Americans celebrate Juneteenth, the first new federal holiday in 36 years

The nation is marking Juneteenth on Saturday. President Biden signed legislation this week, making the day a federal holiday. Many large corporations recognized Juneteenth on Friday with moments of silence, early closures, or a paid day off for employees. But to many, the day represents much more than that. Christina Ruffini has the latest.

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100+ comentarios:

Derek Ash
Derek Ash:
The only new holiday I support would be election day, you want great voter turn out, give everyone the day off to do so.
Aric Goetz
Aric Goetz:
It just means a new paid holiday off for government employees.
Willma Dikfit
Willma Dikfit:
Amazing how quickly they came together for a day off.
“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” ― Mark Twain
Fiona Bologna
Fiona Bologna:
This is the reparations Joe Biden promised. A day off during record unemployment! 🤣😂🤣
Tyrone Jackson
Tyrone Jackson:
The only ones benefiting from this are the Federal workers with another paid day off. All us working slaves have to pay for it.
A.J. Green
A.J. Green:
Came up so quick this year I didn't have time to send out my Juneteenth cards!
S. Galaxia
S. Galaxia:
Federal holidays just mean banks are closed and there is no mail, I'll consider it a holiday when I get the day off from work paid.
Robert Jeffrey
Robert Jeffrey:
Cool, the feds get another day off.
Josh M
Josh M:
The government giving themselves a paid day off, that's all this is
Ramond Ferreal
Ramond Ferreal:
Who’s celebrating? Oh yeah, the people in office who voted themselves another day off.
Steve Sherlock
Steve Sherlock:
Why do this now? He had 8 years under Obama to propose this idea. O wait he wants to remind everyone how racist we are.
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas:
44 Days off a year-- with pay-- for Federal employees. . .feed the beast!
"Thanks for the day off Slaves" -Congress.
matt barton
matt barton:
The best part was when they showed the companies who acknowledge the holiday....America hahaha
Charles Harrell
Charles Harrell:
It’s a great idea. I think we would all benefit if the federal government was on holiday 365 days a year.
Symbolic policy to hold the sheep down.
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles:
I don't know anybody who celebrated Juneteenth. I went to work and so did my coworkers and we didn't know it was a holiday. 😂
slider954 k
slider954 k:
Already have an entire month.... Politics, they will do anything for the African American vote besides things that actually help the people.
Instead of June 19th, let’s celebrate it every year on Neverary 19th
R. Shackleford
R. Shackleford:
“You ain’t black if you don’t support Juneteenth!” - Joe Biden
Big time AL
Big time AL:
“I’ll never let my kids go to school in a racial jungle.”-Joe Biden
Count Chocula
Count Chocula:
Is Hallmark making a card for this? 😂
Kamikaze Hound
Kamikaze Hound:
Still waiting on Native American month which we will never get since our problems aren't cared about
Trump suggested the Holiday first! Democrats blocked him from doing it!
95 percent of these people have just heard about Juneteenth in the last year
This is another celebration "day" to separate humans into 2 races.
There is only one race - human race
Amateur Writers Showcase and Short Stories
Amateur Writers Showcase and Short Stories:
“Juneteenth is about white supremacy and you know the thing” Joe Biden Potato en Chief
K X:
The narrator said, "...Two months after slavery ended..." It was 2 years.
randall goldapp
randall goldapp:
The only ones that really care are the ones that get another day off of work.
Jason Harding
Jason Harding:
It ironically is before labor day which they don't celebrate
Martin Honan
Martin Honan:
Congratulations George Floyd on 13 months of sobriety.
Johnny Rep
Johnny Rep:
Federal holidays are all the same: A day or two off for cookouts. I don't celebrate for any intended reason.
Matthew Sparks
Matthew Sparks:
Should have done it a long time ago, however there doing it now for a completely different reason. The left needs division to pursue its cause. The black community is just a throw away pawns to them, the democratic politicians today are truly evil.
Kwaku Anansi
Kwaku Anansi:
@2:28 There is no such thing as the right of citizenship. American citizenship isn't a right for everyone.
I told Corn Pop…. You are such a bad dude…. I’m making a federal holiday!
Teresa Bishop
Teresa Bishop:
As long as everybody feels like they win.
David Tolman
David Tolman:
Remember, if you didn't vote for Biden, then "you ain't black."
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow:
Can't wait for Trail of Tears day.
Juan Villanueva
Juan Villanueva:
Glad that with the entire country going down the drain... they seem to have enough time take care of the important stuff like this.... unreal.
Jehovah Hohenzollern
Jehovah Hohenzollern:
*U.S. ROYALTY: Congratulations! To your segregation holiday, is the same as others because you deserved it.*
Kill Thanos
Kill Thanos:
I never thought I'd see the day.
Tom Collins
Tom Collins:
There's a few holidays Americans celebrate that should be public holidays. St. Valentine's day, Halloween, Easter, Black Friday...
Does this mean cities like Chicongo and Detoilet will take a day off from shooting each other? Probably not...🤣🤣
Joey Shofner
Joey Shofner:
Juneteeth? With all the problems our country is facing why are you so focused on this holiday? I've haven't seen anyone celebrate this holiday except politicians and reporters.
John D
John D:
Still have to wait 2 years until it gets you a day off work….
Thunder Road
Thunder Road:
Another paid day off for the worthless government workers is all it is….
Matt Skiba
Matt Skiba:
Celebrate by tweerking
Rocky Racoon
Rocky Racoon:
The last slaves weren't freed until 1867 being that they were held by Native Americans.
In celebration of this event I will free one of my slaves.
Douglas Hogg
Douglas Hogg:
Just another holiday for federal workers.
G Milla
G Milla:
It’s pretty ironic that Democrats are finally celebrating the fact that republicans took their slaves away.
Deborah Pinkey
Deborah Pinkey:
I am glad that Ms. Opal Lee lived to see this day come to pass! Thank you, Ms. Lee, for your decades long fight to bring the recognition of this landmark event in the "land of the free" to fruition.
tom martinez
tom martinez:
Will there be big signs saying " Thank you Republicans for Freeing us from our Democrat masters"! Doubtful...........
Brian Moudry
Brian Moudry:
I was wondering why everyone kept tellin me to enjoy my holiday weekend?? lol, i thought they were talking about fathers day ! lol. btw, I think its juneteenf. dont forget the f.
Jeff Putnam
Jeff Putnam:
Ahaahahha. These people along with the sheep feeding msm are insane!
I know its awesome having more holidays than less... but why? I didn't mind it being a minor holiday but honestly why not celebrate the day Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. That lead to June 19th and made it all possible but can also truly be an American holiday all can celebrate. Not just one community.
First Last
First Last:
Perfect another day off whoo hoo! loving that. Especially since for these strange holidays in the middle of no time like Columbus day and MLK day, we just trade them for an additional day off around Thanksgiving or Christmas! And I'm just going to call it June 19th, rather than that ignorant and uneducated concatenation.
Rodger Woods
Rodger Woods:
I'm glad that the remaining slaves was given freedom on June 19th. Its always been taught in history. But Joe's going to have a hard time getting that stain off his nose.
Why make Juneteenth a holiday instead of the emancipation proclamation or the end of the civil war or the passing of the 13th amendment of the 14th amendment or the 15th amendment
Francisco Pagan
Francisco Pagan:
Bravo 👏 for Joe Biden!👍One more for the civil rights!
easy burns
easy burns:
It's gonna be huge. Huge I tell ya.'
Ken Cramer
Ken Cramer:
The Government creates a holiday and your school systems aren't going to recognize Holidays.
Such a smart move.
What makes me laugh about this holiday is it's celebrating progress.. from 160 years ago. These people still act like it's 1866, when there ancestors were truly oppressed. How does this change or improve literally one single thing?
Anything to shine a light on the Democrats racist past I’m all for it!
0:53 nice Viet Cong flag you got there, knobs!

Anh co hu dit mai?
Tad Becker
Tad Becker:
Donna Barnett
Donna Barnett:
Not happy with leftist appropriating a Texas day of reflection. We have come together for decades regarding this issue. How dare this social justice bs degrade what is exclusively Texan!
Next Holiday. Paying reparations day. Another new holiday this time you get paid twice, paid day off and another check from the white side of government, who said " if you didn't vote for me , you ain't Black.
Rectal Carpenter
Rectal Carpenter:
Bahahaha 😆
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson:
Ima Deplorable
Ima Deplorable:
So is Juneteenth also a remembrance of all the lives lost, houses and properties destroyed in order to end slavery? Asking for a friend whose ancestors died in the civil war.
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez:
In the name of minorities we are giving ourselves a paid holiday.
Raq G
Raq G:
While they were all gathered to officially recognize "Juneteenth", someone was dying on the streets of Chicago. Let's start with the signing of a "ceasefire" for one hour. If we make that, let's try for two. I'm not joking!
I also would like to mention that I just made a bulk order with Hallmark to receive my Happy Juneteenth cards for next year.
A federal holiday for a day when some people FOUND OUT that slaves were free? Could have had a decent intelligent name at least.
Johnny Young
Johnny Young:
Great Holiday Indeed, I love it....thank you!
Lou Spingleburken
Lou Spingleburken:
Who are you kidding, this is irrelevant to the majority. But, this is an administration that wants to make that the norm.
Joseph Forbes
Joseph Forbes:
Hoooray , another weekend holiday!
On yo feet maggot
On yo feet maggot:
Welcome to the collapse of the US.
matt barton
matt barton:
Ok never mind the best part was when the aid had to help Biden hand that nice lady the pen haha.
Rocky Barnes
Rocky Barnes:
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos:
Dick Toles
Dick Toles:
Another holiday brought to you by yte people.
JC Torres
JC Torres:
Happy Juneteenth Everyone!!
relax man5050
relax man5050:
Gumpy of the Bubba
Gumpy of the Bubba:
Happy Juneteenth! The day that Republicans in Texas forced the Democrats to free their slaves!
Amano Kurosawa
Amano Kurosawa:
A day off for the wokesters and federal government, that's all this is.
Vandalorian Vandalorian
Vandalorian Vandalorian:
SeeBS this morning:
“We are breathless excited about a paid Nothing holiday for federal extortionists”
Happy Republican day!!!! Happy Abraham Lincoln the greatest republican ever for freeing the slaves with emancipation proclamation and Juneteenth that only applies to state of texas finally letting the last of the slaves go.
The G.C.
The G.C.:
Celebrate Republicans freeing the Democrat's slaves. Yes!
gary jameson
gary jameson:
ohsss mys doodness! I bees soos happees! we shall ova comes! we shal obacomes! chitlin partee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitch Garbeno
Mitch Garbeno:
Thank goodness the replicant party help abolish slavery in Texas from the democratic control.
Jim Younger
Jim Younger:
What do you call a hyphenated American in a three piece suit? The defendant.
It’s more like national criminal day.
They just needed a holiday in June because they can’t celebrate Father’s Day.