Atalanta 7-1 Udinese | Muriel Bags as a Hat-Trick as Atalanta Smash 7 Past Udinese! | Serie A

Atalanta record a big win against 10-man thanks to a hat-trick from Luis Muriel and a brace from Josep Ilicic | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

Minh Anh
Minh Anh:
Wow 😍
Nikola Goatic15
Nikola Goatic15:
Sadly they play nothing like this in the champions league, would be nice if they could bounce back.. still a nice game though
gfr 80
gfr 80:
Premiere League: Southampton 0-9 Leicester City
Serie A: Atalanta 7-1 Udinese

*What the week*!! 😳
Rohan Bardeskar
Rohan Bardeskar:
7 goals in a serie A league is pretty unusual to say the least! Kudos to Atalanta.. they have great attack even without Zapata!!
Toni Jon
Toni Jon:
Atalanta the Leicester of serie A ?!..🤔
Nikolay Kolev
Nikolay Kolev:
Why is nobody talking how underrated Muriel is?
M U R I E L 🔥🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Lucas Andrade
Lucas Andrade:
Udinese: "parecia a Alemanha"
Imagine the poor soul out there who just happens to support southampton and udinese
Without their leading scorer Zapata. Unbelievable
ManCity 5-1 Atalanta
Atalanta 7-1 Udinise
Ali Abdul Ahad
Ali Abdul Ahad:
When the highlights are only goals 🤦🏻‍♂️
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Udinese was like: Hey that wasn't us, it was Man City. Have your revenge over them😡😡
Adrian Polak
Adrian Polak:
Ilicic --- TOP CLASS
Mc JennyDeath
Mc JennyDeath:
Those pre-assist passes by ilicic and papu are amazing
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon:
Muriel involves in 5 of the goals. He’s playing the best football of his life
Subash Sunar
Subash Sunar:
Juventus should learn from this how to play counter attack and creative game .
Wolff Kraeng
Wolff Kraeng:
When you forget to change the difficulty level
Axmad Aadan
Axmad Aadan:
When Atlanta win 7 and inter napoli and juve draw and Milan lose
Egemen Korkmaz
Egemen Korkmaz:
Atalanta ❤
Luis Donoso
Luis Donoso:
3 goles muriel <3
Galviz 死
Galviz 死:
Que gran jugador es el papu gómez, saludos desde colombia!!
Sozahino Bsquad
Sozahino Bsquad:
L.Muriel ❤️🙏🏼
That Muriel penalty was so effortless 😂😂😂
جول سبورت - GOAL Sport
جول سبورت - GOAL Sport:
Udinese: Scoring first

Atalanta: So you choosed death
Saúl Borja
Saúl Borja:
Torlini Decor
Torlini Decor:
They’d be second with inter if they weren’t robed last week with lazio
Soumya Mohapatra
Soumya Mohapatra:
Any Man United fans here to watch Amad Traore's goal?
Jens Hejselbæk
Jens Hejselbæk:
My left ear really likes the outro
LUCAS Netolopes
LUCAS Netolopes:
Big atalanta seven goal
Girish Menon
Girish Menon:
LOL Udinese's hopes after they scored the opening goal.
J Moli
J Moli:
-- Thanks for blocking the upload video for US subscribers!
Ikadek Kariyawan
Ikadek Kariyawan:
Small team mostly play open games for egos! When they are down or defeated from bigs teams still play defense
Maestro Shaq
Maestro Shaq:
Here because of AMAD TRAORE
Konj 5
Konj 5:
Atalanta the Italian Arsenal :))) Amazing!
Alberto Hernández Angel
Alberto Hernández Angel:
in 5 videos I love this team already. I never seen a team like this since "Toros Neza" in Mexican Tournament (team disappeared)
Gasperini watched the leicester game this weekend looooool
Doing like mancity in the league
sarad matthew tigga
sarad matthew tigga:
Thrilling Match ! 😂
Todos comentando q por que en la champions no juegan igual por favor es la primera vez q participan seguramente la próxima temporada les irá mejor con más experiencia
Curva Nord loiking hella fine 🔥
Nim Gangmei
Nim Gangmei:
Muriel 🔥 🔥
Rizky Harisandy
Rizky Harisandy:
Okay, I'm Atalanta fans now

from Dissapointed Milanista
Liam Ryan
Liam Ryan:
Ilicic is amazing
Сергей Елхов
Сергей Елхов:
Hello from Russia, beautiful win!
Lukas Nuryadi
Lukas Nuryadi:
Great stadium
Bang bro
Bang bro:
di serie a gahar, di liga champion dengkul gemetar 😂
Morgan Stokes
Morgan Stokes:
Muriel is such an amazing player.
Acmed Fauzi
Acmed Fauzi:
Manchester city vs atalanta
But in the champions league ... 😂😂
Wicaksono Arief
Wicaksono Arief:
9-0 and 7-1 bola nya kempes
Erick Javier Ramírez Aguilar
Erick Javier Ramírez Aguilar:
Me encanta el Atalanta... Una pena que no pueda trasladar su buen futbol a la Champions ☹️
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve:
Revenge man city vs atalanta
Marcelo left the chat😂😂
Wiktor Kosierski
Wiktor Kosierski:
Interesting that they still can do nothing in ucl though
muhammad ridha daud
muhammad ridha daud:
Traore Will be Superstar at Man.United . Mark my words ! #GGMU
Rachid Nafssi
Rachid Nafssi:
Ti amo dal Marocco
Kroco Must Die
Kroco Must Die:
Goal5 Guardiola system!
Cam Tayou
Cam Tayou:
N0n ci sono tutti i gol!
Aidan Shiu
Aidan Shiu:
actually there were 8 goals
Papa Evan
Papa Evan:
Wowww gilaaaaaa
Oliver *
Oliver *:
8 goals *
ira muspita
ira muspita:
Leicester cabang liga calcio..
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
King chibueze
King chibueze:
Brazil Vs Germany. But with Italian subtitles 😂😂😂
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
TY AFTV Merchandise Man:
Brilliant team
Hari 3131
Hari 3131:
How is this a thrilling match when Atlanta easily won 7-1?
Hope they will play in the UCL like that too
Oscar Junior
Oscar Junior:
Oooooo how can u score first and they will score u 7
Staš Oblak
Staš Oblak:
Ilicic the real mvp
Sajid Ul Haque
Sajid Ul Haque:
What a stunning result that is
Micky Bricks
Micky Bricks:
That tackle for the second penalty was so late it was still in BST
Adam Wallowski
Adam Wallowski:
Best attack in Europe?
Grzegorz Wójcik
Grzegorz Wójcik:
Bergaaaamoo 👍
Luis Donoso
Luis Donoso:
grande muriel!!!!
Laili Nurul
Laili Nurul:
Tom Grazel
Tom Grazel:
How can you not love watching Atalanta
Mahmut TEL
Mahmut TEL:
Everything begun with okakas goal
Pasalic 🇭🇷💪
morocco 4 ever
morocco 4 ever:
hendrik boy
hendrik boy:
Eko Endra
Eko Endra:
Percuma gk bisa di jagoin Itali Liga Champions keok
John Legend
John Legend:
BRAVO Atalanta!
*Roma left the chat* 😂😂
Miguel Mourato
Miguel Mourato:
That second penalty is laughable.
lusang lushing
lusang lushing:
Ty for the highlights show...
Rodrigo Nepomuceno
Rodrigo Nepomuceno:
Alemanha 7
Brasil 1
Evan Edward
Evan Edward:
Ah, can't wait for matchday 4 cl, i hope atalanta playing well like this match, can't wait this match as a city fans
Eddy Murunga
Eddy Murunga:
The most attacking team in Europe
taufik seadanya,
taufik seadanya,:
Lil Fresh
Lil Fresh:
Zapata ??
Javier Armando Chavez Anchante
Javier Armando Chavez Anchante:
Ahhh pero UCL ... :v al carrer
kokom komalasari
kokom komalasari:
Entap apa yang merasukimu hingga dirimu seganas ini atalanta.
Jonas Kristiansen
Jonas Kristiansen:
I guess every match really is thrilling
Aris Permana
Aris Permana:
Atalanta kok malah Ugal-ugalan ngene.. Jann Jooosshh , Gian Piero Gasperini 👏👏👍👍
Talk ARG
Talk ARG:
de paul needs to get out of this team
Omar Elmokhtar
Omar Elmokhtar:
Brazil 🙈🙉
Kibet Ronoh
Kibet Ronoh:
Credits to mancity.