Atalanta 5-2 Cagliari | 5 Different Scores as Atalanta win Big! | Serie A TIM

Luis Muriel, Papu Gomez, Mario Pasalic, Duvan Zapata and Sam Lammers all scored in another high-scoring Atalanta victory | Serie A TIM

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Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
If Gomez still not gets in the starting lineup of Argentina then it's a shame for the Argentinian Coach
lel gog
lel gog:
That Lammers goal was just outsanding!!! Well done Atalanta!
Nikolas Barakas
Nikolas Barakas:
13 goals in 3 matches.Atalanta just keeps going like nothing happened.
This team is just beautiful to watch
Ifful ajja
Ifful ajja:
..atalanta..most entertaining football in europe at the moment
How is Atalanta playing some of the most exciting attacking football with barely a "big name" player. I love clubs like that. Man Utd should take notes on how to build a team with style and passion.
Capo Salas
Capo Salas:
Imagine Everton and Atalanta winning their respective league 🤔
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob:
Atalanta winning Serie A would be a W for football

I'd absolutely love them to beat Juve 💙
Zhandr Max
Zhandr Max:
Cagliari : scores
Atalanta : ok take 3 goals
Cagliari : scores again
Atalanta : you are persistent, one more for him!
Gomez has become one of the greatest footballers in the world at this moment.
Santiago Roldan
Santiago Roldan:
Italian coaches showing the world how is done. You don't need only physical skills, because mental and tactical skills are way beyond that, and that's something recent football has forgotten. Quality over everything.
Kinyua Njeri
Kinyua Njeri:
How Atlanta isn't winning trophies with this exquisite football is the 9th wonder of the world!
Mehmet Cicek
Mehmet Cicek:
13 goals in 3 matches -> You know it's gonna be a lot of goals when Atalanta Bergamo play. They are always aggressive and attacking, which also leads them to concede goals. They are serious Scudetto contender.
Vrizk vrizk
Vrizk vrizk:
This is scary, 13 goal in 3 matches wow, even without the Slovenian Magician. Watch out Juve and Inter this team is ON FIRE. Can't wait to see them battle with Napoli after International break
That 5th goal was a Masterpiece!
Reananda Hidayat Permono
Reananda Hidayat Permono:
"How many goals do you want?"

Atalanta: "yes"
Muhammad Saw.
Muhammad Saw.:
congratulations for Atalanta's victory over the visiting Cagliari team ... and continued success for L.Muriel and his friends. greetings from Indonesian citizens🇲🇨
Haizar Ziar
Haizar Ziar:
Tsubasa said : the ball is a friend
Atalanta : yes my friend
Cagliari: We’ll park the bus and robbed this game!

Atalanta: Tell me. Does a club like yourself ever experienced fear?
Brian Banda
Brian Banda:
This Atalanta team, is a joy to watch
Gam A
Gam A:
Literally anyone in the Atalanta team can score.
Pure masterclass!
Gam A
Gam A:
Image what damage Atalanta would do if Iličić was playing
Shyam Kc
Shyam Kc:
I hope atlanta will win serie A this season
David Arcila
David Arcila:
*Cagliari:* Scores a goal*
*Atalanta:* Then death is your choice
michael ogunyemi
michael ogunyemi:
Luis Muriel’s calm on that first goal.
Jar Jordison
Jar Jordison:
Gomez is a mastermind
Heru Datte
Heru Datte:
now atalanta is on fire...
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost:
Atalanta showing that Italian football is about more than just defending. Fantastic attacking football, we love to see it!
Intratable Gómez, golazo de lammers, amor por este equipo. Fuerza Atalanta 💙🖤💙🖤
Asep Saepulloh
Asep Saepulloh:
You guys truly deserve to win Serie A this season. Keep that outstanding performance
Atalanta one of the best emerging club right now🙏🙏Gomez+Zapata+Muriel 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fervar Machrusson
Fervar Machrusson:
Why Atalanta so powerful and enjoy to watch?? 😭
had no effect even without Castagne and Ilicic 🐡💥🔥
Ждём Миранчука и голов будет на три больше
Michael Kamau
Michael Kamau:
Deep down everyone is an Atlantan coz they're just superb...PS The beast finally scored...Duvan for you
Chinonso Ahamefule
Chinonso Ahamefule:
Gosh... Gasparini has to be one of the best managers in Europe
Radzik Lvp
Radzik Lvp:
Wow. Just the quality of these goals was outstanding.
Frank Forster
Frank Forster:
Such a fun club to watch! Wish they can keep most of this squad together!
Atalanta isn't fighting for not descending or Europa League spots no more!
Bhasudewa Krisna
Bhasudewa Krisna:
The last goal was so lit..
A.Gomez brilliant player i hope argantine choose him as starting lineup.

Argantine attacking line is hard to choose.
Bisquit Macchiavelli-Larsson
Bisquit Macchiavelli-Larsson:
Everyone can't wait to see Juve-Barca in the CL. I mean yeah of course it's gonna be 2 big clashes, but personally I can't wait to see Atalanta playing Liverpool & Ajax.
Dicephalous 90
Dicephalous 90:
Lammers is sick player
Matsya Roshan
Matsya Roshan:
In Italy, I've been a Milan fan for over 30 years..though, I'm looking forward to every Atalanta game.. they're just so entertaining and enjoyable to watch! Best wishes and respect to la dea from a rival's fan 😉🍀
Wisnu Hariyadi
Wisnu Hariyadi:
I always look into atalanta nowadays. They're so enjoyful to watch. Regards from milan fans 👏🏼
Vishal Vinod
Vishal Vinod:
atlanta will reach quater finals or semi in champions league if they play like this.
As a România fan Marins’ assist to godin made me so happy, most of our players don’t play in the top 5 leagues so moments like that one are nice
another week and more goals from atalanta, amazing as always
Até quando vão ignorar esse incrível Papu Gomez? Que craque extraordinário
Hope Atalanta win the scudetto 🙏🏾💯
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana:
Atalanta already exceed "Amazing" level. For me, they can compete to become champions of Seria A 20/21
Riyan Javed
Riyan Javed:
Atalanta started with a great spirit this season 🔥🔥...what a teamwork
Brayan Ruiz Villarreal
Brayan Ruiz Villarreal:
Great team, and this definition that Lammers 👌✌️❤️
Josimir Ahnert
Josimir Ahnert:
Tomara que Atalanta ganhe um título esse ano . Aula de Futebol ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
amazing footbal from them,they deserve to be top 4 ucl this season if they keep going like this
Paulo Baptista
Paulo Baptista:
Best italian team at the moment
Gustavo Diego Santos
Gustavo Diego Santos:
Atalanta é o futebol mais alegre!! 👏🏼
Alysson Breno
Alysson Breno:
Joga muito esse time,merece o titulo.
Rudy Hiung
Rudy Hiung:
Wow that last goal from lammer 🔥
Rich Rich
Rich Rich:
Fair play to Atalanta who are ripping up the traditional Serie A rulebook, but my slight niggle is that the number of Italian players in Atalanta's sqaud seems to be dropping every year.
Kevin Mustoe
Kevin Mustoe:
What a goal from Lammers it simply was beautiful
charlton charles
charlton charles:
watching Atalanta play is so beautiful!!!
Que buen nivel el de los suramericanos en la serie A 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Deadly Mesh Designer
Deadly Mesh Designer:
Someone tell Giasparrini I want to play for Atalanta, everybody scores in this team...😂😂😂
Cristofer Mosqueda
Cristofer Mosqueda:
Scoring goals for fun and enjoying the game amazing team truly stunning
Dani Van
Dani Van:
Esse técnico e muito bom imagina ele num barca ou algum time grande da Itália seria muito foda
oturan pikachu
oturan pikachu:
Atalanta has experienced a beautiful shine in the last 3 years
Joey Aung
Joey Aung:
best team since last season ❤️
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart:
0:24 i love the way the grey-shirt celebrate the goal. Showing off the glove highly. He knew it was a great legit goal
Que time foda, merecem ganhar o Campeonato Italiano.
Clyton Fernandes
Clyton Fernandes:
This team!! 🙌🔥
13 goals in 3 matches, just wow!!
Gady John
Gady John:
This team just earned a new fan to watch
Atalanta sen ne güzel bi takımsın ya 💙🖤
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
Juve might lose this season if clubs like Atalanta, Inter, AC Milan, Roma, Napoli & Lazio attack this way!
Papu Gomez amazing player, but I need to say Argentina has really incredible talent, they have so many players to choose, that you are overwhelmed what you take, actually you can make 5 national teams with it. Hahahah
A part of this what a team Atalanta is, absolutely amazing.
Oljas Tursunbaev
Oljas Tursunbaev:
Zapata, Gomes, Lamers 🔥⚡ Beautiful goals 👏😜🚬
They literally picked up from where they left 🙏 🙌
Nicholas Filardo
Nicholas Filardo:
Awesome performance! Does anyone know if Ilicic is coming back soon?
arbai bai
arbai bai:
Superb Atalanta, great games. Love it.
La Bestia Gaming
La Bestia Gaming:
I just realized that Godin left inter
David Laurys
David Laurys:
The last goal 🔥
Koeswandi Santoso
Koeswandi Santoso:
Lets make your history🔥. Amazing performance
Otavio Barbosa
Otavio Barbosa:
Atalanta vai dar trabalho novamente...🔥🔵⚫️🔵⚫️
Szymon Dressler
Szymon Dressler:
As a AS Roma fan I hope that Atalanta will win Serie A,what an amazing team!
Romario Lorenzo
Romario Lorenzo:
Man this Atalanta team is just beautiful to watch
mister D
mister D:
Ничего себе старт выдали Бергамаски О_О. Скорейшего выздоровления и удачи на поле Алексею )))
Cleyton Monteiro
Cleyton Monteiro:
Título série A
Show Wick
Show Wick:
Are Atalanta the most ruthless team now in European Football?

Them v Bayern Munich would be a match to watch
Daniel Balogun
Daniel Balogun:
The tekkers shown by Lammers were mad🔥
Roderick Asante
Roderick Asante:
What a finish by Lammers will be keeping an eye on him this season.what an entrance.
Burhan Ahmed
Burhan Ahmed:
Lammers goal was dirty eurgh omds 😂🔥
Ac milan bigger than juventus
Ac milan bigger than juventus:
I hope Atalanta win serie a instead of juv or inter especially juventus
Thabo Tsutsubi
Thabo Tsutsubi:
I swear Gomez is a legend 💪🏿💪🏿🖤💙
Oscar Felipe Alcántara Meneses
Oscar Felipe Alcántara Meneses:
Que calidad el ataque de Atalanta 👏
Alejandro gomez is easily the best serie a player at the moment
Адиль Кылычбеков
Адиль Кылычбеков:
What a goals!What a team! BEST!
la taupe
la taupe:
Atalanta.... Beautiful team!!!
Psg fans🔵🔴🔵
Yonan Adi Pratama
Yonan Adi Pratama:
Wow really enjoyed every games played by atalanta.. they played beautiful football
Dave TV
Dave TV:
Congrat to Atalanta, my favourite Serie A team!
Muhammad Praditya Maulana
Muhammad Praditya Maulana:
That Last goal 🔥
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
Every week I wait for Atalanta to play because I know that we'll see the the best attacking football in the world