Arminia Bielefeld - Borussia Dortmund | 0-2 | Highlights | Matchday 6 – Bundesliga 2020/21

#DSCBVB | Highlights from Matchday 6!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Arminia Bielefeld vs. Borussia Dortmund from Matchday 6 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 0-1 Mats Hummels (53'), 0-2 Mats Hummels (71')

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35 comentarios:

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Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese:
Marco Reus is criminally underrated.
2 goals and 1 possible magic assist to Sancho... What a game for Hummels.
saskeR11 GG
saskeR11 GG:
Oh god i hope hummels do play against bayern
Music and Football Playlist channel
Music and Football Playlist channel:
First goal was Sancho's corner, but Meunier's assist.
0:46 "What did you think of that first half, pumpkin?" 😉
Jr boss
Jr boss:
That hummels pass was amazing
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
Hummel's was superb..he could have even got an assist from that Sancho chance
Matei Aplugaritei
Matei Aplugaritei:
Hummels broke the rule of 1 goal/season...

Just kidding he's one of my fav players keep up the good work man!
lara balayanto
lara balayanto:
Hummels is a beast💪
Aurora Henelius
Aurora Henelius:
Hummels pass to Sancho was a thing of beauty 🤩💥
hummels on form!!
Bisri Bisri
Bisri Bisri:
Amazing im fans b, dortmund from indonesia
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
lemoi konyak
lemoi konyak:
Mein 2nd Familie!!💛💛🙌🙌
Isam Dialo
Isam Dialo:
In Algeria exactement in El Harrach has bvb very supported
that hummels pass tho
Luki DrumingCover
Luki DrumingCover:
How did Hummels score the second one? I don't know
RedHat TV
RedHat TV:
komentator nya datar anjim,
anon root
anon root:
Vive borussia dortmund
Sigit Prabowo
Sigit Prabowo:
Hummels is absolute extra frontman
Mr Say168
Mr Say168:
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.....
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
53' Mats Hummels (0-1); 71' Mats Hummels (0-2)
Эльфариз Elfariz
Эльфариз Elfariz:
Matchday, 7: Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich (7.11.20)
Alex Seunarine
Alex Seunarine:
No hummels please be there for der klasskar he dortmund only reall experience defender please dont be injured
Kel's Everything
Kel's Everything:
Guilherme Nadson
Guilherme Nadson:
Hadi Hariondo
Hadi Hariondo:
Noob commentator..
lara balayanto
lara balayanto:
Salu Salu
Salu Salu:
Hani Abdalkarem
Hani Abdalkarem:
Reagan Liu
Reagan Liu:
Zelfi Nopriyansyah
Zelfi Nopriyansyah:
No halland no problem
Ein guter sieg
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna:
I, Giorno Giovanna Reyna will destroy Bayern this week