AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Paused Due To ‘Potentially Unexplained Illness’ | TODAY

Just days after moving ahead with a critical Phase 3 trial in the U.S., pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has hit pause, even as the nation tops 6 million coronavirus cases and 190,000 deaths. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.
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AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Paused Due To ‘Potentially Unexplained Illness’ | TODAY

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22 comentarios:

Aero Mad
Aero Mad:
REMINDER: This vaccine is a gene therapy drug, not a real vaccine. It works by inserting genes into your cells to force them to produce viral proteins for the rest of your life. Tell me if that sounds safe to you (and I've had every single shot in my life so don't call me an ''anti vaxxer''!)
get ready for the zombie apocalypse!
Mario Castro
Mario Castro:
Nobody I no will trust a vaccine the has skipped all normal scientific trials! Explain the illness that happened to stop it!
This seems like a zombie movie
ZY MX25:
What do you expect with new drugs ???
That's interesting.
Where are all the people working out in masks at Planet Fitness? Can't work out with no mask in Michigan.
So every one said, Russia sputnik vaccine was doomed to fail. Yet this company astrazeneca already showed flaws. Makes you wonder....
Arthur D
Arthur D:
5 times a year mandatory thats what they pushing for
Quantum Mindz
Quantum Mindz:
🧟‍♂️ unexplained zombies!
Studio DaVeed
Studio DaVeed:
Uh, stupid question....are not the participants logged?
Who was given what?
If not, is that part of the 'blindness' of the trials?
Gabriel Matos
Gabriel Matos:
Karim Lamrani
Karim Lamrani:
First vaccines don’t work in 60 years++ old people and we know that because the flu vaccines for elderly doesn’t it’s pointless to vaccinate those age category who are most concerned with Covid 19 , Second the deaths in younger people is less than 0.01 % and this was in March 2020 (peak time ), now is non existent .... so the vaccine to be consumed by who ?!?!??? It needs a client this product ...To take a chance to take a vaccine 💉 made in weeks which needs normally at least 20 years against a rate of 0.01 % is just nonsense.
Davis Walker
Davis Walker:
Hughes Enterprises
Hughes Enterprises:
Plot twist, it was the placebo that made him ill.
Or they just don’t want to help president Trump by having a vaccine ready before the elections, these people have been coordinating everything worldwide since the beginning.
Jose Cold
Jose Cold:
Welcome to America 🚮 🇺🇸
Jeanette Cobb
Jeanette Cobb:
This "unexplained illness" they mention but don't actually elaborate on; the patient said they can't feel God and their soul is dead. This is the pentagon video of this bioweapon that is supposed to do just that...
will warren
will warren:
And the cdc has admitted less than 9,500 actual deaths and millions of false are dumb to take anything called a vaccine if they can't even get a test right
Kimo lesa
Kimo lesa:
Money money money crazy how these companies are around the whole world. The vaccine adverse reactions are just as bad as the virus lol
Planted Aquarium Chicago - Fish Tanks, Aquascaping
Planted Aquarium Chicago - Fish Tanks, Aquascaping:
Why are they talking about vaccines but not medicines ? If there will be medicines for it then you don't need a vaccine. You take medicines only when you have a hard case.
What Trump bleaching juicy is not enough to to save US)