Among Us - How to be an IMPOSTOR 😁

Playing my current fave game, Among Us as the Impostor 🔪😎🔫

Watch me play as crewmate:

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The title must be:
How to be a pro impostor
This game makes u sad if ppl vote u even ur not impostor
when i killed someone:

My brain: *RUN*
Its so triggering when there is that one player who keeps on blaming others.
ronnie lohr
ronnie lohr:
J U I C Y G R A P E:
Whenever im the imposter, someone gets me
but whenever im the crew someone says "you're weird" and I get kicked outt
Mega edge
Mega edge:
My life as an imposter:
Go around
Hide in vent
Dead body reported
People blame me even though nobody saw me, they just felt it was me
Join a new game
Ma nem Jef
Ma nem Jef:
Just be the one who says 'who' first during discussions and you should be fine😂
Marko Delich
Marko Delich:
My strategy:
Try to act normal
When someone's alone with you in the room,sabotage it
Kill the prey
Escape trough the vent
When voting,act like your clueless
Always works
Jaro Benjulie
Jaro Benjulie:
Im currently playing this. And it's fun to watch people contradict each other when you know you are the impostor
I'm a Wizard
I'm a Wizard:
Fact that this video is about 1 year old.. Who knew that this game will be so famous in 2020...
Another tip: if someone suspects someone, but they didn’t get voted out, kill the person that suspected the other person and then they get accused for being imposter.
Turbo gaming
Turbo gaming:
He's name is me and people saying me
Big brain
Red Impostor
Red Impostor:
Finally found an old gameplay while it's becoming so popular in sept.2020
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf:
Must Be Nice How no one is pressing the emergency button
I did this comment in another video but I might as well give the tips:
1: When the camera is blinking red that’s means someone is using it
2: It’s best to memorize the ventilation system
3: When in a group of innocents like maybe 5 and above and your all staying in one spot be sure to kill one because since there’s a lot of people hoarding that spot no one will know who
4: Act like your doing tasks and be sure attack when the time is necessary
Me:becomes an impostor
Lucky guessers and noobs:
So you have chosen,DEATH
Holo M
Holo M:
I wish there is a Friend system in this game, Because I send my discord ID to make them befriend me but yet THEY FORGOT
This guy played Among Us before it was cool.

Very big achievement, to say myself.
I think people need to be more of a pro crewmates than impostor, honestly
FlickeRRing Lightswitch
FlickeRRing Lightswitch:
There Are 6 Crewmates You Should Fear.
Here's the list,

6: The Task Manager
(Really Rare. The Only Person To Say To Complete All Your Tasks, Do Them Quicker, And Fixes Sabotages. An Big And Absolute Threat.)

5: The TaskBar Reader
(Extremely Rare Really Accurate And Undeniable, Understand Their Locations. They Usually Aren't Expirienced So A Little Bit Serious But Very Gullible.)

4: The Scouter
(A Bit Uncommon, Usually Checks The Left Hall First. Will Usually Be Mild But Will Be Aggressive Once They Completed Their Tasks. Remember Their Routine Check.)

3: The Security Guy
(The Most Usual One, The Usual First Threat You Should Kill. If A Camera Has A Red Beeping Light, It Means You're Under Surveillance. Stays There When All His Tasks Are Done.)

2: The Double Checker
(Really Common, Will Be Really Hard to Deal With In Some Cases, Be Weary Of Them. Basically A Milder Version Of The Scouter. Not A Dangerous Threat But A Serious One.)

1: The Admin-istrator
(Like The TaskBar Reader, Extremely Rare. The Admin Also Detects Bodies. Which Means The Guy Who's Coming Straight From The Body Is Definitely The Impostor. ELIMINATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.)
Alejandra Toledo
Alejandra Toledo:
When I play as the crewmate I try to prove my innocence by telling people that I can scan in the meetings. But yet for some reason people vote me for no reason at all!
Shooting_ Stars
Shooting_ Stars:
No one:

Literally no one:

MJ Teee's Username: Me
Ezekiel Dizon
Ezekiel Dizon:
.    。    •   ゚  。   .

   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚   Impostor was not An Impostor.  。 .

  '    1 Impostor remains     。

  ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Nate Preston
Nate Preston:
I'm so sad RN. I had a great game with great people and we were having a good time... Then out of nowhere my phone died. Never will see them again. Didn't even get to say goodbye. If you out there, dark ninja, carrot, Kanye and others, hello! -Big Bunion 2k19
2020 be like:

I am so Famous noww.
Bruh I suck being an imposter. That’s why I’m here lmao
I played this game in the summer of 2019 so happy that now is like this
Triggered Cheese
Triggered Cheese:
Everyone in that game was dumb like when i kill someone no matter how careful i be people are there within ten seconds
President Potato
President Potato:
As an impostor : i don't give a crap
Chara_Undertale Chara killer 648
Chara_Undertale Chara killer 648:
Me: Founds the impostor:
Run Quickly To the emergency botton:
My crewmate: So quickly who is the impostor
Impostor: Its not me maybe u? =/
My Crewmate: Yea maybe U dont have proof:
Me: I swear ITS HIM.
and all my crewmate vote on me because they thought its me =/
Not using joystick makes me uncomfortable
DarkHub Gaming
DarkHub Gaming:
2019: How to be a impostor
2020: *s u s*
Alexis Barrera
Alexis Barrera:
Bro. I started dying of laughter when I noticed your name was "me". Had em kill the green dude
Vincent Cham
Vincent Cham:
Some of the few killing methods I have here:

If you want to kill a certain crew mate effectively then you need to wait for the moment to your target to be alone, yes it's a very basic trick but its also an effective way to be not suspicious. Once your target and you are in the same area, kill him then sabotage the electricity this will allow all of the crew mates to charge in the electricity to fix it and plus they will won't see any bodies if they come around in the area you killed your target. Once your sabotaged the electricity you need to quickly get there before they fix it so that they will all know that your innocent.

This one is kind of common but its actually time consuming so be careful when you use it, you need to stay in a room with a vent then pretend that your doing task. Wait for an individual crew mate to enter the room, then kill him before he leaves. Then hide in the vent while you wait for someone to find the body. This is actually a bad thing to do because a few crew mates will find your suspicious for not being around that much.

Here's a tip, electricity room is the best place to murder someone and the comms room too. If your going to choose that spot the murder your target then you MUST kill him on the spot that can't be seen from the entrance, comms will be the best because not much crew mates go in there except if you sabotaged the HUD or there is a certain task to do there.

Don't be suspicious. The key on winning the game is acting, when your in a discussion always start with "Where?" And "Who" which is common for every crew mates to say. Don't talk to much, be that guy who agree to everyones decision and finally for the love of God NEVER assume and I mean never...Assume a single crew mate that he is a imposter, this is going to make you even more suspicious.
Mariah Bennett
Mariah Bennett:
I didn’t know you could go to a different vent💀
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate:
I remember when I was at the hall and stopped to sabotage- someone caught me at the security camera 😂
Cdllaband st Louis
Cdllaband st Louis:
How to be the imposter: Play 40 games.
Certified Sayori Simp
Certified Sayori Simp:
When Im the impostor I always kind of be the stand up guy because when I kill someone i immediatley report it and say (player) was fleeing from the crime scene and be like I SAW HIM IM SURE
i use simple tricks to fool them lol
When I was imposter, I got someone and vented right as someone came in.
Them: "Someone vented did you see who it was?"
Me: *hehehe*

Edit: *I was not caught*
Giulia Giunta
Giulia Giunta:
Once happened also to me, my nickname was it's me. When someone discovered that I was the impostor wrote on the chat: THE IMPOSTOR ITS ME, and then everyone voted for him/her 😂 from that day I always have this nickname
How to be an IMPOSTER
me: *gets a Among Us ad*
Pastel Gamer Ph
Pastel Gamer Ph:
If I want to be impostor in game I just shout "IMPOSTOR " many times in my phone
Tails The Fox
Tails The Fox:

I know that guy
The Brothas Gaming
The Brothas Gaming:
For some reason I killed a crewmate and one crewmate walked passed him and I was like dafuq
shakuntla saklani
shakuntla saklani:
One like for those who seriousllyy done their missions kindly😂😂
Emanuel Pajaro Loaiza
Emanuel Pajaro Loaiza:
HOW DID YOU PREDICT THE GAME (I'm seeing you: v)
Dulce Vargas
Dulce Vargas:
When people see you go into electrical, sus
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss:
I like to kill a player then loop around to “discover” the body with another player
I'm so shocked people are only now playing this game like damm I've been hyping this gane since 2018
michel_ plays
michel_ plays:
*me always being the I'mposter*me: guys. Is me and how to be a crewmate
Me: I just wanted to do task
Them: u know being a imposter is fun
xXDiamond _SkyXx
xXDiamond _SkyXx:
What happened today:
Game starts: *Me and another person named "Alpha" are imposters*
Some time later:
Emergency meeting:
Pink: It is black(Alpha)
Alpha: Whyyy
Me: Black??
My mind: *How the heck dude!?*
thrown tennis ball
thrown tennis ball:
When I get on a boat

: Imposter
Kenn Angelo
Kenn Angelo:
Anyone playing this in quarantine?
fairy tail
fairy tail:
must be nice, i've been playing this for the past few days already and i still haven't been an impostor. lemme kill some too among us dang it
I have never been the imp even though I'm playing a week
Luke Alphawolf Gacha
Luke Alphawolf Gacha:
My trick for Imposter is to stay lowkey, and vote everyone who is accused.

When it comes to killing, I’d check admin to see who is the alone person.

If you wanna end the match fast, spam Oxygen and Reactor sabotages.
Foodie Halal
Foodie Halal:
Tohiri gaming
Tohiri gaming:
How to be pro: keep calm whenever you kill a person and also look around your prey before you kill them
Apple_gaming YT9
Apple_gaming YT9:
I killed someone on the security and I vented I don't remember what color I'm and the color green saws me get out on the vent and my kill is still counting 😂😂😂😂😂😂
9litch YT
9litch YT:
Ah yes , one of the person who played among us before pewdiepie even know it
The Sweatster Gaming
The Sweatster Gaming:
Fun fact : everyone is watching this after 1 year ( This video was uploaded a yr ago) because among us got famous now
Apple_gaming YT9
Apple_gaming YT9:
I kept loughing they said me!!!!
1:23 ah yes you are a crewmate doing the fixing lights task nothing suspicious at all
Juan Miguel Toribio
Juan Miguel Toribio:
Title:"how to be impostor"

Video: *gameplay of an impostor*

Yadne_ gariando
Yadne_ gariando:
2020 be like :

I'm so famous nowww
Blue Flame
Blue Flame:
making ur name me is genius
Aariz Hossain
Aariz Hossain:
Name “me” everybody says it’s “me” you vote “me”
Who's here when it's hyped again
Agnes Helen
Agnes Helen:
Games Project
Games Project:
I hate it when :
My friends become Impostor and kill me


I found bodies but someone says i'm the Impostor


I see someone kill or vented but they vote meh
2:16 That's me!!!! LOL I'm Nuke!
sgamerr55official roblox
sgamerr55official roblox:
I just stay afk,wait till they start emergency,vote someone out,rinse and repeat till theres 2 people
It works 50% of the time.
FunneMonke KFC
FunneMonke KFC:
Yo this video was over a year ago and I thought this game was new 💀
I just played with you today if you don't remember
Korean peoples thinking
"Thats slow"
So.....idc bruh
Kirsten Cheng
Kirsten Cheng:
How to be impostor


*wait until ur impostor*
TIP: This game is about trust. If you are the killer and wanna win this game. Walking alone is suspicious for you. Put a trust on the guy being suspected and tell your crewmates he is safe. If this guy survived the eviction he will surely blindly trust you and will follow you. Once he follow you, kill people when he is not looking always kill behind his back and in return of the trust you gave this guy will always believe you are innocent. If someone suspected you as an impostor you have an alibi that you are with this guy the whole time. When theres only 3 of you kill the guy before they can press the button
This was made in 2019? HMM SUPER SUS!
I suck I suck
I suck I suck:
I have my own little strategy that I use when I'm the impostor: I sabotage rooms and then gain the trust of others by helping them fix it. If they find another impostor (teammate) I vote them instead of defending them to keep my trust. And when there's four of us left they'll assume someone else is the impostor and vote them out. After that I kill one of them and win. This strategy doesn't always work as people are not all idiots
*This might be the most oldest among us gameplay I’ve ever seen*
Fubuki kawaii vivi
Fubuki kawaii vivi:
When you name yourself “me” and someone says it’s *ME* !!
And the others are like ok and vote for the one who says it’s *me*
Me searching up:
How to be an imposter forever lmao
I BLINKed ONCE to become an ARMY
I BLINKed ONCE to become an ARMY:
I played Impostor and won without killing people. Half of them left and the other half keep accusing each other until there's one crewmate left and so I won.
aier animations
aier animations:
I think i know the lore of among us... Plenty people have decided they want to go to the moon, So on their way flying to the moon, everything broke down, Their coms, Jets, They were stuck in outerspace, with barely any food... all they could do is sleep, Black had a dream a vision of sorts... Black's dream was that there would be an imposter, a traitor trying to kill them, a person which demons exceed his good, This imposter was a very talented man... But after a while in his career, His wife was murdered shot in the head... She was left bleeding on the floor... Everybody ignored her and didn't try to help the poor lady... eventually a year later nasa has decided to allow him to go on a space mission with plenty of others, This man was lurking for revenge... Seeking an escape from his madness and blind rage... when he met the crew mates he was working with he then got reminded of his dead wife, He saw a nice couple on the ship... it drove him to complete madness And he killed every single crewmate. (keep in mind this was a dream, blacks dream) Then black woke up, He told the other crewmates of his dream and black said there could be a traitor, an imposter which could be trying murder us the others didn't believe this nonsense, And thought he was crazy... Black kept trying to convince them there was a murderer a killer among them... the crew Just ignored it, but after some time... Black grew angry... He kept trying to convince them there was an imposter... EVENTUALLY black grew so angry he decided to murder one of the crewmates, Now the crewmates that are left alive believe there is an imposter, a traitor, a liar, a murder amongst them... Now all they could do is speculate who the traitor is... But first they needed to head back to earth because of fear that the imposter might be lurking in the ship, They do many tasks fixing coms, Fixing rocket boosters, etc but it was too late, Black murdered another... The team had no choice but to make a desicion to throw somebody out of the space shuttle as the problem was getting more and more serious, they suspected the only couple on the ship to be the imposter, so they threw those 2 out hoping the person they threw out was the imposter The couple while floating towards a black hole... with there last moments together they held hands and talked about the great times they had together, then they died. (back to the ship) Many crew members are feeling like they did not do the right descision and the imposter might still lurk... The others were suspecting black to be the imposter, But over time they lost suspicion... Black continued murdering... And murdering... Untill there were none left alive, eventually The ship ran out of food and water, And black Died... Thats the story Of among us... (What did you think of my "among us" story? Please tell me in the reply section)
Yukon Yuki
Yukon Yuki:
The best option is to be fast if you’re an imposter make sure they’re two or one person with you do you can blame them if that doesn’t work go into vents and escape right after
It’s white They vented
It’s white They vented:
I sab lights first, then go after alone ppl. And then vent. Then I walk around and fix the lights, if my kill cool down is done, I will kill in the large group surrounding it.
Vocalista Mik
Vocalista Mik:
I'm playing and not single once that I become imposter. What should I do ?
Nabeel Ansar
Nabeel Ansar:
When i am the imposter i lose patience over excited or depressed
Julian Cardenas
Julian Cardenas:
I swear I see everyone named me idk if it’s just u and I join random servers idkk
I thought this was tutorial on how to be an impostor every time and i was about to say You have to spin around three time and change hats pets and colors repeatedly and leave and join back and thats how you become imposter every time

PS: You have to say it in a nerdy voice so it makes cents
Me: *waiting in a vent* *1 minute later* Ok no one's here *comes out*
Some person: *comes* .....
5 minutes later
That same kid: GUYS I SAW HIM HE VENTED!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!
indriajdavid Pro
indriajdavid Pro:
fun fact: this video 2019 years
Jenika John
Jenika John:
And there is always one person.. who press emergency immediately as soon as the game starts
Super Ahmad Fadhil
Super Ahmad Fadhil:
Me Watch 2019: Lol
Me Watch 2020: GUY IT NOT JOKE
super master 9000
super master 9000:
Wow, this is the game that's popular now
Venkatesh R
Venkatesh R:
I just downloaded this game yesterday. Best findings ever.
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez:
How to get imposter all the times just get lucky!!!!!!
My story of being an impostor

Green: it's black.
Red: yes it's black I saw him vented
Blue: are you sure?
Me: it's not me bro. I can proof
Green: how
Me: Follow me green if you die then it's me but if I die then it's you
Green: agreed
Game continues
Green follows me and I killed him red saw me but I killed him too no chance 🤣🤣🤣🤣