Armie Hammer Tells The Story Of His 2011 Arrest - CONAN on TBS

After a police dog sniffed out weed in his U-Haul, Armie spent the night in a West Texas jail with some “Social Network” fans.

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100+ comentarios:

He's annoyingly handsome.
zandra j
zandra j:
"cuz mama im in love with a criminal"
"it was just weed"
Narrator: it was NOT just weed
Vvbb Vbbbh
Vvbb Vbbbh:
Arrested for being too handsome
Armie hammer seems like the type of guy who doesn't take himself seriously at all, and will tell u his honest opinion no matter how it would be recieved. Probably intimidating, but a fun dude

update: well no one could've predicted this one i am very scared of him
tarsun Euqah
tarsun Euqah:
he literally seems like a Greek statute
smoothie criminal
smoothie criminal:
It was weed brownies he got caught with, which really makes him mentioning his wife's bakery so funny
He's so good-looking that it seems unreal. Even in the mug shot.
A Narcissistic Viewer
A Narcissistic Viewer:
After five years he finally admited what was his arrest about. I remember back in 2013 he didn't want to say a thing.
armie is the best storyteller I swear 😂💀
That's a hot mugshot
In 20 years everyone will be like “he got in trouble for weed?” Lol🙏
Grace Lumpkin
Grace Lumpkin:
“I have nothing against the dog” ahahaha
Alex Brito
Alex Brito:
God Bless The KING Armie Hammer
he invented the mugshots trend
candice x
candice x:
I love the way Armie tells stories. I'm sure I won't never get tired. Can he adopt me?
Gabriel von Ronsen
Gabriel von Ronsen:
Remember when he was on Conan years ago and he brought up this story but refused to go into ANY details?
Roxelle a
Roxelle a:
Why is he smiling in his mug shot 😂??
Just For Fun69
Just For Fun69:
Lmao seeing this in my recommended and now knowing that he is a cannibal and into weird bondage and blood stuff... I can’t
Anyone else going through Armie Hammer videos just to see if he gives out cannibal vibes???
Raphael Gordh
Raphael Gordh:
"Honestly, Conan, I don't know why you needed 'ASS WEED' explained to you."
It weird to think this guy might be eating people
jade castro
jade castro:
Why is he beautiful with mugshot? More beautiful when i dress up
Nadiia Kulik
Nadiia Kulik:
Classical beauty = Armie Hammer .
Wonder if he was longing to eat Conan's nose during this interview.
Clever Sim
Clever Sim:
Arrested for trying to eat someone - looks like Dahmer 🤮
Preparing for in 10 years: Tells the story of his 2020 arrest
Double Down
Double Down:
He's hoping cannibalism is legal in 10 years for another hilarious Conan guest appearance.
Shruti Wayne
Shruti Wayne:
Now it all makes sense. It all makes sense. He was shady since beginning.
Coconut Leaf Spine
Coconut Leaf Spine:
He's like a food. I wanna eat him out
I am watching you
I am watching you:
"Im relieved to say I did not smoke assweed IN JAIL" iykwim
Here after the crazy DM's and accusations leaked.... crazy.
Nadya Ch
Nadya Ch:
Armie is my new celebrity crush, he's not only handsome but funny too. ❤
bailey suhr
bailey suhr:
who else is here after he's been outed as a literal cannibal
I was hoping for a DUI, I could have made an Armie Hammered pun...
How many of you is here because of cannibalism? ☠️
Man Armie got the funniest, most interesting stories 😂😂😂😂😂
That Andy intervention was genious and spot on.
malikedenizcan dizdar
malikedenizcan dizdar:
The news about him is not really nice nowadays...
I’m here after reading the cannibal dms
"Wtf is facebook" lmao
Dare - wait for it - Devil
Dare - wait for it - Devil:
Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine, Armie.
Jordan Powell
Jordan Powell:
Arrested for drinking blood
Hutch Wordsworth.
Hutch Wordsworth.:
Him shamelessly plugging his wife’s bakery reminds me of how he plugged his book in “Sorry to Bother You”😂😂
Ahsan Zaman
Ahsan Zaman:
"Needless to say I didn't smoke ass weed in jail"... so where did you smoke them?
bsg 97
bsg 97:
This dude a cannibal. Damn.
Oliver4 Elio
Oliver4 Elio:
How can he look handsome in his mugshot? Also he's too pretty for jail. His stories is always entertaining.
Pool Cézanne
Pool Cézanne:
Anyone realize how underrated he is? Hate Oscar always snubbed him especially in Call Me by Your Name
Jacqueling Traveling
Jacqueling Traveling:
"honestly conan, i don't know why you need ass-weed explained to you"
Andy has the best lines!
Armie's stories are always the best!
Daniel Peranginangin
Daniel Peranginangin:
Welp this didn't age very well
Maria Astræa
Maria Astræa:
Armie no matter what other movie you make you will always be Oliver to me!
The Ragoo overlord
The Ragoo overlord:
The real life Patrick Bateman
Craig S
Craig S:
100% a cannibal
Patrick Woodley
Patrick Woodley:
Way too good looking and tall good for him
Rebekkah F
Rebekkah F:
Sometimes I am shocked at how funny this man is and it’s completely looked over because of his physical attributes.
What else could "ass weed" mean? Come on Conan, you went to Harvard! 😂😂
Mert Aydın
Mert Aydın:
he is the most american man i’ve seen
Arthorias Sumpi
Arthorias Sumpi:
*Facebook dude*
Ssgt Griggs
Ssgt Griggs:
Andy is easily the best late night sidekick
Now hes gonna get arrested for a whole new reason 😬😬😬
Matt Maulucci
Matt Maulucci:
What type of weed makes you want to eat people?
green broccoli
green broccoli:
immense golden retriever energy
C L:
We need a daily dose of armie hammer stories.
Ida Dowlatpanah
Ida Dowlatpanah:
He even looks flawless in that mugshot
Alejandra Anahi
Alejandra Anahi:
The fact that he said "well I can say it now because it's legal" still not in Texas lol
Jeremi 6
Jeremi 6:
virgo micia
virgo micia:
Ahahhah his mugshot style is as strong as his tracksuit's :)) By the way I love his interviews with Kimmel, but the ones with Conan always give the best contents!
Darbs 31
Darbs 31:
Just another adrenochrome addict in Hollywood
Trinidad Botello
Trinidad Botello:
It's kinda crazy, that Armie Hammer was cast as Batman, in George Miller's cancelled Justice League movie.
Philine Mol
Philine Mol:
Wow didn’t know he was the trendsetter for the mugshot challenge...?
MY GOD that is a beautiful man.
I finally watched Call me by your name and I think I need to go to another therapy.
Aurora Fassbender
Aurora Fassbender:
Christina Y.
Christina Y.:
I love how he tells stories
Leonard Tornow
Leonard Tornow:
This is one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen. Timmy and Armie, what a duo!
Can't wait for another mugshot 🤩🙃
Shruti Wayne
Shruti Wayne:
2:27 Ofc Armie you made friends in prison.
Shaza Edrees
Shaza Edrees:
Armie is funny, Greek god lookalike and a good storyteller ..what an amazing snack 😋😋
Viki Geanopulos
Viki Geanopulos:
Is it possible that he gets sexier and sexier each time his lips move? Or am I the only one who is affected by watching his lips move?
Nina C.
Nina C.:
Eeewwwwww!! Go eat real food, not people!
he's like fun bobby from FRIENDS!! every story he says on conan, kimmel, etc is about how he got hammered or stoned or arrested! so much fun lol
Armin Walker
Armin Walker:
This man is too beautiful 😍
Claudia Luna
Claudia Luna:
Third, thats the deal
never have i ever seen a dude in a mugshot look so calm & happy. lord
the fact that hes so hot, and i cant TOUCH him, makes me extremely angry
Aleksandra Marković
Aleksandra Marković:
He's hot, Armie and his hammer
Vahur Joa
Vahur Joa:
"This is primarily a children's show." I love Conan.
Why is Hal Jordan on a talk show?
Collette Brenson
Collette Brenson:
"Honestly, Conan, I don't know why you needed 'ASS WEED' explained to you."
Armie is so real, love him
Looks like a mugshot for a fashion brand
A Narcissistic Viewer
A Narcissistic Viewer:
Someday someone will have to make that Armie Hammer story into a 'short film' is just too damn whimsy and funny, i love Armie way too much!
the fact that armies got arrested for smuggling weed makes me like him even more honestly
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
"That's a jail term" 😂😂😂😂
His story is so detailed. I’m leaning towards to believing him.
Nadia N
Nadia N:
Armie is so hot despite if he’s into cannibalism and all that stuff 😏
Armie owns my whole goddamn heart.
Use Your Twenty Øne Glutes
Use Your Twenty Øne Glutes:
I am willing to go to jail if Armie is my cellmate so that I could call him by name and he could call me by his name.

K bye