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73 comentarios:

Tha Likely Lad
Tha Likely Lad:
Remember when Utd won the league in January
Mr Matthew F1
Mr Matthew F1:
3:22:12 Mark Rages at Fred
Raunak Das
Raunak Das:
Arsenal drew the match without Aubameyang, Saka and Tierney.

But to be fair to United, they also played without Fernandes.
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus:
David Luiz always turns into prime Maldini against us
Funny Gunner
Funny Gunner:
I've said every week that when it comes to crunch ole can't bite
Name Surname
Name Surname:
Lacazette hit the bar harder than an AA meetings week off.
T K:
Since its all going downhill from here, its good that United already won the league earlier this January.
Where's Paul Cooper?
Where's Paul Cooper?:
Cavani missed a few chances, Bruno was bad, Rashford made a bad decision as usual
many fans shouted to replace martial with Cavani yesterday, see the results?
Football is always about teamwork, never about individual mistakes
Sunny Toor
Sunny Toor:
United showed today that they dont have a league winning mentality or Character. Sloppy passing, no control of the game. In all honesty its one of our worst performances of the season.
I know I’m gay when I say this but .
I know I’m gay when I say this but .:
Bruno giving everyone watching free diving lessons for free 🏊‍♂️!
Harjoth Singh
Harjoth Singh:
Where’s the final score episode with player ratings??
We where there for the taking no Tierny sake or Auba this was your chance to shine at the emirates again tbf
S L Jones
S L Jones:
We will be lucky to finish in the top 4.ole is a clueless manager
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan:
Tight to the end gg Man utd now we move on
Vaughan Francis
Vaughan Francis:
Martial and Rashford are inconsistent, time to give other players chance
Vaughan Francis
Vaughan Francis:
Time to give VDB a chance clearly a lot of players are off form
So much for that 3-2 prediction, wishful thinking after getting spanked by Sheffield United. Up the Blades!
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor:
I was one of those who wasn't fooled by us being top. We have played boring crap football. Tactically we have been a coward against a lot of teams that we have played against. We won't win anything if ole hasn't got a winning mentality when he starts with a must not lose mentality first which is for relegation teams
Seeing Rashford and martial play , we need Grealish the most .
Kieran Watts
Kieran Watts:
Any time stamp on the Bruno foul on Xhaka please
Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly:
Laca didn’t dive and never dives
Name Surname
Name Surname:
Cant wait for the fans to be back in the stadiums, maybe they can score more than these lot did today.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
Cant wait for the fans to be back in the stadiums, maybe they can score more than these lot did today.
Tom D
Tom D:
Solkjaer has got to be one of the most deluded managers in history.
His interviews are embarrassing we where shite again and lucky to get a point.
His luck has surely got to run out sooner or later.
There is no passion there is no vision there is no aggression there is no fucking mindset
Sindo M
Sindo M:
Congrats OLE for your first early substitution 😂
Kid Messi Unyu Unyu
Kid Messi Unyu Unyu:
Come on guys, draw against arsenal is not the end of the world, if city wins a game in hand, we are only 6 points behind and still have half a season left
Second place at the end of the season is also good enough for us
it's still a process
Marcus Sewell
Marcus Sewell:
Bottled it again. Team no where near winning the title. Ole not up for the job
Cavani should of had a brace
outplayed today we got very lucky not to lose
Smileythekid #
Smileythekid #:
Rashford can't play as a rw. He is not on his weaker foot. Rashford can't pass with his left foot and also can't shoot with his left foot. He played like the old rashy against Liverpool because he played as a Lw. Ole needs to learn
Mark talking about Laca diving but never mentions Bruno 😂
Rock girl
Rock girl:
We where there for the taking no Tierny sake or Auba this was your chance to shine at the emirates again tbf
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Where’s the final score episode with player ratings??
Stu77 T
Stu77 T:
No teams deserved win no urgency from both teams but I will take your point and we still unbeaten on the road
steve hall
steve hall:
We should forget about this result and start winning the games again.
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Cavani missed a couple of sitters and we missed chances of our own too. We take the point and move on. Gg and good luck for the rest of the season 🤝
Jesper Ogabe
Jesper Ogabe:
Arteta narrowed his defense distance to midfield, and closed out Bruno on the 10, and someone still thinks Ole is at the wheel! Ole is just a nice passionate united legend, who has no united DNA of coaching/managing especially in-game. He can't play Diallo on the right, VDB, Mata not playing etc. Ole should fully resign at end of the season; we ain't going anywhere with Ole!
Colin White
Colin White:
Rashford should make his mind up quick politics or football cw
Isa Isa
Isa Isa:
Rashford was Bad like Bruno and Cavani but no one gonna mention them.
No attack. Yet again Rashford and Martial are non-existent. Two top eight teams.
sanjesh silwal
sanjesh silwal:
sack ole
Dixie Day
Dixie Day:
I like Marcus Rashford because in my best football team plus even if we didn’t we didn’t win circuit with him win
Alex Rodrigues
Alex Rodrigues:
United are back 😂😂
Jayden Akpobome
Jayden Akpobome:
Your lucky saka,auba and tierney weren’t here tonight
Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin:
Manchester united players are a disappointment to wear the badge. They look like pure crap.
Cathal McGrath
Cathal McGrath:
Disappointing . They kept booting the ball away when getting pressed and when Arsenal had the ball they weren’t eager enough . Poor performances from plenty of the lads as well
doliio volay
doliio volay:
because he played as a Lw. Ole needs to learn
sanjesh silwal
sanjesh silwal:
sack ole and arteta
Jimmy King
Jimmy King:
Fair result 👏 gg
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz:
Timestamps aren’t for today 😭😭😭
Luther Manton
Luther Manton:
where do i go for the match review
Jimmy Buckett
Jimmy Buckett:
6 points clear at top and back down we go man u rubbish
Marcus Sewell
Marcus Sewell:
So boring to watch. Leeds United play better football than us
Rashford is better when he is on the left than when he is on the right
Shashank Kumar
Shashank Kumar:
What you are searching will not be found!
GamingWithShahn !
GamingWithShahn !:
Time stamps:
Thank me later
fricolor LFC
fricolor LFC:
Banter FC are back
Josh Groom
Josh Groom:
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
What you are searching will not be found!
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath:
Lacazette isn't a diver
3:07:28 Rashford Miss and OFF
3:16:28 Cavani Miss
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
What you are searching will not be found!
Bobby You
Bobby You:
3:26:32 <— where it end :)
Jimbo O brown
Jimbo O brown:
Need Grealish
Liam Talks Football
Liam Talks Football:

Have a great day everyone !
Wayne Da Game Anthony
Wayne Da Game Anthony:
How is it Mark predicted a 3-2 and a draw at the same time.
me me
me me:
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser:
It was united vs referee today. And arsenal literally packed the box today
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
Time stamps:

Thanks for reading have a great day 🙏

Have a wonderful day guys 👋🏾
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams:

Thank You