Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - The speech that broke the internet - Most Inspiring ever

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - The speech that broke the internet - Most Inspiring ever
[ORIGINAL] Arnold Schwarzeneggers Most Inspirational Speech - The speech that broke the internet

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Help us caption & translate this video!

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Sorry guys, we had issues with the video. Hopefully the wait wasn't too long.

Special thanks to Jürgen Höller who is a popular motivational trainer in Germany for bringing Arnold on stage.
It's only possible for us to hear these amazing words because of the event 'Power Weekend' in Munich organised by the Jürgen Höller academy.
Please click on this link to get the original speech.
Mike Young
Mike Young:
Arnold is the terminator. He never ever ever stops till he gets his goal. What a brilliant inspiration to every one.
Another Shellcialist Turtle
Another Shellcialist Turtle:
Absolute respect for this man he's the greatest of all time for a reason
Sophia Grove
Sophia Grove:
I cried the whole speech while I worked out, I have given up on myself the past 3 years and not taking care of myself at all, and this is coming from someone who took pride in my healthy habits and hitting the gym everyday I had accomplished so much and let it all down the drain because of some stupid guy that controlled and abused me for years, I’m taking my life back starting today!!!!!!!
Sometimes Lapse
Sometimes Lapse:
I'm doing my PhD in Graz, Arnold's hometown.

This speech sounds even more special to me, since I'm facing several difficulties and I don't want to give up my dream.

Danke, Arnie!
M F:
I listen to this every morning, it has completely changed my life for the better. Truly grateful for Arnold’s speech
Justice Ghost
Justice Ghost:
I can't stop listening to him saying that "it's okay to fail." He sounded very sincere.
Cueban B
Cueban B:
Arnold inspired me as a youngster, along with Jackie Chan, way back in the 80's.
I studied Martial Arts from 8 years old and joined a gym when I was 14, I wanted to be just like Arnold. At 18, I became a Close Quarters Combat Instructor for the Royal Marines and Met. After a career ending injury, moving to be a personal trainer when I was 22 seemed a natural step. I still wanted to teach so that I may help people.

I listened to this speech almost 2 years ago when my daughter was born. I started to set my alarm 2 hours early once she started sleeping through.
Getting up early to study an hour or two a day has made a monumental difference to my family. Yes, I'm tired, but I have a lot to show for it after 2 years.

Thanks Arnold, you've changed my life in more ways than one.
adam bernal
adam bernal:
Every single Master started as a student.

Yet a true Master knows, there is always something new to still learn. Something to still improve on.
This was a life changer for me alongside david Goggind videos. One year ago I was broke and did literally nothing of my life to improve it. I was at the bottom of it. In one year I have accomplished so much on every level and living my dream Thank you Arnold ❤️
Wow, this man is truly inspirational.
“I don’t start counting till it hurts” I will forever remember that.
Quality Quotes
Quality Quotes:
Arnold has done more in his life than many can achieve in 100 lifetimes!
Great man!
Eddie spagetti
Eddie spagetti:
Arnold was my childhood idol. I lifted weights at age 15 and did his training courses in the 1980s. What a man. I am really still learning from Arnold and I'm 51 now. He helps me to focus and get myself together in and after hard crises in life. Thank you Arnold you changed my life and I still learn . If a person says he/ she knows it all they really are clueless. Learning is lifelong if the student is ready and open to learn . Life really is all about learn and adapt .
Cristian Bonilla
Cristian Bonilla:
"You never end up anywhere..."

That speaks volumes if you don't have a goal. Arnold is so motivated back then, and that motivation made him a living legend, but he did not forget where he came from
I always wonder if the brains of people like Arnold, the fighters, the mentally strong are already different when they are born? I know he didn't have an easy life but he is a winner and he did it himself. So much respect for this man.
Exclusive Grant
Exclusive Grant:
I really don’t want the day to come when he passes. Truly an amazing man.
One of the best humans that I know about! His history is just unbeliveble. WOW
Totally agree. During my life people have said, "You're lucky." My response? "The harder I work, the luckier I get." And I've managed Mark Twain's definition of success. He said, "The secret to success is to make your vocation your vacation."
John Killum
John Killum:
"Just sleep faster." I just love Arnold and his image made me lose weight and go wild in workout. I lost ten kilos over the past seven months. And I feel great. Motivation is the key. Thank you, sir governor.
Ali Khan
Ali Khan:
The greatest bodybuilder ever Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks for the motivation because of yOu everyone is motivated and inspired.❤️❤️
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis:
Arnold is alot smarter then he generally gets credit for.
SubZero 98
SubZero 98:
Arnold is an livin Legend! His words going straight in my Brain
Austin Hicks
Austin Hicks:
This is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Arnold.
Marc Crockett
Marc Crockett:
"If you take risks you may fail. But if you do not take risks, you will surely fail. The greatest risk of all is to do nothing" -Robert Goizueta
This man will go down in history, glad I got to see him growing up
Lil' Dane
Lil' Dane:
Youngest Mr Universe, famous actor, soldier and motivational speaker. This man is a true inspiration.
This is honestly life changing. I need to watch this, no lie, every morning I get up. I will try my best 👊💯
I was working as an ase tech a year ago, i hated my job and was destroying my body, i watched this man talk and now im the fleet manager for the city making alot more money with alot less impact on my body, i love my job now, thank you arnold you sparked the flame i needed👊
Adrian Van Leeuwen
Adrian Van Leeuwen:
Amazing speech! Beautiful words Arnold!! Words to live by! Work on your Plan A like there is no Plan B.
Camtis XR
Camtis XR:
Arnold is one of the few men i can call an idol. A pure hard working man who changes lives. I really want to be like him.
Who's Who
Who's Who:
who else understands what he's saying so much it hurts
ChrisHH 2.0
ChrisHH 2.0:
It´s so inspiring! Thanks arnie for your time to create this video/speech. :D I didn´t had a plan b too as i founded my company in 1999 and looked never back or had thoughts that i could fail. Thats how it works and i agree with all what arnie said. But i failed with my first company and what i did? I took a 6 Month outtime and then in founded the next company and do it until today. Go and do something, if you fail stand up. It´s always worth it. :)
Nate Romero
Nate Romero:
When he said “so relax” I felt that. We get caught trying to fight the tide all the time sometimes we gotta let it take us to a better place. Arnold inspired me in middle school when I got into fitness and he continues to inspire me to this day.
Finest Photography
Finest Photography:
This is really one of the best speech ever!!!
Ben Rizzo
Ben Rizzo:
this video helped me through my hardest times. I would watch it every day for a month. and now I revisit every couple months. <3 keep going
Karan Sangtani
Karan Sangtani:
“Well just sleep faster”.

This guy lives on a different tangent.
Legend for a reason. 🙌🏻
Top Ten
Top Ten:
That was one of the best motivational speeches ive ever seen. When i was a kid my older brother started body building and he idolized Arnold. I love guys like Arnold and Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee.
Tyler Fernbach
Tyler Fernbach:
I come back to this video every time I want to reaffirm my goals, by far my favorite speech..
adam miller
adam miller:
This actually changed my life I listen and watch almost every day.......I didn't know how much I was holding myself back...words can't express the change in my life ....I'm actually happy with myself and my surroundings that I allow in my life.....thank you
Thank you for being free, for ispiring people, for hitting your goals. Arnold is one of legends, you inspire from, listen to his words and you actually get something for it.
Coyote Kyle
Coyote Kyle:
It’s going to be one of the worst days of most of our life’s when Arnold passes away
Man what a living legend...grew up watching Arnie and how blessed I was growing up in the 80s...
If you've ever gone through something that brought you to such a low point, that you thought you might always be a failure, and no matter how hard you've tried, you still feel like you haven't made it where you should be, this video is for you. Every time I watch it, I'm bordering on tears. I don't want sympathy, but I hope someone realizes that there are others who feel that way. I always push my past down and ignore it in hopes of pushing forward and not giving up, which is good, but failing to realize the original problem will always drag you back down. I know this may seem a bit dramatic, but my realization moment just hit me all at once. I'm 30 years old, and I've struggled my entire life to motivate myself. I'm still doing okay, but I always ignored the root issue. It's not always easy to find, but when you meet it head on, the feeling is unbelievable. It's just makes you want to share the feeling with anyone and everyone, no matter how impossible that may be. If you're reading this, and it resonates with you, I wish you the best. Good luck, whoever you are.
Metal Meltdown
Metal Meltdown:
The best motivational speech ever. Truly inspired by this Guy !!! ❤️💪🙂
I cannot stop to listening this motivational video. Great words, Arnold!!
When this man leaves this earth everyone is really gonna miss this man and his motivational speeches
I made the decision to change over these past 2 years and from time to time find my self questioning my changes and life. All I need is some motivation and this video is always played when I am down.
Gabriel Winter
Gabriel Winter:
This really makes me feel better, I can achieve all my dreams!!! God bless everyone around the world and God bless Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a goat!!!!
years have passed and theres no better motivational speech than this one.. just amazing
Craig Ward
Craig Ward:
I love this man, something here that he said resonates with me because it's words I keep in my heart, Jim Carey once said that his father's life choices taught him something important. That you can fail at something you hate, why not do something you love and just get back up when you do fail. This man said it here you're gonna fail. So to me if you're gonna fail fail at something you love so when you get back up you wanna keep going. You wake up in the morning and you don't think man I don't really wanna go to work you say man am I ready to succeed. Remember that you will fail every day is a chance to fail but when you fail also remember THAT is your chance to learn. To learn what does and doesn't work. Your superiors your family your friends can all give you advise but unless you go through it you'll never ever KNOW how.
*The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.*
Keep reaching for that plan A
Jatin Jain
Jatin Jain:
That was so inspirational ❤️
Abby Rimner
Abby Rimner:
I enjoy him about and everything he says so amazing. Hes awsome!!! Love you Arnold Schwarzenegger! :)
Aditya Saha
Aditya Saha:
best motivational video of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The speech delivered by him had broken me into tears
Smith DoesGaming
Smith DoesGaming:
“I don’t start counting till it hurts” is one of the best sentence I've heard of all time, and I'll forever remember that into my heart.
Cosmin Gabriel
Cosmin Gabriel:
Winners Will Fail And Get UP, fail And Get UP, THAT IS A WINNER, this is True real work, Motivation of Arnold 🙏❤️
MaDMaN88 Wilson
MaDMaN88 Wilson:
100% true and a legend 💪🏽
This is so inspiring. I feel like I have to write every single word down that comes out of this mans mouth. I did my bachelor thesis because i pushed myself and this video motivated me. Now and then I come back here and watch this 12 mins of gold. Now my aim is to finish my master thesis and once again I find inspiration and motivation to get the most out of myself and push myself to the level of discipline that makes me achieve goal. Zimmermans instrumental makes this video even better. I hope you guys get the same or even more out of this video.
Fish Face
Fish Face:
years later and this video truly changed my life. thank you arnold and wehoever made this
This is coming from an Austrian immigrant who had three very successful careers in the U.S. He's very inspirational.
Born Winners Mindset
Born Winners Mindset:
I’ve got goosebumps listening to this. This is incredible and just keeps you captivated
Francesco Pazienza
Francesco Pazienza:
I wanna say only one thing.This speech helped me to realize my dream.
willian brasil
willian brasil:
Melhor vídeo motivacional de todos! Era o que eu estava precisando ouvir nesses tempos difíceis de pandemia. Vamos pra cima!
Worldwide Wyatt
Worldwide Wyatt:
Arnold will always be a hero to me.
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom:
This guy has brought to gyms more people around the world, than all the health ministries combined.
Sajad Ahanger
Sajad Ahanger:
One of the most inspiring speech
Wild West
Wild West:
This speech changed my life! Now I am motivated to be more lazy, remove any goals, and maybe try to exercise a lot less. I think I can do it, but its going to be tough for sure.
Christopher Wilkinson
Christopher Wilkinson:
He helped me to start walking [root marching], for 1 hour 45 minutes a day, when I was unemployed & couldn't go to the gym anymore due to a rotator cuff injury to my left shoulder.

Then I started running up 1in7 hills, to help me build up thigh depth in my quads it helped with my stamina & building up the biggest muscle in my body. He has been such a motivation to my life in everything I do, through terribly hard times finding work, when I had just 1pence in my bank account. To how I treat people with manners and politeness.

Life skills, don't come through saying it will make it so, but through action, hardship and above all through determination to be successful. You cannot teach that through education. Believe me I've tried for a decade as a teacher!


God bless in all we aspire to be 🙏
Petr Doleček
Petr Doleček:
So much motivation, finally i can open my eyes. Thank you for this video.
Jimmy Medrano
Jimmy Medrano:
“We all fail, it’s ok”
- Arnold 😭
Mutatis Mutandis
Mutatis Mutandis:
At 10:23 he's expressing this Japanese saying. “Nana korobi, ya oki” which translates to “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” It means choosing to never give up hope, and to always strive for more. It means that your focus isn’t on the reality in front of you, but on a greater vision that may not be reality yet.
Shahbaz khan
Shahbaz khan:
"Sometimes people come to me and say what do you think was Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer and I feel almost insulted because boxing was just something he did I mean that's no way to define Muhammad Ali he was one of the greatest men to ever appear on the scene of the earth".
(George Foreman)
lucas l
lucas l:
I think that the main objectif of this speech is to find what we really love
"you can't get around the hard work no matter who it is" ... "You have to work and work and work make sure of this make sure of that" Arnold you are the truth
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Irwin are some of the realist people that will ever live in our lifetime
Leo Raj
Leo Raj:
Best ever motivational speach , Salute you Sir....
Chris Ogden
Chris Ogden:
This man is one hell of a legend/hero/superstar❤
Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone:
He's the father I needed
Ac Minnesota
Ac Minnesota:
I love Arnold when he got a vision in his life.. I never had that in my life..
Bolo sacc
Bolo sacc:
"I don't start counting until it hurts."

who felt that
Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards:
He is 💯 right about not being afraid to fail.
Never stop learning even when you think you are the best in your field, work, college and so on. Always something new to learn.
This guy motivates me to keep going. I will always keep going. If I will fall I will keep going. I remember having a bad childhood and being dumb at school when I was a kid. But I got accepted into College. I start having good marks in high-school no matter what. I knew I'm gonna be successful
Jon Bass
Jon Bass:
11:35 The way Arnold says "Relax" brought a tear to my eye.
Shlomi Katav
Shlomi Katav:
Wonderful Speech, he is talking straight from his heart. 12 minutes of pure gold. I wish could hear this when I was in high school.
Carl Maloney
Carl Maloney:
The bit about failure is so motivational and important. Failure is the key to success and I’ll always stand by that. Chills
RX Football
RX Football:
I can't stop listening to him saying that "it's okay to fail." He sounded very sincere.
Simon Jack
Simon Jack:
That was perfect what Arnold said there's no magic pill you work hard you work out you get yourself where you need to go basically organize yourself.. it's a damn shame how all these celebrities and some bodybuilders they rely so much on pills they don't rely on actually building themselves up
Yash 999
Yash 999:
Every word he said was experienced by him. He did all of that. It's amazing for me to just hear. Wonder what happens if I implement it
Asim Abbas
Asim Abbas:
“A winner gets back up when he gets knocked down. Only a loser stays down.”
One of the many things he said that will stay with me forever
Aditya Menon
Aditya Menon:
Most people sit and wait around for inspiration
, just some rare people get up and get to work.
I may not know you personally ,but I believe in you that you will succeed !👍..
Vance Hines
Vance Hines:
living legend mad respect
Inder Prakash
Inder Prakash:
No one motivates me as you do. Your words hit like a charm. Thanks
Fuf Gughg
Fuf Gughg:
what a motivation l've never heard of any motivation Like this it's unbelievable and so Awesome wow and now it's time to start again l failed alot but l neve give up insh Allah l will get what l want let's go 🔥
Baik the Second
Baik the Second:
“I didn’t waste a single minute”
*Us sitting here binge watching YouTube*
Seibormi Kyndait
Seibormi Kyndait:
Actually I'm very shy to stand in front of so many people to do things that I want,but, Only this speech who can stimulate me to do everything that I want especially in managing time.Thank you Arnold 😘😘😘😘
Jason b
Jason b:
It will be a very very sad day when this man passes away he's a massive inspiration to society
Jesse Sky
Jesse Sky:
Arnold Schwarzenegger In my eyes is a legend And will forever be A legend he's making history It's showing the average man can be more than what he thinks himself to be I don't I can say it is for the music for this video You did a great job finding the right 1Because you can definitely feel The feelings And how much you put into your videos This video has feeling And a soul