Arjen Robben - Magical Skills and Goals

Amazing signature move and stunning goals - the best of Arjen Robben!
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Robben fast became one of Bayern’s most important players after signing from Real Madrid in 2009. He shaped an era with his pacy dribbles, signature move and spectacular goals. Everyone knows that he cuts inside from the right, but no one could stop him. The 35-year-old Dutch international played 201 games across 10 seasons for Bayern, scoring 99 goals in that time. Robben is truly a wing wizard. What moment comes to your mind, when you think of all the magic moments of Arjen Robben in the Bundesliga? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Nancy Saju
Nancy Saju:
The most predictable player . When he runs down the right wing everyone knows he's gonna cut inside and score but nobody can do nothing to stop him..
Thank you for everything my hero ❤
Viraj Bhale
Viraj Bhale:
Arjen Robben is the only player who can make any left-back look like a sunday league defender!!
Illmatic 2
Illmatic 2:
one of the most underrated players ever, he is a legend
K K:
I don't fear the man who has practiced 1000 kicks once.
I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 1000 times.~Bruce Lee
Muhammad Yudi Kurniawan
Muhammad Yudi Kurniawan:
Fact of Robben
Left kick:95%
Right kick:5%
Cut inside and shoot;92%😂
Predictable but unstopable
One of the best footballer but underated player
Simple but effective
A legend of the nederlands and bayern
Its official. He ended his career. I am so happy that he played for Bayern and won the treble with us. I will always remember him as a Bayern legend.
I don't care what anyone says. I firmly believe had injures not hindered him so much he would have been near that Ronaldo and Messi level.
Shikamaru _Nara
Shikamaru _Nara:
Spencer Abstract
Spencer Abstract:
*hands Robben a right leg*

"That won't be necessary"
เตยบ้าบอ   แชลแนล
เตยบ้าบอ แชลแนล:
Arjen Robben is the best 🇳🇱
FANCLUB Bayern Munchen Form Thailand🇹🇭💕
F2P Gamer
F2P Gamer:
But now we will not be able to his magic anymore😕😕
Ayrton de Jong
Ayrton de Jong:
Hahaha the miss on 1:30 is incredible every sunday League player would score that one 😂
محمود ضياء الدين مصطفى عبدالفتاح عطيه 1534
محمود ضياء الدين مصطفى عبدالفتاح عطيه 1534:
Good bye 'ROBBEN'..We all will miss you...'THE LEGEND'
This is the time im afraid of because all the player i loved to watch will retire soon
2x Premier League 
2x League Cup 
1x FA Cup 

Thank you for everything Arjen, a footballing legend.
The best bald player ever born🇳🇱
Dawid Skobieś
Dawid Skobieś:
Most certain things in live: death, taxes, Robben dribbling to left and shoot
Wilda Beast
Wilda Beast:
i still remember watching my first game for bayern, it was schalke vs bayern in 2014, he scored a hattrick there
i instantly fell in love with him. Though we had legends like lahm, schweinsteiger and ribery, he was always my love
he could have gone to china or usa and earned a fortune but no, he couldn't play for any other club except bayern.
Farewell my hero, will miss your cut inside goals, hope you have a successful career ahead
Savi K
Savi K:
He is a true legend ❤ 😍
Will miss him a lot
He was really a good entertainer with the ball. Congrats Robben . Hope you have a peaceful life ahead
CoolCola 120
CoolCola 120:
A magical left foot and a brilliant eye for goal.
Robben you will always be remembered as a Bundesliga legend.
ROBBERY forever.
Thank you Arjen 😭😭🥺
Pablo V
Pablo V:
They did a magnific job editing this video, totally loved it specially the music, Robben will remain one of my all time favorite players.
Jeffrey Waqenaar
Jeffrey Waqenaar:
Announced today his retirement. My greatest player of this generation. The best. For me he is and That's what counts for me.
King Lewandowski
King Lewandowski:
Champions league final vs Dortmund, Magical !!!
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam:
Imagine if he wasn't plagued by injuries. I wish it could be different
emsoc 007
emsoc 007:
Sad to see this legend retire, one of the very best
Im gonna keep fifa 19 like forever I guess
puneet pes love word
puneet pes love word:
Best player for ever Arjen Robben
Google Legs
Google Legs:
He is the ony player in the football history who can survive even the deffender knows his next move❤️❤️❤️
Elvis Quartey
Elvis Quartey:
What a miss!!
That's unpardonable
Baba Nazir
Baba Nazir:
Interesting style of video. Expecting more similar to this.
El Castigador Damian Priest
El Castigador Damian Priest:
Arjen Robben One of the Bundesliga's Greatest
Morgan Rees-Pearson
Morgan Rees-Pearson:
Dudes just come out of retirement for Groningen. Maddd respect
Amine Hariri
Amine Hariri:
The best cutter inside
We will miss his magic ❤️
Vibe Secunds
Vibe Secunds:
Um monstro em campo ❤❤
Robben is the Best! ❤
Thank you Legend! 😢
hafedh rebai
hafedh rebai:
Name of the second song : Fighting For Love (HOUSE) - Tomas Skyldeberg feat. Mia Stegmar
Shankhodeep Mondal
Shankhodeep Mondal:
His cut inside and shoot technique from right wing is legendary
subhasish dey
subhasish dey:
he is just electrifying! my favorite footballer of this generation!
MR DaniXx
MR DaniXx:
Im not bayern fan but i feels so sad right now :(
Cleiton Bayano
Cleiton Bayano:
Robben crack, legend and the best players of history Bayern Munich in Bundesliga
kang chab!
kang chab!:
My favorite footballer Robben 🇳🇱❤️
I will miss him so much farewell robben he is one of the greats like messi and ronaldo no matter what anybody says
inmybloodbylisa h
inmybloodbylisa h:
Every good thing comes to a end huh robben will always be my favorite player damn imagine what kinda monster he would be without injuries
Gabriel Zanoni
Gabriel Zanoni:
we will miss you robben! Enjoy your retirement :-(
Muhammad Haris
Muhammad Haris:
My hero, My legend 😭😭
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki:
goodbye , legend 😭
Kpackz Streaming
Kpackz Streaming:
Robben is the type of guy who has a brain and use it on the pitch👌
Dank Fifa
Dank Fifa:
Sad to see such a quality player go. 😭
I saw him today in the boat! I have a picture with him 😍🤙🏼
Ditjon Fetoshi
Ditjon Fetoshi:
1:30 he missed the open goal😂
Daniel Idowu
Daniel Idowu:
Happy retirement a true legend
Lữ Bố 4.0
Lữ Bố 4.0:
one of my favourite left foot player :D
dikshant kasare
dikshant kasare:
We miss you already 😢❤️
Arjen Robben
Arjen Robben:
Robben is my best player!!
steamboat WILLIE ꗃ
steamboat WILLIE ꗃ:
omfg can’t believe...
*_THANK YOU_* #ArjenRobben
A legend of Bayern München😭😭😭
from Japan
Marcello Romano
Marcello Romano:
A wonderful and unstoppable player🔥🔥🔥
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos:
Craque demais 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Who Dis?
Who Dis?:
He was faster than the speed of light. So proud of him. Thank you for making the games so fun to watch 🔥
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes:
4:05 os goleiro deviam ter um medo do robben o cara chutava bem demais
V-a Ralte
V-a Ralte:
1:26 for left footers this skill is so effective in right wing the iconic skill that destroyed boateng
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan:
World will never see a player who dare to cut that much infornt of the defender
Rami Kadri
Rami Kadri:
What a player . what a carrer . THANK YOU LEGEND 💔💔💔
Filips Sorokins
Filips Sorokins:
Absolute Legend
Kevin Segura
Kevin Segura:
I love you Robben I will miss you 💖😢
What a legend!
I love how much he doesnt need his teammates xdd
Minh Khai Nguyen Thi
Minh Khai Nguyen Thi:
Love it so much ❤
Always the same move and no one can stop him 🔥🔥 legend
Syamsul Azli Borhandin
Syamsul Azli Borhandin:
Legend all of time
Bassam Toufick
Bassam Toufick:
My father's favorite player and miss you a lot😔
Rob Robberson
Rob Robberson:
He makes the top 5 of best Dutch players of all time, as far as I'm concerned.
Lacky Nasta
Lacky Nasta:
Thanks for all LEGEND
Matheus Lemos Emiliano Pereira
Matheus Lemos Emiliano Pereira:
Obrigado por tudo Robben 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
One of the main reasons why he scored so many goals.. is his sheer ACCURACY of his shots, placing them into spots that are almost impossible to defend or stop.
Jurgen 26
Jurgen 26:
Living legend
Sgt. Peppers
Sgt. Peppers:
굿바이 로벤...
Vania Toldo
Vania Toldo:
Até hoje não acredito ... Robben foi o MELHOR jogador da Copa 2014 e não ganhou o prêmio !!! Deram pro Messi 😯😫
Hennes Reekers
Hennes Reekers:
The most deadly left I have ever seen ☠️
Max Arends
Max Arends:

Exactly nobody:

Robben: cuts inside and scores
Cid Highwind
Cid Highwind:
I miss him so much Lads :'(
Diego Garz
Diego Garz:
A true player, farewell legend #10
Mallu Thug Life & troll
Mallu Thug Life & troll:
Arjen roben skills with this bgm and chilling mood😂😂😍🤗
He is the best legend
Gustavo Ferreira
Gustavo Ferreira:
Rocky Hartono
Rocky Hartono:
"I don't fear a fighter with a thousand kick technic trained once, i fear a fighter with one kick technic trained a thousand times" - Bruce Lee -

Well.. Robben done it a million times..
Alex Gærtner
Alex Gærtner:
If its on his left foot, it's too late.
Eric Bertilsson
Eric Bertilsson:
0:20 - What happens when you close the space on the outside and let him cut inside
0:52 - What happens when you close the space on the inside and let him go on the outside
aXe m
aXe m:
Robben's right foot could have been a wooden peg and he'd still have ripped apart the best defenders/goalkeepers in the world
Ali Alaali
Ali Alaali:
Leva never acted happy when Robben scored 😂
1:41 Back when Kai Havertz was at Bayer leverkusen
Riky Jr
Riky Jr:
Robben is G.O.A.T
Tristan John Beyers
Tristan John Beyers:
Great player. Legend.
Eudaimonia 05
Eudaimonia 05:
he runs and he dribles the ball ...mama mia it's such amazing ❤️👍.
muhd nasuharee
muhd nasuharee:
One of the best winger in soccer history,happy and enjoy your retirement Mr Robben
David Horam
David Horam:
simple and the best always..
ACTS1 eleven
ACTS1 eleven:
Who misses this amazing player? I do.
Thang Tran
Thang Tran:
Great player. Have a happy retirement Arjen.
Neil Mccauley
Neil Mccauley:
Fantastic player Amazing.