Anonymous Explained: Everything You Need To Know About The Hacktivist Group

In the week following #GeorgeFloyd's demise, social media handles believed to be associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous promised retribution bringing this collective of hackers back into focus.
#ExpressExplained #BlackLivesMatter

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30 comentarios:

Anonymus Anonymus
Anonymus Anonymus:
'The Creed'
1. Anonymous is an immaterial idea
2. Anonymous is a living, breathing, entity
3. Any individual can become Anonymous
4. Not all can join the collective
5. Anonymous has no leader
6. Anonymous speaks for itself
7. No one speaks for Anonymous
8. Justice is the will of Anonymous
9. Truth is justice
10. Lulz empowers and justice unites
Those who follow 'The Creed' are Anonymous.
Those who make the attaining of knowledge their highest priority, are of the collective.
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us!
We are worldwide -
Litten Fire
Litten Fire:
And they only target criminals/bad people so...they seem fine to me
Jayden Isaiah
Jayden Isaiah:
Thousands have protested? You mean millions
I hate Everyone with passion
I hate Everyone with passion:
They are amazing probably not watching this but if they are thank you
- Cadenza's Wonderland -
- Cadenza's Wonderland -:
I love you anonymous ❤❤❤ keep doin what you do
H E R B:
Anonymous 4 President
Austin Turner
Austin Turner:
V for Vendetta if you haven't watched that movie, it's a banger boys! It's on netflix.
Michael Palumbo
Michael Palumbo:
missing ALOT of facts, such as before the 2008 OpChanology Anonymous was more of a trolling group. And only did OpChanology as a means to troll Scientology. The troll op got out of their hands and was picked up by real activists AFTER facts about Elli Perkins surfaced
i.. i... i must join them
Lemurian Anon
Lemurian Anon:
I think india needs us😅 especially news channels & goverment for manipulating people's.
God bless anonymous
Kabir Chaudhuri
Kabir Chaudhuri:
everyone could use DDoS that is why they are famous
Akawaio Girl
Akawaio Girl:
dude, this is cool
Shea Heart
Shea Heart:
Thank you for educating 🦾
Gokul G Nair- Jr I con
Gokul G Nair- Jr I con:
We are Anonymous
Justin The Pyro Wilt
Justin The Pyro Wilt:
I need ur help anonymous please reach out to me I have harassing emails and people calling soliciting stuff trying to scam me
Dacowla -.-
Dacowla -.-:
Didn’t Anonymous die a few years ago and didn’t they also track down some of the team members and ended up killing them? Idk that is what I heard
Sunyi Jama Domínguez Castro
Sunyi Jama Domínguez Castro:
I love it
canal da batata kakache sesei
canal da batata kakache sesei:
anonymous hacked me on ios
Rahmi Bunga Anggraini
Rahmi Bunga Anggraini:
Thanks you Anonymous because i am Muslim and i don't want Muslim people banned!
J Bug
J Bug:
I'd like to note that although some hacktivists have been arrested and prosecuted many of the actual criminals that they have exposed were never arrested or investigated. Anonymous Hacktivists are HEROES and the ones in prison or that have been "disappeared" are political prisoners and casualties of the ongoing war of HUMANITY against the PLUTOCRACY.
TeMaatia Nicholas-Rakatau
TeMaatia Nicholas-Rakatau:
Maybe not the most appropriate song choice at the start of the video while you're talking about Floyd
ANONYMOUS has been watching the Chinese Communist party for a long time. The first mistake they made was underestimating ANONYMOUS ! ! We are ANONYMOUS - WE ARE LEGION - WE DO NOT FORGIVE - WE DO NOT FORGET - EXPECT US ! ! I will take the Presidency of the United States after President Trump finishes his next term ! I just want the Chinese Communist party to know that Im on my way ! ! ! They had no idea that there was a real JASON BOURNE ! Justice is Coming ! ! ! !
Litten Fire
Litten Fire:
Standing up against racism? Fighting censorship? Trying to hack/destroy child porn websites? And supporting freedom of speech/LGBT? Anonymous sounds cool
GKT 111
GKT 111:
I'd like to contact anonymous group my grandchildren have been victims of cps abuse for 12 years
Turtleking Real
Turtleking Real:
U forgot about the Donald trump part
George Floyd died from a stroke/heart attack from his use of the modern speed ball "meth/fentanyl" he OD'd..... When he said "I can't breathe". Problem, when your air intake is blocked you cannot talk, no airflow means no voice..... A violent criminal died from complications of a drug overdose.... Racist cop is still racist.... But, drugs are bad, mmmmkay.... Burn loot murder only shows itself during major elections....
tonto yo
tonto yo:
Anonymous_OC {MichaelMayhemOfficial}
Anonymous_OC {MichaelMayhemOfficial}:
That was not us. The hack on the Minneapolis was us. The Chicago pd radio yea for the mayor Lori Lightfoot pledged to the new world order. And the U.N. for they are the NWO. but that video not us. Nor these fake anon news sites or pages. They are leftist antifa type looters