Armie Hammer is Renovating a Desert Motel with New Best Friend “Motor Mike”

Armie is our first guest in the studio since March and he arrives fully protected, talks about renovating a motel in the desert with his friend and road runner trainer “Motor Mike,” his new film Rebecca, performing in front of Sir Kenneth Branagh, and rushing to learn an English accent to land a part in one of his movies.

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100+ comentarios:

Savannah Whitten-Rowand
Savannah Whitten-Rowand:
who else is here after finding out he's a cannibal 🥲
For me he's always going to be "the Russian" from the Man from the U.N.C.L.E. :)
Y’all this man is terrifying🙂
He is funny without being annoying. He is like an ideal guest for a dinner party.
All I can see is him wanting to remove people's ribs, suck on their blood, and cut off their fingers.
If Armie's a guest, you know it's going to be a great episode. Love him!
Helen Finnigan
Helen Finnigan:
The comments on this are so awkward now 😬
Mike Miller
Mike Miller:
“He don’t just wanna suck on your toes , he wants to eat them “
erick lemus
erick lemus:
His voice is so soothing
Honey Bee
Honey Bee:
He's such a good story teller 😍
It's only justice that Armie could get at least two British parts as so many British actors are playing American characters like in Marvel movies ;)
SheLikes Her
SheLikes Her:
He’s hot af and seems like a fun guy with a good sense of humor. A rare find 😂
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
Armie is so funny! This is a cool episode. He is so intelligent. Motor Mike! Road Runners! What stories with spicy Cheetos!
Aria Valentine
Aria Valentine:
i really missed Armie on interviews like this. he seemed so excited. we all know what happened recently and it's like he's connecting with people again. and yeah didn't see that flying thing tho. 😂 i'm so excited for Rebecca and Death On The Nile!
Randall Snyder
Randall Snyder:
Coming soon: a remake of "Motel Hell" starring Armie Hammer!
T Electronix
T Electronix:
6:31 "He's an excellent cuddler"

Just dropping that nugget into the conversation.
At James Corden’s show: “I’m Armie Hammer, and these arms are meant for hammering!” 🤣
Ayla Diya
Ayla Diya:
he is so underrated.
Armie- the best story teller! Every time he tells a story I just get so intrigued and want to hear more and more
New Message
New Message:
That's one small step for Armie... One.. giant leap... for Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Amazing how he got Hannibal Lecter on the show!
Okay.....Am i the only one desperate to meet 'Motor Mike' and feed his Roadrunners. It sounds Epic!
April JK
April JK:
Terrifying what could have happened at that motel had he escalated.
Tsumichama Nyan
Tsumichama Nyan:
He's such a dork, I love him
When Jimmy is silent for most of the time you know his guest is an interesting speaker.

I dont know why but in his style of talking, humor, his honesty and modesty Armie reminds me so often of John Krasinsky.
Laurie Padden
Laurie Padden:
“There are some power tools that I should just not be trusted with.”
Tiny Epics Channel
Tiny Epics Channel:
American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman just called. He’s given up his title to Armie Hammer 🔨🩸
Elaiza Del Rosario
Elaiza Del Rosario:
Armie is perfect. Naturally good-looking, funny, and talented. I mean, What more can we ask?
I mean the twins in the social network? That’s when I “met” him. But didn’t know he had such a dork personality. Love it
Nicole V
Nicole V:
one of the best talk show guests for me is this Hammer guy
I could listen to Armie for hours without realizing it
Do NOT feed spicy cheetohs to any living creature. This has been a public service announcement.
Nome Cult Joe
Nome Cult Joe:
I'm sure a lot of girls before would have thoroughly enjoyed the idea of living with him in that "abandoned motel outside Joshua tree." Not so much anymore.
Sanwal Kazi
Sanwal Kazi:
This man is hilarious. I'd love to be friends with him
Abhigyan Gogoi
Abhigyan Gogoi:
Why is he wearing a tin-foil suit? Aren't tin-foils used to wrap food?

Oh wait!...
Eve Gilardi
Eve Gilardi:
God his voice is so soothing and he's so funny
Sean V
Sean V:
Got about 7 minutes in and then remembered he’s in a full blown astronaut costume 😂
Abby Normal
Abby Normal:
"This feels a little irresponsible."
lol....major understatement
Just For Fun69
Just For Fun69:
Damn I can’t believe this dude is a cannibal SMH
Laurie M
Laurie M:
He seems so sweet and hilarious without being egotistical.
Armie is amazing! He has a good heart.
Splendore Oceanico
Splendore Oceanico:
How can this guy be so attractive even wearing that stuff? He's so beautiful!
Kimberly V
Kimberly V:
God I love listening to him tell stories and just talk in general! 🥰
Rub Bis
Rub Bis:
He's such a good story teller. The host doesn't have to talk much. XD
Timothy Ryan Wang
Timothy Ryan Wang:
Despite their family wealth, Armie Hammer looks like a humble , down to earth guy. Maybe it has something to do with his upbringing in the Caribbean?
I honestly love your crew laughing in the background!
Srijith Kumaren
Srijith Kumaren:
hilariously cool Armie Hammer!!
Jennifer Rigsby
Jennifer Rigsby:
Is that a makeup brush stuffed into the side of his helmet?! What an amazing dork I love this man.
rose petal
rose petal:
Love new Armie content! He’s so entertaining and such a great storyteller! Cannot wait to watch Rebecca and Death on the Nile, some bright spots in 2020!
Wow Jimmy, I’m glad you had Arm and Hammer the Astronaut on today!!! Great Guest!!!
His antidote is like a campfire story, I love it. Such great rhythm in the storytelling.
I love you 3000
I love you 3000:
My love Armie❤
Erica Macs
Erica Macs:
LoL must ask Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins wore Birkenstocks on the moon. Bless Armie, he's a great guest.
Roi Black
Roi Black:
What a delightful interview. I laughed a lot.
Nice to see you again, Armie. 😊
Fathousecat 19
Fathousecat 19:
Killer combo : Funny and Hot af!!!!❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Armie Hammer is my one and only celebrity crush. So underrated.
this is gold...
person face
person face:
That moment when you're torn because on the one hand they're very sexy and charismatic, but on the other hand they fantasize about eating human flesh. It's a toughy.
Comme Des Garçons
Comme Des Garçons:
This guy is just so adorable and admirable
Armie has always been an amazing conversationalist. Not just a pretty face 😍
Brandon Faulk
Brandon Faulk:
He’s funny and handsome!
Urooj Ghayas
Urooj Ghayas:
Armie hammer amazing storyteller. ❤
Renae Mosley
Renae Mosley:
I adorable these two funny men. Armie needs to be in more comedy's.
Glad everyone is well.
Armie Hammer has been released into the world! I have a hunch this is going to be a wild ride!
i love all the comments under this video hahah they hit so different now
I feel like I've ended up in some sort of a mushroom infused dream except I haven't had any mushrooms.
Natalie W
Natalie W:
his whole narrative was so chaotic I think I snorted at least 6 times
Love this guy. He always makes me laugh
Omg he's so hilarious 😂😂😂
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis:
🤔... wait this guy has good comedy timing and reminds me of Vince Vaugh. Why he not in more comedies?
Why doesn’t he do more comedic roles?

This was goddamn hilarious!
Wamika Jaiswal
Wamika Jaiswal:
Oh, I just gave a treat to my eyes and ears.
Valentino Garavani
Valentino Garavani:
i miss these guy! both armie and jimmy
Mandy S
Mandy S:
Best interview in ages!
Oreo oerO
Oreo oerO:
Might want to check out his friend and that hotel they’re “renovating”. Might be a vacancy fantasy!
Am so happy to see armie everytime💕💕
Pilot Dawn
Pilot Dawn:
Had to see Kimmel's cringey reaction to Hammer's construction gig. AH is cool.
X Stark
X Stark:
Ooof 2:17 did not age well
Paints different pictures now
Sulagna Ghosh
Sulagna Ghosh:
·Αββy ·
·Αββy ·:
Lmfao oh armie i love ya
Godly Child
Godly Child:
All need is ‘Find Me’ with Timmy
Lapislázuli Anastasia
Lapislázuli Anastasia:
Oh Armie Armie Armie, you're just so so 😊 lovely! A terrific storyteller, your children are very lucky to have such a talented daddy!!! Cheers from Canads
Armie Hammer - saving humanity during a pandemic. He's so entertaining and funny.
Thanks to AH for bringing a bit of lightness and hilarity into such a dark time. He is a very talented actor and a beautiful person. I wish him all the best❣
Nadya Ch
Nadya Ch:
I love this man 😂❤
Mike Kincella
Mike Kincella:
Great show, thanks. Best to all the folks that keep us laughing in these crappie times. Speaking of crappie times,I gotta go.
David May
David May:
I would definitely call Armie daddy. 😏
Armie Hammer is the kind of guy who can go to a party without knowing anyone there and end up in the middle of the room telling amazing stories and everyone would be around him and love him lol
I have an Armie Hammer foot fetish now. Look at how big those feet are, Jesus!
Retake 169
Retake 169:
Love Armie he a good father!
Bren Heron
Bren Heron:
Jimmy's sooo confused and so am I 😂😂
Justin Thyme
Justin Thyme:
Armie Hammer is wearing same footwear as I...literally exact..neat!
Gamer online
Gamer online:
This is great night.
* NerdyPerson *
* NerdyPerson *:
Such a fan, cant wait for the movie! ❤
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco:
"The ADD kicked in"
Describes OCD reaction. X...D
Sabina Safarova
Sabina Safarova:
Я скучала по его байкам)))
K Lumbre
K Lumbre:
Extremely entertaining storyteller. 😂