Atalanta 0-1 Empoli | Atalanta miss out on European spot | Serie A 2021/22

After 3 years of Champions League, La Dea fail to qualify for a European competition after back-to-back defeats left them stranded | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

That Empoli GK is something else🙌🏾🔥
Valentin Kaplunov
Valentin Kaplunov:
Отличная игра вратаря Эмполи.Я бы сказал,что это самый лучший игрок сегодняшнего матча. А вот Аталанта сегодня была не очень,верней ей не хватило точности для победы!
Mac Qweta
Mac Qweta:
Why do Empoli goalkeepers defend so well against Atalanta? Dragowski in 2019 had 18 saves! Now Vicario played so well ... Amazing
Deji Adeniyi
Deji Adeniyi:
Atalanta's decline in the 2nd half of the season was crazy. No European football either. Summer is looking rough for them.
Ilham Assegaf
Ilham Assegaf:
idk if I'm the only one who thinks like this but vicario shines this season, I wonder why there is no news about him, so underrated GK.
Back to basics for Atalanta next year
indrohari 1908
indrohari 1908:
Vicario is in crazy form the last two games ..
Giuseppe Laghezza
Giuseppe Laghezza:
Vicario unbeatable, once again man of the match performance, I hope Inter gets the hands on him, one of the best gk's in Serie A this season, without a doubt, well done to him 👏 👏 👏 👍 👍 chapeau my friend !!
Nice to see Ilicic back on the field.
Andrew Nainggolan
Andrew Nainggolan:
I just remember that Vicario was also did marvelous performances in Cagliari few years ago as 2nd choice GK. His career was stagnant for years because of Alessio Cragno
Could be a tough summer for Atalanta. They'll have some big clubs circling around a few of their players now they can't offer them European football.
Fabricio Costa
Fabricio Costa:
I get happy that Empoli got in Serie A
Harald Thenderup Jensen Eskerud
Harald Thenderup Jensen Eskerud:
We have only taken two points against Atalanta, which I was kind of satisfied with. As it turns out, we should have taken six, like Milan did. Part of the “title losing” games, while the losses against Sassuolo and Bologna are of course worst. Or even a draw in the derby, given our vastly superior goal difference.. stunned to see Atalanta’s poor season. Only shows that continuously performing at the very elite level is extremely difficult. Vicario performed excellently here, but this is only one of many blanks fired by Atalanta this season. 65 goals this year versus 90 last year is the difference between champions league and staying at home
s%%%%%%u%%%%%%%r %%%%%%%%%z%%%%%%h%%%%%y%%%%%%k
s%%%%%%u%%%%%%%r %%%%%%%%%z%%%%%%h%%%%%y%%%%%%k:
Atalanta should have one to be fair, but Empoli's goal was really nice
Hisoka Morow♠️
Hisoka Morow♠️:
Too bad for Atalanta, i like how they play, always aggressive. Milan fan👍
This has to be the most one-sided game of football I’ve ever seen with the worse side winning.
Niels Junker
Niels Junker:
Thanks for the season Dea Forza Atalanta 💙🖤💪
Well done Vicario. Come on Empoli, focus on the next year
Incredible,as Atalanta could not score they created opportunities for 2,3 matches.
Eduardo Rossi
Eduardo Rossi:
Vicario is probably the best goal keeper of the whole serie a in this moment
John Okereke
John Okereke:
Atlanta deserved to win, they where only denied by the magnificent Vicario 🔥🔥
miri buna
miri buna:
Great game for aslani and barjami 🔥
Que mala suerte tuvo la Atalanta, hasta 40 tiros y 2 palos se quedó sin marcar y perdiendo, resultado injusto pero lamentablemente el fútbol es así
Rafael Henrique
Rafael Henrique:
Eu quero ver esse grandíssimo time chamado empoli fez tanta questão de ganhar da atalanta na próxima temporada vai ser rebaixado pela atalanta em casa igual ele fez hoje com a atalanta impedindo da atalanta de ir pra uma competição européia apesar que a viola ganhou né da juve
Ermis 95
Ermis 95:
Vicario phenomenal keeper
Jardani Jovanovich💖
Jardani Jovanovich💖:
This game was literally Atlanta vs vicario
Mc JennyDeath
Mc JennyDeath:
Vicario had so many awesome performances this season
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Atalanta usually will be in trouble if they cannot score. Should try something different shooting against in form Vicario instead direct shooting.
kun mwas
kun mwas:
Seriously ! What is wrong with Atalanta this days?
Carmen Borg
Carmen Borg:
I feel bad for atalanta congrats on finishing 8th try your best next year
Jason Rebornz
Jason Rebornz:
why inter didn't try to sign Vicario, underrated goalkeeper, amazing
Ron Bonora
Ron Bonora:
If there is way to lose Atalanta finds it!
Looks like gasperini didn't prepare his team to play a CL final like he did with Milan.
Ricardo Pedroza
Ricardo Pedroza:
El arquero del empoli brutal se mando las atajadas de su vida este wuacho
Lumban Chan Official
Lumban Chan Official:
Near Harvy
Near Harvy:
you will never walk alone - that curse Atalanta for sure!!
Amish Tariq
Amish Tariq:
Atalanta completely destroyed in this szn
Atalanta didn’t draft Demiral, they cant blame no one but theirselves 😹
He would make the 0-1 a 1-0
Strong hand by vicario 🔥
With the loan system changing we might not see Atalanta having a run like this again
Probably better for Atalanta not to be in conference league. Let them focus on Serie A
El Machico
El Machico:
Vicario will be first GK in Italian national team, remember that.Best GK of serie A this season
felippe almeida
felippe almeida:
A lot of injuries
Small squad for a lot of games
Saffron Inferno
Saffron Inferno:
Vicario is a LEGEND
Massimo Crimi
Massimo Crimi:
Empoli un solo tiro in porta Atalanta quando ne a fatto 6 o 7 .. Empoli vince la partita .. bravissimo il portiere del Empoli..
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Very disappointing season from Atalanta dreadful performance
Elliot gregory
Elliot gregory:
Big fan of Atalanta but they have had a poor end to this campaign. Why I don't know but maybe they have been figured out?
Atalanta → 3titles 😂😂😂😂
Zlatan → 32titles 😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉
Andi Arief Arief
Andi Arief Arief:
Bagus Empoli 👍
jimmy Panastone
jimmy Panastone:
Ball possession
Total shots
Shots on target
Shots off target
Blocked shots
Fuadi Wibowo
Fuadi Wibowo:
AC Milan/Inter Milan = Salernitana/Cagliari.... Perjuangan yang sama....
Buen partido del atlanta
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
dua pertandingan terakhir Empoli menjadi panggungnya Vicario!
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Vicario played phenomenal in winning cause 👍👍👍. Great GK. Empoli showed improved display.
Daniele Fadda
Daniele Fadda:
Vicario ...migliorh portiere della serie A
Muhamad Ma'ruf Syarifudin
Muhamad Ma'ruf Syarifudin:
What the Vicario is crazy again 🤣👏
Anthonystar Nongsiej
Anthonystar Nongsiej:
Empoli keeper he is the strong wall
Atalanta have themselves to blame
Arif Saripudin
Arif Saripudin:
Atalanta back to nature. . Haha
sugo sugo
sugo sugo:
SPIAZE Gasperi! 🤣🤣
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra:
Atalanta back to their old place
englewood price
englewood price:
the cycle is over for atalanta. they got to rebuild
Timon Eggen
Timon Eggen:
Hahahahahah bye bye Atalanta👋
Rishal Rmk
Rishal Rmk:
💌💌Empoli players and keeper💌💌
Fabio Rrahi
Fabio Rrahi:
Roma won the uecl so doesn't that give atalanta a spot
Vicario kiper Empoli lagi onfire terus 👍👍👍
Yesi Rakit
Yesi Rakit:
Vicario deserve for National Team spot
Bisri Mustofa
Bisri Mustofa:
The price that Gasperini has to pay for his big ego dumps one of Atalanta's best player = Papu Gomez

and makes the dressing room atmosphere unpleasant for the players.
Parth Jain
Parth Jain:
Atlanta deserved this for not sacking Gasperini
Sheena Kucing
Sheena Kucing:
Atalanta back to default mode
Francesco Leone
Francesco Leone:
Atalanta fuori dalle coppe, vi sta bene, oggi Empoli ha giocato da veri spirtivi, quel che non avete fatto voi con il Milan, l'avete regalata la partita, vi dovere vergognarvi specialmente sul goal di Theo.
Che peccato...
leo Suharyono
leo Suharyono:
Perjuangan Atalanta selesai di sini. Kehebatan mereka yang bisa menembus liga Champions musim lalu, tidak terlihat lagi musim ini.
okky metriawan
okky metriawan:
Atalanta reset to factory settings... 🤪
Łukasz Pustelnik
Łukasz Pustelnik:
Vicario is something else
Santiago Contreras
Santiago Contreras:
Mejor que equipo tan pecho frío sin el papu atalanta no es nada mejor vuelvan a su realidad luchar sólo no descender
Heri Ferdiansyah
Heri Ferdiansyah:
the fairy tale has over for Atalanta
John No Thanks
John No Thanks:
Jump with us, Gasp! ahahahahahahah
M M:
then do not talk about FORM but FORTUNE of EMPOLI to come away with a result WITH ONE SHOT ON GOAL .... LOL
pete smart
pete smart:
Too inconsistent missed a playmaker without papu
Ernesto Chung
Ernesto Chung:
Hope the owners of Atlanta invest in some new players!
dho Bahanan
dho Bahanan:
Hahayy.. Back to factory setting Atalanta
atalanta kembali ke habitatnya
Imansyah Putera
Imansyah Putera:
The amazing vicario
jati godong
jati godong:
Why Atalanta get down perform??
warbeck Oficial
warbeck Oficial:
Back to easy atalanta
El Indio
El Indio:
Atalanta paying the price for continually selling their best players
Ahmad Muhlisin
Ahmad Muhlisin:
Atalanta factory reset
agyemang duah gyasi
agyemang duah gyasi:
Useless team in serie A this season. Just hate them
Aifi Ama
Aifi Ama:
Boga is executional
John Sinley Edouard
John Sinley Edouard:
Je suis plutôt content de cette défaite. C'était soit l'Europa League où rien. Je pense que c'est bien de libérer cette place de conférence League à la Fiorentina.
Adrian Rangel
Adrian Rangel:
Si Roma gana la final todavía podrían ir a Conference
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
Football is surreal sha 🤦🏽‍♂️
Joke of a club 😂
Законопослушный водитель
Законопослушный водитель:
Аталанта все хуже и хуже
D Maka
D Maka:
Zurkowski 🇵🇱
The ONE:
Atalanta dream is over go to serie b in 2 3 years
John Carter
John Carter:
what happen to you Atalanta?
Oneil Forseh
Oneil Forseh:
They’ve had a terrible season.