Ana de Armas Hitchhiked to School | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Ana de Armas talks about getting kicked out of acting school, her role in No Time to Die and working with Daniel Craig on Bond and Knives Out back-to-back.

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Ana de Armas Hitchhiked to School | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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100+ comentarios:

She didn't speak English at all until she was 25 and now she's fluent, that is very impressive.
Audio Arcturia
Audio Arcturia:
She was in the movie for maybe 10 minutes and she stole the whole fucking thing - i love that. I hope she has an opportunity to come back in a future bond film or something akin to that. She kicks ass.
Eric Adrien
Eric Adrien:
everything about this woman just makes my heart beat faster, she's gorgeous, good personality, and I love her accent. she was great in no time to die
I don't believe a more attractive woman currently exists on Earth.
Amer Gigolo1
Amer Gigolo1:
She was great in the Bond movie. Deserved a bigger part.
Vasantha Caldera
Vasantha Caldera:
She definitely should deserve more screen time
She was flawless
Gary Jones
Gary Jones:
One of the better "Bond girls". I wished she was in the movie a lot more.
Rene Chang
Rene Chang:
I love the good vibes energy she exudes. It's so infectious.Go Ana.
Helen Williams
Helen Williams:
Maybe Ana could have a spin off movie with her character Paloma, i honestly think she would carry a movie really easily. She first came to my attention in knock knock with Keanu Reeves, I have loved her ever since.
No one is mentioning her as Joi in BladeRunner 2049, she was great in that part.
Johnny Everman
Johnny Everman:
Literally perfection. As an artist, as a person, and she deserves everything that is happening with her. Between Bladerunner 2049, Knives Out, and now Bond, she’s not stopping.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
She could definitely do a spin off. She absolutely stole the show in her 10 minutes on screen.
Santiago Santiago
Santiago Santiago:
This girl was also in Spain before going to Hollywood. She really did well here and people of Spain love her so much. Congratulations Ana 😍😋
Kiwi Kim
Kiwi Kim:
Years ago I watched her in El Internado, a 7 year series in Spain. I’ve since seen the group of teens from the show in other Spanish shows as they grew into adults. I just realized this is the lady who played Carolina as a teen. She’s the only one of that group who went to Hollywood. Her English is excellent. I loved knives out and didn’t realize it was her. Good acting!
She deserved more screen time. She was so good in the movie.
She really stole the show, and with only 1 real set piece scene. Hope to see her do bigger films like this
Eduardo Araújo Teixeira
Eduardo Araújo Teixeira:
Beleza, talento, carisma. Ela tem absolutamente TUDO.
restless commentator
restless commentator:
I wish her character in No Time To Die had more screen time. She balanced Daniel's Bond character perfectly.
Fussfree Bubble
Fussfree Bubble:
She could be a female Bond... She'll nail it!
Paul Badoo
Paul Badoo:
In Knives out she's great. She carries the movie along with Craig, and she's sharing the screen with icons like Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson.
Vania Viola
Vania Viola:
I wanted to see more of her in the movie, a little bit disappointed that she only had a small role. She was amazing !
Gilca Ballard
Gilca Ballard:
It’s good to see a natural star like her, every one in while.
She had more personality in this movie then the main characters.
ahsan khan
ahsan khan:
She should get invited to more of these shows!!
she was amazing in bond movie. hope we see more of her in action movies.
Love her quirky effervescent but slightly nervous character in the bond movie, she kicks ass and looks gorgeous with it = stole the show for me, hope they give her a big part in the next bond movie!
When you've seen her in the spanish show "El Internado la laguna negra" and you see her grow into an amazing actress ever since..... amazing!!!!
Her reaction in the movie when she understands Bonds is getting it wrong and trying to kiss her is pure acting magic.
Her small part in Bond was honestly one of the highlights.
Dianilda Santiago
Dianilda Santiago:
She was really great. I had seen her in another movies ; she is a great actress 👏👏
Alp Özer
Alp Özer:
Her eyes and humour are enough to love her.
Molly Crisostomo
Molly Crisostomo:
I loved her acting in Sergio. Quite moving. Gorgeous with no fuss and great versatile actress indeed.
KDP Mighty
KDP Mighty:
I remember watching the TV show called El Internado Spanish TV show and saw her young back then I thought she is so beautiful. Later on I feel I'm following her whole career and it's really amazing what she has done. It's inspiring for everyone that everything is possible.
Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong:
Ana has great personality, and learning her story makes me appreciate this lady more. Would be glad to see her flourish in a bigger stage like Hollywood one day
Rafiee Artist
Rafiee Artist:
She deserved more screen time. She was so good in the movie.
Que ela continue voando com sua carreira incrível! Aliás, um dos primeiros dias em que ela esteve foi Bata Antes de Entrar, com Keanu Reeves. Ele está lá no meu app!
Le A
Le A:
When it comes to the business, it isn’t about the school you went to. They want to see what hands on experience you have. Then you use your connections to help you. She made the right choice.
george belgrade
george belgrade:
She's sweet looking here, really likeable. In the Bond movie she looks like a diva; make-up and editing sure can transform a personality.
Wanda Cole
Wanda Cole:
My mom met her when they were returning from Spain in 2013. She wasn’t famous then. While waiting for their bags, they had a little chat and she told my mom that she was an actress and was trying to look for a job. Mom said she seemed so sweet and had a beautiful smile. She was surprised when we watched Knives Out and saw her. 😊
Boris of Johnson
Boris of Johnson:
I can see two huge reasons why she is doing great in Hollywood …
Nithin Vijayakumar
Nithin Vijayakumar:
fallon doing a lot of work keeping his eyes straight, god knows i cant
Jeffery Brown
Jeffery Brown:
The thing about celebrity actors is that people refer to them as having "it".

I've seen a lot of actors and ladies in movies over the years and there are very few that spring to mind as being as "captivating" as Ana de Armas. When she's on, you find yourself not being able to look away. She just draws you into whatever she's doing. Yes...she's beautiful. But it's her charm that is the thing that draws you in....

If you've seen No Time To Die, you know full well that ANY young actress could probably have done the role....what makes HER so iconic here is the bubbly joie de vivre she exudes in the role. It's infectious.

I loved the movie. It was a fitting sendoff for Daniel Craig and an iconic Bond film.

She was easily the sweet they threw in to balance the tart...
don't show off but be humble:)
don't show off but be humble:):
To be genuinely she's one of the best fighter actors of all time:)
PLEASE bring Ana back for more Bond films!
Perro Oceaniko
Perro Oceaniko:
her small part on the movie, was probably one of the best .... enjoyed a lot those minutes.
Tom Leng
Tom Leng:
She is literally imo the most beautiful actress in the world hands down
She was awesome in that role!
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
Nipulkrad Msinatagras:
*She definitely deserved everything she's getting today.*
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
If only Ana de Armas had had more screen time! Much more!!! She was really good!
Jorge felix Mesa
Jorge felix Mesa:
Love to see Ana de Armas. So proud of her.
Milena Hdez
Milena Hdez:
It's always so funny to me how people look at us Cubans when we say we hitchhiked everywhere. It's the most normal thing for us, that was my main form of transportation all my life, specially in college. Honestly I still miss the ability to go out with 0 money and go anywhere I wanted.
Amir Eghbal
Amir Eghbal:
I have never seen someone so beautiful inside and out in my life. All that beauty and at the same time open and humble and egoless.
Austin T
Austin T:
Her part in No Time to Die was amazing. She absolutely crushed the role of "a new assassin" and she is drop dead gorgeous.
Love her portrayal of Marilyn!! Thank you for doing it so well :)
Princess Sakuno
Princess Sakuno:
She's so beautiful 😍 and an amazing actress, I need to see her in the Bond movie for sure ❤️
The Wanderer
The Wanderer:
She was great in that one cut out scene in the Movie Yesterday in which she and Himesh Patel were guests on the James Corden talk show in which Corden asked Himesh to sing "something", and he did. She reactions to Himesh singing that song was priceless.
Jordi Hu
Jordi Hu:
Just to be honest - she was like 90% of the reason why I watched that movie, even though I knew her scene was just few minutes. And, the other 10% was Daniel's sweater.
erassa kigawa
erassa kigawa:
Such a humble soul and very unassuming. I wish her all the best in her career!
loved her in blade runner, been a fan ever since, she is one impressive specimen of woman
Jose Silva
Jose Silva:
The fact she was almost the new Catwoman. She would have been great in that role.
alfi rojas Cornelius
alfi rojas Cornelius:
She’s so awesome. I love her ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇨🇺
MrZimma Frame
MrZimma Frame:
The scene with her and Bond was just awesome, the rest of the movie mmm not so much.
We Cubans do hitchhiking to school, to work, to hospital, to the beach, to a party, everywhere and everyone. 😂
It is not dangerous although at night is not very common to do this.
Ana has the typical personality of a Cuban person, talkative, easy smile, willing to listen, good hearted🙌🏽
Pete Burciaga
Pete Burciaga:
She has that "Star" power in everything she does. Only about 10 mins of screen time in Bond and stole the show.
She was absolutely amazing in knives out. I have not seen bond yet
Roger Halt
Roger Halt:
Should have hitch hiked in the Bond movie to be around more. Her character had a lot of potential!
Creatif Mindz
Creatif Mindz:
She is just.....pure eye candy.
Her part in No Time To Die was way too small! I wish they gave her character more screen time like for the whole movie lol
Rodolfo Nuñezdelarvo
Rodolfo Nuñezdelarvo:
Eres la mujer de mis sueños,te vi en una película "blade runner"y me quedé impactado,quien será el suertudo q está contigo
Alexandel Howl
Alexandel Howl:
Hope to see more of Paloma Character in Bond , Ana was my favorite thing of the movie.
A very talented beautiful woman and you can see she has a playful sense of humor
El Hopper
El Hopper:
She was so incredible in Knives Out and now she’s in this fantastic film as well. Wish we had gotten more screen time but hopefully she’ll be back for another one
Vando's Digital World
Vando's Digital World:
gorgeous, classy and talented Ana is the whole package
Wyatt Shears
Wyatt Shears:
It’s amazing how much success she’s gained and how well she’s improved in her english now Ana will be staring in the new Marilyn Monroe Biopic!
She​ will​ win​ Oscar​ Award​ for​ once​ time.
Espectacular Ana!
Tysolo Blaec
Tysolo Blaec:
After seeing No Time to Die, I want Ms Armad’s character to have a spin off, she was flawless in the role.
Cel Tic
Cel Tic:
*you've got to be drop-dead gorgeous to have a name like Ana de Armas*
Josiel Gonzalez
Josiel Gonzalez:
The first time I saw her was in Mentiras y Gordas a Spanish film and her character was awesome and out of this world. After the Spanish series El Internado she did a great job and I love her character so much and since then I seen her in American movies and I’m so proud of her. Keep it up and we love you
Julius Emperor
Julius Emperor:
Super talented, i bet all the divas in Hollywood are paying close attention
We need this impressive story in our community. Thank you for this inspiring video. Greeting from Lombok Indonesia
sojiro B
sojiro B:
I loved her in Knives out, but tbh, this woman is shockingly beautiful with an incredible personality!
Mariana Amador
Mariana Amador:
Me encanta Ana no solo por ser una cooterranea, desde que la vi en el serie Internado en España sabría q tendría gran futuro si decidía ir a hollywood
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig:
Definitely noticed that hitchhiking was super common when I visited Cuba. The buses are always breaking down, they can't find replacement parts, and so they're always over capacity.
Adrian Martres
Adrian Martres:
He leído todos los comentarios y no creo que se pueda agregar nada más. Su personaje es perfecto y ella es adorable. Querida Barbara Broccoli, Paloma debe volver.
Michl Angelo
Michl Angelo:
Ana was already amazing in Blade Runner. Is it just me or does it ALWAYS seem like Jimmy is going trough a mental checklist.. almost all his interviews seem forced like hell..
Rob Schneider is the Carrot
Rob Schneider is the Carrot:
She's so charismatic, talented, funny and beautiful. Wish she had a bigger part.
Ty Miller
Ty Miller:
My biggest problem with the new Bond flick, there is enough Ana De Armas in it
Vanesa Rodriguez
Vanesa Rodriguez:
I saw her for the first time in the movie "the night clerk" and it was love at first sight 😍 she is so talentend and so pretty 💖
Adam James
Adam James:
Ana de Armas would make an incredible 'Xena the Warrior Princess' if they made a movie or if they remade the 90's TV Show. She looks like a young Lucy Lawless.
Talented and beautiful. Please come back in the next Bond movie
Paul Chien
Paul Chien:
She really is one of the best parts of the movie & deserves her own spin-off. Glad to have seen her career evolve from Blade Runner 2049 to Knives Out and now this.
How gorgeous is this lady.... And.. By far the best character in the new bond film...
She is amazing in “knock, knock”!
Lee Craig Stewart
Lee Craig Stewart:
Ana de Armas is absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant in both films starring with Daniel Craig - Knives Out and No Time To Die.
Alfonso Arocha
Alfonso Arocha:
OMG! This beautiful woman just glowing her part in Bond's movie. I wanna see more of her.
Lucelena Gomes
Lucelena Gomes:
I really enjoy her in James Bond film, she has so much talent, that I will not be surprised if the new James Bond will be this woman,
Could be very nice!
Marie Curie
Marie Curie:
best part of the Bond movie - Ana is great👍🏻
Terry C
Terry C:
How is jimmy able to keep his eyes straight the whole time. 😂
Tannaz Amiri
Tannaz Amiri:
ana always plays in awsome movies😍❤️👌🏻