Atalanta 5-0 Parma | Atalanta Hit 5 In Magnificent Performance! | Serie A TIM

Gomez opened the scoring, followed by Freuler, Gosens and Ilicic’s double as La Dea smash Parma! | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

Justin Cosing
Justin Cosing:
Atalanta FC is honestly a great team that most people aren’t talking about. What an attack this team has
Atalanta's scoring goals like nothing this season.
Ben Relsdale
Ben Relsdale:
Ilicic is mentioned in literally every attack..some player
Friendly Disiar
Friendly Disiar:
All the credit goes to that coach...he transformed them into machines....
Hugo Noher
Hugo Noher:
Wow! What a season for Atalanta! Iličić, what a player!
Atalanta ended the decade with a 5-0 win! And now they just opened the decade with another!
Lewis McCann
Lewis McCann:
one of the most frightening attacks in europe
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes:
Atalanta is the most exciting team in Europe
Didier Clay Landa
Didier Clay Landa:
Valencia, I hope you're watching
X Phantom 11
X Phantom 11:
Ilicic is so underrated .. what a player 💙🖤
koronikalou josh
koronikalou josh:
Serie A is one of the best leagues to watch recently introduced in our local TV station in fiji .
Serie A is on fire.
nevermind salo
nevermind salo:
if cr7 scored that ilicic goal everyone will keep talk about it for years !!but when such underrated like ilicic scored no one will talk about it
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Milan and Parma had nothing to do with Atalanta this season
Jose Valverde
Jose Valverde:
Ilicic is absolutely, out of this planet
Alikumail Naqawe
Alikumail Naqawe:
Gomez and Iličić are the most insane, underrated players
Stephon Gittens
Stephon Gittens:
Arguably Illicic was the best player in Serie A last season and this season he making that case again.
Atalanta makes me happy!
I'm Japanese but I love this team♡
El Indio
El Indio:
Bad enough seeing my Fiorentina floundering near the bottom of the Serie A. To make it worse, we sold Ilicic to Atalanta for 5.5m euros. Yes, 5.5m euros.
Llalas King
Llalas King:
Ending 2019 with a 5-0 win over Milan

Starting 2020 with a 5-0 win woww😂😂😘
Jonathan atongo
Jonathan atongo:
I love this team from cameroon
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
Contender of goal of the season that first goal of Ilicic,what a volley 🚀
fans of ****
fans of ****:
2 match 10 goals
Angga Bratha
Angga Bratha:
Won again with big score ...what a tremondous season for Atalanta 👍
Cristian Ramirez
Cristian Ramirez:
Gosens assist on the 4th goal was perfectly executed accounting for the fact that he was against 9 Parma players (2:50), and manage to place the ball where he did. Forza La Dea!!
Next week Inter vs Atalanta, a team with the less conceded goals in Serie A vs a team with most scoring goals in Serie A..
Boy it's going to be really fun to watch..
Aloka ragab
Aloka ragab:
Another 5 amazing team
He Is Yahweh
He Is Yahweh:
2:51 Oh my word, what a beauty! Take a bow son!
François Delacroix
François Delacroix:
At least Milan won't feel so bad about this.
candra candra
candra candra:
I always love to watch atalanta play, cause they play attacking football... no fear to loose. They just playing their football system.
Arnaud Girod
Arnaud Girod:
Ilicic is *"'% strong !!!
Atalanta is the most exciting team in Italy. One can only imaigne how many goals they'll be scoring when Zapata gets back.
Quang Minh
Quang Minh:
let’s call this team Atalented
Reece R
Reece R:
Gasperini has to be the most underrated coach in the world? How no massive clubs are never linked with him amazes me!
Skil Trauma
Skil Trauma:
Illic and gomez are the most underratted players
Tayte Clark
Tayte Clark:
this team is playing some BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL!!! LOVE TO SEE THIS IN SERIE A!
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
TY AFTV Merchandise Man:
Atalanta are quality the football is beautiful
I am Sherlocked
I am Sherlocked:
josip ilicic i nominate:
"the skillful giant"
everyone will remember this atalanta team in ucl
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
Insane team, insane goals
Aloka ragab
Aloka ragab:
Josip ilicic is just somthing else
mete ozberk
mete ozberk:
Best team in serie a
Jojo,gioccatore par exelance!!!
Oleksandr Siryi
Oleksandr Siryi:
Malinowski RESPECT
Man City
Man City:
the most underrated team of last few years is Atalanta
Incredible finishing. The most entertaining team in Europe. I wish I'd taken the day off work and watched the game live.
Chvsehefner ‘
Chvsehefner ‘:
Easily the most entertaining Serie A side🔥🔥🔥🙆🏽‍♂️
ryoga barian
ryoga barian:
I can watch Ilicic's goal for hours without getting bored
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
Standing ovation to Atalanta! I’m no longer sleeping in this team!
Ilićić’s goal was 🔥🔥🔥💯💯
Ilicic e' un fuoriclasse, peccato che contro la Juve era squalificato, non avrebbe perso con lui in campo l' Atalanta
morkujin irukandji
morkujin irukandji:
Ilicic has been amazing for years. Always loved watching him
I love this team
Sebastian Ninzatti
Sebastian Ninzatti:
I am in love with this team! 😉 beautifull attacking and amazing supporters!
Hamzah Muhammad
Hamzah Muhammad:
This amazing
Muttaqui Siddiqui
Muttaqui Siddiqui:
They are Italian Ajax
Very Fantastic football from them
I love watching this team. Gomez and Ilicic are lethal
Artëm Kangur
Artëm Kangur:
This is how Manchester City used to play in 2017/2018 but now they have no creativity and determination! Brilliant performance from Atalanta
After transferring to Juve, Kulusevski somehow disappeared...
Official memes Tv
Official memes Tv:
Atalanta just can't go away
Great Performance tho
Maicol Vallejo
Maicol Vallejo:
No se porque pero siento demasiada empatía por este equipo, y están jugando demasiado bien.
João Paulo Delavia
João Paulo Delavia:
Just pretty goals, amazing!
Can't wait for Atalanta to knock out the bats!!!!!!!!!
Infanteri Ad
Infanteri Ad:
Atalanta amazing 👍
Rutul Dhote
Rutul Dhote:
Well this type of playmaking , passing and finishing skills are just beautiful to watch
Top quality football! Scintillating stuff. Honestly this is probably my favorite Serie A team to watch atm, probably play the best brand of football out of all the teams. These guys deserve to get way more respect and talked about a lot more than they do. Gasperini is doing a fantastic job out there.
Tanay Kamath
Tanay Kamath:
Tell me why doesn't Alejandro gomez play for Argentina NT?
السراج المنير
السراج المنير:
😘🥰😘atalantaaaaaaaa 👏👏👏🇰🇼🇰🇼🇰🇼 I'm from Kuwait 🇰🇼 my love ❤
Siddhesh Gothankar
Siddhesh Gothankar:
Looks far more threatening going forward than Inter and juventus
Yinka Emmanuel
Yinka Emmanuel:
I am so loving my Atalanta team, so much love from a fan from nigeria.
Hasan Bohra
Hasan Bohra:
They remind me of last season's ajax
Azadbarca Hassan
Azadbarca Hassan:
Gomes and ILICIC 🤩😍😍🤩 the best players Serie A Tim, Atalanta team
Adama Jarju
Adama Jarju:
My second best Team in the world 👏🏾
Bocah 90'an
Bocah 90'an:
Ilicic underrated🔥
3:02 one of the best volleys I’ve seen! Whoooeeww! Polished technique and everything
Andrea Razeto
Andrea Razeto:
Stop that Ilicic 🔥🔥🔥
Niels Junker
Niels Junker:
neversaynever b
neversaynever b:
I'm glad the team i support is well known abroad!!!!
Gabriel Noguez
Gabriel Noguez:
atalanta slowly but surely becoming the 5th maybe 6th giant in serie A .always on the top of the table and playing each year in European competitions
Konstantinos Kati
Konstantinos Kati:
Without spending big amounts of money they created a team that the last 3 years play great aggressive football. Hope this team win the Serie A in the next years and also they reach Champions League final stages
peixoto peixe
peixoto peixe:
Meu time no fifa 20😀
Kane Richards
Kane Richards:
that 4th goal
Berat Çağlar
Berat Çağlar:
Josip Iličić Excellent performance
Simon B
Simon B:
Equipo en un estado perfecto.
D'pubian Channel
D'pubian Channel:
Atalanta best perform,... absolutely......all beautiful goal...
John Sari
John Sari:
Atalanta is on fire 🔥 this season !
Deivy José
Deivy José:
I hope atalanta can qualify to cl again 😊
Nemanja nemanja
Nemanja nemanja:
Papu Gomez 💪
Marrio Zulpitto
Marrio Zulpitto:
Vinsmoke Snj
Vinsmoke Snj:
Atalanta 🔥🔥🔥
Gustavo Diego Santos
Gustavo Diego Santos:
Atalanta visto com alegria por um brasileiro
El luz del mundo
El luz del mundo:
Illicic is a treat!Atlanta is one of my favourite teams
Can't wait for the showdown vs. Inter next weekend
Come on Atalanta, I need you to win champions for my Gomez to turn 88 in FIFA20
r.i.p legend
r.i.p legend:
Nawalage Gagan
Nawalage Gagan:
Beautiful strategic football played only second to Pep's Man city
MR. So and so
MR. So and so:
They end 2019 with 5 and started the new one with 5 too, 10 goals & clean sheet in 2 games! Well, what can I say? Gasparini should respect the football 😂🔥🔥
Ilicic what a goal 👏🏻👏🏻
Jetro Matus Fernandez
Jetro Matus Fernandez:
Great team and very well played but Inter is waiting for you now 😉
Jason Xu
Jason Xu:
Wonderful performance. Move on, Atalanta.
Eliana Romero
Eliana Romero:
El papu😍
Юрий Николаевич
Юрий Николаевич:
"Аталанта " - топ!