marcelito Pomoy from the Philippines.

With the help and the grace of God, practice and perseverance.. you can do it to the finals!
We are here to support you 😍
jonathan trania
jonathan trania:
Marcelito pomoy is best singer

Very very soft
Very very clain
& very very very unique
Laura A.S
Laura A.S:
The Acrobat duo... 😮😍
Babang Tampan
Babang Tampan:
I am from Indonesia. I like AGT, this event is very entertaining and inspiring.👍