Arsenal vs Liverpool | Match Day Live

Arsenal vs Liverpool | Match Day Live Watch Along with Cecil, David Ajala, Sheroy & LV General

0:00 - Intro & Predictions
11:00 - Starting XI
14:15 - Kick Off
56:40 - Half-Time

1:01:49 - Half-Time Stats with James

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100+ comentarios:

Noorgaard Damsgaard
Noorgaard Damsgaard:
Since the league cup semi finals, Liverpool has played 13 games and arsenal has played 7. Very understandable why Liverpool was off but still won. Great team
Huge congrats on the “We played well against Liverpool and Man City” trophies
Seeing the 4 guys' transition from being smug to a meltdown is just bliss, absolutely pure bliss, thanks!
Eurfryn LFC
Eurfryn LFC:
Alison save 1:18:06
Jota goal 1:21:16
Firmino goal 1:28:50
Martin Quirk
Martin Quirk:
Loving the fact that these guys in their Arsenal blinkers are completely oblivious to the fact that their team simply got dealt with by one of the best teams on the planet. All in a night's work for Liverpool, who are playing twice as often as Arsenal, still being involved in three competitions and having already one one trophy. World class men versus talented boys.
Martinelli motm? Lmao Robbo clear motm. Pocket Saka once again, clean sheet and a nice assist
John Gray
John Gray:
You played a top team tonight in Liverpool. Learn when you play greatness. Liverpool is miles ahead of Arsenal
Cole Griffin
Cole Griffin:
First Goal 1:21:19
Second Goal 1:28:53
Eli Woods
Eli Woods:
As a Liverpool fan, we know a thing or two about goalkeeping errors. From Karius to Adrian to Alisson, they all make ‘em. But you tolerate the errors when you know you’ve got a good keeper. Alisson is world class, so we happily tolerate the errors. Ramsdale has been great this season, and equally worth tolerating the errors.
Liverpool weren't pressing only because of their game management strategy , unlike us they're playing a game in every 3 days
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Liverpool not even in 2nd gear. It annoys me how comfortably they beat us every season
It's a struggle seeing how quick Liverpool's defenders can go back after losing the ball, no wonder they are close to City ☠️
Test Run
Test Run:
Don't get carried away. You played a tired Liverpool team. I believe within the period that Arsenal played 5games, Liverpool had played 10games - hence, the difference in sharpness. Yet, Liverpool won!
The smugness from these Arsenal guys in the build-up to the game has now disappeared in the north london’s rain
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 another fantastic episode. Great viewing
A game of fine margins. In the end individual errors cost us. Ramsdale was poor in that goal. Normally the best keepers spread and make themselves bigger in those kind of situations. Could have saved it with his legs stretched but he dived sideways. This is the second time it happened. The second goal against Watford was another example. If he improves those mistakes, we got a complete keeper in our hands.
Yaseen Walls
Yaseen Walls:
These jokers need to put some respect on Matips name, man won everything he went for😪
Afridi Ali
Afridi Ali:
Always confident they can beat Liverpool then after another L, they find excuses lol
Arsenal should be proud of that performance. If they play like that week in week out they will make top 4 which is the goal on a rebuild
Timo Werner
Timo Werner:
1:21:21 Gota With a Goal 0-1
1:28:56 Firmino Title Race on 🔥 0-2
Last time Arsenal was on a good run, lost to Liverpool and went on a bad run. Lets see how long before its Arteta out this time.
Some improvement by Arsenal today. I remember us busting 4s and 5s on the regular against Arsenal but today you man gave us a decent run out. You lot are better than the mancs and spurs will always be spursy, so you should get champs league this year.
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola:
Since lfc beat arsenal in the carabao cup sf they have played 13 games while arsenal have played only 7 and in spite of that Liverpool looked much better🤷🏽
Tahmid W
Tahmid W:
Give proper respect to Liverpool Football Club. Stop saying "We will beat them or We are not afraid" Be afraid. In the presence of greatness be afraid. We demand ur respect arsenal Fans. You never give us enuf. We are not like others.
E P:
The Gooners are now The Goners.
Another clean sheet against Arsenal.
I’m a Liverpool fan but seeing Martinelli completely mug off Trent and Henderson was mad!😮🔥🔥 Great player, please don’t bottle top 4 and let the mancs in, nice to see Arsenal’s improvement!💪
Trevor Stout
Trevor Stout:
Got over confident, like Lee got over confident. Liverpool again in the end toyed with them. 1 win in 19 games against lfc for this lot.
LV going mad about Matip being given MOTM 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace:
Liverpool fan but I really hope Arsenal get top 4! 😊
Skidz 96
Skidz 96:
Mentality monsters 💪🔥
And there you have it. Arsenal getting excited about winning against shite bottom and lower mid-table teams every week and a half and then a real team turns up! 😂😂
Billy M
Billy M:
1:57:30 Sums up these bunch of salty losers. Martinelli man of match 0 goals 0 assists, Liverpool had no clear cut chances apart from the two goals, yet VVD and Mane had clear cut chances.
If only we could play arsenal every week
But I thought Arsenal were back to being good!!
Fixture congestion has to be the funniest comment on this vid. 😂😂 Playing once every week / week and a half then differently having to play 3 games back to back hilarious!
They never learn. They played 150 % in the first half and still couldn't do anything and then Arsenal were dominated in the 2nd half as per usual 😄
Shreyansh Singh
Shreyansh Singh:
1:18:00 Alisson Save
L after L after L against Liverpool, outscored 8-0 in agg over 4 games, and still think they can win 😂😂😂 deluded arsenal fans
karl Erasure
karl Erasure:
Stay fourth thats already a good season , don't allow others coming behind. 👍
Da guy in the 86 Arsenal t-shirt made me laugh HARD! What is he smoking??🤣🤣🤣 WE ARE LIVERPOOL 🔴
Every game why are you guys underestimating us? I just dont understand why out of all teams you think Arsenal will defeat Liverpool ,theres no links between the clubs to have bad blood like with the mancs so i really dont get why you think that.
Don Robbie: Ramsdale is the best goalkeeper in the premier league
Why can’t we play arsenal every week.
BizarreSporty Nerd
BizarreSporty Nerd:
Arsenal team is fine just need an actual no9 that will actually cause CB problems
And we need a Cazorla-like player to replace xhaka.

I feel like those two changes would bring us to the next level.
Simple. We just don't have quality and experienced forwards upfront. That's it. Saka and Martinelli still developing. 1st half - We are okay. No complaints. But in the 2nd half, Liverpool push a little bit more than the 1st half.
They are quicker, better running when off-ball, and ability to find space. Odegaard should not stop the ball. He should blast once he receives it from Laca. I think Saka will shoot at once if he gets that opportunity. Ramsdale should save that 1st goal.
After the first goal, we crumble. Lack of focus and concentration. We lost many challenges in the middle. The 2nd goal, Saka should just simply tap it out and reorganize. Why need to clear upfront because no one is up there?
I already said many times before. Man City and Liverpool have this advantage. We don't have. Lob the ball into the box or into the critical area where the forwards can make a run to get it and find the opportunity to score. How many times Liverpool did do that? We almost never did it. We always lob to sideways and not in the middle. When you find tight defending, that is the best way to break the defense.
And the most frustrated me, was the last 12 minutes. We were playing like we were leading. Damn. No urgency at all. Like we already gave up. I'm happy if we can score one even we lose. Just show how important to have better forwards upfront when we play against the top teams. They will make a difference. Liverpool has so many of them. Buy Halland next season. Pay 100M. Hehe...
OK. Forget it. Make it simple. Based on this performance, I don't think we can beat Chelsea at their current form and away game. If we really want the top 4, just beat Man Utd and Spurs. That's it. No excuse. At least draw and not allowed them to get more points than us. Can we do it?
Nottingham forest will be more of a challenge than you bottlers. Up the reds.
Henrik Nordli
Henrik Nordli:
Swear down, next game these deluded Gooners still gonna say theyre gonna beat LFC. Played them four times this season, scored no goals, and still think theyre gonna win in every preview, joke ting. Banter club
pelican hill
pelican hill:
Same old story. We look great against mediocre teams, but we are out of our league against the big clubs. Mentally, they are week.
Aye Yo !!!
Aye Yo !!!:
LV - there's no such thing as a positive 2 - 0 loss 🤣 especially losing at home.
IpPeetiePewPew :
This game proofed again Arsenal is on the right path, but it's still a long way to go. Liverpool and City are still another level, but Arsenal should start to get at least a couple of points against the bigger teams. Keep on going
T K:
Somebody probably should have had a red card according to Ty.
Juice WRLD 🐐
Juice WRLD 🐐:
Plenty of positives to take from this game…top 4 is ours to lose… keep believing COYG 👍
1:21:23 0-1 Jota
1:29:00 0-2 Firmino
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Disappointing tonight. 2 soft goals, Ramsdale error but it is what it is. We need to move on quickly and hopefully at Villa on Saturday we get the W
1:58:10 MOTM goes to Matip..
Elliott alderson
Elliott alderson:
Jota owns your club. 🔥
"We had chances" the Xg calculator for this match must have missed them worse than the players only 0.53 for this game.
Joseph Mucuwe
Joseph Mucuwe:
i don't hear anyone talking of the role that Saka played in conceding the second goal.
LV has the football knowledge of a turnip, all noise no substance
Wilson Martin
Wilson Martin:
It okay I mean as long as we keep winning the next games.
J W:
Looking forward to Ty's excuses tonight
Arsenal come on you had Liverpool stressed? Brighton, Norwich, many other teams have chances and attacked us but what do we do? We adapt and win, we go up a gear, very reminiscent of that Real Madrid from few years ago.
Woke Hogan
Woke Hogan:
Yo you guys need to stop acting like you played Liverpool off the pitch. You didn’t deserve anything from that match. Just be happy we’ll smash United at Anfield and this loss will be inconsequential
Arsenal fans hyping up their team, like 🤣🤣🤣
3 or 4 signings away from winning the prem, what a joke. Hahahaha
Tbf Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea are the only games in the league where a loss is pretty much guaranteed, anything more is a blessing.
Leo Dw
Leo Dw:
After ty’s debate on the ladbible you guys deserved to lose this game lmao
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi:
‘’Didnt see Matip doing sh*t’’ … check the score 😵
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell:
Odegaard MOM
Missing On Matchday
(Better than Ozil lol)
Friis Torben Tappert
Friis Torben Tappert:
Clown shoes screaming stupid remarks for two hours straight is really amazing entertainment. Who in his right mind would sit through that?
lii mohaa
lii mohaa:
Put respect on my man matip pl player of the month fam
fricolor LFC
fricolor LFC:
the emirates is our training ground
Corey Adam
Corey Adam:
You guys need to stop thinking you guys can beat us🤣
Baba Hassan
Baba Hassan:
It's simple likes of lfc and man city don't need to play well. They can play in 1st or 2nd gear but when their chances arrive they take it, when the opposition make a mistake they punish you. Arsenal to even have a chance need to play their best football all season and then take their chances and cut the mistakes out and remain focused.
Neil Ebochue
Neil Ebochue:
Liverpool players came to emirates, put arsenal players in their onesies, read them a bedtime story and tucked them to bed. Kapish
It's the rain. His glove was wet and that's why the first goal is score.
Sleepin Dragon
Sleepin Dragon:
I'm sorry Arsenal fans.
The naive belief that you can go toe to toe with this Liverpool team.
Liverpool just move through the gears when needed and take the game away from you in a heartbeat.
Make no mistake Arsenal don't measure yourself against Liverpool. They are on a different level still.
Baba Hassan
Baba Hassan:
When don't put your chances away the top teams punish you simple as that. Learn that arsenal fans
Schwarzie Long
Schwarzie Long:
No lads, Liverpool pressing is not the only difference: 18 points is.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Back to reality 🎤
Aky _1892
Aky _1892:
Men Vs boys, just know your worth and sit down. You’re miles behind us so just focus on finishing top 4.
we needed to be more physical ,
Brady Vassallo
Brady Vassallo:
Peple need to know we dont have a easy game left we have totthamam away chealsea away aston villa away souptamtan away
David A
David A:
pjd chan
pjd chan:
Martinelli eat Arnold all the game?
He lasted 54mins
Arsenal fans will want Arteta out before the end of the season
Serene 191
Serene 191:
Quality separated us last night but we move
Thirsty hard Arsenal fans!!! 😛😂 WE ARE LIVERPOOL 🔴
A fan base that goes "Blud" or "Fam" ain't seeing their team win the prem lol
Glen S
Glen S:
The collapse has began 😆😆😆
Lush Life
Lush Life:
I'm all for fan passion but sorry, that LV fella is special needs.
Paul Omalley
Paul Omalley:
LV salty😂😂😂😂
Ethan Power
Ethan Power:
But but but I thought Arsenal were back
Dat Guy
Dat Guy:
The predictions are so embarrassing even in the league lol. Liverpool went and won the league cup
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi:
‘’Jota got a lucky goal’’… bro I hear the pain but that’s not lucky, poor keeping. 8-0 this season, also not lucky.
laugh away
laugh away:
Thx for the chapters
T K:
I will never applaud my team after a 0-2 defeat. Small club mentality.
Over four games its 0-8 vs Arsenal, pretty much sums it up. (Salah started 1 of 4 games).
Saeef Ali
Saeef Ali:
Why does that joke man think Ramsdale is some world class keeper or something 😂😂
Advitiya Sharma
Advitiya Sharma:
The two games in hands are against Spurs and Chelsea so the fanboys need to calm down
Kieran Cheale
Kieran Cheale:
Arsenal offered 0