Arsenal vs Watford | Classic Premier League Goals | Aubameyang, Deeney, Henry

A compilation of classic goals scored in previous matches between @Arsenal and @Watford FC in the Premier League. This video features Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Troy Deeney, Thierry Henry, Roberto Pereyra, Mesut Ozil, Tom Cleverley and more!

What’s your favourite Arsenal vs Watford goal? Let us know in the comments.

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48 comentarios:

Is it me or is every single Watford goal literally a deflection or just pure luck🤷‍♂️ and We are out he scoring quality goals
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
"Never ever forget the Brilliance of Thierry Henry" ~ Me
Ben Hicks
Ben Hicks:
lol how many of Watfords 'classic' goals were huge deflections/blocks that happened to fall to their players and not Arsenal's. So classic.
Well hello there
Well hello there:
I don't think there will be a player as good as Henry to play for Arsenal in a *while*
Premier League
Premier League:
Who scored the best goal?
Suncom Kinoo
Suncom Kinoo:
So sad that Arsenal classics most of them come from early Wenger era like 10yrs ago
Tyrell Jones
Tyrell Jones:
Let's send them down so I dont have to hear about cojones next season
Lezzyy 11
Lezzyy 11:
Bruh what are these Watford goals🤣🤣all kinds of deflections and stuff
Adrian Sparks
Adrian Sparks:
Brilliant goals👌
vxrbalist_ Clodz
vxrbalist_ Clodz:
i dont support neither team but seeing the fans celebrate just makes me miss football with fans
Alex Walters
Alex Walters:
Henry is such an incredible player who agrees
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
My prediction:

Arsenal 3-0 Watford
Henry will always make thes
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper:
1:07 ahh yes, an absolute premier league classic
PES Beats & News Reviews
PES Beats & News Reviews:
Gotta say very nice music too
I am from the future Arsenal won both fa cup and against watford 😱 never lose hope in them
4분전 ㄷㄷ
COYG . Im from Arsenal Indonesian.
Shiv Upadhyay
Shiv Upadhyay:
Hayden bowman 10
Hayden bowman 10:
16th lol
Alex Walters
Alex Walters:
Mankirat Singh Saini
Mankirat Singh Saini:
Mark _i.c. whale_
Mark _i.c. whale_:
Deeney derby!
Daniel Leyew
Daniel Leyew:
Goodbye watford 👋
muhammad shaukat
muhammad shaukat:
Lol i never knew that Richarlison and Ighalo used to play for Watford. Still The king is simply the best.
jemin kalsariya
jemin kalsariya:
Bye Watford , don't see you again in PL
Protiv Bookmakera
Protiv Bookmakera:
*ты уверен что Удинезе выиграет? смотри что у меня есть*
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos:
I mean Sky Sports do these videos when there is a big game and I agree this game will really decide who is getting relagated
Adam Czerepinski
Adam Czerepinski:
i was 1000th like
Hopefully Arsenal send Watford down so we can have the most underrated rivalry’s in English football back
Parveen Pari
Parveen Pari:
Thierry Henry vs Watford
Sorry Watford
Beena Sreekanth
Beena Sreekanth:
My favorite arsenal fan aubamayag
Maximка fifa
Maximка fifa:
Shivam Komul
Shivam Komul:
Phil Jones has more goals in the FA cup than lacazette in the fa cup this season.
Fabio F.C
Fabio F.C:
Great goals!!
Ciceron Ramos
Ciceron Ramos:
Grande Arsenal hoy ganamos
Football Fan
Football Fan:
Ozil magic🔥🔥 He is a great gem of arsenal 💎💎
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
No matter what I will always consider ozil as success for us, he was a joy to watch when he was at his best . Its a shame that he was inconsistent
Maaz Mahmood
Maaz Mahmood:
I hate Cech with a PASSION
Firas Naufal
Firas Naufal:
I hope Arsenal's lords didn't make mistakes...I meant you mustafi
Parvez Khan
Parvez Khan:
Almost all of the Watford goals came due to the courtesy of Arsenal defending... Let's just hope they don't give away any in today's match...
Jam mane
Jam mane:
C'mon Arsenal, Hattrick for Aubameyang
salma naheed
salma naheed:
Arsenal garage
Rated Opossum430
Rated Opossum430:
Abameuy who
Abameuy whaat
Abameuy bludclart yang
Maxa'ed Abdi
Maxa'ed Abdi:
Watford win