Anastasia Potapova vs Serena Williams Match Highlights (3R) | Australian Open 2021

Watch the Match Highlights from Anastasia Potapova vs Serena Williams, 02/12/2021

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Mario OB
Mario OB:
I’m very glad Serena was tested she needed this for the up coming rounds! Also the fact that she was not getting frustrated and remaining calm is the 2012 vintage Serena that we love to see!
Anand Hardas
Anand Hardas:
Mama will get much better in the next match and onwards.. 4 more match wins! COMEON!!
forza cmo
forza cmo:
Glad she won but she has to play 20 times better than the shit she played today.
Sabalenka is a tough opponent, in fact the tournament has just started.
Not Serena's best day and she admitted as much. But she still found that strength
Pam Degrate
Pam Degrate:
Serena these Young'un are Coming For You! Stay Focus! Good Win Today! 👏👏👏👏👏🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊
S P K:
Serena played like her feet were stuck in cement all match yet somehow finds a way to win in straight sets. I have no doubt she will be pissed with how she played today and will be switched on for Sabalenka. Serena is always prepared for the tougher opponents.
Sabalenka (4th round) will be very interesting. Queen Serena has to come out strong and ready to go against her.
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Feel sorry for potapova when she's leading 5-3 In the 1st set and didn't able to capitalise it. Brilliant performance by serena. The next round will be a real battle.
benjamin lim
benjamin lim:
Potapova biggest mistake is to shout come on right in Serena's face after breaking her. She woke the beast up.
Raneir Pollard
Raneir Pollard:
Y’all didn’t put that incredibly long point where Serena is laughing at the end in the highlights?!! Cmoooooooon!!!!
Whew, what an ugly win! But some positives to take from this match, if this was last year she would have panicked and completely unraveled and lost..but props to her, she hung on and pulled through. Three down, four to go. Come on!
Marty Watkins
Marty Watkins:
Serena won but it was messy! she needs to get it together
Ron Miller
Ron Miller:
Serena better tighten up cause Sabalenka will not let her get away with a slow start, sloppy footwork, and loopy Forehands ok!
MissMs Mrs.
MissMs Mrs.:
So very, VERY exciting! What A Match! GO SERENA!
Tennis RNSW
Tennis RNSW:
She definitely didn’t play her best in the first set but managed to win it.. and how did they not show that incredible rally at 0-1!!! Where Serena scarambled all around the court and won the point..
I’m just happy she won and straight sets and the movement looks great. Serena knows she’s gonna have to step it up in her next match and I am confident she will be able to do it.
Myriam LOE
Myriam LOE:
This what We call Resilience! This was a bad day for See. But she found her mental strength to conclude the match. Good job mama Olympia....👍💪
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
A wake up call ! I hope Patrick took notes 📝. Rena we got a lot of preparation for the next match ! Let’s reel in and get it done ✅
Can’t wait to see her play sabalanka for the first time .
Tdoc .Jdencio
Tdoc .Jdencio:
1st set is definitely going potapova's way but she choked bigtime. Clearly serena was out of her game she should capitalize on that but she didnt. Had she won the frst set, she might won the match.
I already know her assignment, Serves. Dang 8doubles and i lost count how many let called on her.

Glad that serena was given another shot.
ItzHenryTheGamer Guy
ItzHenryTheGamer Guy:
To all who are criticising her form: Remember Strycova, 4th round 2017? Serena was quite rusty. But then, we all know what happened against Konta in the QF
Skyler Brainard
Skyler Brainard:
I had to come see these highlights after watching most of the match live. What a battle!
Olubena Mojisola
Olubena Mojisola:
This woman gave me a hbp. Watched live. Glad she won but she needs to step up for first set, that was so flat. Get next opponent is tough, watched her too.
forza cmo
forza cmo:
Serena has to go for her shots in the next match like she did at Yarra Valley (the closest she's been to her 2012-2015 level) instead of waiting for the opponent to break down during the rally cuz it won't happen against Sabalenka or Halep or Swiatek.
Pont Pont
Pont Pont:
Keep moving my Queen Serena 😍😍😍
No mention of the 2 set points and 5 double faults Potapova had in that one game, when she was up 5-3 in the 1st set?
Derek Wendt
Derek Wendt:
Potapova taking some inspiration from Zverev in that 5-3 game
Nomqhele Moyo
Nomqhele Moyo:
I js enjoy watching Serena play ,am nt expecting anything major from her bt am expecting something major from Osaka . Sabalenka is gd bt Naomi wl tac care of her hopefully
1:33 can't place a backhand any better than that.
Potapova's playing with some incredible drive and focus this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the top 40 this season.
Solo the Mon
Solo the Mon:
You literally left out the best point of the match 🤦‍♂️
John B
John B:
Potapova just needs to work on her composure and her serves. Congrats Serena!
That one set was scary. Her next match against sabalenka will be a battle out of this world ....
wanki derrick
wanki derrick:
Is it me or was Serena saving some energy for Sabalenka... 😂a very brilliant from Serena, studied her in the 1st set and delivered in the 2nd
Shivakumar M
Shivakumar M:
Serena Keep ur Thunder and Storm until final win 💐👍
Dalmain J
Dalmain J:
Serena! I love you so much! The GOAT in my book!
Biggest choke in 1st set of the tournament so far
ok we all know Potapova choked but at the end of the day you have to be there and do the job, just as Serena did. She learned that concentration is needed to win. Never gave up and it paid
Great performance by serena
Lisa Keys
Lisa Keys:
I love her!!!!!
The Gentleman Cave
The Gentleman Cave:
The last rely on the firt set absolutely amazing and made me scremed ... this is why tennis always the best😍😍😍
Nefi Lizarraga
Nefi Lizarraga:
Thwy forgot the best point of the match with the lobs
Juanderful M
Juanderful M:
🗣COME ON! #Renasarmy 💪🏾🎾
Meneer Gultom
Meneer Gultom:
Wow.. Potapova imitated Sharapova's in the beginning of first set.
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
LHB Finess
LHB Finess:
Potapova plays a similar game to Sabalinka. So this was a good test.
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
You showed us like 4 points. What a brilliant highlight reel.
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
Sel Os
Sel Os:
Potapova is female version of Zverev with those double faults
Barbara Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds:
Good on ya Serena!
Mona Achimugu
Mona Achimugu:
She has to prepare more for Aryna. That's a very different opponent
Rachna Pattnaik
Rachna Pattnaik:
I was literally at the edge of my bed when I was watching the rally of 20 shots... I was like she is a divaaaa
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
Joanne Tran
Joanne Tran:
Merci. Serena got a little lucky with double faults et an injured tennis player in the 2nd set
Lou Vega
Lou Vega:
Lewis Hamilton took a bold stance here a year ago. Any of you guys have the balls to do the same as Melbourne goes into its third lockdown in a year?
No? Didn't think so...
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
Jonathan Fowlkes
Jonathan Fowlkes:
Spiffy Spice
Spiffy Spice:
Ever seen any of those videos that warn about celebrating too early? All the fistpumping and shouting and staring lovingly at your box.......and then youre out of the tournament. Win the match first.
Kathy Clark
Kathy Clark:
Let's do this Serena💪💪👍👍
Watched the first set last night, that was some pretty awful tennis, fire away. Potapova was tougher when she was behind but she didn't know what to do with a break and a lead, pure head case. Four double-faults in a game which is impressive considering she still had an ad and chance to win it. She just totally choked, One commentator commented "50-50 she gets it in" she didn't to lose the game. Serena? just listless. But then when Serena was up 6-5 in the tie-break they played a pretty long, terrific point, go figure. Hard to watch players continually not get first serves in both ways, didn't watch the 2nd set.
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez:
The Queen 👸
Nikita g
Nikita g:
And Potapova is just 19. Looks promising
Cody Hurley
Cody Hurley:
Potapova played some very consistent aggressive tennis. That's the only way you can challenge or beat Serena. You can't let Serena dictate play and that's what Potapova prevented in that first set. Serena stepped her level up though and advanced to the next round like the champion she is. 🐐
Bro these people are just feeding the ball back to Serena it’s so clear that you just need to move her around Serena can barely move
Gino T
Gino T:
Didn't watch the whole match but it seems like Serena is more patient here compared to the US open last year and more willing to rally. She was just trying to rip everything back in NY
David Geertz
David Geertz:
I doubt Serena could have beaten Margaret in the Australian open in the 60s! It was played in December and in Brisbane and Sydney a few times where the temperature gets to 100 plus ! And no heat rules! No injury time outs! No night matches! No tie breakers! That's why Margaret is the greatest!!!
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
Potapova kinda reminded me of Shara.
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan:
I honestly don't see Serena winning if shes already struggling
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
La experiencia de serena para lograr la victoria y seguir gran slam
Richie Wang
Richie Wang:
1:08 my spirit animal
Omar Essam Eldin
Omar Essam Eldin:
Serena vs sabalenka it was a dramatic match
Potapova is a big hitter. Wow, very powerful and consistent. If she cuts down on her serving errors, she will be very dangerous.
Victoria Dime
Victoria Dime:
SERENA always defeats her!! potapova isn’t competition for SERENA!!!! 💪🏾
Lavoni Black
Lavoni Black:
Seren footwork is gone. Sabalenka will crush her
Vinay Kumar Kumpati
Vinay Kumar Kumpati:
Akka meeru always super👌👌👌👍
This is concerning. Serena looked strong in 1R and 2R. This can not happen again. Potapova is inexperienced. But a player like Sabalenka in the next round will likely win if Serena plays like this
Aldo FenDer
Aldo FenDer:
Let's go sharapova✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
That was terrible match. Both played terribly. Serena would not win 24th at all in this level of performance. She needs much improvement to take that.
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
Potapova is a beast, in her attacking tennis. Really should’ve won the first set, but happy Serena got through
D Darvell Briggs
D Darvell Briggs:
great match serena! i love to see you fight!
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Serena, congrats in your win. Lets make it happen in the next match too! Just do it! 🥳
Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh:
1:08 too posh to clap with two hands I guess
Now that there are other players who also play with power, one can really see Serena’s tennis acumen shine through
안나의일기 ANNA's DIARY
안나의일기 ANNA's DIARY:
Whoever won the game, it was definitely wonderful game👏🏻
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Worse service game ever witnessed. Pova on serve up 5-3 first set and delivers *4 double faults* (3 in a row)
(insert rolling eyes emoji here)
Diane Washington
Diane Washington:
Soumen Chatterjee
Soumen Chatterjee:
Fans not allowed from tomorrow so sad for tennis fanatics
Sea Scorpio
Sea Scorpio:
Horrible 2 minutes highlights. SMH
David Geertz
David Geertz:
Hey Serena why did you wear that ridiculous cat suit in that oppressive heat in the semifinal v osaka??
Atua Tofaeono
Atua Tofaeono:
Keep going Serena!
We’re cheering for you!
May God give strength to get through!
24th here we come 🥰💕🙏🙏
Melissa Mckey
Melissa Mckey:
Serena I've been watching you for years and I think its time to retire cause you are not going to get to 24 ,these little greedy girls they all want a piece of you in their career relax now..
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha:
Sabalenka will rip this overrated player to shreds
Robbie Smoov
Robbie Smoov:
OMG that outfit - it takes all kinds I guess! 🤣🤣🤣
Jaymee Mangang
Jaymee Mangang:
Another pova vs Serena!
Darius Brock
Darius Brock:
Hoping Serena is ready for Sabalenka!
shadya mohd
shadya mohd:
highlight tho😏
Rosita Alsaybar
Rosita Alsaybar:
I'm on the edge first set of Serena Williams
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
These highlights are too short.