Armie Hammer Committed to the Handlebar 'Stache

James Corden connects with Armie Hammer who recalls the experience of his Broadway show, "The Minutes," shutting down due to COVID-19. And James asks Armie about his choice to go with a mohawk and handlebar mustache before Armie talks about being in London to make "Rebecca" where he got familiar with the pubs.

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100+ comentarios:

Nicolle Llanes
Nicolle Llanes:
Who's here after Armie Hammer got exposed as a cannibal?
Judi Gemini
Judi Gemini:
“Cause you’re insanely hot” even James is flirting with him, imagine the number of women now throwing themselves at him on the daily
Luca: Baby come to Italy Armie: *runs*
Sun Moon
Sun Moon:
All of a sudden, his idiosynchratic charm comes off as him just doing the most to seem as wholesome and not-messed up as possible.
"Nobody will suspect a thing"
David Merlin
David Merlin:
Turns out this guy is a freak. Wants women as slaves and says he’s a cannibal.
Weird Dude!
Just For Fun69
Just For Fun69:
Damn I can’t believe this dude is a cannibal SMH
El Mago
El Mago:
I heard he's going to be the next Hannibal Lecter, is that true?
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's Got My Tongue:
Why are people like potatoes?

Armie Hammer: We may look different, but we all taste the same with a little ketchup.
Armie Hammer would be the perfect visualization of a classic, hollywood movie star. He’s just so beautiful, articulate and as a bonus, his sense of humor is on point.
Here for Armie imitating Luca in his Italian accent! 🥰😍
wendy pan
wendy pan:
I swear Armie’s looking really hot with this look of his. Gosh, I’m getting shy even when I’m just watching over YT. 😂
butt head
butt head:
What a charming cannibal.
energy is my game
energy is my game:
5:32 how ironic bc in the pictures he looks like a psychopath
Edge Fan
Edge Fan:
I really like the movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E.-2015. It wasn't a hit and it should have been. It was very underrated and Armie and Henry and both great in it. It's not meant to be a drama. It's a comedy and remember that when you watch it.
More like the hannibal-bar moustache
"Mirror, mirror" is actually really good, really funny movie with excellent Julia Robert as The Evil Queen. that was my first movie with Armie I watched
Eve Luen
Eve Luen:
after watching interviews after the news you can actually see how charming he is... he is a total psychopath.
bryan Ramirez
bryan Ramirez:
Are you cannibal? Those DMs are wild!!!
Emma Evelyn
Emma Evelyn:
Armie imitating Luca is like the best thing I’ve ever heard.
Armie should have played Ted Bundy! ..Not Zac Efron.
Something about his face/psychopathic demeanor is very Ted Bundy.
Dela Dela
Dela Dela:
People: what’s your type
Me: armie hammer 🥺
Larsa Eden
Larsa Eden:
Actual cannibal arnie hammer
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy:
Armie has a pianist hands .
Jules D
Jules D:
This guy is a CANNIBAL! Do not forget that.
What’s Up
What’s Up:
Hammer is so hot and funny... even with that sexy menacing looks and handlebar mustache.
Benjamin Acuna
Benjamin Acuna:
I dated a guy who looked like armie, they are always eccentric and weird
Guys relax he’s doing a Jeffrey Dahmer movie he’s just method acting 🤦🏽‍♂️
For some reason he looks more comfortable than usual. He looks like he is talking to a friend.
Jacob Gross
Jacob Gross:
This dude looks like he would play a great cannibal role in a movie!
The person reading this comment, I wish that all your dreams come true and yeah i day they really will...
Day 1 of telling James Corden to KINDLY kidnap One Direction, just like he did to the Jonas Brothers
I absolutely love Luca and Armie's relationship as friends I would love to have a friend that I could just do that with. To be like "hey, get your ass over here and come hangout I'm here!" XD
Barbora B
Barbora B:
5:34 would make sense now 😬😅
Jimmy Dennis
Jimmy Dennis:
He’s a cannibal
francesca torri
francesca torri:
Armie doing the Italian accent SENT ME 💀😂😂😂
Hammer time

Edit: i don’t know why, i just like to do it
I definitely have to agree with you there Mr Corden, he’s insane, he’s hot and he’s also insanely hot.
Neza foju
Neza foju:
The man from U.N.C.L.E. an Armie H and Henry Cavill sandwich. I died 🤩. Eagerly awaiting part 2.
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
I never get tired of looking at Armie Hammer. He's tall, beautiful with watery blue eyes and his voice is velvet.
Gaby Flores
Gaby Flores:
Armie’s socks and James’ tie match and that’s truly beautiful
Clementine Rae
Clementine Rae:
James: I’m a big fan of mirror mirror
Armie: no you’re not
James: never seen it
patricio rodriguez
patricio rodriguez:
It should be ilegal how gorgeous he is
Omg that story of him visiting the set of We Are Who We Are got me all emotional because... CMBYN... 😭 wasn't expecting that from this interview.
Damn he's a good looking man! Oof
Damn Armie step on me
Kanye Rae Jepsen
Kanye Rae Jepsen:
"It's a big club, and you ain't in it"
Rhidalta Khairun Nisa
Rhidalta Khairun Nisa:
My Oliver 😭
I love listening to armie talk. he is so eloquently smart 💗
איה מדיגם
איה מדיגם:
He looks so FINEEE OMG.
Pablo Rodriguez Cortes
Pablo Rodriguez Cortes:
Armie is really hot and so charming
He's so handsome oh gosh.
Marta Vorreiter-Bernacka
Marta Vorreiter-Bernacka:
Did he just roust himself in mirror mirror xD epic😂
Catchy Experiments
Catchy Experiments:
RANDOM FACT: In America it is a federal crime to use your roommate or friend’s Netflix account. 😎
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
Any show with Armie is so entertaining, different and absolutely charming! How handsome and intelligent is this Hammer!
O don't know what to think I mean don't him personally and don't follow him in the meaning of a fan
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz:
I am so sad that he divorce with his wife in June/July 2020...!
JT Sleazeball
JT Sleazeball:
Actual Cannibal Armie Hammer
Morgan Borders
Morgan Borders:
I love mirror mirror so much armie, don’t put yourself down like that
Bella Ventimiglia
Bella Ventimiglia:
Is Armie still wearing his wedding ring? So sad to hear that his marriage broke up esp with two little ones. 😥
Reese Davis
Reese Davis:
The only person who is allowed to date Armie is 1. Me and 2. Timmy 🥰
Alex C
Alex C:
He is so cute and hot. I love armie so much ... I want him as my boyfriend 😒😭😭
rachel l
rachel l:
Creepy man
Mohamed Farouk
Mohamed Farouk:
I've always thought he's British while Henry Cavill is American.
I've never realised he has tattoos (yeah I've only recently got into him)
The person reading this comment, I wish that all your dreams come true and yeah i day they really will...
Lou the emo
Lou the emo:
Anna Rosa Murru
Anna Rosa Murru:
Armie Hammer is the best!!
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas:
This guy is a cannibal
Rucha Naik
Rucha Naik:
He looks like a Greek God😍
Ariana Herrera
Ariana Herrera:
You know, we've waited long enough for 2020 to get better..... The only other thing that can save us..... is...... if...... you.... get...... ONE..... DIRECTION.... BACK ..... TOGETHER!!!!!
Barbara Bourne
Barbara Bourne:
I loved Armie and Lily in Mirror, Mirror!
At Jimmy Kimmel’s show: “Pretty birrrd, pretty birrrd, I love you!” 🤣
Chanel Roe
Chanel Roe:
Why are psychopaths always charming as hell?
martina lanfranco
martina lanfranco:
not the mirror mirror slander!! i loved that movie 😩
Sandhya Adhikari
Sandhya Adhikari:
Armieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hammer.
Anna G.
Anna G.:
I still know him from Gossip Girl. 😁
Suzanne Meyer
Suzanne Meyer:
This interview was incredible,love love
Janhavi Kulkarni
Janhavi Kulkarni:
Did anyone notice Armie's socks 😂😂
how did people watch Call me By You Name and start stanning Timmy when THIS DUDE WAS RIGHT THERE?? I mean, no hate, timmy's cute but this man is HOT
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
He's a good actor. He could've been Batman than Robert Pattinson.
What what
What what:
What an amazing guy. I can't wait to watch both Rebecca and Death on the Nile.
Madison Kay
Madison Kay:
armie is one of the best interviewees
Lucia Di Lazzaro
Lucia Di Lazzaro:
MIRROR MIRROR is great. i love that film. anything with Julia ans Nathan Lane is bound for greatness
Mirror Mirror is very funny movie IMHO. Love it!!!!!! Enjoyed Prince Charming aka puppy licking Julia Roberts LOL:))))))))
shafia bhatti
shafia bhatti:
UGH this is so weird. theres no audience laughing in the background so i have to just imagine it hahaha
Joanna Noveno
Joanna Noveno:
I actually loves Mirror, mirror. I think it's hilarious.
Z L:
I love how Cordon just stayed in that uncomfortable bit about money and Armie entertained it.
ines O
ines O:
Me just realizing that James’s shelves are STUFFED with records 👀🤭
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker:
Armie has such a nice hands. I don't know why, but I LOVE when guys have big hands. xD
Mohamed Farouk
Mohamed Farouk:
When your suit matches your surrounding. :D
Look at that u didn't see it's Jackson Storm. HAHAHA
karlyn mizzoni
karlyn mizzoni:
He has hard adderall vibes and I love him
Samantha Honderman
Samantha Honderman:
I loved mirror mirror 😭 it’s such a fun and innocent film . That’s actually how I found out about armie .
Barbora Kaštovská
Barbora Kaštovská:
Shut up, mirror mirror is one of my favorite movies
hermogenes plomos
hermogenes plomos:
Armie omg such a gorgeous human being! He look like george peppard in breakfast at tiffany's
Kassandra Orta
Kassandra Orta:
I loved mirror mirror. I was like 7 but still it was good
P C:
Now I know why he got divorced while at the Caribbean. 🤭