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Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Love Is A Losing Game. (C) 2006 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.

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Potato Buddy
Potato Buddy:
She was so young and fell in love with someone who just destroyed her. She didn’t want fame, she just wanted to sing
When I get lost I always come here
Christina F.
Christina F.:
The two men she loved the most were the ones who destroyed her
Geoffrey Bronson
Geoffrey Bronson:
I'm actually crying. What a horribly sad story this girl wove, such a tragedy.
Hard to believe this was the lowest charting single from back to black album. People have no taste! Such a beautiful sad song.
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel:
Who’s listening 👂🏽 to this during quarantine?
Candy Li
Candy Li:
For you I was the flame
Love is a losing game
Five story fire as you came
Love is losing game
One I wished, I never played
Oh, what a mess we made
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game
Played out by the band
Love is a losing hand
More than I could stand
Love is a losing hand
Self-professed profound
Till the chips were down
Know you're a gambling man
Love is a losing hand
Though I battled blind
Love is a fate resigned
Memories mar my mind
Love is a fate resigned
Over futile odds
And laughed at by the gods
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game
Black Circles
Black Circles:
The title of this song tells everything. If you fall in love, you’ll lose. Because it’s a losing game.
When Amy died George Michael said she was the most soulful musical vocalist Britain ever produced. He loved this song of hers. Two powerhouses who could both sing from the soul Gone Much Too Soon....
love killed her. she's was beautiful inside and out. if only she knew it.
Surner Singh
Surner Singh:
Hey Amy, a pandemic hit the world in 2020 and your music really made me happy and feel warm during the lockdown.
Sophie -
Sophie -:
The fact that she was real and alive, there was a time when she hadn’t passed. The world really took her for granted.
Octo 211
Octo 211:
Every time I hear this song I just cry uncontrollably.
Kun Lu
Kun Lu:
Love is indeed a losing game. After 7 years of “gaming” I
lost very badly.
I'm still not over her death.
Marzie Woolcock
Marzie Woolcock:
This song is absolute perfection, if you don't feel anything when you listen to this song you have never been in love, & lost love. It's the kind of thing that makes you shake your head in disbelief, because of the heart felt genius of the lyrics. Just close your eyes & listen, breathe in & take it all in. 2.48 mins that's all it is & her voice, her inflection of the lyrics says everything. All of that album, how many people could be so honest & so personal & at the same time be so relatable
Silvirgo the great
Silvirgo the great:
This song is so relatable that it actually hurts.
george michael said this was probably one of the best written songs ever!
Listen to her pain in every single syllable
Queen C
Queen C:
At this point she would be in her 30s winning every Grammy
Anthony Broaddus
Anthony Broaddus:
This is is the best song Amy ever sang. Hands down.
steve lalbeharry
steve lalbeharry:
I could never listen to the song without getting emotional. Amy's honesty and raw emotions commanded your attention like no other.
Priscilla Arce
Priscilla Arce:
ive been listening to her so much lately. she really puts into words how i feel like no other.
Giovanni Cordone
Giovanni Cordone:
She deserved to have a better person near
Nina Blaze
Nina Blaze:
I really wish she was still here.
zooted ivy
zooted ivy:
I used to listen to her when I was really little and I’d sit on my bed at night with my little iPod and just vibe. I absolutely adore her. Rest in paradise 💛
Tony Hill
Tony Hill:
It makes me so sad listening to this beautiful song, Amy had so much to offer the music world. She would still be with us had she not got mixed up with certain individuals!
The James Bond theme that never was.
Pure class!
Nicolas Josephs
Nicolas Josephs:
My god was she an absolutely amazing talent, it’s fucking criminal that we lost her so young, it says so much about our society that our greatest artists can’t bear to exist past 27
Years of age
riley rourke
riley rourke:
this song reduces me to tears everytime. what an incredible poet she was
Lizbeth Figueroa
Lizbeth Figueroa:
I hate Blake, but if she had never met him, she would never have written this song.
Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Zion:
She was strapped in the wrong time zone damn she so wasn't for this time . They can't appreciate this how it should be
I understand her unhealing cracked 💓. She’s now getting all the LOVE she deserved HERE!!!!
Steve House
Steve House:
I was 70 years old last week, this song still brings tears to my eyes, such a shame she died so young, so much more to come from this beautiful talented lady.
Anastasia Konrad
Anastasia Konrad:
Who listen too this song in July 2020?
Abubak Chang真主至偉大
Abubak Chang真主至偉大:
She was a great singer in history ever...
This and "Tears dry on their own" Were my favourite songs.
True said, love is a losing game
Clear Blue Water
Clear Blue Water:
The biggest loss of music's history..
j Mendez
j Mendez:
If you're still listening to this song, then your most legendary taste in music is most luminous!!!! Happy anniversary Amy (back to black)
Frank De Munter
Frank De Munter:
With this song, she touched me like no other singer ever did
Algum Brasileiro em pleno 2019 escutando amy?
Luai 1 Boss لؤي world king
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Thunder Lips
Thunder Lips:
Amy was only 23 when she wrote this. For such a young person to write such profound lyrics just shows what an old soul she was. Rest in peace Amy, never forgotten.
Aforizma Merkezi
Aforizma Merkezi:
Shes was supposed to be, ain’t no more and less, She was extraordinary voice
Robbie Boyd
Robbie Boyd:
The music is beautiful, the voice is magic, the person was a gift.
Chetan Singh
Chetan Singh:
The world is a scary place. We don't deserve her. Remember how the media traumatized her never gave her space and always haunted her like dogs. You are in a better place Amy.
Miguel Gomes
Miguel Gomes:
in 2020 and still thinking this is one of the best songs off all time, the way how she sing is bliss
The lovely Fox
The lovely Fox:
listen in 2010
listen in 2011
listen in 2012
listen in 2013
listen in 2014
listen in 2015
listen in 2016
listen in 2017
listen in 2018
listen in 2019
listen in the future
The Best
The Best:
“Though you’re a gambling man, Love is a losing hand” that always hits home.🙌😩
will never be over her death , makes me so sad. such a beautiful soul :(
Silver Sau
Silver Sau:
There was nobody like, or will not be nobody like Amy H. Her unique voice, style, and artistry.
maia x
maia x:
Hands down my favourite Amy song: and i'm a huge fan. so raw, powerful and timeless. She pours her broken little heart into every word which is something I haven't seen from the modern singers now who put up an "i don't need anybody" front. That was not Amy. She allowed herself to be fragile and vulnerable to the world which shows so much more strength than hiding behind a visage. So sad that that was taken advantage of by some people. She was let down by people who could have saved her...
Dream JA
Dream JA:
Autotune: Hey Amy you need Autotune?

Amy:I'm autotune
jag singh
jag singh:
Just doesn't seem fair she was taken so early still had so much left in her to give
Joshua Fryer
Joshua Fryer:
She had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard
Junko Z
Junko Z:
She was so talented...
Jaliyah Martin
Jaliyah Martin:
My mom told me when i was a baby (5-7 months) if i was being fussy, she would put this song on and i would stop whining/crying.
Kelvin Douglas
Kelvin Douglas:
Amy eu te amoooooo, obrigado por participar da minha vida ❤️
Antonio Napoli
Antonio Napoli:
Grande Amy sempre nostri cuori 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤
Lalrinzuala Hmar
Lalrinzuala Hmar:
She had one love, just one. But that love took her to the wrong direction. A direction which lead to her death. Correct me if i'm wrong
Was great than, even better now, 2020 is very close
Still to this day find her so hard to listen to, just cry every time. Beautiful singer gone far too soon.
What a legend, i wish she was still around to write beautiful lyrics like this and back to black is my favourite.
Even though I am an elderly, happily married woman (38 years) this song touches my heart. I wish Amy could have seen herself as we all saw her: talented, beautiful, funny and fierce. Rest in Peace, Amy. We will never forget you.
Jasmin Felicity
Jasmin Felicity:
I love you, Amy! And I truly miss you 🥺 April 2020 anyone?
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar:
"Is a..." denmiyor, "Is her" deniyor.
Giovanni Grassotti
Giovanni Grassotti:
This reminds me of
Arcade_Duncan Laurance
Mel Ferreira
Mel Ferreira:
Bonita a música, ela está emocionada. 🎶❤️
Miyuki Hernandez
Miyuki Hernandez:
listening to this makes me feel somehow older and even sadder but idc
фёдор хан чарь
фёдор хан чарь:
отчаяние,не бросайте все зря ..
одна ошибка может быть много прав ,,,
T B:
She was such a talent, the more you listen to her music the deeper it gets.
carmen antonia
carmen antonia:
Paul Manning
Paul Manning:
Every now and then a voice comes along that makes your heart beat faster as you listen, in fact you are forced to sit up and listen, and then you marvel, how can a voice sound that great, that soulful? And you know that the remarkable feeling Amy instils in you is just going to be with you until you die. This is the magical power that Amy had over us, we that loved her and that sweet husky, ethereal, special voice. I will never cease to wonder at how she used to make me feel, how she touched me deeply, and how I lost something in my life when she passed away. I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way. Such a loss, such a special and rare thing was Amy Winehouse.
Fabiola Ramirez
Fabiola Ramirez:
Love is a losing game, this song makes me cry, Amy FOREVER
Anja Glaser
Anja Glaser:
What a queen. Miss you Amy.
We Never realized but she was always telling a story with all her songs we all miss you Amy your in a better place now.😇❤️
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur:
My favourite Amy track and my life right now
Mar doce
Mar doce:
Ela era linda por dentro apesar da aparência fragilizada, uma pessoa especial que sentia com o coração, era simpática e humilde com todos que só queria ser amada. Esteja na luz mais linda Amy. Love you!
lorne carter
lorne carter:
This definitely should be the next Bond song it's so obvious.
Amy gone too soon. What a talent she was. This song makes me cry....
Fernanda Gesuele
Fernanda Gesuele:
Essa música é realmente muito tocante, vendo as cenas deste vídeo, é admirável que tenham permitido algumas cenas com Blake, pois, mesmo ele não sendo algo positivo em sua vida, fez parte de sua história, de sua vida e infelizmente de sua morte... E como ela mesma diz na música, o amor é um jogo perdido 😢🖤🌹🎼
Mark of CAIN
Mark of CAIN:
I can't wrap myself around losing such a breathtakingly astounding talent so young.
Diane Edwards
Diane Edwards:
Wish she was here now, one of our finest, don't know all the facts about her personal life, just knew she was fantastic ♥️✨
Ja9 -Queenie
Ja9 -Queenie:
When your a gambling is a losing game..
There will never be one with her rawness!!!
Lua Fuchs
Lua Fuchs:
Minha Amy 🥀💔
Emily J. Salter
Emily J. Salter:
Such a good song. No one has a voice like Amy did.
the good side
the good side:
Who is here in 2019?
Phil Preston
Phil Preston:
I love music, period! i've listened to thousands and thousands of songs, over the years. This song absolutely, without doubt, would be in my top 5 There are good song writers, and few become legends - Amy was the latter.
Claude Dietrich
Claude Dietrich:
her song a rare gem, her rendition stunningly true and beautiful
I WILL NEVER GET OVER HER DEATH! So appreciative that I was alive while she graced the world with her gift. Also, thank you Latasha Lee for your playlist .....this is by far is one of the greatest playlist I've heard 🤎
Jennifer Bedat
Jennifer Bedat:
When a song that is art hurts the right way
Lena (SentimentalMe69)
Lena (SentimentalMe69):
I hope you found love finally where you are now ~ R.I.P. Amy!
35 years later, i will still dance with this song in my bedroom, alone...
Niro Fidgett
Niro Fidgett:
Voice never leave , just Amy left us ❤️
Sherri Lasseter
Sherri Lasseter:
I love the song because it's so true..I've given up on LOVE...BABY...
Jacqueline cofré
Jacqueline cofré:
Maravillosa Amy..tú voz vá a trascender en el tiempo..🎵🎵🎵🎵💕💕💕💕
Bruce Owens
Bruce Owens:
Her voice, her phrasing, was as good as any of the greatest female vocalists of all time, not to mention that she was such a profound lyricist. Such a loss.
Am I the only one who thinks that this would have been a perfect Connery-era Bond theme?
Bill McG
Bill McG:
It breaks my heart 💔 EVERY time I hear this song by Amy. Yet, I can't stop playing it over & over. Amy was such a Gift! I miss her desperately...