Anthony Mackie Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Avengers: Endgame star Anthony Mackie takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Is he a vegan? Is he actually friends with Sebastian Stan, the Winter Soldier? Anthony answers all these questions and more!

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters everywhere now!

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Anthony Mackie Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

lil oof
lil oof:
Tom holland: *exists*
Anthony mackie: that kid is a problem
Rogue Productions
Rogue Productions:
“Falcon is not Captain America”
*looks at camera ominously*
Alexa Blinson
Alexa Blinson:
"My favorite number is eleven because that's one twice"
-Anthony Mackie 2019
James Hetherington
James Hetherington:
Anthony Mackie spends 5 minutes describing how great Sebastian Stan's couch is and how it's the foundation of their friendship
Sebastian Stan "This man has never been in my house."
xfridaRx x
xfridaRx x:
“How old is Antony Mackie”
him: I’m 40 years old.
Me: I’m sorry wha- 👓🤏🤨
I genuinely cannot believe he talked about Sebastian Stan’s couch for a minute lmaoo.
Ana D
Ana D:
“Are Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan friends?”
Anthony Mackie: “yes... but HIS COUCH”
Jared Murray
Jared Murray:
“Endgame is the end of the game but the beginning of the legacy” that hits different now.

Thanks for all the likes everyone :)
I still have hope that one day we will see Chris Evans wielding the shield again as Cap.
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers:
He is the most underrated actor. This guy needs to be rich.
Anthony Mackie in this video: "Falcon is not Captain America"

Fans today who saw the falcon and the winter soldier: "coincidence, I think not"
2:05 - 2:30 Talks about REAL siblings for 25 secs
5:05 - 5:50 Talks about IMAGINARY couch and blankets for 45 secs
Big applause for Anthony Mackie's vibrant imagination
Cambria Vos
Cambria Vos:
Can we talk about how he went to Julliard though? Like that’s so impressive
Sarah Sami
Sarah Sami:
“I’m a very good twerker!”

“I’m 40…”

This guy is a legend
Sandra Ray
Sandra Ray:
Highest Quality Memes
Highest Quality Memes:
I love how he takes literally a minute and a half just to rant about Stan’s couch lmaoo
Angel Otero
Angel Otero:
Dude I love Anthony, he's probably one of the most expressive and comedic actors even if he is having a seemingly normal conversation on an interview with a couple million views 😂😂
Baby Universe
Baby Universe:
Anthony mackie "The Falcon is not Captain America"
Me to myself: "But there's a whole comic book series"
Anthony Mackie: * raises eyebrow *
Me: "aahhhh"
Hannah Stephens
Hannah Stephens:
Anthony : “Falcon is not Captain America”
Also Anthony : *Gives a look*
Me : *Gives a look*
“it’s the end of the game, but the start of a legacy” - Anthony Mackie
Cate Lagalia
Cate Lagalia:
no one:
anthony: does a 41 second rant about how amazing sebastain’s couch is, which seb claims he’s never been on
Its Laurie
Its Laurie:
Get you a man that talk about you the way Anthony Mackie talk about Sabastian Stan’s couch 💀
Anthony Makie: "Falcon is not captain america"
Disney +: "Ok, ok sure"
Asphodel Fields
Asphodel Fields:
Mackie is the funniest person ever. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Best Wired Autocomplete interview I've seen.
Meghna Rajagopalan
Meghna Rajagopalan:
Anthony Mackie: Tom Holland is my friend
Also Anthony Mackie: *Spends 30 seconds complaining about him*

Anthony Mackie: Sebastian Stan is my friend
Also Anthony Mackie: *Spends over 30 seconds talking about nothing but the guy's couch.*

Aditi Bij
Aditi Bij:
Anthony: talks about seb’s couch

Also Anthony: never been to seb’s house 😂😂😭😭😭
Annie Sami
Annie Sami:
He actually didn't Miss a chance to roast Tom Holland!!

That shows how strong there bond is....that's freaking awesome
Jerry Catap
Jerry Catap:
"Because Falcon is not Captain America"

*Laughs at TFATWS finale 😂
Sudipa Mandal
Sudipa Mandal:
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier was such a great show. I'm glad Anthony is getting the spotlight after the show
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803:
Anthony:"I feel like i'm a very nice person."
Tom holland: "Am I a joke to you?"
Anthony: "yes."
Anyone else here after Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 6? Anthony Mackie DEFINITELY knew what was coming with his smirk at 9:23 😏
Yash gk
Yash gk:

Also me 5 seconds later: oh okay🙂
The Missing Lync
The Missing Lync:
"Black Panther gave him wings..." 😉

That's the one there. This aged so well.
Spider Bits
Spider Bits:
I love these interviews and this is the first one that had me rolling!! Omg Anthony is iconic! ♥
Rhys Loxton
Rhys Loxton:
I want to see a movie with just Tom Holland, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. I feel like they could make one of the funniest movies
Sara DS Esposito
Sara DS Esposito:
He really seems a joy to be around
James Neveau
James Neveau:
Is it just me or is this the greatest 9:40 of footage ever released on the internet? It's just Anthony Mackie making us all look like chumps because he's hoarding all the world's greatness.
he genuinely seems like such a sweet person
Angela Munro
Angela Munro:
Sometimes I couldn't decide if he annoyed me or not with his humour and this vid confirmed that I love him! Genuine nice bloke.
"Does Anthony Mackie like Tom Holland".

Anthony: "Well yes but actually no."
Antonia Becerra
Antonia Becerra:
“Falcon is not captain America”
It’s stuff like this that gives me trust issues
Jesse Hugley
Jesse Hugley:
...and Black Panther gave him wings. I'm sure that quote will reveal itself soon.
Anthony is just funny on a whole other level.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones:
Are Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan friends?

Proceeds to go into incredibly descriptive detail about Sebastian Stan’s couch.

EDIT: WOW, was not expecting that many likes, thank you. Peace and Love everyone, stay safe. Call your loved ones x
Forever a Bookdragon
Forever a Bookdragon:
This is my favorite interview hands down, Anthony Mackie is my FAVORITE!
He is so funny, I'm obsessed with him
it’s the fact he actually gave us a hint that he would be captain america i love that and now he is💗
He's so funny, just an natural charismatic person who does remind me of will Smith a lot. Just tries to make people laugh like Smith. My only question is, would he still be friends with sebastian if he didn't have such a great couch?
Question: Where does Anthony Mackie Live?

Reality: Sebastian Stan's Couch
Linda Elizabeth
Linda Elizabeth:
Anthony: "I feel l'm a nice very nice person. Most people say I'm an ahole. But people say your an ahole because you don't give them what they want."
Couldnt agree more!
Zack Bing
Zack Bing:
0:50 - “It is the end of the game, but the beginning of the the legacy”

- Me in 2021 after watching the first 5 episodes of Falcon and The Winter Soldier rewatching this video
Nikhita Dasrath
Nikhita Dasrath:
Imagine Dylan O'Brien and Anthony Mackie being best friends (in a movie) that be awesome right
The way he looks at the camera after saying "Falcon is not captain America" Just screams that he so desperately wants to say "Yet"
Pepedea Wolf
Pepedea Wolf:
40% of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan's relationship is based on how much Anthony loves Sebastian's couch.
Cher Moore
Cher Moore:
Anthony Mackie deserves so much than Hollywood's giving him ☺
Random Account
Random Account:
"When did Falcon become Captain America"
Anthony Mackie: 'that's a very funny question because Falcon is not Captain America'

Captain America and The Winter Soldier: Hold my shield.
agustina nowotny
agustina nowotny:
Anthony makie is the only one doing this interview by himself in the entire cast. And he's the only one one who can 💅💀
9:23 forgets half the cast has a cape
Anthony: Man im going to get kicked out of this universe 😂
Fan 2 Fics
Fan 2 Fics:
I want someone to describe me the way he describes Sebastian Stans couch

This guy is too Lit
Muhammad Kadzim
Muhammad Kadzim:
"My wings are dopelicious"
-Mackie 2020
Anthony seems so chill
Imagine getting to go fishing with him 🤙🏻
Rebecca Millichamp
Rebecca Millichamp:
I love Anthony and his humour
luiz alves
luiz alves:
"cause falcon is not captain america"


I love anthony so much
E.M. Malcolm
E.M. Malcolm:
"Tom Holland is my friend; that's why I make fun of him." - Anthony Mackie, 2019
Liza Stacy
Liza Stacy:
He’s just the best thing ever.
Lucas Vincent
Lucas Vincent:
I love how Anthony Mackie can’t straight up compliment Tom Holland but it’s better than nothing
Gaia Paolozza
Gaia Paolozza:
I love him so much, he is so funny
Alivia Hansen
Alivia Hansen:
4:54 I feel like Anthony talks about Sebastian couch in almost every interview 😂 it is so funny 😂 2:04 I feel you man it’s a love hate relationship with your siblings and I have 4 siblings I would have had a twin but he died in my moms stomach 😭
Nehir Akın
Nehir Akın:
The question: Are Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are friends?

Anthony: Talks about Sebastian's couch for almost 1 minute 😂
Jeanne Taylor
Jeanne Taylor:
His expressment at 9:34 has me in tears 🤣🤣🤣
9:33 that reaction is genuine
꧁Wonder Gaming꧂
꧁Wonder Gaming꧂:
"are Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan friends?"
Anthony: "proceeds to talk about his couch" **hE hAs A nIcE cOuCh**
Diandra Suria
Diandra Suria:
I love how he never missing a opurtunnity to make fun of Tom😂😂😂😂
Graka Ganggang
Graka Ganggang:
Anthony: “I’m 40”

Natural human aging process: *”Am I a joke to you?”*
Wren :
“falcon is not captain america” YEAH THAT AGED WELL—
Amoh May
Amoh May:
This man's sense of humor is top tier 👌
Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith
Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith:
"Falcon is not Captain America"

Well he is now...
Guse Falito
Guse Falito:
This has got to be one of the best WIRED Celebrity Answers Googled Questions they've done. Mackie is the antithesis of dull
Mo O
Mo O:
Question: Are you and Sebastian Stan friends?

Him: It's like a daybed but it's a couch.
casey krukowski
casey krukowski:
“falcon is not captain america” came full circle and i couldn’t be happier about it
I've watched a ton of these wired google search things. Mackie's is easily the best.
" *when did falcon become Captain America* " that aged well
Dawson van Raalte
Dawson van Raalte:
“Falcon is not captain America” *glares at camera cuz he already knows what’s gonna happen*
Avery Patchett
Avery Patchett:
Mackie: *spends like 20 seconds talking about how great his sisters are and how much he loves them*
Also Mackie: my brothers alright
Karlee Palmer
Karlee Palmer:
how come we don’t talk about the fact that he literally said “my wings are dope-alicious”🤣🤣
Gaylin Jonkers
Gaylin Jonkers:
"This guy's a gangster? He's real name's Clarence."
5:04 I watched this moment like 5 times 😭
He really enjoys Seb's couch obviously
Qualin Hunter
Qualin Hunter:
Anthony Mackie seems like that ONE fun uncle that just spoils you and makes you laugh 😂
Dean Marconi
Dean Marconi:
Dude actually knows the comics origin of his character. So he either digs the comics or he does his research while taking on a role - either way, that's a cool guy!
Kathleen Kinney
Kathleen Kinney:
i hope everyone can find themselves a partner who looks at them the way he looks when he's talking about Sebastian Stan
9:24 That smirk... he knew too much 😏
soundguys_sine qua non
soundguys_sine qua non:
"It's the end of the game, but the beginning of the legacy." "When did Falcon become Captain America?" JUST NOW!! Seriously, that knowing look he gives to the camera afterwards is so freakin good. #ohcaptainmycaptain
7:17 Anthonys example of how small Tom Holland’s waist is is hilarious
Makayla LaFleur
Makayla LaFleur:
no one:

Literally no one:
Anthony Mackie: Sebastian stan has an amazing couch.
Gaming S0ul
Gaming S0ul:
I love that flare at the end. Like he knew that he was eventually becoming the new cap
cam demarest
cam demarest:
"Falcon is not Captain America"
Ryan Denney
Ryan Denney:
“When did Falcon become Captain America?” That’s a good question

I wonder if he already knew
Cassandra Anianwu
Cassandra Anianwu:
“Knees like butter”Lmao😭 smiled this whole video
Cpt Patrick
Cpt Patrick:
"Is he friends with Sebastian Stan?"

"couch good"
Kiersten Davey
Kiersten Davey:
Every interview of his has made me smile if not crack up. I really enjoy watching/listening to him. And I just noticed that he has a gap in his top teeth. I've always had a gap in mine and growing up never really saw anyone with gaps in their top teeth. I know it's something really small but it's just really cool to see 🙂
For a second I thought he was going to just give Tom Holland some heartfelt compliments but then he dropped what I was actually after.