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Mathieu L
Mathieu L:
I wonder how the devs reacted when their 2 year old game blew up out of nowhere
can you please
can you please:
This game is amazing and so fun i think you guys should make a forest level
Atticus V
Atticus V:
this game is just a test of who among your friends is the greatest pathological liar
Duke Fishron
Duke Fishron:
Innersloth: haha 3 devs go brrr
Jamari David
Jamari David:
Crazy how 2 years later this game finally blew up, this is proof that you should never quit
JohnArki Guiyab
JohnArki Guiyab:
I've played this game since the release. My friends and I loved this game, I hope you don't get tired of making updates for this game

Edit: Thank you so much for the likes! :-), I was shocked the game went viral on fb and lots of players are playing it now, hope you guys enjoy it with your friends :-)
The trailer kinda sus.
" *Henry was not the Imposter* "
Nun Naulak
Nun Naulak:
What this game really is:
"Its white, I saw him kill"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, it is him"
"I'll skip"
White:2 votes
Yellow:5 votes
Yellow was not an imposter
2 imposters remain
Cesar Diego
Cesar Diego:
I'm the only one who is searching for a 2 years old comment?
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle:
Only the real OG’s will remember the original Jellybean game: Dumb ways to die
Poisonous Orange
Poisonous Orange:
I love the way this game was released 2 years ago and doesn't get that much attention, but now it's popular as heck....
Black Crewmate
Black Crewmate:

The Creator looks kinda sus if I'm being honest. 🤣
My friends love this and sense of feeling of betrayal in this game is too good
MaarGamerz76 Gaming
MaarGamerz76 Gaming:
2018: There is one impostor among us
2020: There is one hacker among us
Lautaro Arriola
Lautaro Arriola:
Game: Buy it in Steam
Me: laughs in mobile
Who would've thought that this would be such a trend now? hahah
The Trailer:
The Game:
Blue:i think its Black
Every one: Why
Blue: idk
*Black was not the imposter*
Legends say that this game was named 'Among Me'

But they got influence by Soviet so much that it was renamed 'Among Us'
First game:

I: i am an impostor

Everyone: ok bye

Del_Empty was not the impostor
Kookie Jed
Kookie Jed:
Finally, It's releasing in Steam!
This game really just amazes me with it's concept and all which makes it astonishingly enjoyable especially with friends that betray in the most unsuspecting way possible. 🤭
I really hope this game gets the recognition it absolutely deserves, and the updates that would increase the game's experience! 🍖
Vortex GVN
Vortex GVN:
*pink was ejected*

Well ofc
Jacob's Gaming Channel 1928
Jacob's Gaming Channel 1928:
this is a great game and all but just look at the usernames:
Your Mom
all bugs
not it
The people that made this game must be really talented. They should make a stickman game
CrashBandicoot TV
CrashBandicoot TV:
*innersloth was the impostor*
Dnsh J.
Dnsh J.:
Innersloth, is there any Among Us game for console like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox?
Lyrone Jammuel Plastina
Lyrone Jammuel Plastina:
And in Henry stickmin collection, they are collectibles. Creator indeed
Me when we have first emergncy meeting: he could Be any one of us! He could be you, he could be me,
" starlot was not an Impostor "
cheesy bread stick
cheesy bread stick:
Lmao fally guys must be so salty that when finally one of their games gets popular it gets overtaken by a game thats been out for 2 years
Darth JooJ
Darth JooJ:
Make a underwater map :D
A forest level would be really cool. Imagine when you sabatoge lights it just gets foggy 😲
Redha A Rachman
Redha A Rachman:
*Everyone* I played this game since it's released
*Me* : LIE!!!
0:23 if only you could type that fast
If Among Us 2 eventually comes out, I hope that there'll be a "Trust" button at every meeting so that people who gets voted gets counter-voted with trust votes that subtracts the ejection votes.
If a person gets a trust vote WITHOUT getting eject voted, they get to carry it over to the next round's meeting and next round only.
There could also be suspicious votes which essentially just tags them as suspicious for the next round only and does nothing else to the actual voting.
Something like a green arrow/outline for being trusted and a red arrow/outline for being suspicious, but for one round only.
Just like the ejection info option, it should also be an option you can turn off, for extra difficulty.
It's nice training wheels for new players but an option that can be turned off for more experienced groups.
This game is so great, can't wait for some updates :D
BeanieBoo Blues :3
BeanieBoo Blues :3:
This game stinks now! I uninstalled because hackers where everywhere I went!
• Tails Aftøn •
• Tails Aftøn •:
A little comic.
Orange: Pink! Perfect! I can show you that I—
Pink: *Kills Orange**
Orange: Huh?! Pink!? How could he!? .... But, hey, at least everyone knows I am innocent now ....
gary anderson
gary anderson:
i think they should add more kill animations such as heat vision rope hang drill into the face chainsaw cut like most of the horror movies
They had to make 100 Clips to do the Admin Task
0:11 they did not just name this guy "myNameJeff"
Me quietly waiting for this to be on console be like:



...oh my popcorn is done
Hafsah H.
Hafsah H.:
I was an og player I played since the game released.
I played when it only had the skeld.
I played before the Mira came and played the Mira when it first came out and rembered when you had to pay for the Mira to host a Mira game.
I played the Polus when it first came out.
I played within a month of its release date and became addicted to this game.
I am happy and greatful this game became mega popular.

Like this comment if you did all these and are an og player like me and cherish the game and is proud to be in the innersloth fandom
I thought this game was released this year
A Random Sprite fan • 15 years ago
A Random Sprite fan • 15 years ago:
Innersloth: makes among us in 2018

Everyone: plays in 2020
Am I the only one who knew about this before 2020
Vecinalfish Pac
Vecinalfish Pac:
Map ratings (also my opinion so NO WAR!!!):
The skeld: 10/10: very easy
Mira HQ: 10/10 I Like The Way You Can Use Vents because you can vent anywhere you want :)
Polus: 8/10 because the tasks are hard
mario ey
mario ey:
“You don’t get it, but in 2 years your kids are gonna love it!”
-some guy from a dead meme template
GD cheezy
GD cheezy:
I have played among us since 2018, loved it ever since
Alex Paraskeuopoulos
Alex Paraskeuopoulos:
As an among us player i can confirm that the (its my first time paying) trap has been going on from the start
Kedama Fox
Kedama Fox:
Laugh till DIE
Laugh till DIE:
The game became pop cuz it was on sale and appeared on the featured page at steam lol. what a strategy, Innersloth.
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores:
That one guy who’s here for no reason
That one guy who’s here for no reason:
✋ Hey Inner sloth, 👨‍🚀❤️ I really love this game, and I have an Idea on how to Fix 3 Impostor mode, because it keeps ending fast due to there being 10 players. Basically Imposters should not know who each other are and can be able to accidentally Kill other impostors, this prevents them from killing three people in a row and voting a fourth one off for a quick win, and impostors somehow have to let each other know without being caught by Crewmates. Also on each time it’s on the voting screen they also have to guess who the other impostors are, and if they’re right their names turn red, if they’re wrong they won’t be able to sabotage or kill for a longer time until the next voting screen. With those rules maybe there can be a 4 impostor game too. Anyways I hope you take your time to read this one small comment cause I think it could really help the game out. Thanks! ❤️
among us is a really cool game I usually play it with my friends

But it would still be cool if there is really other levels on the game I hope it gets more players so that we can play more other online lobbies
Japh urtecho
Japh urtecho:
0:08 henry was not the imposter
Adam Rybár
Adam Rybár:
Now we got the Among Us 2 leak and I can't wait for Among Us 2 on Steam and open beta
Thx for the likes
Ah I remember first downloading among us back in 2018. Have always loved playing it. Such a fun game so I'm glad it's finally getting the recognition it deserves!
This game looks so good, can’t wait to play it interesting 🤔
Zak Swinton
Zak Swinton:
I have some role ideas for Among Us 2

New role - Theft, you are tagged with the imposter/s and you can steal someones identity once in the game for 20 seconds

New role - Detective, you can see where the bodies were killed every round
Alfonso S. Alvarado
Alfonso S. Alvarado:
The last of us 2, 7 Years of developing... < This dudes a simple design
Long life to indie Games
Navile Baring
Navile Baring:
Give a new clothoss
Sirc Naing
Sirc Naing:
Sugestion: whenever someone is in electrical room theres a chance the crewmate can press a button by electricuting the impostor
Caleb Bazan
Caleb Bazan:
bro this is amazing
Samuel Miranda
Samuel Miranda:
Waiting for the next game
Thank you to the last true flash programmers
A legendary moment none of us witnessed.
Whenever I try booting up the game on iOS with Version 2019.3.26, the game automatically crashes. Please patch this soon.

EDIT: Thanks for fixing it.
I was playing in this time soooo much
David Bell
David Bell:
The Salem Witch Trials in video game form! That or the prisoners trolley problemma
Mrs. Xmas
Mrs. Xmas:
Omg I was bored so I searched up Among Us trailer and this showed up lol
Is. C. D.
Is. C. D.:
Es muy adictivo xd
Bunu Shrestha
Bunu Shrestha:
When will among us 2 will come
Khachun Thor
Khachun Thor:
I started playing Among Us a few months ago before it blew up lol
DogGaming 926
DogGaming 926:
0:31 wait

is that asdfmovie?
Best game I’ve ever played go get it like yesterday it’s amazing
Puneet Kaushik
Puneet Kaushik:
please release on mac and console, thanks for this great game :)
who else played this game before it blew up?
Asrourr Asrourr
Asrourr Asrourr:
Who is here after pwediepie started playing among us
i didnt know this game came 2018 out but this is soooo epic!
i'm happy for the dev !
Ain't I just the Cutest! :3
Ain't I just the Cutest! :3:
It's amazing how this game swept the world of stream/gaming.
Oishee Majumder
Oishee Majumder:
Rosie Rose
Rosie Rose:
Thank you @DisguisedToast for introducing me this game. It's very fun game especially for friends who can't meet up due to the pandemic.

PS. Please add Halloween 🎃 skin like Ghost Skin (the transparent light white coat so that u can still see the players color), Zombie (Players have their hands up-front) that would be creepy.
Devin Gay
Devin Gay:
I got serious deja vu when this game got big, now I'm trying to remember who I saw playing it back in the day.
Noah Santos
Noah Santos:
This game is absolutely amazing.
I never new the game came out until I saw it on a Alpharad video
0:02 I really like to be the imposter
Emir Gül
Emir Gül:
I was here
It's Me
It's Me:
When you played this stuff before its get hyped
_ Spooky
_ Spooky:
i wish I was here since day one but I was here since March 2020 love this game
Elvin The Gengar 2.0
Elvin The Gengar 2.0:
I just downloaded this on my phone yesterday and I love this game so much
ꜱᴀᴏʀɪ •
ꜱᴀᴏʀɪ •:
Fall Guys: we are in top 1 UwU

Among Us: Are you sure 'bout that?
This is what happens in quarantine, you find old good memes, good old games suddenly burst in success
Lucas Gemes
Lucas Gemes:
Tem among Us pra celular mais fra de memoria
hello. i love this game it’s super fun love the concept but sometimes my game crashes and i cant seem to get past the first meeting without crashing. i really hope you guys decide to fix this because i don’t want it to ruin the experience for me and for others. thank you!
we have the crewmate
we have the Impostor
we still don't have the detective...
Esteban Menacho Flores
Esteban Menacho Flores:
the start of a great game
Hey I love your game among us I was wondering if one of my youtube videos could be sponserd by you guys
Alfan Brilian Z.
Alfan Brilian Z.:
Im waiting : Among Us the movie
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo:
when I leave the game many times, it says disconnect
Detective Duck
Detective Duck:
this is my childhood game im soo glad that it blew up