Arizona man wanted by D.C. police after the riot at the U.S. Capitol

At the center of the unrest at the Capitol, 12 News has identified an Arizona man in the mix.

The man, with face paint and horns, is a regular at protests and rallies in the Valley. He's posted as a person of interest by Metropolitan Police in Washington, D.C. following Wednesday's breach.

The man, known as Jake Angeli or Jacob Chansley, is from Phoenix. 12 News spoke with him over the phone Thursday morning when he stated he was the horned protester at the Capitol.

He said he didn't have time to answer questions, but noted he was waiting for a ride to travel back to Phoenix. He also said he wasn't worried that he was listed as a person of interest by D.C. police.

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Irontail Rolo
Irontail Rolo:
Funny how the press can easily find him but the trained law enforcement cannot find him.
Travis Meta
Travis Meta:
Imagine wearing a signature outfit just so the federal authorities can easily follow you
"Neighbors have seen him outside with the horns on." this was like a normal day in the neighborhood for this guy.
Goo Goo Baby
Goo Goo Baby:
He has horns on his head , he's probably hiding in a cow pasture. 🐂🐃🐄🐃🐂🐄🐃🐄🐂🐃🐄🐂
“It only raised $10.” That’s the best bit.
alfred jaramillo
alfred jaramillo:
He will be hard to find,He just blends in with normal people.
The guy got his wish. He now gonna be most famous image from the Capital protests..

LOL This is hilarious..
Stefan Lewis
Stefan Lewis:
Its like his brain is a spotify playlist of conspiracies put on shuffle.
Shouldn’t be too difficult to pick him out of a police lineup.
Vince F
Vince F:
Hmmmm. If only there were some sort of identifying marks on this guy to help locate him.🤔
Sandra H
Sandra H:
The “No Shirt, No Shoes” policy only applies in restaurants and stores.🤷‍♀️
America's Favorite Brazilian
America's Favorite Brazilian:
Jake will be Historically remembered lol
That's a Fact...That picture is funny
DC Police only want this man so that they can ensure he is adequately protected, and to ensure he gets his paycheck and performance bonuses.
Alexander Ostroff
Alexander Ostroff:
Evidently his favorite children's book was Where The Wild Things Are.
America spent $750B annually on defense and the center of America fell on this guy!
What a legend!
Willie Bautista
Willie Bautista:
By the time he'll get to Phoenix, they'll be waiting. He'll find a note they left hanging on his door. He'll cry when he reads the part that says they're waiting. Because he knows what's coming. Sad.
V Lee
V Lee:
This 'serious' report is so very funny. It beats any comedic skits. Even the dog (barking after knocking on the door) knows how to play the role 0:57. It is so surreal.
Yanic Yoda
Yanic Yoda:
There is more to him than meets the eye ! Jake the barbarian ,we can't look away dude !
Honor this man! He has given us years and years of dope memes.
Manny Taylor
Manny Taylor:
If they wanted they could have got him last night. They don't want him.
I don't always smoke meth, but when I do...
Its wile wearing a bull horn, shaman, Headdress, hat thing.
Johnny Azer
Johnny Azer:
A Bosnian psychic in my dream told me this cat would mend his ways, go to medical school, and become Phoenix's must beloved gynecologist.
Abdelkader Mohamed
Abdelkader Mohamed:
i see him on my tv , and when i go in bathroom i found him waching his hands ; i move in my garden and he was playing football can found this man everywhere .
H G:
pretty sure i seen that guy on world news tonight, and his mom said that "if he doesnt eat organic foods, he'll get really sick" 😂
Arizona man wanted by D.C.? Hell he walked right into their home and said Hello to all of them! Don't know how you guys missed him, the world saw him!
Rull Mourn
Rull Mourn:
we had a guy like that in Austin TX years ago, everybody just treated him like no big deal because we all got used to him. His name was Leslie.
Maximus Sarcasticus13
Maximus Sarcasticus13:
Everything about him spells winner!
your average anxious commenter
your average anxious commenter:
"Go play with the neighbour's kid"

The neighbour's kid:
Summer McCurdy
Summer McCurdy:
The “distanct getup” sent me 😭
salty dog
salty dog:
Funny how the FBI can find him but they can't find where the money in all the politicians bank accounts is coming from
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick:
I hear he's up in Yellowstone hiding out with the bison! :)
Вот это настоящий мужик
🤣🤣🤣 Just turn yourself in buddy..Your outfit made it easy to find you🤣🤣
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos:
Don’t worry. He’ll have plenty of time to answer all the questions you can throw at him soon
Brandon Buckingham
Brandon Buckingham:
i spent all day interviewing these people from the national mall to the steps of the capitol building. it’s on my channel now.
Spartacus Forlife
Spartacus Forlife:
The hillbillies from the film " deliverance" invaded the capitol building. They told Lindley Graham he had a " purty mouth" and Graham giggled coquettishly 🤣🤣🤣
lynn craig
lynn craig:
He needs to join a Hockey Team with all that pent up rage and let the team teach him a few lessons. He won't need to buy Red ,Black and Blue face paint.
M H:
He’s probably stuck in Washington still as he doesn’t have money to get back to AZ
0:49 He looked so young and full of optimism. How do you go from that to the complete, spasmatic whack job in this vid? Thank Goodness he was found though; I thought he’d be hard to find!
James Dykes
James Dykes:
Values begin and end in the home. A little wisdom goes along way.
Buick SDA
Buick SDA:
He was recently spotted in Bedrock @ the Water Buffalo Lodge.
Bianca Jade
Bianca Jade:
And we all wondered what happened to Buffalo Bill Dr Lecter is so disappointed in him and wants to know if the lambs stopped screaming yet.
He is an effective tool. They will "keep" looking for him...
Vickie Lewallen
Vickie Lewallen:
Like most SJWs, he's in it for the drama.They don't care about society, they're bored and want some drama, and attention. He goes to every event he can, to squall about *whatever,* and get his 60 seconds in the spotlight.
Scotty Thomas
Scotty Thomas:
I want one of those hats too.
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
this give is the new living meme. I love him
Lol when I was a kid and we decided to kick the pumpkins over on “Halloween...we wore the most plain Jane regular degular costumes to you know blend in ... but this guy decided to vandalize the capitol building , with horns face-paint and fur tattoos and he’s 6”6 😂 knowing nothing will be done to him .. that’s privilege
I see people like this all the time at the bus station. Probably start there.
CeeJay Ayyeee
CeeJay Ayyeee:
This badass is a 30 + yo and lives with his mom!! Haha I’d be mad at the world too. Blaming everyone but myself.
Nacho Supremo
Nacho Supremo:
His superpower is that he turns invisible when he is not wearing his costume 😂
Bill M
Bill M:
Got 'em!
Richard C
Richard C:
He lives at home with Mommy and eats only organic. I guess he thought this riot would give his life purpose.
God Bless Him. We need to put money on his books!
Olga C
Olga C:
OMG I am from Phoenix AZ. What a small world. My husband and I saw this man standing in the middle of the road on 75 ave and Bell near my house yelling and it looked like he was kind of dancing but could not hear what he was saying.I did not realized he was a Trumps supporter or why he was dressed like that. I believe it was around the holidays before Christmas.
Jay Edylc
Jay Edylc:
Sounds like Arizona has long been in competition with Florida in producing the crazies.
Clint Walker
Clint Walker:
The tattooed 32-year-old also admitted to having several profound experience after taking "psychoactive" and "ceremonial" plants such as cactus and mushrooms as part of his "spiritual journey" towards becoming a "shaman" on the "Jake Angeli - Keys for our Ascension" podcast.

"I think I was 11 the first time I got high, and it was because God love him, my dad gave it to me," he said on the podcast.
Silt Strider
Silt Strider:
National hero, icon, call him what you will, this man is a gentleman and a scholar.
Moose Stubbings
Moose Stubbings:
we don't have times for your games Q
(Picard Voice)
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson:
And now he’s being fed organic food... because his mom complained to the cops that he gets sick if he doesn’t eat his “special meals”...
Caleb Craycraft
Caleb Craycraft:
His account only reached $10 dollars lol that part got me lol
Rick Olinger
Rick Olinger:
Cellmate wanted in AZ
Prefer gullable narcissist who likes makeup, costumes, and role play. Send pic (horns preferred)
He's getting off with a slap on the wrist because his wife, the physician bought him two SUPERIOR defense attorneys. Those who can't afford "justice" of this caliber won't be getting out of their seditious acts so easily.
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook:
LoL good luck ... this man is a shaman of Q, he knows how to disappear and blend ..... huh oh they caught him ... Nevermind dont forget the organic food, he gets super grouchy without it
I do believe his 15 minutes are up.
Dam if this cat wanted to dress up all he needs to do is become a raider fan 🤣
David Khoonsrivong
David Khoonsrivong:
He also played in the role for " THE VIKINGS" 😂😂😂
Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher:
His Mom and Dad (Aunt Sister and Uncle Brother) must be so proud that he overcame that extra chromosome!
$10.. hahaha.
Dave Winch
Dave Winch:
He looks like a big steaming pile of intellect, he does.
roy morris
roy morris:
yeah this is a perfect example of the whole q anon movement
Utavin Zo
Utavin Zo:
😂 for the horde!
Steve 74
Steve 74:
Neighbours say they'd seen him outside with the horns on 🤣🤣🤣
Roy's Place
Roy's Place:
Since your not going to need those horns no more I can use them to put over my storage bin .
Angela H.
Angela H.:
Guess police should have arrested him before they let him walk right out. Or better yet, they shouldn't have let him in to begin with!
Terence Stamp
Terence Stamp:
That’s a strong look.
Brian A Heise, MD
Brian A Heise, MD:
Time will tell if this event becomes known as the 2nd great american ' Tea Party' or not.
Limahong's Time
Limahong's Time:
A famous patriot and courageous citizen.✌️
Efren Laboy
Efren Laboy:
I now many people there because they offer me couple a Townsend dollar only if something is destroy and give them a picture when i say no way they treat me . seems that i always been alerts. They destroy my trust in people my family say that the behavior is completely changed my life for great im the best off me
Hamfists Man
Hamfists Man:
He's got that attention he so desperately wanted.
This is Laflare Tv
This is Laflare Tv:
It's simple. He found a way to fill a void in his life. Unfortunately it was destructive. He needs therapy
skee Bo
skee Bo:
Hey I saw this guy at Yellowstone last summer. He tried to charge my car
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman:
How do you loose a damn buffalo! lol
Kartier Supreme White
Kartier Supreme White:
He’s broke trying to find a ride back home to Phoenix. Wow. Feds looking for you brother.
Ganon Carmichael
Ganon Carmichael:
Gotta love the picture of him in high school before he was called by Odin
Mycle Lo
Mycle Lo:
I don't know why but I think this dudes FREAKING COOL.
J Dobine
J Dobine:
Broke a%* lol! Flights only $20 on spirit during the pandemic 😂
Tell the folks what Federal Installation he will be staying in Johnny!
C D:
Come on! He's hilarious 🤣
Dc police wants him now? But he was just there! Inside the government and in front of all the cameras!
LDS wears crazy so well. Arrest him and throw away the key!
Steven Farina
Steven Farina:
There must be something better Jacob can do with his life .How about joining the service? That would make a man out of him .
Booker Uzzell
Booker Uzzell:
Moon Valley HS,OMG!
tony acosta
tony acosta:
More police presence at a Miley Cyrus concert than the capital on that day.
kissing friend
kissing friend:
American Pancake
American Pancake:
Yelling up from the basement, "Maaaa! I am working down here!"
Mari Rivera
Mari Rivera:
Amen & Awoman 🤪
Jose Bravo
Jose Bravo:
D J:
The should look for him at burning man,
2021 version of village peaple or Dances with wolves sequal auditions, buffallo bills play off games, meth trailer park in West Virginia. He is very special.
William M
William M:
Right wing, Left wing, no matter what persuasion, these conspiracy people are bonkers.
There needs to be consequences. Ten years is the absolute bare minimum I would accept for everyone inside the Capitol. This is treason and that charge should be added to make sure he and everyone else inside the interior of the Captiol does get the minimum 10 years.