Argentina vs Paraguay 1-1 Highlights English HD

Argentina vs Paraguay 1-1 Highlights English HD
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27 comentarios:

M K:
It's should be
Blind Assistant Refree
Mike McGregor
Mike McGregor:
I swear that Messi played magnificently in this game but his team was not lucky enough to be the winner.
Assyrer Assyrian
Assyrer Assyrian:
02:00 thats crazy
Gerki 666
Gerki 666:
Brilliant game by Gio Lo Celso!!
iFergJunior - Everything
iFergJunior - Everything:
BrAzIlIaN RefReE
Herbert Castillo
Herbert Castillo:
Ese partido Paraguay lo.ganaba 2-1 pero como siempre , el Var favoreciéndo a la Argentina, pero lo raro es que no veo a ningun argentino hablándo algo sobre la mano del tromco de Otamendi.
Crick Baller
Crick Baller:
i missed so many matches coz of the poor internet and old that time every day after the match i used to watch the news and newspapers for the match reviews & results... now i have better internet connection with latest mobile & tv .but also i felt like very unlucky ..coz i missed more from messi's prime and barca's prime.....! it's still hurting inside ....
Leader of the band
Leader of the band:
That was goal😡
Francisco March
Francisco March:
I cant believe they went that far back and cancelled the play. That was totally bullshit.
They stole that game. VAR is ruining the game.
Mrigank Mookim
Mrigank Mookim:
Video Assistant Referry _LOl
Sammy S. Samson
Sammy S. Samson:
I'm just here to check how messi brought it down beautifully cuz i've been seeing the image goes viral...
A. Jay
A. Jay:
VAR: we will cancel your goal if there is a foul in the previous game.
unchhayn Dev
unchhayn Dev:
this is to much bro what happen refreeee problem messi al ready gole but foul before 58 menet why no give gole
Rekha Tewari
Rekha Tewari:
Shift refree... Var team paid heavily by brazil
It's so inconsistent. There was a paraguayan player inside the box when Paraguay took the penalty why didnt VAR and the referee see that and make Paraguay retake it?
Ankit Mathews
Ankit Mathews:
Var has ruined football period.
Manthan Chauhan
Manthan Chauhan:
Mohammad Jashim
Mohammad Jashim:
Shakib YT
Shakib YT:
Vai video gula pan koy???
Peihimdai Kamei
Peihimdai Kamei:
Noooob VAR😅 TO HELP OR TO DESTROY.... I know the refree is from Brazil
RAA Vegeance
RAA Vegeance:
VAR,AGUAY ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rayan Shahzad
Rayan Shahzad:
Var totally ruined the game dont know why Var works against messi it workes in Spain and now in Argentina and this was the questionabke penalty and the goal messi scored Argentina would easily have won 2-0 but don't know why today refs are injustice they just get their money and they want to save their job I would fire them right quickly and it is proved that the time for the foul is only 5 to 10 seconds more than that its not fair thus ref should be ashamed I wish he loses his job plus this game was stolen by from Argentina so Brazil could come up same thing happened in copa America and in this game they just want to bring Argentina down. Var is unfair and so this ref to don't know what they get paid for.
Rishot Nongkhlaw
Rishot Nongkhlaw:
VAR has ruined football
Quốc Ân
Quốc Ân:
Var như cac lúc nào cũng ép barca với messi
Ario Barzan
Ario Barzan:
Messi Dwarf only plays well in La Liga, only against second and third tier teams, but in big and important games such as the return match against Liverpool or the game against Bayern Munich, and this game is no more than a normal player.