Aston Villa 1-0 Sheffield United | Premier League highlights | Egan red card & Martinez penalty save

Two minutes of EPL highlights from Sheffield United's defeat at Villa Park agains Aston Villa in the Premier League. Emi Martinez saved a John Lundstram Penalty while John Egan was controversially sent off in the first half

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100+ comentarios:

Dibya Bikram Limbu hangsarumba
Dibya Bikram Limbu hangsarumba:
Gunners will miss you emi
Well done Martinez.
I already miss emi man wish he couldve stayed but awesome to see him thrive in a first choice keeper position as he 100% deserves showing his absolute class
Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson
Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson:
Take good care of Emi. We love him dearly. All the best Villa. Big club!
Paolo Messi
Paolo Messi:
Emiliano Martinez 🔥🔥🔥
Vamos Argentina 💚🇧🇩🇦🇷💙
Harry Saroy
Harry Saroy:
Martinez 👌Man of the match
MilkMeow _
MilkMeow _:
Emi deserve number 1 GK
Good luck Emi, always support u even I am United fans
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Take care of Martinez, such a gem its a shame our club let him go
Good luck villa
Stabber 🔪
Stabber 🔪:
Martinez ❤❤❤ miss this guy
juan pablo
juan pablo:
Big martinez 👏👏

Scaloni (Dt Seleccion🇦🇷) has to take into account that Martinez is at a great level and Put him in the Start, since Andrada does not have so many Games played
Kipas Angin
Kipas Angin:
what a performance from Martinez 👍
About Virals
About Virals:
Please take care of him because our rotten business is forced to let him go we will miss him playing in the arsenal
Inspector Balls
Inspector Balls:
Here after watching the argentina-colombia penalty shootout. Martinez the GOAT
salwa Altahir
salwa Altahir:
Big call from the referee on the red card to sheffield united player!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
Who else is a Gooner that is here because of Emi. Damn! I miss him. 😢
A Y:
Emi looks so confident and relaxing in goal
Bryan Teh
Bryan Teh:
well done martinez!! Congrats for a job well done, from an arsenal fan!
Crushal 45
Crushal 45:
Heartbreaking an heartwelming for you EMI we will miss your service badly nuff respect bro
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
Martinez has a presence that no Arsenal goalkeeper has had since Lehman. And yet they kept a largely understated Leno. Weird.
As for Villa. Had a man advantage for pretty much the entire game and just about scored one. Well done.
Muhammad Yusuf Shalahuddin
Muhammad Yusuf Shalahuddin:
I come here to see emi
Yt Tatsukiii
Yt Tatsukiii:
We Miss you emi ❤️
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball:
Strange red card, no?

Martínez starts very well. Arsenal wasting a excellent goalkeeper
shonyui shatsang
shonyui shatsang:
Arsenal fan here.. love you Martinez
junu robz
junu robz:
Emiliano Martinez 🙌🏻🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Eutu Ben
Eutu Ben:
And I've never seen Leno save a penalty
Who else is a Gooner that is here because of Emi. Damn! I miss him. 😢
Aswin Asok
Aswin Asok:
Emi going to villa will be a boon for argentina but will be a huge loss for arsenal(Iam both an argentina and arsenal fan)
The Bit Player
The Bit Player:
Credit to GK. That was one hell of a save.
Christian Dela Pena
Christian Dela Pena:
Villa got great value with Emi for it's 17M.
Santino Camacho
Santino Camacho:
Que grande Emi!!!! 🇦🇷💪🏽
Boy Siahaan
Boy Siahaan:
Martinez 🔥
Martinez 💙💙💪💪🔥🔥
Shahzad Mazari
Shahzad Mazari:
om sharma
om sharma:
Emi Martinez the new king of the Villa park and away
PumitaMG3 DJ
PumitaMG3 DJ:
🥺😭 miss you emi good luck
Pandemic Prisoner
Pandemic Prisoner:
I'm thinking a time out is needed for Stevens. Not been at his best since last season's restart.
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya:
Good start Martinez
Ahmed Jinan
Ahmed Jinan:
I miss Emi ❤️
Since 1930
Since 1930:
Arsenal fans here.. Good work Emi.. ♥️
Leo Dragon
Leo Dragon:
Martinez could make the difference for PL survival again for Villa. Got them 2 extra points today. But both teams look weaker than all the promoted teams on this display.
andrew brodie
andrew brodie:
Lundsrum should never have taken that penalty espec when we dont know if hes staying or not his head wont be right
Like for Emi's save
Arsenal had no option than selling him, but we wish him very well.
Sheffield united admin showing the man u media team how to be professional and upload a highlight video of a match they lost
Kabra sim
Kabra sim:
Better late than never for emi to be a starter PL goalkeeper.
Ashi Prize G
Ashi Prize G:
Am here to watch only emi's penalty save🤔
sam rubin
sam rubin:
Gracias Emi, Gunners will miss you.
Leo Dragon
Leo Dragon:
Martinez could make the difference for PL survival again for Villa. Got them 2 extra points today. But both teams look weaker than all the promoted teams on this display.
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng:
Imagine Macey in the Europa League 🤣
Cartoon Head
Cartoon Head:
Well be fine Blades what I find funny is that everyone is sucking Martinez off for saving a pen 😂😂
So no ones going to talk about how Martinez was off his line
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf:
The first foul was no way a red card yes a foul but not that bad should been a yellow card
prosun ghosh
prosun ghosh:
Wishing you a very good luck Emi 👍
Zulkifly Kamal
Zulkifly Kamal:
Villa dont deserve martinez...😍
Not a red card for me, didn't deserve to lose. Onwards and upwards
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
Build around emi. Give him defence
Emiliano Martinez the best 💪💯
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq:
Too early to talk about relegation.
But Sheffield has a series of difficult games coming up (Leeds, Arsenal , Man City, Chelsea).
Better don't start the season with 0/18
idk but now i feel sheffield utd are gonna fight for relegation along with fulham, west brom, villa, and west ham
Samuel Stanley
Samuel Stanley:
Come here for EMI - we love you man : )
George Mwangi
George Mwangi:
Villa can thank Arsenal for that W
Marco Pavez
Marco Pavez:
Emi Martínez Mode héroe
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
Come here for EMI - we love you man : )
Anas HellFiRe
Anas HellFiRe:
Great defense sheiffild U , 10 man looks hard to beat 👏👏
oladiran oladeru
oladiran oladeru:
Arsenal will regret letting Emi leave
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee:
We missed you Emi, more than Szczesny! Take care Emi😥
Naaa tremendo debut de Emiliano
J Bogdadee
J Bogdadee:
Congratulations Emi
Kevin Oktavianto
Kevin Oktavianto:
Deano would probably saved that header, awful attempt from Ramsdale
Lola Berdieva
Lola Berdieva:
muhd hisham
muhd hisham:
Barang yang lalu usah dikenang. Good job emi martinez..
Ona Dyana
Ona Dyana:
We love you emi
Why was Egam sent off? It looked like Watkins pushed into him. Joke of a league
N B:
Ramsdale is a hugeeee downgrade on Henderson
Paul Big_bro
Paul Big_bro:
THIS MAN Emiliano Martínez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emi Martinez <3
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot:
Arsenal sold the wrong keeper!
Samiul Siam
Samiul Siam:
I like you martinez
gitanjali chhetri
gitanjali chhetri:
Martinez 200 times better than Kepa...big lost for arsenal
Jovem Magal
Jovem Magal:
Emi already payed his price. Miss you gunner
D N:
Sign. Aston Villa fan here! U have no excuse buddy there! VAR war right!
Big Mo
Big Mo:
Only here for Martinez
Relegation for villa 😂
Emi my mannnn!!!
Asep Saepulloh
Asep Saepulloh:
Martinez better than Kepa,
Shafeeq Mohammad
Shafeeq Mohammad:
Hadi Sasmito
Hadi Sasmito:
Kasian Sheffield United, 2 kali pertandingan kalah terus
RUFA'ASIRI deeemi:
Arsenal will regret losing Martines to astonvila.
Shifas 12
Shifas 12:
Did they check foot on line while penalty was taken😅
David H
David H:
Ridiculous red card. Trip on Basham a yellow? Who does Mr Scott support?
Ethan Pillay
Ethan Pillay:
Proud of the ex-gunner🔴🔴🏟️
Xuân Doanh
Xuân Doanh:
Goodluck Emi !
Stefanus Christanto
Stefanus Christanto:
Emi save villa
Andrew Kariuki
Andrew Kariuki:
Emi 💪💥
Big Brain
Big Brain:
You need to buy a goalkeeper
doliio volay
doliio volay:
Death Machine
Death Machine:
Second season syndrome is really affecting Sheffield United
In my opinion we need deeno
john smith
john smith:
Irish worship Villa and now Argentina
Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
WTF is wrong with the referees? That is not a red card at all!!