Ana de Armas Proves Everything Is Sexier In Spanish

After James asks Ana de Armas about the culture shock of moving from Cuba to Spain at 18, she proves that even complimenting a can of corn sounds sexy in Spanish.

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Stan Khan
Stan Khan:
She’s 31. I thought she was younger than 20.
David C
David C:
It’s not that everything is more attractive in Spanish, it’s just that she’s attractive
She was fantastic in Knives Out. I hope she gets bigger projects from here on.
Ana de Armas: "Mira esta lata de maíz"
James: "Mirataratadamai"

Edit: omg thx for the likes guys i really appreciate it
Untamed Reptiles
Untamed Reptiles:
She said “rice, beans, and chicken”

Every Hispanics ever
Jhon Giles
Jhon Giles:
I’m a Spanish native speaker but I have no clue of the meaning of “que volá seré” 😂
Sankalp Gaonkar
Sankalp Gaonkar:
Why does he interrupt her so much?!! Let her talk
Donie Redwine
Donie Redwine:
anna de armas: Spanish Version
emilia clarke: British Version

Edit: anna de armas: Cuban Version
Lunar Scorpio
Lunar Scorpio:
I love how she slips from “sardines” to “sardinas.”
Glad Man
Glad Man:
more like ''Ana De Armas proves everything is sexier in Ana de Armas''
Arnold Briseño
Arnold Briseño:
Hilaría Baldwin watching this trying to mimic the accent.
yanny yelibeth
yanny yelibeth:
Real ones know her from “el internado”
Ana: Mira esta lata de maíz
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast:
She only wishes she was as Spanish as Hilaria Baldwin.
According to the current status quo, Spanish is only sexy if you look like her, or Sofia Vergara or pretty much any hot woman/man, just like anything else in life.
tired we need sleep.
tired we need sleep.:
When she said "rice, beans, chicken" my Filipino mind worked.
Ana de Armas proves everything is sexier when she's saying it
James cutting her off every second really pisses me off, like let her finish talking? Leaving this comment here so I can come back in 6 years & still hate this sod.
Tell it like it is
Tell it like it is:
She’s gurning , I reckon she’s done a few lines of the devil’s dandruff before doing this show
Nicole Morales
Nicole Morales:
Ana: I like eating rice and beans and chicken.
Me a latina watching this video while eating rice and chicken: 👀
Paul Kreisler
Paul Kreisler:
Michael Fassbender’s hands stayed over his lap for this whole clip.
Mc rojas
Mc rojas:
"Mira esta lata de maíz"
James: "mirantarataim" , it's true! Is hot!. Hahahaha awesome
Man, its stupid how hot she is
Im here from "The Night Clerk", now I know her name. Stunning actress!
Harriet Dooley
Harriet Dooley:
She’s the most beautiful woman in the world
Mark Herring
Mark Herring:
shes soo freaking hot! I LOVED her as Joy in Blade Runner 2049. My exact type.
James Corden is unwatchable. The way he talks, tries too hard, so superficial.
Why was James shouting ...he was literally 30 inches from her.
Rocio Stork
Rocio Stork:
No, everything is sexier when you're Ana de armas
Mora Otero
Mora Otero:
Ana:"mira esta lata de maiz"
James:"mira taratara main"
Vash Stampeed
Vash Stampeed:
Wow, i actually understand. Similar in my language tagalog and cebuano dialect
Ford Quarterman
Ford Quarterman:
Wow, you’d think Cubans having hardly any food is a hilarious joke based on this show...
Ezequiel Gómez
Ezequiel Gómez:
why she remembers me Rooby Keene of Cobra Kai? (Tanner Buchanan)
No I’m Dirty Dan!
No I’m Dirty Dan!:
she’s so damn fine my god
Jonatan Carmi
Jonatan Carmi:
"Mira esta lata de maíz".

"Mira tara tara main".
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta:
She said, Of all the dirtiest things you can hear this is what you want to listen
Corden : yeah yeah yeah yeah
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
She has gorgeous eyes 😍
James shouting like he's asking for directions from someone who doesn't speak Engish
Mireia Dionis
Mireia Dionis:
alguien q la conozca x el internado?!❤👋
_vicolicious_gambino INSTAGRAM
_vicolicious_gambino INSTAGRAM:
When she came out in War Dogs !😍
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
Should've had magneto speak Spanish "Voy a mover esta moneda"
Josh Toth-Thomas
Josh Toth-Thomas:
Is James losing his hearing? Why is he always yelling?
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson:
Why was James shouting ...he was literally 30 inches from her.
Tales Oliveira
Tales Oliveira:
Also the best language to curse:
"Me cago en tus muertos"
This is brilliant...
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera:
Oh look at this can of sweet corn... "Mira esta lata de maíz", and the guy says: "Miras tala tala main"
Mike Faller
Mike Faller:
If I ever spoke to her, I'd likely look and sound like I was taking a seizure.
She just proves everything is sexier when she says em.
Teshw Azad
Teshw Azad:
Am i the only one who thinks about “el internado” the whole way through?
Kat C
Kat C:
I remember watching her in El Internado!! Great to see she’s still doing amazing
Damn she's breathtaking...
David Morgan
David Morgan:
Ana: Yeah I would say-
James: What would you say?
Ana: I would say that:
James: You would say what?
Thee zonn
Thee zonn:
James be like: "ESKEEETIT"
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
Great video,keep it up!"
Jorge Ibarra
Jorge Ibarra:
Her sharing that she was shocked and loved to eat canned food, I think that proves across that she’s actually a humble person who has not forgotten who she is and is not afraid to show who she is either. Amazing person
Annabelle Mansilla
Annabelle Mansilla:
James is so in her face, leaning over so much he's about to fall off his chair
host: so what does it mean??
Ana: [answers]
host: interrupts all the way through her answer ....
Bonnie M
Bonnie M:
"Conservas" in Spain are amazing
Maria Jose Gomariz López
Maria Jose Gomariz López:
Que alto ha llegado la nińa desde el internado, me siento proud mama
Dylan Ole
Dylan Ole:
She's so sweet , I love her personality.
She is so freaking attractive
I'm Cuban and I am always saying "Que bola acére" to people and they don't understand. When she said it I was like...finally..someone gets me.
Ak Wilson
Ak Wilson:
Having James and Ana together reminds me of that deleted scene in Yesterday.
Giddeon Lazarus
Giddeon Lazarus:
Two of the sexiest people on earth being interviewed damn
Mediocre Dude
Mediocre Dude:
Wow, i never thought someone would love to eat can food like me 😂😂
Michael Fassbender is so turned on by watching her speak lol
Erivaldo Jiménez
Erivaldo Jiménez:
Well, she's hot... And when she speak spanish is even hotter.
Matheus Zardo
Matheus Zardo:
"I loved to eat, and since I lived in Cuba until I was 18...."
Lauri Mattiello
Lauri Mattiello:
That's it, I'm setting my Tinder location to Cuba!
Zerajnim Egroj
Zerajnim Egroj:
Swear man having a wife with an accent is the sexiest thing ever
Sanket Garg
Sanket Garg:
The way she says "candies and gummies" just melts your heart❤️
Kimi Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen:
Magneto is doing that same fake laugh he did with the nazis bar scene in inglorious basterds
Leonardo Cucchiara
Leonardo Cucchiara:
Ok ok YouTube. I finally watched the video. Now leave me alone with the recommendation!
Arctic Haze
Arctic Haze:
"You moved to Spain when you were 18, which I can only imagine must have been...". I thought he would continue "yesterday".
intellectual Raccoon
intellectual Raccoon:
"everything Ana Says is sexier"
Shelby W
Shelby W:
She’s such a sweetheart omg ♥️🥺
She looks like a young Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
Jordy Salguero
Jordy Salguero:
Born and raised in Miami, having a Cuban wife, and having visited Cuba, she couldn't have chosen a better Cuban phrase! Que bola acéré! Plus in cuba the restriction of food is shocking so I'm not surprised at her amazement with can food.
Ethan Talbot
Ethan Talbot:
Fell in love with her after watching war dogs 😍
I’m so happy she is real and just not an ia hologram
Derek Buckler
Derek Buckler:
Man those legs, couldnt take my eyes off of them
Frodo H
Frodo H:
Damn my EX looked exactly like her Refereshed my memory...
Heart Less
Heart Less:
Ben Affleck is a lucky guy to find her,
Hope he'll be happy as he was struggling before. ^-^
camila gonzalez
camila gonzalez:
i'm in love with her accent 🥺
Ana of weapons
Luka Muren
Luka Muren:
I feel like this show ruined how funny this man was in the uk times...
Real Deal
Real Deal:
She makes "Yes Daddy" memes viral.
Anthony Loudermill
Anthony Loudermill:
She's simply amazing ! in everyway.
She looks like a young Tiffany Amber Thiessen
Elena Saccon
Elena Saccon:
I'm an Italian native speaker, I have been studying Spanish for over 7 years now and I have to admit it's very sexy
1:09 give your land to corbin or sanders for ten years and you find out the miracle of canned food made by capitalism (saying former eastern block citizen)
Fiorella García
Fiorella García:
I feel that about english hahaha
Shadow Moses
Shadow Moses:
She’s absolutely gorgeous! ❤️
Ok Carol
Ok Carol:
“mira esta lata de maíz” hits different when ana de armas says it
Andrew M. Roy, Jr.
Andrew M. Roy, Jr.:
Is Ana hearing impaired at all? I’m asking because Corden is interviewing her very loudly, it seems.
Kev Arnold
Kev Arnold:
I was amazed at canned food
Gordon Ramsey - you fucking serious
She’s beautiful I feel in love
I remember she was in Wardogs, released way before her 2017-19 success period
Jed McKenzie
Jed McKenzie:
Ana looks like one of my first crushes i have ever met when i was 12