Aston Villa vs. Manchester City: Carabao Cup Countdown Live | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Stewart Robson are live pitch side from Wembley stadium ahead of the Carabao Cup final between Aston Villa and Manchester City.

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18 comentarios:

JJ Wallace
JJ Wallace:
top 5 list lost credibility when he put Ederson in 🥴
Shirish Aryal
Shirish Aryal:
Easy game for villa
Soma Moulick
Soma Moulick:
Stewart looks like voldemort
yeetfishyy on 60fps
yeetfishyy on 60fps:
Grandpa Vince
Grandpa Vince:
well it turns out my beloved bertie blues won the cup. what an achievement for us bloom moon masters.
Cameron Mistry
Cameron Mistry:
He put Ederson at 5 I love him but there are so many other player Jesus Christ
Director Macoluv
Director Macoluv:
Yes City Won, but wow wow what a Header from Samata
Colin Reese
Colin Reese:
Agent Alexis, The Queen of Kingston
alan duncan
alan duncan:
Madrid is coming for them.
Carlos Andrés Ramírez
Carlos Andrés Ramírez:
Ver yyy good pep you the champion League 2020 on ch
Juan Mendoza
Juan Mendoza:
Are they going to show the match
Stuart Robson? 'make Man City more predictable ' lol that is waffle for the sake of it, and City switch it constanly but go through the middle as well - in every game. Villa defended like their lives depended on it but City dug a win out - again.!
p Süngjem Temsü
p Süngjem Temsü:
This is out of topic but Can someone plz explain me this...
In the euro cup league round 12 teams get qualify for the round of 16.....whuch are accompanied by 4 teams the four best 3rd placed teams which makes 16 teams
The problem what I don't understand is.... 1c Vs 3 d/e/f.....if the 3rd place team from group D.. E... F... All qualified or two teams get qualified.... Which team will play against the 1C (tat is 1st place group C).....the 3rd place D or 3rd place E or 3rd place F
Let me understand..ill be thankful
DaftTone W
DaftTone W:
Let's go the cityzens 🙌🙌
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia:
This is insane!! So much hype!! Better than champions league and World Cup combined! City might pull the upset ! 😂 ._.
John Walters
John Walters:
This what not a giant v small man game. But certainly I believed we would win and am happy we did. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
L C:
Pep hasn't even got a suit on for a cup final!! That's the respect he has for man city 😁😁😁
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans:
City buying the cup again I see. Corrupt football team.