Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Official Video)

fficial video by Ariana Grande performing “thank u, next” – available now:

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Taylor Tracy Walsh
Production Company: London Alley

Executive Producers: Brandon Bonfiglio, Luga Podesta, Andrew Lerios
Colorist: Bryan Smaller

Featuring (in alphabetical order)

Colleen Ballinger
Jonathan Bennett
Matt Bennett
Courtney Chipolone
Jennifer Coolidge
Gabi DeMartino
Stefanie Drummond
Elizabeth Gillies
Toulouse Grande
Kris Jenner
Alexa Luria
Daniella Monet
Victoria Monet
Scott Nicholson
Tayla Parx
Troye Sivan

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Thought I'd end up with Sean
But he wasn't a match
Wrote some songs about Ricky
Now I listen and laugh
Even almost got married
And for Pete, I'm so thankful
Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm
'Cause he was an angel
One taught me love
One taught me patience
And one taught me pain
Now, I'm so amazing
Say I've loved and I've lost
But that's not what I see
So, look what I got
Look what you taught me
And for that, I say
Thank you, next (next)
Thank you, next (next)
Thank you, next
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex
Thank you, next (next)
Thank you, next (next)
Thank you, next (next)
I'm so fuckin'
Spend more time with my friends
I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
Plus, I met someone else
We havin' better discussions
I know they say I move on too fast
But this one gon' last
'Cause her name is Ari
And I'm so good with that (so good with that)
She taught me love (love)
She taught me patience (patience)
How she handles pain (pain)
That shit's amazing (yeah, she's amazing)
I've loved and I've lost (yeah, yeah)
But that's not what I see (yeah, yeah)
'Cause look what I've found (yeah, yeah)
Ain't no need for searching, and for that, I say
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next (thank you)
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next (said thank you, next)
Thank you, next (next)
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
I'm so fucking
One day I'll walk down the aisle
Holding hands with my mama
I'll be thanking my dad
'Cause she grew from the drama
Only wanna do it once, real bad
Gon' make that shit last
God forbid something happens
Least this song is a smash (song is a smash)
I've got so much love (love)
Got so much patience (patience)
I've learned from the pain (pain)
I turned out amazing (turned out amazing)
I've loved and I've lost (yeah, yeah)
But that's not what I see (yeah, yeah)
'Cause look what I've found (yeah, yeah)
Ain't no need for searching
And for that, I'll say
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex
Thank you, next (thank you, next)
Thank you, next (said thank you, next)
Thank you, next (next)
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Yeah, yee
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Thank you, next
Yeah, yee

#ArianaGrande #thankunext

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Reżyser Życia
Reżyser Życia:
I say this to every piece of pizza
Bex is trying her best
Bex is trying her best:
Can we appreciate Colleen doing the cheerleading routine pregnant
bet i’m gonna remember this song randomly in 7 years and see all the “whos here in 2026” comments
subscribe for no reason xx
subscribe for no reason xx:
*When you come too late and now all the comments are about victorious* 🙄
Lauren B.
Lauren B.:
It has mean girls, 13 candles, bring it on, legally blond, ect.
Mione salek
Mione salek:
At least colleen's child can say he got a kiss from Ariana Grande
ocean breeze ༄
ocean breeze ༄:
forget victorious why isn't anyone talking about how this song came out over a year ago.

damn time fliess
Hi Lol
Hi Lol:
Everyone is talking about jade and Robbie but what about Trina she’s in this too
Jessica Hale
Jessica Hale:
Cast of Victorious:

Jade ( Elizabeth gillies):
Robbie (Matt Bennett):
Trina (Daniella Monet):
Cat (Ariana Grande)

edit: got the ariana one from a comment lol
Sean Stewart Regalado
Sean Stewart Regalado:
Can someone just appreciate Kris Jenner at the End...
hatice abit
hatice abit:
1. Mean girls
2. Bring it on
3. Legally blonde
4. 13 going on 30
100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.
100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.:
Only people who don't come from TikTok can like this comment
if you didn’t realize the victorious cast was in this until now ur fake
The Upgraded
The Upgraded:
Don't ask "Who's watching in 2020" because we never left
Zeina Aljallad
Zeina Aljallad:
Who’s here in late October after the queen dropped “Positions”
Thank you for the likes, I’ve never gotten this much in my life 😭
100k Subscribers with Videos Challenge pls
100k Subscribers with Videos Challenge pls:
Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020
Thank U, Ariana
Thank U, Ariana:
I kind of wish she put ‘Wrote some songs about ricky, oh nevermind he’s trash’ instead of putting ‘now I listen and laugh’ 😂💀
100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.
100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.:
Who is watching it:
on bed
not in full screen
for reading comments

I salute those people who clicked on read
Angel Angel
Angel Angel:
Proud moment for Arianators. This song made her the queen of music industry and we were really happy she got what she deserved 🖤🤍
It’s hard to believe that her and Cat are the same person
Itzel Loera
Itzel Loera:
The "thank u, next btch" of Kris Jenner give me years of life JAJAJAJAJAJA
jalen liboon
jalen liboon:
Who’s here after Ariana new song “Postions”?
Just Charlie June
Just Charlie June:
Who else hasn’t realize Jade from victorious is in this until 2019
How many people listen This song after POSITIONS?
Hard to believe this came out 8 months ago. Time really does fly

Edit: 1 YEAR
help me to reach 50 k subscriber with videos
help me to reach 50 k subscriber with videos:
*Random people who like this will becomes billionaire someday.*
aiswarya aishu
aiswarya aishu:
When u r in positions era but not over thank u next yet

Thank u so much for the likes
Manae Porlas
Manae Porlas:
Who else watching in November 2019 😅
9F Chinmay Khare
9F Chinmay Khare:
Imagine how many people come here every day
So weird seeing Ariana Grande all mature like this after binging Victorious the last week.
Angie S.
Angie S.:
I just found out that the scene with the house of dolls and it’s from
“13 going on 30” love this music video
This song is so nostalgic even though it came out 1 year ago. I listened to this song just before I started college and now I'm in my second year. It gives me a happy feeling
Asitha Anil
Asitha Anil:
One taught me love: New Year!
One Taught me patience: Quarentine
One taught me pain: Social distancing
Imagine going to school and you see Ariana grande

t e a
t e a:
imagine being able to say “i was kissed by ariana grande before i was born.”
Mya Castillo
Mya Castillo:
What everyone else heres: thank you next
What i here: bacon eggs
Ainsley Edison
Ainsley Edison:
I just realized this, Ariana - Cat, Girl in group - Jade, Guy brushing his teeth next to Ariana - Freddy
Neko FAM
Neko FAM:
Can we appreciate that she brought Matt in this music vid- And she even got Liz and Daniella.
Keiani Glass
Keiani Glass:
me: thank you next
my mom:what are you singing?
me:ariana grande duhh
my mom: o well keep going
love you ari
Wally Kos
Wally Kos:
2:36 Bacon & Eggs? Yes please :D
25k subscribers without videos challenges
25k subscribers without videos challenges:
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day :)
ari´s songs without earphones : okay
ari´s songs with earphones : *immaculate.*
Patato GuRl
Patato GuRl:
So nobody is gonna talk about how the lady that filming them looks like Kris Jenner????
Sthefanny Sandoval
Sthefanny Sandoval:
La cosa es así
7 rings
Para que cuenten las vistas, no comentar emojis y no saltarse anuncios
zara ahmed
zara ahmed:
I refuse to believe this song turns 1 year old tomorrow
Laurel McKay
Laurel McKay:
Did anyone else notice the overwhelming amount of movie references in this?
Billie Alexander
Billie Alexander:
So listened to this for the first time last week after getting out of a really shitty relationship earlier this year. This was probably the most healing thing I could've found as it helped me refocus my pain into appreciation for all that I learned, and how it built me up.

Also weird feels having grown up with the movies being referenced here and now seeing those characters in their 30s-50s in so many roles. The goddamn nostalgia is intense.
ShaWty AngeL
ShaWty AngeL:
“wish i could say thank you to Malcolm... cause he was an angel :(“
Tiffani Todman
Tiffani Todman:
it’s weird seeing her so grown up after binging victorious and sam & cat
stephi love
stephi love:
I recognize more people here than YouTube rewind
10,000 subscribers with 0 videos?
10,000 subscribers with 0 videos?:
Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching
in October 2020
Emily Eisele
Emily Eisele:
I’m still watching this over and over
Marla Liles-Moreland
Marla Liles-Moreland:
imagine all the kids in the future searching up songs from when the kids heard this and them seeing them like wHaT tHe fRiCk
erick tu patron '
erick tu patron ':
omg i remember when this video came out and everyone literally everyone was talking about it
Lady H. Wotton
Lady H. Wotton:
Ariana kissing Colleen‘s baby bump is actually the cutest
you can't spell loVe without V
you can't spell loVe without V:
This song shows how girls get stronger after breaking up with someone, and they're so fcking great full for their Ex. 😉
Marla Liles-Moreland
Marla Liles-Moreland:
also can we talk about kim kardashions mom when she was singing tHaNk YoU nExT eye mouth eye.
Jared Byas
Jared Byas:
omg i literally just realized that 7 rings is playing in the beginning...
Nansubuga Munirah
Nansubuga Munirah:
It feels like it just came out a week ago i literally can't accept the fact that it came out a year to be true i come here everyday Ari you the best your songs will never fade away even if Its 2100 ieish to be like you so everyone check out her new positions music video ARI MY IDOL😍😍😍🖐🖐🖐💋💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤❣❣💛
Sofia A
Sofia A:
Kris stealing the whole show in the end though
hazel bazel
hazel bazel:
I just realized that the beginning of this video was 7 rings...

2:26 you can see Danielle Monet next to Ariana
*shoves her out of way*
Mame Gumja
Mame Gumja:
Mean girls
0:01 'the part where everyones talking about regina george'
0:43 'the iconic burn book'
1:05 'the plastics'
1:25 ' the iconic jingle bell rock'

Bring it on
1:42 to 2:41

13 going to 30
2:42 to 3:01

Legally blonde
3:02 elle in harvard
4:04 bend and snap
at first i was like “why does the girl playing cady look familiar?” now i’m like “ELIZABETH GILLIES”
•Uma uniter •
•Uma uniter •:
Agora eu já sei quem a Ludimila se inspirou quando foi fazer a música "cheguei"
Lol FUN FUN Foxy
Lol FUN FUN Foxy:
*I refused to believe that this song was 1 year old*
Edit : more than 1 year old
Alaina King
Alaina King:
4:09 The dude in the back: *YAHHH*
Amelle Adegoke
Amelle Adegoke:
That salon lady is from netflix cinderella story. Yess Matt Bennett and Elizabeth Gilles and Something Monnett or lets say trina vega
Пьяная Корейка
Пьяная Корейка:
Отсылка к "блондинка в законе" просто в сердечко.
Joel Javier
Joel Javier:
People in this video
Jade west - take a hint
Matt benet- I think you’re swell
Danielle Monet - CHICAGOOOOO
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves:
Trisha The Pig
Trisha The Pig:
I watched this BEFORE Mean Girls.
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos:
Almost 2 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.
This song and “Clover Cage - Imagination” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...I love you.........
Naziha Alfrid
Naziha Alfrid:
It is so weird to see her like this when all I can think about is her role as cat in victorious. Like oml its just so different idkw
Lea Norris
Lea Norris:
One taught me love: New Year♥️

One taught me patience: Quarantine💔🥺

One taught me pain: CORONAA😱🤣
Uncureableboss YT
Uncureableboss YT:
3:21 i thought they are talking about how big is the-

Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy:
Life was good when this masterpeice came out.
Prerna Shukla
Prerna Shukla:
No one:
Me swiping through tinder: Thank u, Next.
Imagine the pressure on Ariana's next boyfriend LOL
auti Jean
auti Jean:
"wish I could say thank you to malcolm, cuz he was an angel"

Still is!

MsTyra B
MsTyra B:
When I was going thru a depression, I played this song damn near everyday on repeat, since it came out. And everytime I heard it I felt better, and it made me happier. I still jam to it.
Luciana uch
Luciana uch:
Joncarl ott
Joncarl ott:
Who's here after Positions?????????????
it would’ve been so iconic if there was a pear on the computer instead of a heart
lari grossi
lari grossi:
Esse video parece com o da ludmila sabe aquele (cheguei) entao
Charles Michael Segovia iv
Charles Michael Segovia iv:
God may someone take me away from this life away from the ones that are holding back from moving forward2020 before I give up n. o.d
This is the number of people watching this song every day.
Yeimi Mariana
Yeimi Mariana:
Vengo de positions
Life Of Kiki
Life Of Kiki:
Kris Jenner is actually like Regina George’s mom lmfaoooo
Samantha Hatfield
Samantha Hatfield:
I love that robbie jade and ari are all still friends there the group we never thought we needed lol. (Dont ask why I didn't say their real names and their off victorious just do you know!!)
Ascendancy Coston
Ascendancy Coston:
1:06 ITS JADEEE (from victorious the SAME Show young Ariana is in!!!!)
Isabel Aricat
Isabel Aricat:
Is it just me or did I see Kris jenner being the "cameraman"??
Rebecca Mamo
Rebecca Mamo:
Ariana’s Moonlight
Ariana’s Moonlight:
I heard that Ariana broke of an engagement
Victoria: I tHInK WE All BroKE Of aN eNgaMent
kay lovely
kay lovely:
This song helped ms when all my friend decided they were gonna turn on me mainly when she said her name is ari and I'm so good with that
What’s the tea Sis
What’s the tea Sis:
bye thank u, next era😭
Emme Mistretta
Emme Mistretta:
“Wish I could I could say thank you to malcom cause he was an angel”
Domonkos Szakács
Domonkos Szakács:
Non-single songs from the album ''Thank U, Next'' that should be singles:

Fake Smile
Bad Idea
Make Up
In My Head
Ariana's impression of Jenni from 13 going on 30 was so spot on!