Aston Villa v Arsenal | Match Day Live

Aston Villa v Arsenal | Match Day Live Watch Along

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52 comentarios:

Sam Mehari
Sam Mehari:
Partey again showing why we forked out 40 odd million on him... he was the reason Coutinho and Buendia was none existent for 70/80min of the game.. he reads the game so well and is always there to break up any counter attacks.. and the composure he has to shield the ball and look for the best pass rather that the easiest pass... also makes xhaka 10 times better because he worries less about making last ditch tackles because he know Partey is there to cover... what a player he is can only get better... so proud of this team and Arteta deff the right man for the Job now let's finish the season on a high and get top 4
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Big win that. Saka with a good finish and a towering defensive performance from Gabriel and Mr Benjamin White. Top 4 certainly in our hands
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
The Togetherness in this Team 💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Saka will probs get all the headlines and rightly so as he scored the winner but Leno should be equally praised. A big save with the last kick of the game after a needless FK given away by Pepe
Nostros Somos Madrid
Nostros Somos Madrid:
We need a gunman in our forward line asap!! Good signs and it’s making watching football enjoyable again lmao.
The problem with Saka is when he had an off day, he was terrible but when he is on form, he can do special and wonderful things. So, you cannot take him out. Wait and see how he is performing before making any changes.
The organisation and understand of this team is improving everyone knows their job COYG
Come on Arsenal ❤️✌️
Arsenal.... Organised, disciplined and hard to beat. That's the difference!
Tom Lander
Tom Lander:
Ty impression at 45:42
Big Batty
Big Batty:
Aftv: celebrates

Mic: I said I don’t have the capacity
Paul Young
Paul Young:
I can't agree more with the person who said Nketiah was so lazy when he came on. Very shocking. Pepe- no comment.
43:55 : Saka goal
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh:
Decent Defensive performance
Sulaksh Dixit
Sulaksh Dixit:
Is it just me or does the audio go every time these lot are celebrating a goal. Has been happening for almost all watch-alongs recently. Please let me hear the screams of joy man.
Mo Vibes
Mo Vibes:
They gotta fix their audio cuz I wanna hear the celebrations
star Fame
star Fame:
We played today without a striker…. Laca was trash at the front there ….
Godwin Nwalozie
Godwin Nwalozie:
Nketiah is terrible, bringing him on means we play with 9 men.
Mothusi Maake
Mothusi Maake:
Defence: Make Saliba permanent and sign Mohamed Simakan.

Attack: Buy Jonathan David and Rafael Leão.

Midfield: Dominik Szoboszlai and Boubacar Kamara.

Sell: Nketiah, Laca, Elneny and maybe even Pepe.
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh:
Still long way to go for You guys
Arsenal 1988
Arsenal 1988:
Pepe needs to go end of the season, just does not do enough.
Que Pasa
Que Pasa:
Love Helen!!.... so good to listen to.
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh:
Still got to play West ham and US Manchester United as a fan
Tom Lander
Tom Lander:
Goal at 43:50 👍
Faisal Mohamed
Faisal Mohamed:
Leno and Esr coming on, not worried at all.
K A:
This channel has taken a dip, evident in the cast
Charlie Boy2
Charlie Boy2:
Won home and away against Leicester, Wolves and Aston Villa, correct me if I'm wrong but we lost all six last season ?
''Let's try to be a Big club and do the top4 run in without a striker.
Don't worry, it's totally normal my former club Everton once did it a decade ago.''

~ Mikel ''we don't need Vlahovic'' Coneteta
I remember everyone was saying we getting relegated after 3 games where are they now
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma:
No one is appreciating leno
John Gitema
John Gitema:
Big big win win🌶🌶🌶🌶💥💥👏👏
Jesse Gray
Jesse Gray:
Fix your mic guys whenever we score
Asher Sanjan Abraham
Asher Sanjan Abraham:
SpunkySanchez deserved that win.
Mario Richards
Mario Richards:
The quality of Arsenal play falls most of the time when Pepe and Nketia comes on.
J H:
Why does the sound go every time arsenal score?
Kobtan Abdi
Kobtan Abdi:
We need to see your TV 📺 guys
Hope Solo
Hope Solo:
Why the voice cut out during goal celebrations at AFTV but not at Don Robbie channel?
Shirtaz Halani
Shirtaz Halani:
Guyz need extra microphone little away from group so atleast we have some sound when Goal been scored
Pepe and Eddie came in such a waste. No contribution but create more problems with a silly foul. Better put in Lokonga and Elneny or Tavares.
Dawit Kassahun's
Dawit Kassahun's:
Akshayan Thivakaran
Akshayan Thivakaran:
When in doubt trust the audio
E Reacts
E Reacts:
Robbie you're a millionaire, can't you buy new mics ?
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh:
Just hold on
Kobtan Abdi
Kobtan Abdi:
Put another TV 📺 behind you
a wrecked isle this function😂
a wrecked isle this function😂:
Fix the mic
apel tiga
apel tiga:
Again...the sound always dead when cheering for goals..
The mic quality in aftv is it really so bad??
Zephyr Samurai
Zephyr Samurai:
Laurie out fool
lucas earl
lucas earl:
You need to change your mics man
Wes Clayton
Wes Clayton:
Veselin Kyumyurev
Veselin Kyumyurev: