AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Human Testing

Jul.20 -- A coronavirus vaccine the University of Oxford is developing with AstraZeneca Plc showed promising results in early human testing. The vaccine increased levels of both protective neutralizing antibodies and immune T-cells that target the virus, according to study organizers. Abigail Doolittle reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

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Buddy Piper
Buddy Piper:
Show me actual results not potential maybe results.
David Cohen Cohen
David Cohen Cohen:
We heard too many companies have positive results but no one has any final vaccine so stop the scam boosting stock market of these companies
First Last
First Last:
microchip included......but you don't need to know that!
Angelina Alvarado
Angelina Alvarado:
sandeep Shah
sandeep Shah:
After this Trump be like this is my idea 💡
President Goyim
President Goyim:
You can always just tell us the truth.
Rebel Withacause
Rebel Withacause:
What do you bet that if Biden becomes president the best vaccine on the market will suddenly become available and all of the rioting and looting will end?
Sebastian A. Brunemeier
Sebastian A. Brunemeier:
It's the Oxford vaccine, not the AstraZeneca one.
Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director
Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director:
So, they are asking us to believe that there are HUMAN TRIALS going on for a vaccine for a virus that has only been known to exist for 4 months? I hope everyone realizes that there is no record of any vaccine for any "NEW" virus being allowed to go to HUMAN trials in the history of the world in that period of time. I guess cvd is just so "SERIOUS" that we can throw the entire scientific process, caution and the potential for long term harm out the window. Man, we really are in trouble if people believe this.
Raheem ent
Raheem ent:
Why don’t these people understand.... nobody trust the vaccines and if they do trust it hell they can have my dose because I’m not taking it
Ibidibi *
Ibidibi *:
Forget it! We are getting wise to the scam.😒
Still nothing. Man can’t conquer disease...yet.
Shawn Rice
Shawn Rice:
Trump said he's getting the military to distribute the vaccine.
Rob T I
Rob T I:
Problem, action, solution.
Make a boogie man , scare people. come up for way to kill the boogieman, and make billions if not more off it.
Jerome Paul
Jerome Paul:
Screw that crap. Not putting any vaccine into my body, let alone one that's been rushed I to making 🙄
President Goyim
President Goyim:
Who cares? No one is dieing. Been at 140k for a week mow.