Andy Murray vs Stefanos Tsitsipas Highlights | 2021 US Open Round 1

No. 3 seed, Stefanos Tsitsipas faces a battle against former US Open champion Andy Murray.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!


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Tsitsipas: perhaps receiving coaching from his box

Murray: coaches his box
Alex Cohen
Alex Cohen:
Murray playing like his old self again is always a treat. Can't wait to see what else he can bring to the court in the coming season!
واحد من الناس
واحد من الناس:
With a great effort, and at the age of 34 years, and an artificial bone, he loses with honor 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Christopher Harijanto
Christopher Harijanto:
Andy Murray was a real fighter... He's absolutely gave everything against world no.3 👏
Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
The ATP need to do something about the bathroom breaks before it gets out of hand
Manan Mehta
Manan Mehta:
Andy showing signs of a deadly comeback... He almost knocked the 3rd seed in a best of 5 match... In a best of 3 he had already won it...
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts:
He’s closer and closer to coming back, hang in there Andy!
Theo Berman
Theo Berman:
This is one of the best first rounds of the history of the us open
papa glucu
papa glucu:
this could have been a remarkable semifinal, wasn’t it for Murray’s current ranking. with such supreme athleticism considering. what a champ. never doubt a Scotsman. Had he only a can of bru the result would have been different
Anubhav Saha
Anubhav Saha:
Just one word, Wow!! What a match by Andy! Vintage Andy with his strong first serves and solid groundstrokes. Almost knocked out Tsitsicoach! I so wish he got that tie breaker!!
garyy olmec
garyy olmec:
I was never a fan of andy murray and his style but happy to see him on the court again and i hope that he will make a great come back
Andy’s a true warrior
When Andy could't convert the set points he had on the second set, we knew how the map will unfold, but what an effort by Murray to last five entire sets with a metal hip!
John Maragiannis
John Maragiannis:
In the final of Roland Garros, Djokovic took a timeout for 15 minutes and turned the game from 0-2 to 3 -2 but then no one spoke.
So happy to see Murray providing such a great level of tennis. I'm waiting for his real comeback in the top 3 soon.
Excellent match by two great players. I'm glad Andy is back on form. As for the people who whisper and accuse Tsitsipas. Last night he didn't take anything with him, he just took a toilet break after he WON the second set. In a 5 hours game it;s not that big of a deal. It took Murry 2-3 minutes to change his shoes, and Tsitsipas just 7 to change his whole clothes. He was in his time back on court. I really think Andy was playing mind-games with the crowd as he exaggarated abiut this break and he took the whole crowd with his side. And he was complaining all the time within the points. I'm glad for my guy Tsitsi because he was calm and didn't lose his temper. He is been trying to work on hs temper, he needs to learn HOW to speak in press-conferences because he is misunderstood by a lot with what he says. He isn't mature enough yet, bu he isn't a bad guy as people think.
arts, photography & beyond
arts, photography & beyond:
This was simply a treat for all the tennis 🎾 fans globally, seeing two absolute competitive superstars of two different generations two different history, giving their all
Tsitsipas only path forward is to have his Dad stay home and get a real coach. Detached from emotion
Cyril Jacob
Cyril Jacob:
Imagine that second set in Murray's favour.
That was a so close game. Andy almost had win.😢
Jordan Young
Jordan Young:
If it can’t be Roger, it’s Murray I’m pulling for. Carry this fight over to the next one, Andy!
Angelo Reyes
Angelo Reyes:
After seeing this match I really think Murray has a solid chance at getting back to an elite top 10 even top 5 level he just needs more matches under his belt its coming together for him .
Andy Murray is a real fighter 😳 maybe he has passed through injuries but still his game is still in it
Zane Ramjeawan
Zane Ramjeawan:
Novak goes for bathroom breaks and comes out a new man for sure as I remember in the semis and finals of the french open amongst many other questionable tactics but everyone wants the kid's head for something they thought he did...yawn
CJ Ever
CJ Ever:
This match can help Andy mentally. A big boost for what can happen for the rest of the season.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark:
If you think about it, Murray's historically stellar returns and love of a target make him a tough matchup for Tsitsipas. The Greek predicates a lot of his game on high-percentage offense–getting to net on shots most players would return defensively and setting up after big serves. Murray doesn't enable either of those to happen very often. Great to see Murray playing at a high level again after what he's been through, and what a match this looks like it was.
Vee Sun
Vee Sun:
Can we just appreciate the tennis these two showcased after a very physical and grueling 5-hour match? Both fought hard but the better player won in the end.
Bfree 2eatme
Bfree 2eatme:
As a Novak fan I really enjoyed matches with Andy. He really knew how to give Novak a hard time but I always liked him both as a player and a person. Hope he makes a true come back!
Daniel D.
Daniel D.:
incredible Tennis by both players. I like Tsitsipas a lot and I always wish him well as I think he could make it to number one. However, I wished Murray would have reached the next round. He had a tough time and it's wonderful to see that he's playing strong again. Can't wait to see Murray play again! Great, great sportsmanship!
S M:
Huge respect for Andy Murray for the quality of game he brought on court after all the injuries and surgeries.
Alex Arnes Hodzic
Alex Arnes Hodzic:
Murray looked almost like before Injury, before Injury would probably win this match.
Really exciting if he can have next season playing this level.
Arjun Gupta
Arjun Gupta:
Andy Murray is so inspiring. I’m sure we will see more brilliance in the coming tournaments.
Anara Davletaliyeva
Anara Davletaliyeva:
Murray played well <3 Couple of points here and there decided it!
A'Lex O`lyuk
A'Lex O`lyuk:
wow!!! incredible tennis of two great players of different styles.... Great respect to Andy !Love them both
shanna chaitu
shanna chaitu:
It's so sad to know that they were fought for 1st round, it should be the semis one or final hurdle 🤪, miss you Murray you won already..
Ugghhh this could’ve been THE win he needed! I thought he had it when he beat stan a couple years ago to win in Europe, but this could’ve been even bigger!
Andy looked like his former self! A few points here and there to take out a very in form and highly ranked player! Well done to both, but Andy will be hungry for more at the Australian Open!
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Respect for Murray.
Nura Jafar
Nura Jafar:
Surprising how a first round match will have a quality of a tough final
C C:
I don’t know what Murray was shouting, but certainly it wasn’t nice. Tsitsipas deserved to win!
Game Set Match
Game Set Match:
This was so great to watch as a Murray fan! He played really well and showed that he still has such a high level of play. I’ve watched most of his matches on his journey from 2017 to now, all of the injuries and setbacks that he’s had, you’d think he would quit but they just never stopped him! Amazing!!! I hope he can play a few more years and keep proving people wrong.
alvin penuliar
alvin penuliar:
Flashes of brilliance from Andy....Hope he takes one more trophy... Before hanging his racket...
K. Mancao
K. Mancao:
I dream of a 1994 US Open Agassi level comeback for a title of an unseeded guy like Murray to win one day.
Amazing match !! Murray played so well, but he was disrespectful to his opponent. He should have focused on his match, so sad to hear his interview and his complaining when playing.
Tsitsipas is a real fighter, great talent 💪
Robert Gonda
Robert Gonda:
1:44 after all he has been through the last years, it´s great to see his fighting-spirit persisted.
Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall:
Murray won 2 of the first 3 sets, and had a set point in the other set, which Tsitsipas won with a very tough overhead......Stefanos dodged a Scottish bullet tonight.....
MFA Paris
MFA Paris:
I know he lost but he looked really great at points in this match. I hope he takes away some positives!!
Would love to see Andy get another slam and this match gives me encouragement
trust me next year Andy gonna comeback stronger he will be on his prime level again
Mike Manh Pham Hoang
Mike Manh Pham Hoang:
Impressed by Andy's tennis today but still not enough for a young Tsitsipas at his prime :)
Virtual wolf
Virtual wolf:
Andy was amazing IT was Close And i wished the Victory to Andy more👍✌️
Thu Anh
Thu Anh:
I liked for the video for Murray! He really fought well!
Daniel Ospina
Daniel Ospina:
Oh man, take a bow for Andy Murray! Legend. Thank you!
Kristyn Besemer
Kristyn Besemer:
He’s closer and closer to coming back, hang in there Andy!
Lewis McLeod
Lewis McLeod:
Murray will be back in the top 10 soon enough.
Andy had some great runs with his legs.
Let's see how the legs will feel in next 6 month's to not make premature arguments on come back.
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
What a fighter Andy is! If he didn't slip in the tiebreak, he would have won that point and gave him tremendous momentum to take the match
Andrei Vanghel
Andrei Vanghel:
I love that despite Stefanos winning this, we see Murray in the thumbnail.
Best 1st round match I've ever seen
Cleber Siqueira
Cleber Siqueira:
Andy showing signs of a deadly comeback... He almost knocked the 3rd seed in a best of 5 match... In a best of 3 he had already won it...
Irtaza Kamran
Irtaza Kamran:
Andy Can make a great comeback still got the legs to do it!
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers:
Well done Tsitsipas
Harry Lumb
Harry Lumb:
If Murray was playing before he got injured Murray would beat textipas with ease
Purple Coffin Man
Purple Coffin Man:
this just proves that with enough points murray could easily hold around top 50 level. He played a great match still, stef was just too strong today.
Murray still has the level and he loves swearing at his mom.
Imam Subakti al-Anshory
Imam Subakti al-Anshory:
The DHBH of Sir Andy is still sharp, and I love to see his shoes...:)
Jon wp
Jon wp:
All Andy needs is matches. This is going to help enormously going forward. I know Stefanos is a brilliant player but there is something i don't like about his body language.
Ev Ko
Ev Ko:
In a 4k era, 8k incoming thank you US Open for low quality 24fps 720p, I'll send you a fax.

I'm happy how well Murray plays, great performance from both.
paper toys
paper toys:
Let's talk reality. An athlete playing a game of unknown duration, when at some point he needs to go to the bathroom for Nr2. So, *how much time does one needs to:* 1) leave the field and go to the bathroom, 2) ... (after all this pressure he probably needs some seconds - you don't just push a button), 3) get undressed, 4) wash himself, 5) dry himself, 6) put on his new clothes, 7) return to the field. *I reckon 8 minutes is not a world record,* but the typical time needed to do these things.
So pls, enough with this...
Talha Zahid
Talha Zahid:
After a long time andy was looking in great shape...
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme:
I almost thought he was going to make it. If he had won it would have been a great victory but I don't he would have been able to play next round. Anyway great to see playing at a very high level. It's sad because he can do it, just not long enough!
What a match. So awesome to see Andy back! 😃 😊 😀 😄 😁
Tough match but not a stunning victory, would’ve been had Murray won.
Andrés De la Cabada
Andrés De la Cabada:
I loved the highlights from the 4th set
Warren Brewin
Warren Brewin:
Brilliant to see him back. if only he converted 2nd set points.
Charaka Amayantha_CA
Charaka Amayantha_CA:
I just dont know what happened to Stef but should respect and appreciate work of Murray he played superbly hope stef will comeback to his own rhythm by next match
Efrem Tommasi
Efrem Tommasi:
Murray needs almost a year to recover from this match
X' TH:
Andy play very well, I think he will play better next season.
Lisa Bradley
Lisa Bradley:
Vintage Murray performance 🎾💪 love epic 5 set matches!
Tsitsipas have to reflect on himself. It's not the case. Please show us right as top tennis player.
Anirudh Sasank
Anirudh Sasank:
Spirit of Andy Murray is awesome 👏👍
Adrian Negulescu
Adrian Negulescu:
I love you, Andy Murray! You can still do it! ♥️🎾
p s
p s:
Great match, however, even as a seasoned pro, Murray has a lousy attitude. Literally slapped Tsitsi's hand at the net, screaming throughout the match, and it's hardly new - it's been on video going way back. Sorry, JMO. You'd never, ever see Roger or Rafa act this way.
Go go Tsitsi !!!!
Rich Faltisco
Rich Faltisco:
3:29 minute highlights. USTA elites have no idea how to promote tennis. Also, as many have noted, why didnt the USTA build a fabulous national tennis villiage complex near a city with land for hotels, tennis camps, real family events, the US Open and much more. Who knows what crop of US tennis players would have been developed? And, yes, in awe to see Andy Murray play so well!
Gumball LastRally
Gumball LastRally:
From one hip replacement patient to another ... bravo Mr. Murray!!!
What was with the handshake? Is everybody just done with Tsitsipas now? If so, that would be hilarious.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Murray pushing the world number 3 to his absolute limit and very frequently outplaying him in this match. The fact that after so few matches Murray is competing at this level again I think is very encouraging and exciting for Murray fans. If he can avoid any further injuries I think his remaining 2021 season and 2022 season will be competitive at the highest level. Top 10 here Murray comes!
Laura weinsberg
Laura weinsberg:
Imagine that second set in Murray's favour.
Nikos Stathakos
Nikos Stathakos:
Magnificent match !!!!!!!
Ricardo Feitosa
Ricardo Feitosa:
Watching this I was rooting for Murray to catch fire and win the 2021 us open..
Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins:
super happy to see murray playing near his best again.
Jon Las
Jon Las:
Tennis is sometimes very cruel. Instead of Andy winning in straight sets, loses in 5. Hard luck this time, best of luck in the future. Real fighter, doesn't give up even after announcing retirement!
Casper Huynh
Casper Huynh:
Was it necessary for Murray to scream like that after winning the third set against someone he doesn't respect ? Murray clearly has no spirit and fears of Tsitsipas. At the end of the day, Murray is still above that young guy everything. Why do he keep complaining the fact that his opponent did within the rules? This old man is a sore loser.
Amer Lodi
Amer Lodi:
Well Done Tsitsipas! You are a class player.
Jd Vandy
Jd Vandy:
I see sissypants has mastered the Novak change a match breaks .. not sure how many times I’ve seen Novak looking out of a match then toilet break and you just see his vapor trail to victory .. makes you wonder what he does back there
Shameless comments on assumed coaching from Stefanos box. His all alone in the court winning the game though...!!
Shoty loves Stanimal channel
Shoty loves Stanimal channel:
1:43 !!!
the legend is back!!! 😍🔥❤️‍🔥
Gaurav Nautiyal
Gaurav Nautiyal:
Kudos to Murray !!! U will always be a champion man
Murray is slowly but surely getting back into amazing form again. Let’s pray he avoids injuries so that he can once again challenge the best for Grand Slam titles!