Anne Heche Almost Hit Pedestrian Before Crashing into House | TMZ

Anne Heche clearly didn't care about the safety of others as she flew through neighborhood streets and alleyways -- at one point almost striking a woman -- before barreling through a home.


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100+ comentarios:

Gerardine Cizmar
Gerardine Cizmar:
I really don't care about crazy celebrities. I do care about the victims of their recklessness.
Christian Ada
Christian Ada:
That's why when I go for my speed walks I pay attention to the cars. People like Anne Heche makes it dangerous for us pedestrians to walk
i music i
i music i:
Wasn't even close!

TMZ once saw Anne Heche going out of her way to help those in need...on youtube

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I have zero sympathy for drivers under the influence. This is simply a case of the consequences of your own actions. I’m glad no innocent people got physically hurt.
David Ken
David Ken:
That is not almost hitting someone.
Tami Z
Tami Z:
Wow she could have killed a lot of people. It’s miraculous that no one else was injured by her reckless driving. I’m sorry for the homeowner but she is thankfully still alive, and I’m sure will be more than recompensed for what happened, whether Anne lives or dies. This is really tragic and sad, no matter the outcome.
Peg Lane T.
Peg Lane T.:
It's doubtful she'll survive this. Burns cause severe inflammation in the body, destroying organs. Her lungs aren't working, she's intubated. She in car as was filled smoke & fire for 30 min! said the eyewitness. Not trying to be macabre, but all folks that angry & want her arrested, I think she's going to pay the penalty with her life for this. So sad, never had happen😔
Republican 4U2NV
Republican 4U2NV:
I'm very happy anyone unlucky enough to be in her psychotic, *reckless path that day escaped with their lives'. I was so happy to hear that homeowner and pets were rescued by a neighbor and escaped injury! This insane driving is not at all acceptable and she should consider herself lucky she is alive- others almost weren't that lucky and they did nothing other than be in her path... Off of the road. That poor homeowner that lost their house and belongings... I couldn't even imagine ☹️
*Typo edit :)
Robert Luciano
Robert Luciano:
I just love how evil the media is . You clearly she that's not almost hitting someone 🙄
No Middle Name NMN
No Middle Name NMN:
That was way too close. Grateful the pedestrian was alert & able to leave harm’s way.
J L:
THANK YOU TMZ! Every other outlet is sugar coating what she did, it’s disgusting! She almost killed numerous others! Her actions and behavior are unacceptable. Whatever state of mind she was in… getting behind the wheel is unforgivable and infuriating.
That pedestrian must’ve been listening to music or something. How do you not see or hear a car coming that close to you at speed?
I wish more people noticed and questioned the strangeness surrounding this tragic "accident"
Amabelle Isabella
Amabelle Isabella:
I feel Sory for her loved ones and Friends. Thankfully no body ells lost there lives because her wrong action! Sadly she paid it with her OWN life.
Blasian Goddess TM
Blasian Goddess TM:
I’m not so sure what really transpired. Sending Anne waves of healing vibes 🙏🏼

Glad the owner of the home and pets are okay ❤️
Jade Coleman
Jade Coleman:
Prayers for Anne her family and all the innocent people involved. Check on your people! It's hard for alotbof people in the world today.
chris scullion
chris scullion:
Missed them by a mile 😂
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus:
She did not almost hit the pedestrian....he was out of the way when she went by.
pirate  lilac
pirate lilac :
Get well soon Anne, shame that house got in the way of your impeccable driving
Roxanna Drake
Roxanna Drake:
How did she almost hit him?
M Awas
M Awas:
“Prayer’s and thoughts” for her
Nancy Stengel
Nancy Stengel:
She may well have suffered some type of medical emergency and was unconscious behind the wheel.
Stella Kardec
Stella Kardec:
I'm in no place to judge anyone.
I just send copious amounts of healing to Anne and everyone affected.
That woman almost killed many people but traumatized a lot for her reckless driving and endangering people’s lives!
K A:
Put her in prison. For a long long time. Years!
Homeowner should sue Anne Heche. For a large large sum of money. Millions!
Lana Moler
Lana Moler:
Explain the tail light differences then! NOT the same car!!!!
Aaron Mackenzie
Aaron Mackenzie:
I don’t think so, walk the streets in New York, I see this every day. TMZ, get it right next time!
Tickety Blue
Tickety Blue:
This is why you can't walk around LA with earbuds. This is normal behavior here.
William Perryman
William Perryman:
Man, that person was clear, y’all are too loose with your words.
The Spicy Italian
The Spicy Italian:
That's not street it's an alley
Even more dangerous
Hope she recovers so she can be convicted.
Juicebox tha Homie
Juicebox tha Homie:
Anne Heche speeding. Anne Heche crashes car. Anne Heche almost hits pedestrian. This all within less than a week. Please, stop showing individual instances of her recklessness. Put together a full montage of events. The full context of her actions is kind of important at this point.🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂
Don Gavidia
Don Gavidia:
She was definitely under the influence. She will and should be charged with DUI. Also more charges will probably be added after other security cameras capture her erratic behaviour putting peoples lives in danger.
Don't no how someone could survive that horrible 🚗 Crash 🙏
A complete reckless disregard for life!
Roland Adolf
Roland Adolf:
On a ventilator with horrible burn injuries—the apocryphal ultimate price a drunk driver pays.

People, she already paid the price.
J A:
she hit the brakes
S. Adam Bernstein
S. Adam Bernstein:
TMZ has no soul. Just cashing in on tragedy.
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis:
That pedestrian should play the lottery the next couple of days. Luck is definitely on his side. 🤗
kim clayton
kim clayton:
Burns likes these are incredibly painful..I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. This was a horrible day for all involved. I hope that at least we can be greatful no life was lost. That is not always the case in these types of events. Many times they are far more tragic. Love to all involved.
It seems like the breaking lights was lit while she was driving. Was there something wrong with the car?
When movie stars bring the Hollywood experience right to your home.
Jake Be
Jake Be:
This woman has always been "wondering in the desert" crazy. She needs to loose her driver's license permanently.
Becca Bee
Becca Bee:
Hope people can learn from all these car accidents that cause other people’s life like the one just killed 6 people! Myself had involved 5 car accident in my 20-30s, I could die in one or two of them, all caused by people who are careless ! If you wanna die, go die alone don’t drag anyone else into your suicidal actions!! If you can’t drive, don’t drive, take a Uber!! I think our car should invent a system that can detect drivers condition to determine if they can drive, if not, car won’t start lol that’ll help the cops too 😆
She was at a hair salon before the crash.. I wonder if her brakes failed
tom colwell
tom colwell:
let's have some sympathy and mercy for Anne as she had no control over her actions
Shaun Howard
Shaun Howard:
There must be something going on in her life for her to act that way, doest make her evil!!!! I just hope she gets help and fixers herself.... House can be replaced but Anne can't be so I'm very happy she didn't die. Get well soon darling 🤟👌💯💙❤️🤙🤟🌟
Ruben Ramos II
Ruben Ramos II:
That did not seem like a near miss to me.
Angelica vergara
Angelica vergara:
Y'all seen the video of her getting up on the gurney right before they put her into the ambulance 😳😳😳😳😳 scary
Barbie Koopa
Barbie Koopa:
REALLY!?? SHE MISSED HIM BY A MILE, NOT EVEN CLOSE! There's so much bad that happened that day y'all don't need to make anything else up. Have a little sympathy for her family and a little bit of dignity for her reputation. I don't know that much about her, but since her death I've learned she had a absolutely horrific childhood. Take that inconsideration please. I've watched a few movies she was in, was she my favorite actress ? No but she was a good actress and I never heard anything negative about her.. it is all very sad, and how it happened, makes it even more tragic. And even if she had drugs in her system, nobody knows the whole story. Besides, those who live in glass houses that need to be careful about throwing stones. And remember Jehovah God tells us judge not lest ye be judged... that's up to God to settle with her. And the poor woman must have suffered terribly before she finally passed... let's grieve for her. And please remember guys, she left 2 young Sons behind that must be feeling awful pain because we always need our Mama's. Watch what you say, and how you say it, PLEASE.
Chrissy MammaBear
Chrissy MammaBear:
Their is just something fishy about this whole thing. Nothing is adding up at all!
P L:
She was on a mission to take herself out by The Looks.crashing into a storage unit and then speeding off thru an intersection without stopping....must have been wacked out of her mind.
Katie Sioux Lamoureaux
Katie Sioux Lamoureaux:
Lol that wasn't almost, that dude had plenty of room.
Wonder if the wig guy could have stopped this if she was drunk and he had said something...
He made sure to get a selfie though 🙄
Tony Branton
Tony Branton:
Thankfully she only took her own entitled self out
youcan knowit
youcan knowit:
She's in big trouble 😳
Andrew Cazessus
Andrew Cazessus:
What the hell was she thinking? She could of seriously kill someone while she was driving recklessly.
Why was that pedestrian walking where Ann was trying to drive?
damn she was really raging!!!
JFK35 517
JFK35 517:
“Almost hit”? I mean....that was an asshole move to keep going and not slow down but that wasn’t an “almost” hit
Heavens Doorway John10v9
Heavens Doorway John10v9:
That’s not even her car ! Her car has double back doors and a dark blue roof.
The other car speeding up the street in doorbell videos a white roof. This whole things a load of lies
Nascar fans are wishing Anne Heche a speedy recovery.
Jason Adams
Jason Adams:
Cuando pienso en estados unidos como pais, solo se viene a la cabeza odio, racismo, conflictos, etc, de verdad que lugar tan lleno de personas infelices que tiran y tiran veneno, no tienen ni empatia entre sus mismos habitantes, que triste vivir ahi.
the irony will be delicious if it turns out she was triggered and speeding away from TMZ 'reporters'
Lol. That person was not almost hit smh lol
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson:
She might've been under the influence of something
donna dixon
donna dixon:
“Almost hit a pedestrian…”. Y’all are really reaching on that one. She’s a mess yes, but y’all are messier
Deanna Wilson
Deanna Wilson:
I believe she had a medical event that caused her to crash. So many hateful people here basing their nasty comments on speculation. Get your facts folks.
Scott Lowman.
Scott Lowman.:
The way that she popped up out of that covered stretcher, strange! Watch the helicopter video.
Jay Man
Jay Man:
Looks like the brakes
have been cut to me.
F’er MaGee Hamilton Thompson
F’er MaGee Hamilton Thompson:
Ah she was off her rocker! Driving like a mad woman.
Amber Hope Official
Amber Hope Official:
She was not in the right state of mind. It’s sad rip Anne
Ashley Ferreira
Ashley Ferreira:
Bruh wasn’t even that close pipe down y’all
Tim Hansen Hansen
Tim Hansen Hansen:
She did not almost hit a person sensationalistic over exaggeration
Drew Carr
Drew Carr:
I think the fentynol laced cocaine played a huge role in this. She probably got high then died from the fentynol which made her drive like that and wreck! So sad but I'm glad the homeowner wasn't hurt. R.I.P. Anne Heche
Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner:
GTA rampage mode.
I hope both the victim and Anne survive. She is very lucky she did not kill or injure anyone in that house or surrounding streets. We would be seeing a very different potential criminal case if there were casualties.. Will see what her blood work says..
Chocolatetown Forever
Chocolatetown Forever:
WTF was she thinking? Blow doesnt make you drive like that.
Terri Snider
Terri Snider:
Ann Heche could not control her car! Her brakes would not work!
Devin Michael Roberts
Devin Michael Roberts:
I do wonder how many of you complainign in the comments below about her being a crazy celeb have DUI's and car crashes of your own. We sure love to cast the stone and pretend our shit doesnt stink in the US dont we!
I wouldn't drive dirty like that in a tuna can mini cooper. Maybe in an 80's station wagon.
She was on a rampage again smh
Peter Panish
Peter Panish:
Really wonder if part of this was caused by the first crash reaction - "Get out of the car!!! get out of the car!!! I said get out of the car!!!!" - just saying having a huge man threatening you would scare most people. Not saying 100% but I would have been scared.
Lock her up!
Sandra Laleh
Sandra Laleh:
She didn't care. Her driving fast is recklessness 🤬 Her poor kids
Steven Holland
Steven Holland:
FAKE NEWS! She didn’t “almost” hit anyone. Six feet away. Cars are closer than that to people on the sidewalk all the time
Miguel Bran
Miguel Bran:
She was drunk look at her driving she’s drunk
She was no where near the woman
To be honest whoever was driving didn't almost hit anybody, they were out of the way but
Captain R
Captain R:
Bull shit. She was no where near the pedestrian.
What happened to her? Did she just completely lose her mind, or what? Hear about this just makes me so sad, because she was always one of my favorite actresses.
Royal Diadem 💫
Royal Diadem 💫:
She was clearly trying to do a Nicole Linton. Very Despicable.
What's the definition of Crash and burn? Answer: Anne Heche
CJ Huff
CJ Huff:
Revoke her damn driver's license! Crazy driver.
Jennifer Moran
Jennifer Moran:
She wasn’t even close to hitting him
I haven’t heard much about this other than she crashed and now she’s dead, was she under the influence? If she was just at a hair salon did people noticed she was acting erratic?
Nakim Steely
Nakim Steely:
Headline would have been totally different had it been someone of color!
Joanna Davis
Joanna Davis:
Thank God the woman was not hit by Anne’s car. Anne is totally out of control.
Guru of End Times
Guru of End Times:
If it survives which she won't 10 years in prison for attempted murder of 2 people.
Brake lights were on.
I am curious why it took 59 firefighters 65 mins to extinguish the fire and extricate the victim. They sound almost as useless as the 400 police that didn't intervene in the Texas school shooting.
hi love
hi love:
Every one drives like that thru ally's of venice to culver city. When you know the area like back of hand.
I think the gas thing sucked a huge thing of gas and got stuck. Just saying..she would slow down and nose go over line of stop sign then turn . she would not fly into a house.