An Opinion on the Gina Carano Twitter Saga

Gina Carano is in trouble again... so let's breakdown what happened

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The Fan Without a Face
The Fan Without a Face:
Twitter: You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
Evan Willhoff
Evan Willhoff:
Hopefully Alan’s wife gets him a new v-neck t-shirt for Valentine’s Day
Whats this? A well thought out, even-handed, non-partisan, and reasonable response to a controversy? In 2021? Much respect and YouTube algorithms to you sir.
Jake Barrett
Jake Barrett:
The picture Pedro Pascal used isn't actually children from the boarder, those were Palistinian children waiting for food from an article in the la times back in 2010.
James Wilhite
James Wilhite:
"When you point a finger, three more point at you" -Palpatine
Hector Silva Díaz
Hector Silva Díaz:
“I do not agree with what he says, but I will defend with my life his right to say it”- this video and Voltaire...probably
Jim Klaasen
Jim Klaasen:
You had me at “Asian unhappy face”
Your dry humour sometimes hits me out of nowhere, thank you.
Chace Graham
Chace Graham:
This didn't go the route I expected it to. It was very logical and level-headed. I'm impressed. You just moved higher on my favorite YouTubers list.
Chance Griffin
Chance Griffin:
Pedro's pic is of kids in the middle east not at the southern border.
Mental Mandalorian
Mental Mandalorian:
February 14th, Allen wakes up, turns to wife
"I don't like sand"
*gets laid*
A French Goose
A French Goose:
"We're on a planet that only has two sentient species"

Yeah, wait what?
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta:
So articulately stated. We appreciate the common sense approach. 👍
301 disney execs saw this video.
This was a great video. Well said, Allen.
Joshua Champion
Joshua Champion:
"Humanity first". Sounds like identity politics to me.
Disney fires her for her Twitter, yet the mouse filmed Mulan in the providence that has a Chinese concentration camp. THEN THEY THANKED THEM! Like, I lean towards the left politically but what she said was not a fireable offense
Nick Garfinkel
Nick Garfinkel:
Funny that Disney is firing Carano for “antisemitic” comments, when Walt Disney, their founder and namesake, is one of the most outspoken antisemites of the last century.
dane williams
dane williams:
Allen is definitely of above average intelligence and super self aware ajd down to earth which is in itself a rarity nowadays. My fave youtbe channel by far
respectfully, the tweet was just the straw that broke the camels back of a long series of tweets that exposed her as morally questionable . If Carano just got quiet after Jan 6 and let the smoke settle, she probably would have been fine,;instead she tried to taunt/intimidate twitter critics with statements that vaguely alluded to disney ip. that shes associated with, attached herself with parler when it was coming out that the alt right, proud/boogalo boys, oath keeper, 3%ers, etc. were congregating there after being kicked off twitter/fb/reddit. And yes, comparing people criticizing your beliefs to nazis and how they treated their victims is very fucking abhorrent and serves to minimize the atrocity and .

Really, like Roseanne, she forgot one of the unspoken rules of Hollywood/entertainment industry: YOU DON'T FUCK WITH THE MOUSE'S IMAGE. She made herself too unpalatable to Disney, now shes signed on to work with Ben Shapiro, so I expect some islamaphobic projects in her future, maybe she can get in on Snyder's atlas shrugged passion project.
Caedus Decivus
Caedus Decivus:
I appreciate your take on this. Much more reasonable than I've seen with some others. I strongly disagree with Carano's political views, but her views are hers. People should NOT keep comparing our current situation to the holocaust, but I also despise this idiotic "Cancel" culture that thousands of self righteous, narrow minded people are getting into.
good citizen
good citizen:
Taking just what she tweeted, I would say I read it as a lesson (a very important one) we should be taking from history. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It is easy to pull it to pieces every which way, but the spirit is there.
people,.... stop twitter its a toxic place and nobody will ever get anything good from it, literally a toxic place
Imagine going over every clone trooper every created, not just the one's we see on screen I mean like CT-1 to CT-1000000000
Matan Baruch
Matan Baruch:
Dude said he's of average intelligence. Clearly he's a genius and a legend, cause this video was amazing.
I appreciate your take Allen. If you’re going to do it, do it to everyone. Keep it fair and don’t silence one side. I can really respect people like you who can at least listen to both sides
I really don't think what Carano posted was wrong or incorrect. At the expense of yet another comparison of the Jew's plight in europe in the 20th century (Which I agree has been over used at times), she illustrates the strategy of the government and more so the ruling class and it's media to cause division and increase tensions between groups of citizens to eventually enact policy and practice that would appear just and favorable to the majority group, essentially using them as useful idiots to find the means to a nefarious end. If that isn't a pretty close allegory to what's going on nowadays, then I don't know what is.

The unfortunate reason people always bring up the Holocaust and the events that lead to it, is because it one of the best example's of tyrannical government/ruling class manipulation.

Sorry to get political, I'll got back to discussing Legos now.
Well.... You are the first YouTube channel I can agree with whole heartedly. Good work.
Darth revan
Darth revan:
Hi there - We were on the verge of greatness we were this close
Disney and Lucasfilm are just gonna say this while also going "Yeah man, Watto from Phantom Menace is cool! Walt Disney would've been ashamed by this!"
Riqan Saliba
Riqan Saliba:
Uh Disney congratulate China for using a province for the mulan which they have Muslim concentration camps... so why shouldn’t Gina warn us with that tweet
"Usually in the middle, kind of"
Proceeds to sell "Humanity First" t-shirts.
Disney: fires Gina Carano for being "offensive"
Also Disney: Thanks concentration camp officials
Tbf to disney
with the track record of their child stars
I don't expect they find anything wrong with the woodchipper post lol
This was a very reasonable, even-handed video. Really appreciate it, man. I subbed to you guys when you only had like 100k subs, and I'm so glad that the channel is growing, :) Keep up the good work!
Spectre Manz
Spectre Manz:
Pretty contradictory on Disney’s part since they filmed Mulan in a region where there are actual concentration camps and openly thanked the CCP for the privilege.
Galactic BSwift Empire
Galactic BSwift Empire:
Finally, someone speaking some sense! Thank you Allen!
black c
black c:
Good on ya for "lliaming" yourself man. (New hashtag?) I get it. As a child of the 80s i think a whole lot of us said crap we look back darkly on. The vernacular of the time didnt help. Plus i was raised in the deep south by some really racist people. The irony in my case being im mixed race. I didnt see the contradiction till i got some distance and learned more about my parents. But growing up, i said and thought a lot of heinous crap, just cause that was my environment.
It wasnt till the afore mentioned distance , and i actually started hanging out w the people i was supposed to hate that the shift occured for me. Looking back it was inevitable, i just wish it had happened before i hit high school.
Stephen Kinzeler
Stephen Kinzeler:
I watch Star Wars theory a lot but I didn’t know he had a rough childhood.
Toc Rat
Toc Rat:
@Generation Tech, I've got no issue with anything you said. I feel much the same; if you're going to hold one person "accountable" for their comments, then you have to hold all of your people to the same standard. Selective enforcing of standards, especially when they seem capricious, is never good for morale.
Jack Bennett
Jack Bennett:
Are you going to finish the history of the clone wars series? Now that season 7 is done, I would love to see it.
I think Disney aired on the side of caution, They can see where the crazy train is going and think it's only a matter of time before she puts them in a bad position. They didn't fire her, they just said they won't work with her anymore. Now let's talk about this ridiculous conservative expectation that they should not be held accountable by their employers or the general public for their opinions. You have the right to say whatever you want but there are and have always been consequences for doing so. If disney doesn't want to associate with your right leaning rhetoric but associates with left leaning rhetoric that is their right because the last time i checked corporations are people.
Yeah me and my best friend bond over just about everything, especially in video games and we most times have the same or similar views. But politically we're DRASTICALLY different (tho I won't say how). But we don't argue. We say our points, and move along. Sometimes changing the others mind. Sometimes not. It's a good balance.
J M:
“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.”
-George Orwell
Caleb Howard
Caleb Howard:
Preach Allen! Thank you for supporting Gina! Great points as well about keeping free speech and denouncing Cancel Culture. Thank you for the great content you make!
Jacob Bayer
Jacob Bayer:
As Voltaire said “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will surely die for you to the the right to say it.”
jacob berg
jacob berg:
Thank you so much for really being fair about the whole situation, and I wish more people had the objectivity to view issues as you do!
Khazid' hea
Khazid' hea:
Jemele Hill - ESPN - Disney
How easy it is to forget when it's so far from home
Chris M
Chris M:
This is the best take I've seen of this situation thank you.
Nate Berry
Nate Berry:
Thank you for helping me clear this up. I've been hearing snippets about this fiasco for the past couple months and didn't quite know what started it all. I wasn't expecting you to take the stance of being "In the middle" like you did, and honestly, it was a breath of fresh air. I wish you all the best Allen.
Draw 5 Studios
Draw 5 Studios:
"I'm of average intelligence"
Don't sell yourself short mate, what you just said was completely coherent and absolutely correct.
This is a great video! I don't agree with everything said (despite my name I'm not communist). I'm very glad that there's a good middle ground.
Caleb Lott
Caleb Lott:
8:05 Honestly, that seems like a pretty reasonable tweet. It would leave no room for conspiracy theories. I mean, how are people going to deny election results with those standards. Are they going to say the film was doctored too?
Ave Imperator
Ave Imperator:
Dude, thank you for actually supporting the 1st Amendment. It's really not complicated.
Andres Evan Zavaleta
Andres Evan Zavaleta:
Thank you for this video man, it was definitely needed.
8 Bit Kid
8 Bit Kid:
Shame this happened. Cara Dune is one of the best characters.
Feeding the algorithm for this video!! I enjoyed it and it was well thought out! :)
Bobby Burton
Bobby Burton:
Hey Allen, thanks for your level headedness on this and for being a reasonable fair play voice for us Star Wars fans
T Gosselin
T Gosselin:
The picture from Pedro was not even taken in America it was kids in a different country... in addition, he has made much much worse tweets.
Trav thered
Trav thered:
I love this video, eloquently put my friend.
Damn you really impress me with your professional demeanor.
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez:
This was honestly really wholesome. You actually did a great job avoiding the super divisive rhetoric.

That’s really saying something in today’s toxic atmosphere. Props to you good sir!
@4:32 Thank you, someone who understands the danger.
J Baker
J Baker:
Well-said, Alan! Always had a lot of love and respect for the channel, and this video has only strengthened that. Thank you for maintaining a sense of reason in unreasonable times.
Crew Duba
Crew Duba:
Been subbed for years! Much love to Alan and the gt crew!
The Trash Mammal
The Trash Mammal:
Disney: this woman was fired for denigrating a group of people.
Also Disney: Haha wood chipper go *BRRRT*
Green&Blue Productions
Green&Blue Productions:
Thanks for this I was wondering what happened... and thanks for being so level headed! It's so rare to find on the internet.
You're one of the most mature people I have ever seen on YouTube. Thank you for articulate and compassionate commentary!
Brandon Madigan
Brandon Madigan:
Damn son, that was pretty close to perfect. I wish we could all discuss such matters as rationally. As was famously said... Speak softly and carry a big stick. Let people say what they want. But if they try to force you to do what they want with violence... Then ...well you have your stick.
Cameron Michael
Cameron Michael:
Thank you so much for posting this video, it is truly refreshing to hear a reasonable voice such as yours in the hopelessly divided world we find ourselves living in these days.
Samuel How
Samuel How:
Huge amount of respect for you after making this video. Amazing to see someone find some middle ground, respect both sides, and consider things from a rational perspective
Jacob Huff
Jacob Huff:
Appreciate your view. Didn't know about some of the other tweets but still the fact she was dropped from Disney and Actor Union to be distasteful. Wish people would stop referencing to the Nazi without understanding the context of how and why they came to power or the period between WW1 and WW2. We may disagree in some ways but I appreciate your honesty and impartiality.
Andrew Gfroerer
Andrew Gfroerer:
I'm so glad you made this video! Enjoyed as always!
Neil Bodwell
Neil Bodwell:
Here's the thing though she was pointing out that it's a pretty slippery slope to get to the level where people are getting beaten in the streets and rounded up, and then they kinda proved her point. Solid video. Like it starts with losing a job, and yeah you hit the nail on the head, why aren't some other people getting cancelled and fired and ostracized for the stuff they said?
Mark Harger
Mark Harger:
Keep calm. Hate dolphins. We’ll get through this.
W. Colby Smith
W. Colby Smith:
Seriously, thank you for saying what you did. We've become so "us vs them" in society. You made many good points about double standards and the lack of allowing people to express their opinions if they not not exactly what you think. It's those differences that keeps society changing (usually for the better)
Dante Rossini
Dante Rossini:
That's the first time I've ever been referred to as "Reasonable rational and compassionate".
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging me to think about my past and to (hopefully) try to do better in the future. Best
Mike Post
Mike Post:
The most rational discourse on this subject I’ve heard to date. Thanks for being a decent human being Alan.
Von Splatterblast
Von Splatterblast:
"Free thinking is only allowed if you think the same way as us" - disney
And now I’m subscribed.
This was the cherry on top for subscribing to your channel
Matthew Brand
Matthew Brand:
This might be my first time leaving a comment, but I wanted to say My respect for this channel has gone up, because the amount of effort they put into staying neutral on everything is impressive, keep being awesome, and thanks for all the great Star Wars content
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown:
Love this channel, well said!
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson:
Best way to say everything that needs to be said!
Ian Mansfield
Ian Mansfield:
Takes a lot of guts to throw this out there amigo. You have my unyielding respect for it. I really hope no one tries to trash you for anything
Matt Belloch
Matt Belloch:
WE need more people with the kind of thought process you have, SHARED
You’ve earned a lot of respect from me for this.
Joel Berkey-lewis
Joel Berkey-lewis:
Thanks, Alan. I dig your channel can't wait for you season four of clone wars. Great recapping so far
adam west
adam west:
Thank you for another, much need, dose of sanity. This channel always offers me an escape from reality, while giving a focus on HUMANITY. Another job well done Generation Tech team.
PNR Comp Guy
PNR Comp Guy:
Sick of the double standard and hypocrisy Disney has shown repeatedly, they pick and chose who can comment and what they can do and say
leman Russ
leman Russ:
You do know that the election stuff seems to be true the times magazine wrote an article saying yes rich people paid to change the rules and keep some stuff off from the news.
I saw that she was fired but this helps me out in a big way thanks for letting us all know what was going on
Lazarus Blunt
Lazarus Blunt:
Thanks for posting this bruv, this is a very sensible and open minded approach to the situation. And I totally agree with you!!
koobmoon 745
koobmoon 745:
Tbh i was expecting a totally different reaction ...happy to support the channel 🇺🇸👍
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng:
The Twitter mob.. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera:
Thank you for this video! I actually agree with you ...
Roger Sharp
Roger Sharp:
Thank you for providing news and staying neutral. Absolutely perfect youtube channel. Love you, man
Matt Sigl
Matt Sigl:
Man I just gotta say I love the message and positivity in this vid great job man
Doug Butcher
Doug Butcher:
Hey bro, I like you even more after this
Lucas Schilling
Lucas Schilling:
Disney: you can’t say something offensive
Also Disney: getting on their knees to suck the CCP for Chinese markets
The Heartless Knight
The Heartless Knight:
Variety magazine's initial headline read, "... Mandalorian star Gina Carano shared controversial posts on Instagram, leading fans to call on Disney Plus to fire her."
First, let's talk about the use of the term "fans". In this case as with many, many, many cases usually involving the word "outrage(d)" fans obviously means Darksiders or outragers, cancel culture, click-bait trolls, whatever you'd like to call them, who are allowed to believe their opinions reflect those of *an entire worldwide fan base which has existed for longer than most of them have been alive* and this "wordage tactic" is often employed by dubious content creators to convince the less discerning fans that "They love Star Wars as much as you do" right before spewing nothing but BB rumors, opinion-based gossip and generally negative personal views. This, of course, is after using words like "exclusive" or "official" in their thumbnail views when they have no ties to Disney or Lucas Film whatsoever. Which brings me to...
Second. Pronouns such as "some" or "certain" or "entitled, milky-snowflake" etc. You get the idea as these types of "fans" don't speak for me and are in no way authorized to or any other fan for that matter except themselves!
Gina's "holocaust" reference was CLEARLY referring to the ridiculous viewpoints currently adopted by certain members of both the democratic and republican parties and the fact that, beyond THAT, we're literally all neighbors and fellow countrymen who have taken dangerous, sometimes deadly actions against one and other based mostly on a dubious individual claiming to be one of them but spewing nothing but rumors, opinion-based gossip and generally negative personal views. See how I came full circle there? In which case, her comparison is horrifyingly accurate. So, speaking only for myself as a Star Wars fan, I've decided to UN-cancel Gina and authorize her to return to work immediately..
Sorry this was so long. May the Force be with you
erik nelson
erik nelson:
I like how you failed to mention that the whole beep boop bop “controversy was tin response to the mob bullying Gina into putting pronouns in her bio. Also you also failed to mention that Disney fired her over social media