Arizona man wanted by D.C. police after the riot at the U.S. Capitol

At the center of the unrest at the Capitol, 12 News has identified an Arizona man in the mix.

The man, with face paint and horns, is a regular at protests and rallies in the Valley. He's posted as a person of interest by Metropolitan Police in Washington, D.C. following Wednesday's breach.

The man, known as Jake Angeli or Jacob Chansley, is from Phoenix. 12 News spoke with him over the phone Thursday morning when he stated he was the horned protester at the Capitol.

He said he didn't have time to answer questions, but noted he was waiting for a ride to travel back to Phoenix. He also said he wasn't worried that he was listed as a person of interest by D.C. police.

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Irontail Rolo
Irontail Rolo:
Funny how the press can easily find him but the trained law enforcement cannot find him.
Travis Meta
Travis Meta:
Imagine wearing a signature outfit just so the federal authorities can easily follow you
“It only raised $10.” That’s the best bit.
"Neighbors have seen him outside with the horns on." this was like a normal day in the neighborhood for this guy.
Goo Goo Baby
Goo Goo Baby:
He has horns on his head , he's probably hiding in a cow pasture. 🐂🐃🐄🐃🐂🐄🐃🐄🐂🐃🐄🐂
Vince F
Vince F:
Hmmmm. If only there were some sort of identifying marks on this guy to help locate him.🤔
alfred jaramillo
alfred jaramillo:
He will be hard to find,He just blends in with normal people.
Stefan Lewis
Stefan Lewis:
Its like his brain is a spotify playlist of conspiracies put on shuffle.
The guy got his wish. He now gonna be most famous image from the Capital protests..

LOL This is hilarious..
your average anxious commenter
your average anxious commenter:
"Go play with the neighbour's kid"

The neighbour's kid:
Dave Winch
Dave Winch:
He looks like a big steaming pile of intellect, he does.
Joe Dodge
Joe Dodge:
Imagine what life will be like for THIS guy in an Arizona Prison with Black and Hispanic Fellow Inmates.
Shouldn’t be too difficult to pick him out of a police lineup.
America's Favorite Brazilian
America's Favorite Brazilian:
Jake will be Historically remembered lol
That's a Fact...That picture is funny
Sandra H
Sandra H:
The “No Shirt, No Shoes” policy only applies in restaurants and stores.🤷‍♀️
Arizona man wanted by D.C.? Hell he walked right into their home and said Hello to all of them! Don't know how you guys missed him, the world saw him!
Giuseppe Bongiovanni
Giuseppe Bongiovanni:
A failed actor without a job still living at his mother’s house. A real winner.
k m
k m:
He needed a go fund me account to get out to DC? I thought everyone was doing so well under trump?
Alexander Ostroff
Alexander Ostroff:
Evidently his favorite children's book was Where The Wild Things Are.
Nacho Supremo
Nacho Supremo:
His superpower is that he turns invisible when he is not wearing his costume 😂
Hamfists Man
Hamfists Man:
He's got that attention he so desperately wanted.
roy morris
roy morris:
yeah this is a perfect example of the whole q anon movement
Looks like a Looney Tunes, he'll get off for mental illness.
Amend the Constitution to Remove Pathological Liars
Amend the Constitution to Remove Pathological Liars:
If you have any friends that are buffalo bills fans please send your condolences.
***This lady reporting just made the opening statement in this dude's prosecution.🤔🤔🤔***
I don't always smoke meth, but when I do...
Its wile wearing a bull horn, shaman, Headdress, hat thing.
Eclipse Z
Eclipse Z:
Can't tell if this guy just beat those Florida man memes.
John Drake
John Drake:
60 courts dismissed cases of voter fraud, without ever looking at the evidence.
Is that something to laugh about?
Peter Lightning
Peter Lightning:
The news can find him, but the cops can't. 😆
He lives with mommy, being a hardcore republican and all. "I hate immigrants and school lunch programs, you should stand on your own two....wait , mom's calling me for dinner."
Sooo, the Simpsons saw him in 2019 than wrote the skit.
He's most certainly an antifa pawn.
Kaysee Coward
Kaysee Coward:
Did anyone else think of that Seinfeld episode with Elaine’s boyfriend at the hockey game?
Manny Taylor
Manny Taylor:
If they wanted they could have got him last night. They don't want him.
Quoc Vu Le
Quoc Vu Le:
What kind of “ f “ animal ? Put him in the jail
M H:
He’s probably stuck in Washington still as he doesn’t have money to get back to AZ
Ridz Barton
Ridz Barton:
This is going to be my Halloween Costume this year. Haha!
Beyond Your IQ
Beyond Your IQ:
If he puts his mask on they'll never find him.
DC Police only want this man so that they can ensure he is adequately protected, and to ensure he gets his paycheck and performance bonuses.
Bruce Radford sorry wrong house
Bruce Radford sorry wrong house:
I heard he is a relative of pelosi is that true?
I see people like this all the time at the bus station. Probably start there.
Frank Ly
Frank Ly:
Doesn’t look like 4 years of Trump did him any good.
That Guy
That Guy:
It only raised 10 dollars. Nuff said about this yahoo.
Terry Hollas
Terry Hollas:
Since then, He's landed a book and movie deal for 12 million
Joe Dodge
Joe Dodge:
So, his High School Yearbook Cover Photo.. WE'RE TALKING PLOWED!!
Paddy le Blanc
Paddy le Blanc:
Funny how the cops cant find him;

"Does the suspect have any defining features?"
"......errrrr ...where do I start"
Pamir Badakhshan
Pamir Badakhshan:
1:33 guy next to him on right side, with his job ID ))
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer:
When I first saw this picture,I honestly thought it was Mike Perry, the mma fighter.
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
this give is the new living meme. I love him
Joe Dodge
Joe Dodge:
This guy dedicated his life to be a Butt Buddy for thousands of prison inmates. His Mother is proud.
Super sayin2 dragon ball
Super sayin2 dragon ball:
He made it to the history books and The Simpson
kissing friend
kissing friend:
ittegapS Sauce
ittegapS Sauce:
Too early for going out trick or treating mate.
Gold digger Jane
Gold digger Jane:
People he is paid by satanist to play his role he was part of a ritual called the fall of roma. Form of destruction and chaos upbringing.
Duble D
Duble D:
He’s wanted like bob dylan and Johnny cash
John Gillespie
John Gillespie:
He is so famous now we will probably see him selling posters and calendars of himself soon on Amazon......and then....three years from now the movie just know Hollywood will eventually make a movie about President Trump and the million MAGA march and the raid on the Capitol....and this man is Center square.
I do believe his 15 minutes are up.
Roy Rice
Roy Rice:
Arizona man guilty of capital murder. Deemed “crazy as hell” and dressed as two horned demon”. Police officer dies. Jenny Cudd cited as accomplice.
Alan Garner
Alan Garner:
Regular American nationalist: USA! USA! USA!
This guy:
yhtomit snurb
yhtomit snurb:
25th amendment candidate
Why didn’t they arrest him while he was breaking the law?
Danny red57
Danny red57:
Let find him stuff him mount him😂 how much for him is he house broken
He is an effective tool. They will "keep" looking for him...
A None
A None:
He was my favorite character on “Americans gone Rouge”- Spectator.
"Jake n' Jelly"
go tellit
go tellit:
If you catch him, ask him where he got that and tell me. I want one!
The Ethers
The Ethers:
A psychiatrist would have a field day with this dude.
Rick G
Rick G:
LOL... can’t miss this guy. Professional nut. Moon valley grad... LOL 😂
Adam A
Adam A:
This reporter's head twitches weird AF.
Microbio S
Microbio S:
As Squidward would say:
Brian A Heise, MD
Brian A Heise, MD:
Time will tell if this event becomes known as the 2nd great american ' Tea Party' or not.
Jay Edylc
Jay Edylc:
Sounds like Arizona has long been in competition with Florida in producing the crazies.
Gary Barrett
Gary Barrett:
Breaking news, horn man has admitted it all.
Steve 74
Steve 74:
Neighbours say they'd seen him outside with the horns on 🤣🤣🤣
Constance Greiner
Constance Greiner:
And funny thing he was characterized on the Simpsons years ago.
American Pancake
American Pancake:
Yelling up from the basement, "Maaaa! I am working down here!"
Tell the folks what Federal Installation he will be staying in Johnny!
jeff jones
jeff jones:
He’ll be getting in some quality thinking time in Levenworth shortly.
Max Wong
Max Wong:
He stole the costume idea from The Simpsons.
G Money
G Money:
They saw Batman w him so they new they couldn’t touch him 😂😂😂
America spent $750B annually on defense and the center of America fell on this guy!
What a legend!
He just wants to be a part of something in these socially awkward times 😅😅😅
Amy Langston
Amy Langston:
I hope they put in the same cell as Joe Exotic
Jonathan Blaze
Jonathan Blaze:
That dudes going to prison.
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes:
Let's see how tough he is when the feds get him.
Clean as dirt
Clean as dirt:
His family tree is a wreath.
Is his costume inspired by some sort of native tribe?
Darlene Ford
Darlene Ford:
They should ask Pelosi, he had his picture taken with Pelosi's son-in-law 🙄
Brian M
Brian M:
Yes he will be laughing now, but when he gets convicted and goes to jail the inmates will have fun beating him up!
Mel Gibson’s illegitimate son.
He raised 10 dollars from go fund me😂 Can that word, raise, even be used for that little amount of money. More like He scrounge 10 dollars.
Frank McConnellogue
Frank McConnellogue:
Loud mouth who still lives with his mommy at 33years of age .
Lord von Manor
Lord von Manor:
He's a person of interest? The mfer breached our capitol and he's a person of interest?
Landro Nove
Landro Nove:
“ Q sent him “ ..this does say it all !
Jose Bravo
Jose Bravo:
In N Out
In N Out:
his parents are related
Square Hammer
Square Hammer:
You can interview him but somehow the FBI can't find him? Yeah okay, tell me another one
B.B. Sprite
B.B. Sprite:
0:57 what was the point of her knocking on the door lol wtf
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick:
I hear he's up in Yellowstone hiding out with the bison! :)
I love how we get months of “protests” from the left, but the one time the right gets rowdy it’s immediately a riot
blue orbit
blue orbit:
I'm sure he's genuinely sincere for his "cause"... not simply desperate for attention at all...not at all.
Long Shot
Long Shot:
DUHHH, He’s undercover