America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020 Auditions! | WEEK 2 | Got Talent Global

Watch the best of the best auditions on America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020. Check out acts such as Boogie Storm and their GOLDEN BUZZER moment, Ben Blaque when his act goes wrong, Puddles Pity Party, Magician X with Shin Lim, Luke Islam and Spencer Horsman.

What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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100+ comentarios:

Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban:
This is how many supporting Marcelito now.
Michal Kolitz
Michal Kolitz:
Star wars dancer was like a 20 second thing... I was waiting for it to actually start. They did not deserve the golden buzzer... Marcelito should have gotten that buzzer!
Tsiiveine Rosy
Tsiiveine Rosy:
I always admired Simon but this time it was really disappointed to see him judging in this way . 😒
malourdes reyes
malourdes reyes:
This dance number is nothing compared marcelito Pomoy did..Simon Cowell are so unfair.
miio suu
miio suu:
marcelito should get the golden buzzer not the star wars dance group :c
I think marcelito will win the competition... Thumbs-up who's with me.
nicah Jensen
nicah Jensen:
Marcelito was the best and the golden buzzer should have been pressed for him... Drop your like if you agree😍let's show him love
Talha Fall
Talha Fall:
Marcelito is the king here..who agrees with me??
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
The guy from the Philippines is great, I have never heard a single person sing like that before.
Ryan Paul
Ryan Paul:
For a person to sing like this both male and female voice is really great
The Philippine guy was soooooooooo soooo incredible
Jonas Martha
Jonas Martha:
That Phillipines guy he deserves to win whole the world
Ltrey Lukwesa
Ltrey Lukwesa:
Boogie storm was so mediocre honestly, I see better dancing on Instagram everyday
Ann Seebalack
Ann Seebalack:
Why didn't Marcelito get the golden buzzer? Sometimes I can't believe this show, Howie said he deserved it but didn't give it smh
The phyllipines guy sung man and women voice extraordinary beautiful. He deserve the Golden Buzzer definitely not those Robots. It wasn’t fair at all.
Liz d bouquet
Liz d bouquet:
The Philipino guy...was OUT OF THIS WORLD
...Absolutelly OUTSTANDING!!
Shaylin Hilling
Shaylin Hilling:
Marcelito should sing a song in a Disney movie like omg how did he not get the golden buzzer!!
Wazowsky_ 98
Wazowsky_ 98:
Marcelito is a real pure champion, bringing his wife together, someone who be with you from nothing. Salute on u!
That second act was pure🚮 they didn't deserve that golden buzzer AT ALL🙄..

Those people in the waiting room's reactions🤣 same my dudes same 🤣
Marcelito Pomoy deffinetly needed the Golden Buzzer.....
Motivational Stories
Motivational Stories:
The Philippine guy was so so incredible.
reneilwe maroga
reneilwe maroga:
Marcelito: who needs a partner for a duet... While I can do it myself?

He is really talented, I enjoyed his performance ❤️❤️
S Nehra
S Nehra:
I am going to be as honest as I can be . The 2nd act didn't deserve a golden buzzer that's an established fact now but I swear I was pretty much sure that they won't even get 3/4 yeses forget about the golden buzzer .It was such an average performance . I don't even know what to say about simon
PS : I am assuming it's format is as like as any other got talent .
Ashles from Down Under
Ashles from Down Under:
Boogie Storm's act was so underwhelming compared to their original act in the UK 😕
Dominique Crocitto
Dominique Crocitto:
I remember when he won in the Philippines. A remarkable voice
House of Dumebi
House of Dumebi:
This is how many people that think Marcelito deserved a golden buzzer 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Kay Em
Kay Em:
"It's early in the night, so I'm going to keep my golden buzzer". That hardly makes sense, because it would be a disadvantage to be an early act.
Marcelito: so I'm gonna do a duet, alone
Abdul Aziz NASSER
Abdul Aziz NASSER:
The first guy was actually the best
Frank sinatra
Frank sinatra:
Beautiful the filipino guy amazing what a talent..
Just a friend
Just a friend:
AGT Judges, 90% of the time, dancing can be learned, magic can be learned, acrobatics can be learned BUT nobody can learn and sing dual voices! IT CANNOT BE LEARNED!!! Marcelito is pure talent. Why and what happened to the Golden Buzzer? SMH, I am soooo disappointed! 🥴 But I guess the super fans saw who deserves the GB 👊 !
Amy Cote
Amy Cote:
If Howie had given the Philipino his buzzer, Simon couldn't have stolen it....
imbjxoxo __
imbjxoxo __:
When I finished watching the performance of Boogie thingie I was like, that's it?! Just like that to earn the golden buzzer?!

Well, Simon loves em.
Nancy Barrientos
Nancy Barrientos:
Marcelito rocked it and nailed it!!! He’s already a champion... ask his wife 💁🏻‍♀️
i saw myself crying while im watching marcelito singing The Prayer😍😍😍.
so touchyy!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Stephen Galo
Stephen Galo:
Whose here supporting Marcelito Pomoy? Im here tho supporting him
Kay Em
Kay Em:
The star wars "dance" was beyond stupid. Simon was a joke here.
imbjxoxo __
imbjxoxo __:
Simon looks so childish whe he hit the golden buzzer hahahahaha ❤️
Tess Canabella
Tess Canabella:
Saimon he’s not good enough judge he’s so mean, I’m sure in the final he will dragged marcelito down...
Sonny Ward
Sonny Ward:
Rin- chan
Rin- chan:
i really don't understand why the star wars guys got the golden buzzer. They didn't even do something "special"
Deana Pasko
Deana Pasko:
Everyone is talking about Marcelito... but can we talk about how the third act was not even a talent? How it was based on luck? Good thing they stopped it before it went too far.
Shiloh Willis
Shiloh Willis:
Marcelito deserved the golden buzzer BIG TIME!! ❤❤
Cuong Hoang Nguyen
Cuong Hoang Nguyen:
Was u kidding me? Golden buzzer for Boogie Storm, lol
Joe Hicks
Joe Hicks:
Marcelito is the most talented singer I have ever heard. The change in his pitch is totally amazing. His story of his life made me cry. Such a wonderful couple. So glad he found his family. Should have gotten golden buzzer.
Zhooel l'Asiatique
Zhooel l'Asiatique:
Marcelito has been robbed of a golden buzzer! Wake up AGT!!!!!
Ruth Maltos
Ruth Maltos:
28:31 hace el cambio de persona 😜✌🏻
He change with Shim Lim
Dark Guitarist
Dark Guitarist:
what are you gonna do?

a duet

where's your partner?

ISAN MUSIC Thai traditional music
ISAN MUSIC Thai traditional music:
That Filipino make me feel fantastic, OMG Cheer up him
10:49 - so that's the talent for you Simon?
Marcelito is deserved to be golden buzzer bcoz he has a pure talent..🇵🇭🇵🇭
Proud being filipino here..
👇like if you love filipino..💖🇵🇭
Riding Hourse
Riding Hourse:
Boogie stone their talents are not that impressive

Why all that noises
THAT"S easy to figure with shih Lin, in that he's practising the art of trickery and illusion. When that guy went behind the dark revolving board, they switched actors. They had to wear black in order to hide themselves in the dark, one exited and the other entered. See? hahaha, trick!!!
Mash Vandead
Mash Vandead:
"Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history"

Mark: *Hold my mask*
hulio papi
hulio papi:
simons nephew or something is in that group
Wowmazing TV
Wowmazing TV:
What?! That is an ordinary dance with costume and you gave your golden buzzer? 😂

And you are the only one (Simon) standing among the judges 😂

And when Marcelito singing, the other 3 judges standing while you are the only one remain seating 😂
Silver Powers
Silver Powers:
The Filipino guy was amazing very unique
The reaction of the other contestants when simon pressed the golden buzzer for the boogie storm was to 😂
kaila kaila
kaila kaila:
omG!!!! what a talent given to him only him by the almighty. i was crying to whole time watching him.
Tiko Nica
Tiko Nica:
Marcelito have a great voice😍i love it so much😍😍😍
weng weng
weng weng:
yeah, marcelito didnt deserves golden buzzer... coz.he deserves diamond one..
Dolo thedon
Dolo thedon:
That clown was so genius really give us the it movie feeling he just want to be loved
Eliza Nique
Eliza Nique:
Navinder Singh
Navinder Singh:
I do'nt know why but i got my 👀 sweat while watcing marcelito performance that to only right side eye which is sign of happiness.Hope some knows about it
Lisa Wilkes
Lisa Wilkes:
That was incredible. How the hell did he do that! Definitely could sing in a Disney movie. Plus so much more. What a amazing voice and story.
JaMes Reyes
JaMes Reyes:
i'm sorry but in my side not only bcoz i'm a filipino..
pomoy is much deserving for the golden buzzer...why? bcoz he has the pure talent than that dance group..hmm....
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry:
That was good singing from the young boy he sang Celine Dion song very well he sang this song from his heart which was nice to hear from him singing that song from one of Celine Dion songs.
gachashan kai
gachashan kai:
I was about to write on the comments"support philippines" because i live there, but i saw other comments already doing that for me😅🤣😁
If I had seen the storm troopers come on for an initial audition and get an "x" from Simon 30 seconds in, I wouldn't have been surprised in the least. This? What?!
sunshine gold
sunshine gold:
I LOVE Marc. That was incredible and definitely agree with Howie. If anyone could have been there in person I doubt the switch would have been ‘obvious’ it’s because we can go back and rewatch all the details. I totally agree with the authentic reactions of the judges. I was disappointed when Marc only got second on BGT. I think he deserves a win.
Chad Chady
Chad Chady:
I Think Marcelito Pomoy deserves the Golden Buzzer.
Bobby Kai Bomai
Bobby Kai Bomai:
One man duet completely out of this world amazing!
Marie Richards
Marie Richards:
When Simon sees this group his face lights up like a child that got the toy he wanted for Christmas
9:53 Simon is so cute hyping them up
Jayden Reid
Jayden Reid:
"Those are my doggies, Squiddly and Diddly." Simon Cowell.
Possibly the funniest thing that man has said, and it wasn't even a joke. Those names hahaha
Ann Ann
Ann Ann:
Didi Didi
Didi Didi:
The first one, he deserves a golden buzzser
Binky Adel
Binky Adel:
The first one who sang the song with double voice he desirved the golden buzzer
Abel Garcia
Abel Garcia:
I believe that Simon has a fetish with the imperial soldiers xD
Ayantu Eba
Ayantu Eba:
do you now the farst one so now I will talk about namber 1 ok!! I was shoked when I see his voice becouse I didn't expet that his voice is like this wow wow wowi love his voice so much
Beauty Bloom
Beauty Bloom:
Golden buzzer wasted! They didn't give it to Marcelito coz they know he's gonna go viral. 💸💲💸💲💸💲
Muhammad Abdul Rehman
Muhammad Abdul Rehman:
The dark side isn’t the good side Simon Cowell
Britty boo
Britty boo:
Are you kidding me smh faceless dancers got the buzzer instead of the guy who sung with two voices
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen:
Dude, the magic one-
servah vafiefar
servah vafiefar:
Over that beautiful singer with with actually two different voice it was incredible how we I like you so much I am so mad cuz you should have pushed at Golden Buzzer for that husband and wife no I'm not with Simon on this one
David Wyndale Petallar
David Wyndale Petallar:
Marcelito's singing is very difficult, changing from falsetto to tenor without having voice cracks... It ain't an easy feat.
hassan hodhan
hassan hodhan:
The Philippine man❤️❤️
11:13 wtf moment of the century
Tumelo Molefi
Tumelo Molefi:
That clown really send me tf out son. Lmao!
I was expecting more from Boogie Storm if Simon loved them so much. But guess I gotta lower my expectations now from Simon.
Ms. K TwentyFive
Ms. K TwentyFive:
A good dancer can dance like the 2nd performer, however Marcelito sings like no other, that is true talent. It is disappointing he's got no Golden buzzer he deserved.
Idc Marcelito automatically won in my book.
Brijesh Kumar
Brijesh Kumar:
I think Simon was wrong this time
That performance didn't deserve The Golden buzzer
ssebugwawo John Mary
ssebugwawo John Mary:
Mercelito Pomoy really deserved a golden buzzer. His is a super talent.
Liz Viney
Liz Viney:
When Simon said oh shut up it got me like crazy lol 😂😂😂
lester tamayo
lester tamayo:
overcooked.... bcoz of simon's favorite.... marcelito pomoy deserves the golden buzzer. everybody can dance like that with a suit of storm troopers.. boooo👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻...
Lynn Faulkner
Lynn Faulkner:
Absolutely mind blowing!!! What a phenomenon!!!
Liz Viney
Liz Viney:
So Simon, Howie, Heidi and Alesha are the judges for both America’s got talent the champions and Britain’s got talent the champions
LegendaryPro 9999
LegendaryPro 9999:
Im a filipino to and im proud to marcelito pomoy he is very talented...
That's Philippines Real Talent!!!
francis kapike
francis kapike:
the phillipines have amazing voices... i want a girl from the the phillipines wow