Are Kanye West & Irina Shayk Dating?: What They Have in Common | E! News

Kanye West appears to be moving on! The rapper rang in his 44th b-day with a French getaway with none other than Irina Shayk. Here's everything you need to know about the model!

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Are Kanye West & Irina Shayk Dating?: What They Have in Common | E! News

100+ comentarios:

E! News
E! News:
Do you think Kanye and Irina make a good couple?
K Bloom
K Bloom:
I hope this works out well for Kanye. He deserves happiness and stability.
Sa Ra
Sa Ra:
Irina Shayk is absolutely stunning. Kim must be gutted. I wish Kanye & Irina nothing but happiness and health together. It's good to see Kanye smiling after everything that he's been through. They look great together!
Germaine Bekada
Germaine Bekada:
I wish him all the best , at the same time he needs to take time to deal with his mental health first so this relationship can last. Kanye is very nice guy and responsible, no one is perfect. Have fun K. West.
Kevin the Booty snatcher
Kevin the Booty snatcher:
It's only up from here for Kanye West. Irina was in his Power music video 10 years ago as an angel. Now they are dating. Life really does come full circle.
Dina Rubaiyak
Dina Rubaiyak:
She's naturally beautiful. Not full of plastics.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
How do people get in relationships so quickly without making on themselves 🤷🏽‍♂️.
Nay LA
Nay LA:
So he is not that crazy after all lol
They both know what it’s like to come out of a high profile marriage? Irina has never been married.
peaceful peds
peaceful peds:
I hope the West children will be ok. That's should be the concern. The adults take care of themselves. It's the children who will need more love and assurances.
T T A:
Good luck to her, being with a emotionally unstable person isn’t easy, time will tell
sara smolen
sara smolen:
wow that's a completely different body type for him, guys usually stick to the same likes, hope it works out for him
Holiday bites and Holiday licks
Holiday bites and Holiday licks:
I hope she's ready mentally and physically to accept all the drama that comes with Kanye
Cuate Sanz
Cuate Sanz:
Anything Kanye do... approved. He deserves to be happy.
Tania Mejia
Tania Mejia:
Am I the only one who thinks she’s a rebound? Idk that’s my OP, what do you Guys think?
Rossi Linares
Rossi Linares:
They are both talented and beautiful. I hope they can find happiness after their divorces.
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores:
She’s soooo beautiful!!!! They make such a good couple 🤩🤩🤩
Happy to see Kanye thriving. Also, Irina is HOT
Richard Talley
Richard Talley:
True love takes so long to get over…
Lizett Silva
Lizett Silva:
I don't believe she would go for him knowing his mental situation. I think it's friendship or business, but nothing romantic, but again, time will tell 🤷‍♀️
Yola Mzi
Yola Mzi:
They are not giving me couple vibes at all. She is pretty and its okay if Kanye likes her but saying hateful things about Kim is just satanic and vile. Hurt people feed off others pain. Its sad. 😔 be better humans people please🙏
Ylianna Villarreal
Ylianna Villarreal:
So he celebrated his official day birthday 🎂 with wify Kim Kardashian 🤭 and gave her the after party 🥳 😁 kanye is a genius 😎
Glynis Marthinussen
Glynis Marthinussen:
Are they officially divorced yet? Gosh but Kanye deserves it yes.
T G:
So is she an artist or creative as he had claimed that would be his next pick? As a model will she hide her body or not?
Strategy King
Strategy King:
Kanye has allowed Kim to "control the media narrative" for months. He's done letting her do so. Kanye on Twitter last year said he's wanted to get rid of Kim since 2018 due to her being inappropriate with another rapper. Kim NEVER denied it. I believe Kanye. He got rid of the dead weight (Kim)
Drummer Kick
Drummer Kick:
I wish them full happiness and a new future together🙏🙏
Phoebe R'view
Phoebe R'view:
Good for both of them, whatever makes them happy.
nombuyiselo lukhele
nombuyiselo lukhele:
Nancy Hernandez
Nancy Hernandez:
Omg !!!!! They literally made a whole VIDEO swearing Kanye just found his soulmate omg relax !!! Let them be. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Joanna Haber
Joanna Haber:
You know deep inside Kim is heated
just love
just love:
wowwwwww she look good OMG!!!!
talk truth
talk truth:
Both woman beautiful and Kim ur children mom as long as u respect her as ur children mom I give u a tump up life goes on for u both of u 2 beautiful woman kayne west
Jose Hinojosa
Jose Hinojosa:
Following in his buddy Trump's footsteps. Way to go👌🏾
Dilek Sen
Dilek Sen:
A baller, an actor, and a rapper. Irina must have so much insight into the shared personality traits of celebrities.
Trinijoy l
Trinijoy l:
Its like he cud not wait to be wit another woman. OH PLEASE! Hes doin this to make Kim Jealous. Irina better run far away frm Kayne. Hes just trouble!
M Woods
M Woods:
I thought he was going to be with an artist. I don't think a model is going to work... js
Thomas Brooks Jr
Thomas Brooks Jr:
He just rebounding back to an old booty call.. he aint tryna wife that..
Valeria Ceballos
Valeria Ceballos:
I miss himbeing with Kim tho
Girl, run!
heyitsnayaa Arok
heyitsnayaa Arok:
She’s too beautiful for Kanye
O M:
oh no way...hope it is just a new business project for Irina... no more than that..
Daniel Day
Daniel Day:
I bet Kim is really jealous of Irina. LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Veronica Pereira
Veronica Pereira:
Happy for both of them
Lola the Fabulous
Lola the Fabulous:
Love it!💗
livia gherasim
livia gherasim:
So the man is divorcing so theoretically can date but in my opinion I would ve waited a bit
When you're a high profile player and you got out of a high profile marriage you can't all of sudden date , just after 4 months 😒
It's a bit disrespectful for his still wife😏but that's just my opinion
Tiff Talk about it
Tiff Talk about it:
I think Kim was his match it’s a shame that after all these years he just moves on
Mitsos Boy
Mitsos Boy:
"Arena Shake" 😏
Irina and Bradley were never married
Real Opinions
Real Opinions:
Yess my boo survived the Kartrashions 🗑! Now this is a woman!!! unlike the last porn ⭐️!!!
Irina Shayk is a BEAUTIFUL woman...that is definitely an upgrade from Kim Kardashian.
What they havw in common should be nothing until Kanye is still married. `````
Jeelz Mancilla
Jeelz Mancilla:
So sad how with his wife he would just be in Wisconsin and after divorced he is out and about.smh. kanye. Kim even said it knowing something is going bc she said he deserves a good wife. I think she said it bc she knew he was already talking with someone bc she seemed hurt.
Xauren Peary
Xauren Peary:
I love her suits!
Trin M.
Trin M.:
Watch the double dating come with Bey and Hova... Might not be today or next week but i see Bey dining with Irina just to piss Kim. Kanye I love u buddy❤️ it's nice to have Mr West back in the building.
just love
just love:
kanye west is leveling wayyyy uuppppp from ' kim k plastic ', Irina is a such creature, i can't blame kanye .
Irina is beautiful. Hopefully she’ll able to get him back to somewhat normal. The Kardashian curse is real.
Eh. I think this is a very good PR stunt. I like it, but this is a friend helping the media change the conversation around his split. Same as Jen and Ben, although I think they may have taken the initial stunt to an actual relationship. 😂
Blaze Me
Blaze Me:
Everyone always said Kanye could not top Kim. Iryina is beautiful. If she treats him better and he is happier,he upgraded. It's not always about looks.
Raphie S
Raphie S:
Well , you know what they say once you go black you become a single mother.
Gina Rozario
Gina Rozario:
E is basically supporting the Kardashians and i bet you more news to make kanye look bad is on its way..
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes:
Omg Irina and Kanye makes beautiful couple When you put God first everything falls into place so happy for both of them . She’s gorgeous Kanye and Irina have a lot in common. God bless
I don’t think they are dating.
Passionaw explore
Passionaw explore:
Russian born blonde but I have never seen her blonde 😂
Izabella Marie Bosita
Izabella Marie Bosita:
She’s with him for the money lmao
Mimi Rose
Mimi Rose:
Its for modeling, I don't believe it
He was tired, too much plastic and fake beauty🤭
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police -:
Kanye left the family without telling tristan that his GORGEOUS son needs a father too. I hope this divorce is a PR stunt.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay:
They aren't dating...
Beautiful girl
Liz Liz
Liz Liz:
Wow what a way to hurt the mother of your children
Edith Valencia
Edith Valencia:
She just doesn't know how to pick them... set for another heartbreak (Isn't he bipolar? and the other two previous ones were Mommy's boys), she deserves better...
chari chari
chari chari:
NOPE.... see them crash and burn... CRASHHHH AND BUUUURRRNNN
Irina Has also dated Stella Maxwell
Cristiano dates both women...
Kanye is getting leftovers
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
An upgrade lol
Anita Mhlongo
Anita Mhlongo:
I wonder what they have in common, will he control her how to dress???... Kanye couldn't accept Kim's success... A demonic spirit that affects a majority of men... Lol if Kim is the one dating...double standards
Lady D
Lady D:
How can Kanye date a supermodel, remember he did not want Kim to show off her body,. What an idiot!
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin:
It won't last long, it will end SOONER.
Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson:
How does she go from Bradley cooper to that thing?
Now will Bradley cooper and Kim K date?
nixx 30
nixx 30:
Coming from a failed relationships. She should have learned her lessons and turn her back to Kanye. I see this as another failed relationship. She said she has a strong personality matched with a complicated man. I cant see a good future.
Boipelo Mphaki
Boipelo Mphaki:
They've been Christiano was smart leaving this gold digger that's why he's got their daughter. These two have been dating and I feel she's using him and he'll marry another gold digger again ugh EPIC FAIL man. Get better and lose these fake fools
dianne Davis
dianne Davis:
Another train wreck
Smile Big
Smile Big:
Hmmm 🤔 idk about this one.
Kamila M.
Kamila M.:
Odd match
Cybele Dalmas- Lewis
Cybele Dalmas- Lewis:
Celebrities are people to
He knows no black woman wants him🙄🙄
Wasn't she dumped by Ronaldo because she was complaining about that he always takes his mother to important events and not her. And he said that he would always bring his mother and not her.
Hope Love
Hope Love:
Life's like a roller coaster for Kanye ..from being a singer to being a born again christian..and now this? Leaving his wife and kids for someone else? And is Irina his good match? He's going downhill for sure
Time is On The Essence
Time is On The Essence:
Kanye needs someone who can be a respectable figure and at times housewife while he's away with the kids. Kim had the potential to be that figure and it would have been brilliant if they built their own empire together. Problem is Kim refused to sway away from the Kardashian brand and bikini pics
yes she is pregnant
Aashika A
Aashika A:
Out of everyone she went for kanye.....I feel this is a great way to get back at their exs
Daisy Winston
Daisy Winston:
I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke…I foresee a future baby mama! Hope I’m wrong😬
Monse Mares Tapia
Monse Mares Tapia:
I’m rooting for you Kanye you deserve it
Run girl ... He cray cray
Shame on you Irina
Joana Miranda
Joana Miranda:
Seems suss to me