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100+ comentarios:

Fernanda Costa
Fernanda Costa:
JOSE MOURIIIIINHOOOOOOOOO!! Back then, he gave a full assessment about MU. People wanted all quickly, picked the players over the manager in the end, that clearly wanted to get rid of 2/3 of them bit by bit. MU fans...OMG Rashford such good player, Luke Shaw .......etc.. They had potential which is diff of being established good players. We all see now, JM was right.
123 456
123 456:
Bloody hell Goldbridge's reasoning for why it wasn't a penalty was about as solid as Maguire's brand of defending
Michael McGrory
Michael McGrory:
Bruno's been absolutely horrible all season, pain
Nikhil Karmakar
Nikhil Karmakar:
Bruno Penalty @ 2:15:50 Thank me later 😉
His reaction to the Bruno miss is legendary stuff 🤣.
Omarzkie Tero
Omarzkie Tero:
Waiting badly for time stamps of his reactions. 👍
Saka didn’t play the pass. He took a touch and was pushed over by Telles. It wasn’t a shoulder barge. He went through the back of him.
Red Said
Red Said:
Tough loss to take but the majority of players actually played well today. It is clear to see which players may still have a future at this club. Many positives to take, the loss is disappointing but we are already looking to improving for next season and this performance was a positive. Let's keep it up.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward:
Mark is right its about Standards. Non performing players should be dropped.
Jonie- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
Jonie- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞:
Bruno's been absolutely horrible all season, pain
Erick Corimanya
Erick Corimanya:
I can see van de beek is taking Bruno's place in the midfield , there is not doubts Bruno is been poor and he is part of the problem
The last time Bruno impressed me is the 2nd leg vs Villareal in the CL.
How on earth Bruno took that penalty is a question in itself, but the fact he didn’t put in the effort afterwards to try and make it right, is appalling.
Dont get IT TWISTED. We only dominated for 25 minutes and that was hugely down to the Arsenal fullbacks losing their heads. Arsenal have had more shots, more shots on target, 100 more passes and 10 percent more possession in the 90 minutes!!!!!
EDIT= XG: Arsenal (2.81) 3-1 (1.98) Man Utd
Bruno has now got that poison that Manchester United seems to give players. This has happened to Rashford, Martial, Maguire(honestly I question if it’s just cause he’s crap) and many others
United Red
United Red:
Too many people getting carried away with the loss. There were lots of positives from today. Best performance for a while, not the best result. This is the start of the rebuild, we need to keep improving.
I think it wasn't Ronaldo decision about the penalty he wanted 4th place. I think it was Ragnik decision and also the fact they didn't give him the arm band is telling. I think Ragnik is trying to make him understand he should leave and it's mental.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
It is priceless that the less a player plays the better they get in the minds of United fans. The club that keeps on giving.
It is priceless that the less a player plays the better they get in the minds of United fans. The club that keeps on giving.
Jason W. Bourne Jr
Jason W. Bourne Jr:
Actually ManU has a good squad but toooooo slow&can only play for 15 mins at high tempo, that makes them so easy to defend&their attacks non threatening. They've only played one game, and only one game all season which was Ragnick's first game against palace, that showed competitive potential. This team ought to let many players leave and a coach that can make them play for that badge than an ordinary team in premier league, and get them work hard and always aware of whats around them and on high alert to anticipate advantage&danger. We need players that can deliver or compete, not just a number&name. The following out to be sold in bundle&get a few good for positions..maguire,Matic, Lingard,Pogba,Mata,Jones, Lindelof,Wan Bissaka,Shaw and à few others u see unhelpful
eamonn patterson
eamonn patterson:
Very Frustrating should of got something out of that Game unlucky with some of moments but Well done to Arsenal dug deep and Won in the end
Bruno is a deadweight and is good for counter attacking football that’s where he was brilliant… elanga is out of his depth at this level and will take another year to reach progress… if u get Sancho please please get mata playing as these two can create space
Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle:
Jose and LVG were right. I’m sorry but this club went off the rails when they chose players and “the united way” over results. Hopefully Ten Hag can get us back on track.
Goldbridge is a psychic, he knew the end result even before Bruno took the penalty 😂😂😂
r r
r r:
I for one love what I saw today. The boys did well. Some people are too unrealistic. This XI has potential
Kiran Rai Chamling Maichuncha
Kiran Rai Chamling Maichuncha:
Even you knew Brono gonna miss it. Hahahaha I really liked it watching him missing it and your reaction as well. Hahaha COYG!!!!
Saka avenged his mistake today. Bruno kept it the United way 😉
PURIFi Official
PURIFi Official:
I knew by the run up Bruno was going to miss
Pedro Goncalves Da Silva Luiz Alberto Fernandes
Pedro Goncalves Da Silva Luiz Alberto Fernandes:
Now you can't blame Maguire. He is not the only problem
Chris Sayer Anderson
Chris Sayer Anderson:
There was no hate campaign against Ole. It was based on results .
Pasha Putra Ardan
Pasha Putra Ardan:
Last week Bruno said " LVP play for championship and we play for nothing"
So this week can be..
Bruno" Arsenal play for the top 4 and we play for nothing"😅..
United fans, personally I don’t think you were that bad, game could have gone either way. We were abysmal and that may have been down to you. Results don’t always reflect performance. Especially for arsenal today.
Im Me
Im Me:
People are talking about Rashford and Maguire being horrible most of the season but Bruno has been horrible this season, he always loses the ball and has not been scoring but the one thing that helps was his passing and he isn't even doing that but yet he plays 90 mins every game, i would even play Lingard there instead of him coz he is the only creative player and he isn't creating anything
J T:
Cedric and Tavares made United look good.
Waiting badly for time stamps of his reactions.
Bruno has now got that poison that Manchester United seems to give players. This has happened to Rashford, Martial, Maguire(honestly I question if it’s just cause he’s crap) and many others
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Last week Bruno said " LVP play for championship and we play for nothing" So this week can be.. Bruno" Arsenal play for the top 4 and we play for nothing"😅..
richy clubsport
richy clubsport:
Bruno and Telles absolutely awful today, got to blame Ralf to a certain extent, should say in team talk if we get a penalty Ronaldo should take it, shame, MUFC were slightly better today than previous games, individual errors to blame again unfortunately
P Godda
P Godda:
this clearly shows that United finishing 2nd last season was more to do with Liverpool and Chelsea not being at their best .
United are a shambles of a club they need a huge clear out of players and staff and fresh idea and a plan and process in place
not quite Peter Pan
not quite Peter Pan:
"he didn't get barged into, it was a shoulder barge"

man can't even hear himself
John Miller
John Miller:
First time since the early 80s to lose 4 top flight away games in a row and let's not forget United was unbeaten away all of last season. 

Could and should have at least drawn that game, no one to blame but themselves for not doing that. First two goals total gifts to Arsenal. At 2-1 more than enough opportunities including a missed penalty to level it and then Arsenal score a 3rd against the run of play. 

Objective one for Erik, clear out the dead wood and egos, replace them with competence. Have a team that at least makes the opposition work hard to score against you and take it from there.
Kemzeee Njiaye
Kemzeee Njiaye:
I have been saying this over and over, bruno is part of the problem. He is under performing and dont deserves new contract. I hope ten hag get rid of him
I would just play Mata ahead of Bruno for the rest of the season, sure he doesn't offer as much as he used to but at least it won't be like playing with 10 men
If we had not played Maguire at all this season we would have made top 4 , simple . He is such a liability
Why Bruno didn't get a red? Where was VAR now? In England you have to break a leg to get a Red.
Mike Priestey
Mike Priestey:
Crying about the clear cut penalty 😂
Mark keeps blaming telles but ignores how shyt dalot is, he is the worst defender at utd...yes more than maguire. When bruno picked the ball up for the pen, I was like omg he will miss. He has been missing sitters for a while including this match before the pen. Why ronnie didn't take it, I'll never know. Anyway, let's hope half the squad is binned in the summer (unlikely).
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz:
If Ronaldo was captain & took the pen we would've probably won that match, as easy as that. Ralf totally to blame.
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic:
Mark if that is one of the best performances you have had all season then STANDARDS have dropped badly
Bruno is fast becoming a liability!! Can’t believe I’m saying such about him
Toxic Skull Fear
Toxic Skull Fear:
At least we can see that there is possibilities here. They finally fought hard.
Ragner Louthbrok
Ragner Louthbrok:
Bruno was terrible today and the last games he played too, and all that happens after a pay rise, United never learn.
Craig Settles
Craig Settles:
This is exactly what I was worried about, when Bruno got a new contract. What if he don't get back in form under ten hag? How are you gonna get rid of him?
Do bruh
Do bruh:
Random stats: Maguire miss 7 games in the premier league in this season and Man u hasn't won a single game out of 7!!!!
Arsenal’s forwards: £0
Sancho alone: £85 million
David Warnes
David Warnes:
mctominay plays for the badge doesnt matter were he plays even though he isn't a cdm he just wants to play for utd
I didnt realize how bad united were until, arsenal gave away so many balls and even a penalty
Selfish Bruno, what a shame. Sancho is a beast, can’t wait for next season
nr macky8.7
nr macky8.7:
The fact you say this is one of the best performances of the season says a lot about how poor united are. United had an ok 20 minutes but in truth it was down to poor play from Arsenal.
Abdu Binyaameen
Abdu Binyaameen:
Season to forget our defence reminds me of Chelsea under lampard conceding almost 60 goals. Back to the drawing board no Europe is better than Thursday night football
Adam Rourke
Adam Rourke:
Know should keep Solskjær mate going to 9 got a feeling
PMs Village
PMs Village:
4 more games of torture Stay strong guys.
D C:
I feel like Mata should've been brought earlier in place of Bruno... he looked sharp.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
Man united's results this season are so awful
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
Very Frustrating should of got something out of that Game unlucky with some of moments but Well done to Arsenal dug deep and Won in the end
Chris Tavakkoli
Chris Tavakkoli:
Bruno was supposed to be Cantona in the making 🤦‍♂️🤣
Vans Kal
Vans Kal:
United is a gift that keeps on giving 😂
2:16:20 Bruno penalty miss 😂
The African Lad
The African Lad:
Maybe we should start calling him Miss Penandes😂
2:16:23 marks reaction to Bruno miss
this time United fans can't even blame Maguire
Rey Orozco
Rey Orozco:
Not letting united fans get away with saying they were going to win today and Bruno getting a new contract is the same situation as ozil and aubameyang with arsenal stupid decision and Sancho sucks saka who? Saka better than Sancho
pac daddddy
pac daddddy:
Just a reminder that Bruno is marks "favourite" player 😂.... Just as martial was when in form but then not 😂😂 He's a womble
Adam 1982
Adam 1982:
If Ronaldo takes that penalty we would have gone on to win.. We were bossing it at that point...
Mr Ed
Mr Ed:
Throwing Rashford on is like throwing the towel in
Sean Botha
Sean Botha:
Ole got 2nd with this team(without Ronaldo) He was AMAZING !!! Now we are mid table!!! OLE OUTERS HAPPY NOW ???
Paxton pomykal
Paxton pomykal:
Absolutely Shambles from both teams today we didn't take any chances and paid for it please let the season end quickly
Oisin Kearns
Oisin Kearns:
Wow dominate for 25 mins out of a 90 minute game 🤣🤣👏👏
Azwan R.
Azwan R.:
If only Maguire was playing.
Lalit Thapa
Lalit Thapa:
Bruh why does Ronaldo have to turn into Teresa and let Bruno take penalties when he missed it against Villa too😂🤣
Sir Nigel Farage
Sir Nigel Farage:
We actually played good. The defending let the team down. And Bruno.
daniel oranye
daniel oranye:
United are really relying on a 37 yr old ronaldo to make top 4 the state of that club is wild 😭😭😭
Jack Samuels
Jack Samuels:
If today showed us anything its that Harry Maguire is not the problem😂
Hypnotic Gesture
Hypnotic Gesture:
Delusional fans chanting: BRUNO BRUNO... meanwhile me wondering WTF has he done to deserve his own bloody anthem.... Mediocracy is what fans want and it was what they get.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke:
DeGea must have nightmares of Xhaka.
Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri:
Lose to Arsenal?! When they've got someone like Tavares at left back?
Dz Assault
Dz Assault:
How's United constantly renewing contracts on certain players
Rax Rad
Rax Rad:
This is the poorest season from these lot since Fergie retired regarding their overall play etc and somehow they are still in with a slight chance of top 4! Arsenal and spurs keep letting them back in but really this team should be 7/8th in the league and have just relied on Ronaldo somehow saving them when he is the reason the whole team is playing so poorly as they try and build the play around him. As a team you played better without Ronaldo, but still relied on individuals to win games for u rather than the team overall. Granted their have also been some other poor individual performances you have relied on in the past like Bruno and Trashford and Cavani to bail you out. It’s just been a hit and hope team strategy for a few years now but now most of the individuals are out of form and can’t bail u out like Ronaldo has been with winners against the run of play.
fernandes out of form all season and receives a new contract, that sums it all up really
Craig Waters
Craig Waters:
Come on man United
We have Cristiano on the pitch and Bruno has to be the one taking the penalty??????
Bruno is bang average, needs dropping
k a f k a
k a f k a:
It WAS penaly for the Gunners....
Live with it. ... !!!
manchester is blue
manchester is blue:
Better than de bruyne they said
Kyo Pai
Kyo Pai:
Quick question who decides the player to take the penalty?
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones:
What happened to Marks Bruno love in when he was also wearing a Bruno top 😁
Joe Soap
Joe Soap:
Pogba, Maguire, Rashford, Fred, Wan-Bissaka all dropped. Who are we meant to blame now??? 🤔
I hope United get relegated next season
Bunker Mainan
Bunker Mainan:
Another dissapointing week... But this time without Magshiteuire