Armie Hammer: 'Peaches are now a part of my everyday life' | British GQ

Tracksuit aficionado, Hollywood heartthrob and martini maestro Armie Hammer spoke to GQ's Chief Content Officer Jonathan Heaf at 2020's #GQHeroes. The actor talked Call Me By Your Name, mental health and the current state of US politics.
Shot at The Union Chapel, London.
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Armie Hammer: 'Peaches are now a part of my everyday life' | British GQ

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British GQ
British GQ:
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Who else came here just to read the comments?
LOL! 😂😂😂😂
Aliya Aneez
Aliya Aneez:
Who’s here after the leaked armie hammer cannibalism dms?👀
The tracksuit is back babyyy
M Laker
M Laker:
He eats peaches bc it reminds him of skin and flesh
Dorcas Winter
Dorcas Winter:
The first 25 seconds could easily be interpreted to be an interview from this year, and also when Armie says “...if I’m your role model I’m very concerned...” - that takes on a whole new meaning nowadays 😂😂😂
Ruth Victor
Ruth Victor:
armie hammer is just talented as hell+ he's genuine and good looking?????? i mean we stan gods
What a sensational person Armie is....👏👏👏👏
It isn't for nothing that Timothee Chalamet said:
how can you not fall in love with this guy?
Now...we understand 😛😛😛
Ooo I ll never be done with 'Call me by your Name' and who's complaining ❤️.
Poor Armie. I thought he was going to cry. I am glad he got himself help.
Maria Cherie Millan
Maria Cherie Millan:
Armie is such a great person and an actor, funny and witty. Oh you'll never get bored
Ghazal Moenie
Ghazal Moenie:
Why is he so wise like I’ve never thought of him as an intellectual!!!
Lily TPMBouquins
Lily TPMBouquins:
This is hands down one of my favorite interviews of Armie. Good job GQ and Jonathan and thank you!!
Maria Cherie Millan
Maria Cherie Millan:
Will never get over Call me By your name until the day i die. Cant wait for find me. Such a great combi or actors. The feels!!
I'm so glad for this interview. We need more people like Armie to say "social media lie". We need more people like him to say it's okay to not be okay and get some help. If you see him on the internet you may think "omg that guy is handsome, famous, has a beautiful family and just lives his best life" and clearly he had intentionally or unintentionally build this facade around him, but rn him spilling the tea, in the way he wants to, is quite revealing. Thank you for not asking him about the divorce and the """cheating"""" rumours. The interview was great, very refreshing. Hopefully everything in Armies life will get better, fingers crossed.
Janine Learner
Janine Learner:
This was amazing, I adore this man, he's gorgeous and funny and sharp as a tack and so underrated as an actor.
Erica Macs
Erica Macs:
Spot on about social media and fake lives.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
I was just watching this vid admiring him yesterday but found out the news later on. It's so creepy
Aileen Naranjo
Aileen Naranjo:
armie is so intelligent, i just want to be his friend and have a conversation with him
Sotiria Tsimoura
Sotiria Tsimoura:
What a charming, intelligent, well-spoken person he seems to be. I could watch a 12-hour version of him just talking about things. I hope we get to see him more often in films and TV-shows. Godspeed Armie <3
Sen Lo
Sen Lo:
I didn’t know who this guy was until I read an article about his cannibal kink. Great first impression.
Sreela Das Gupta
Sreela Das Gupta:
I fall more and more in love with this man!! Talking of mental health -- my handsome, smart hero with a beautiful soul ❤
Tuulia Moors
Tuulia Moors:
This was absolutely fantastic, thank you so much to British GQ and Jonathan Heaf for providing the opportunity for this, and a huge thank you to Armie Hammer. I wish him all the best in his quest to be the best he can be.
Natasha Jean
Natasha Jean:
I'm glad that Armie released that he was going down that deep dark path, and got the help he needed. There shouldn't a stigma on mental health at all. People should be able to go get help when it's needed. We tend to put celebrities on this step ladder, and we tend to think they have everything, and they don't hurt.
Nahal Nowroozpur
Nahal Nowroozpur:
I could listen to him talking for hours
Amazing Interview of Armie! Thank you British GQ. Love you Armand! Supporting you always.
Gayatri Itani
Gayatri Itani:
It feels so good seeing him talking about Timmy . My call me by your name hangover is never going away.
I simply want to say that this could possibly be the biggest window into this amazing man’s mind and heart that we have never seen in any previous interview. Timothée Chalamet knows very well what we have seen in this piece of video. That is exactly why he said “how can you not fall in love with this guy” and now, with this wonderful interview, I now understand that statement. I Love Timothée Chalamet’s passion about life and I now know that Armie Hammer, as well, has a spark and an intelligence that it is so rare today. His political statements were so exacting that I felt as though he were giving a referendum on the dark-ages period in human history, but in reality he was describing the absolutely backwards and draconian conditions his own country is now currently in. Here’s to the art of the Martini and the beautiful artistry of acting that this gentleman has mastered.
Armie is an amazing actor and human being
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
Made me cry in places. Armie is so deep and intelligent.
This made me open my eyes on so much things.
Maria Cherie Millan
Maria Cherie Millan:
Armis shaking the Martini is a dangerous sound. Everytime is Martini time 😂
Cordelia Sales
Cordelia Sales:
Armie is so wise and eloquent ♥️
That Ambivert Wallflower
That Ambivert Wallflower:
22:10 and 24:28 his priority list his kids come first, among all the titles he has , his list begins with “fatherhood” and that just shows how much he’s willing to put in just for his kids !!
People....forgetting the coment of the interview...the eyes and smile of this man hypnotizes anyone. I'm wrong?
I found out about Armie through Call Me By Your Name. Honestly, after watching the films that he is, following his twt, etc. I found out that he is such an intellectual person who has abstract thoughts (found out isn't the right word, but I cannot simply think of any rn). I just think he's a rlly cool dude who I wish only the best in life.
Yusra Khatib
Yusra Khatib:
Armie is so well spoken and articulate. He knows how to get his feelings out using the perfect words. He's so underrated. He's definitely gonna have more success eventually. Did I also mention that he's beautiful? Like seriously I would let him to unspeakable things to me😂
Nic Nercolini
Nic Nercolini:
This was a whole experience, probably the best interview of Armie's. Thank you, and thank you for showing us all it's okay not to feel okay and get help. Sending kudos and all the best to you both!
Chris D.
Chris D.:
@1:15 "Jonathan i gotta say if im your hero and role model and mentor, im very concerned about the direction your lifes gonna turn. very concerned!"

boy that didnt age well.
refiana widya
refiana widya:
so far this is the best armie's interview i've ever watched
the song of solitude
the song of solitude:
I don’t know why but after this and many other amazing interviews from Armie, I wish he writes a book in the future... it would be an amazing book with that much wisdom!
La Reine
La Reine:
God I'm so in love with Armie😍
Christopher Mahon
Christopher Mahon:
Watching this, knowing what we know. Open therapy. Get well Armie!
Hannah X
Hannah X:
am i the only one who doesnt want a cmbyn sequel? it just felt like this perfect experience and movie that was only able to be so perfect in its own little bubble. tho i know that the old cast and crew would no doubt be able to make a great second movie, i just feel like a sequel would ruin the magic of the first and also not be able to live up to how special the first one was.
2:33 that was not a thirst trap selfie, maybe for armie tho
Amazing conversation with an amazing human being and a great artist. Thank you for this interview British GQ.
i love how honest he is
Ekaterina Khaylo
Ekaterina Khaylo:
One of the best interviews i've watched recently. feels like a therapist session. every interview brings my admiration for Armie's personality on a whole new level
this was such a great interview, loved every second of it
Maria Khmelnitskaya
Maria Khmelnitskaya:
Ultimately social media killed Armie’s career. He was right🙁
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
I really enjoyed this. Obviously Jonathan and Armie are comfortable with each other.
S.A.S. K.I.A.
S.A.S. K.I.A.:
" Armie Hammer: 'Peaches are now a part of my everyday life' " This interview was so much more than that!
My respect for this man grows exponentially.🥰🥰
You can see how intelligent, and deep Armie is. He has a very analytical mind, hopefully he will move forward into his life with the clarity he needs
Irina Vazquez
Irina Vazquez:
I love how Armie talked about so many deep and insightful topics and GQ went with "Peaches are now part of my everyday life" for the tagline
Lav lav
Lav lav:
He is just amazing. He is beautiful, talented, funny, good story teller....He's perfect ....
Tasha N
Tasha N:
Wow. This goes to show that with the right interviewer, you can elicit a great interview. Armie is so grounded and intelligent. One of my fave men to be interviewed along with Chris Evans (when he’s in the right mood) and Michael Fassbender 🥰
Makaila Cheung
Makaila Cheung:
i just want to give this man a hug. he's so incredibly wise and well-spoken.
loved this interview, honest and genuine
Ellie L.
Ellie L.:
This is the best video I ever watched the whole year. I have so much appreciation for Armie to share his story. Some serious things happened to me this year and it just nearly killed me and I can relate so much.
Stupid Nerd
Stupid Nerd:
He looks like a piece of art by Michelangelo...and don't even get me started on how witty and knowledgeable he really is...apart from his external beauty...his knowledge, intelligence, talent are extra ordinary
Thank you for this amazing interview! I had such a laugh. Armie is the sweetest and really so down to earth 😁 I couldn't stop smiling ❤
Duncan Gagnon
Duncan Gagnon:
Me staring at his eyes the whole time 👁👄👁
Wow i m completely blown away by his intelligence🤯🤯🤯🤯god this man is so well spoken so honest and vulnerable in very refreshing way i don t have words to praise him. What a great man to have as a menthor. I wish he could teach me thing or two ab life. God i am so charmed. He is so smart and intelligent. Killer combinatin with his good looks. Bless his soul what a humble great fighter spirit. He inspired me to change myself little by little. Great role model❣️❣️❣️❣️
B Mills
B Mills:
I love this interview. I also love that Armie is intelligent and thoughtful about his words and is certainly one of the more intelligent actors. He is not just a dumb handsome actor which there is a plethora to choose from, but he is handsome without acting like a spoiled child which makes him a much more interesting human being and actor. That being said...I must say that thinking of Armie Hammer with a peach is not a bat thought at all. Love this man!
Loved every bit of it. Thank you!
Nuhaa Bardien
Nuhaa Bardien:
My favourite interview of his so far. He is so straight forward and honest
jeboo de beboo
jeboo de beboo:
LeTrackie Armie will always be my favorite version of him🍑
Here's why I like this person: he's 100% authentic. And that's as rare as bird milk. Full stop.
Isabella M
Isabella M:
What he says aboute social media is what I have been saying for so long!
Barbora B
Barbora B:
Thank you for talking about really important things in life nowadays, it was a great interview and I am glad we got to see it from Armie's point of view 🙏🏻
I could listen to him talk for hours. Intelligent man.
Enrico Giovani
Enrico Giovani:
21st centuary man, talented, honest, humble, relatablee, you want to listen to what he has to say.
Mercedes Leyshon
Mercedes Leyshon:
Armie, the bravery comes from the fact that you are sharing your pain and incredible struggle , it’s an act of generosity . To top it all you are funny . You’ll get there .
Mercedes Leyshon
Mercedes Leyshon:
Armie , your bravery is about your open sharing of your pain and struggle to be the best you can be of yourself , yes it’s an arduous journey , the only worthwhile journey , keep going .. you’ll get there .
Bob Seeger
Bob Seeger:
How can anyone not "Love" Armie Hammer 💕💙💕
I love you 3000
I love you 3000:
This interview makes me love Armie a lot more than before❤
This guy - super smart and with his head on straight and A really good actor! I wish him the very best!
So sad to hear about his mental health problems. Wishing him all the best and hopefully he, his wife and kids all achieve some peace.
Am I the only one thinking that Armies 'Martini' was plain Wodka? Wasn't it just ice Lemon zest and Wodka?
Armie is a great human 🙌🏽
Cordelia Sales
Cordelia Sales:
Sending love to armie ♥️
Dad Comp
Dad Comp:
Armie pontificates live and in action for all to see
beau beast
beau beast:
Nobody's perfect. Hopefully you'll get your bad things fixed. It's ok to be bit out of limit. I still adore you as an actor. Come back soon Army ...
Марина ******
Марина ******:
We love you in Russia. Armie is amazing ❤️
Something about a person talking about how depressed they are makes me sad. I hope Armie and his friend are doing better. I hope anyone else struggling with suicidal thoughts is doing okay.
Renia N.
Renia N.:
This interview is just fantastic! Great job and also congratulations for Armie for being such an amaizing guy!😍
Nutty Chocolate
Nutty Chocolate:
Refreshing interview with a glass of Martini, thank you!!!
Very inspiring interview from Armie Hammer. Opened up my eyes more than many people I have talked this past few months.
Marthalima Lemes
Marthalima Lemes:
I Love him and i believe he's inocent.
Monika Bonita
Monika Bonita:
I love Armie Hammer 😍💖
Despina N
Despina N:
Such an unpretentious, genuine and beautiful soul inside out, I'd love to sit and talk about anything and everything -- and share a martini or two (although I do prefere Gin). An honest and easy interview, it was a pleasure to watch. Thank you!
Darryl de Jesus
Darryl de Jesus:
Listening to him is like poetry.
David May
David May:
I have so much respect for this man. His honesty and the use of his platform. Thank you.
C Smithson
C Smithson:
I made it a grand total of 60 seconds before having to make a cocktail right along with them. 🍸
Tiny Epics Channel
Tiny Epics Channel:
Hello Clarice.
Armie Hammer is such an honest guy, who wouldn’t want him as a friend. He is under appreciated as an actor, but I’d hate to see Hollywood to swallow him up like it has so many good actors. Keep doing the independent films Armie
He deserves a big break like Chria Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
Cordelia Sales
Cordelia Sales:
Love him quoting the Buddha ♥️🥰