Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona 1-0 Highlights | English Commentary | Copa del Rey 2020

Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona 1-0 Highlights with English Commentary
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10 comentarios:

Yash Dabholkar
Yash Dabholkar:
Here after defeat to bayern 😔
Andra Stres
Andra Stres:
8:27 pique why?😂😂😂
Aramises Bringas Solgado
Aramises Bringas Solgado:
I know why they lost there wasn't enough Barca fans to cheer them
Simon Kfoury
Simon Kfoury:
Hala Madrid
Agustín Robledo
Agustín Robledo:
Como les hizo falta el barcelona a Iniesta en esta temporada yo creo q Iniesta era hasta 2020
Jaime Ponce
Jaime Ponce:
idk who needs to hear this but if Barca had good attack and better finishing they would be hard to stop 🤷🏽‍♂️ too many opportunities missed and they can maintain the ball well
Luisa Ramìrez
Luisa Ramìrez:
8:32 que sucio despues dicen que es Sergio Ramos
9:03 commentator is a Madrid fan 4 sure
Retro Don
Retro Don:
There won't be a Barca worse than this 🙁
Haytham Elshafie
Haytham Elshafie:
The commentator is horrible