Everton were denied a 12th away win of the season by fine saves from Emi Martinez as Aston Villa held on for a point. Abdoulaye Doucouré returned from injury and the Blues were solid again at the back, but Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison could not find the goal they needed. One point gained with three points left to play in the race for Europe.

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44 comentarios:

Robert K
Robert K:
need to figure out attack pattern other than "pass to digne then cross to lewin". it is very predictable
We're worse than spurs at bottling 😂
A Whitti
A Whitti:
Finishing has let us downalot this season and cost us some big points but we go again against sheffield COYB
M. Umar
M. Umar:
I fell asleep early during the game, when I woke up it was still 0-0 😂
Rivan Pangestu
Rivan Pangestu:
Andre "john wick" Gomes
Moeez Awan
Moeez Awan:
I know we lost but glad to see R7 finally PASSING the ball rather then going for glory and screwing up goal chances
dedi juliawan 29
dedi juliawan 29:
This what is everton all about
Make good chances and then 2 things happen : good save by opponent goal keeper and suddenly very very bad finishing.
It cost european slot for them.
A everton le falta un 9 como falcao para q haga goles con los pases de james y cuadrado q un guerrero en la cancja y mina para defender
Willis F Mr.
Willis F Mr.:
Villa keeper denied us the full points..
Rashida Makhdum
Rashida Makhdum:
Lucas Digne is not in the community tots why don't Everton fans vote him but he deserves it .😫😓
Charlie B
Charlie B:
Great result Everton we got a point off them this year! more than we did against most teams in the bottom half 🤦‍♂️ Carlo has his work cut out with this squad 😬
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Expected more from Everton. Our European dreams might be ruined
John Ketteringham
John Ketteringham:
Bad finishing . We needed a win we needed a goal Carlo Ancelotti brings on Iwobi . Why is he even in the squad?????
Lee Enfield
Lee Enfield:
I think when a draw looked likely, we should have concentrated on injuring the opposition. _If we can't beat them, injure them_
Let's hope we cause some proper injuries in these last few games.
Muhammed Adhil
Muhammed Adhil:
Emi martinez
Mark Digne so he can't put long balls and make sure DCL can't head the ball. That's how you beat Everton...
kemal nugraha
kemal nugraha:
1 Din Darbar Tay
1 Din Darbar Tay:
ولی اولیا کے دربار دیکھتے رہو شکریہ.Ft
Tommy Suverenus
Tommy Suverenus:
Dog Tired
Dog Tired:
So only Everton attacked? I'd hate to see your highlights of the game two weeks earlier, they'd be remarkably short.
Wilson Lemus
Wilson Lemus:
james y Yerry hacen mucha falta, con ellos todo seria mejor.
Juan Alejandro Sánchez
Juan Alejandro Sánchez:
Perhaps you should make the goal frame smaller for practice, gotta fix the aim
Spud EFC
Spud EFC:
ovrayn ///
ovrayn ///:
Merseyside Hotspur😂😂
Giovanni Miele
Giovanni Miele:
Bye Bye Europa League Ancelotti 😂😂 from SscNapoli 💙
hanif zulfan
hanif zulfan:
need more duration
Teddisen Hakkepeiling
Teddisen Hakkepeiling:
Mota Mike
Mota Mike:
EFC supporter for 66 years and I have to say I have never seen such poor finishing as I have this season.
So very disappointing I’m afraid to say.
Mark lark
Mark lark:
Nothing upfront again need to buy some strikers. Sigurson gomes nothing as usual
Everton de Carvalho
Everton de Carvalho:
Richarlison has blocked me on Twitter because I said he doesn't know how to shoot, he doesn't have ability , he only knows run 😂
cerita animasi
cerita animasi:
two team mediocre
Masrafe ahmed
Masrafe ahmed:
this is poor finishing
Muhammad Reza Ramadhan
Muhammad Reza Ramadhan:
Cant believe the one who will give Messi his international trophy is Martinez
unlucky 0-0
John Nahason
John Nahason:
Is that all you've got?
Jayadeep AJ
Jayadeep AJ:
Argentina finally got a better Goalkeeper
Lots still to play for and they can't even muster a half hearted effort
Deni Nurfajar
Deni Nurfajar:
To much chance that fail to be score
Jeremy Tan Co
Jeremy Tan Co:
pinnacle achievement for the club this season - winning away at Anfield. other results doesnt matter anymore
no europa chance now??
ABI NEGARA 57 ...:
Europa everton carlo ancelotti
Liam EFC
Liam EFC:
not good enough
eduardo varela
eduardo varela:
Muy malo
Kacper Iznerowicz
Kacper Iznerowicz:
unlucky today