Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona [1-0], La Liga 2020/21 - MATCH REVIEW

Yannick Carrasco scored the winning goal, after a big mistake from Marc-Andre ter Stegen to give Atlético Madrid a huge win over Barça in La Liga. Ronald Koeman will also be concerned following injuries to Gerard Pique and Sergi Roberto...




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Well... that didn't go at all to plan. Which problem do you want to start with?
Mohammed Sohel
Mohammed Sohel:
At this point Koeman should just put himself CB he’ll do better than our whole defence
Steve Crown
Steve Crown:
Why do Barca pass the ball too much around the goal line? WHY CANT THEY SHOOT? This passing of the ball around the eighteen yard without shooting is BORING. Just look at ATLETICO and other TEAMS... they SHOOT. But BARCA DONT.
Everyone is saying it’s Ter Stegen’s fault but they don’t talk about Pique’s horrific first touch.
Messi genuinely looks like he has lost hope in Barcelona. It looks as if he doesn't care whether they win or lose.
Uziel Diaz
Uziel Diaz:
There’s no leadership, the fact that Pedri gave the post match interview, dressing room in shambles
Dembele the only one who played with hunger
*_We've had defensive problems for the last few seasons and yet we still managed to loan out a young talented CB. Now that will certainly come back to haunt us._*
Amar Kahlon
Amar Kahlon:
Valverde is having the last laugh. Goodness, Barcelona look rubbish now.
Shahnaz Shamim
Shahnaz Shamim:
Remember who our man of the match against athletico Madrid was last season, Riqui Puig #koeman out
Navneeth Kishore
Navneeth Kishore:
This team looks like Man United after Ferguson.
A&G Stars
A&G Stars:
The decision of making Roberto play in that midfield instead of Puig or Alena is outrageous....
malik adegoke
malik adegoke:
if we keep playing like this, we will end up in he europa league spots.
Richy Rich
Richy Rich:
Dembele was fantastic tonight, was so worried when he went down on his shoulder but he kept going!
Owen Sun
Owen Sun:
Fammm, just play 57 year old big belly Ronald Koeman in CB
Glen Robison
Glen Robison:
“Oh no, we suck again!” - Rob Schneider.
Johnny A
Johnny A:
They wanted to get rid of Todibo and now all of the cb are injured
tajari haughton
tajari haughton:
Gold Wealth
Gold Wealth:
I was gonna change the channel when Dembouz went down in the first half, I am happy he play in second half, congrats Dembouz, u work ur socks off💯
Haider Abdi
Haider Abdi:
Imagine the scenes if barca don't even get in the top 4 let alone winning the league
John Fernandez
John Fernandez:
I wouldn’t be suprised if Barcelona doesn’t make it in a champions league spot this season
The Futbolero
The Futbolero:
I criticized him from being injured from time to time. Now, he's performing with heart, guts and he's picking up much traction. Of course, it's Dembelé. I hope Dembelé can continue performing in the next match
Sam S
Sam S:
Imagine how bad puig would have been feeling after doing lot of work in la masia getting into barca B and finally able to enter in barca A
And at last he's been ignored
Lord Severus Snape
Lord Severus Snape:
Imagine staying awake till 1.30AM and watch the match until 3.30AM😪😪😪. I should start watching highlights instead😔
Mohamed Almaimani
Mohamed Almaimani:
"But he waited, waited and waited and off course that angle got narrower and narrower and narrower". Thanks Jaime for pointing out why I am always in the friend zone
Genesis David
Genesis David:
I knew this was going to happen, I literally had no hope.
Atif Choudhury
Atif Choudhury:
BEHOLD Ronald Koeman: A man with a head the size of a watermelon with absolutely nothing in it
Dembele is such a quality player man, only player who doesn’t just pass to Messi and actually tries things
Barca Daily
Barca Daily:
Just let Leo go to city in January. It's sad to see him like this.....😭
Stanislav Volevach
Stanislav Volevach:
Barca's has lost its fire, desire and confidence.
Lmao did anyone see the guy named "Biggus Dickus" in the credits😂
We have to fight for CL places, that's all we can ask for this season!
Khaya Mfo
Khaya Mfo:
No konrad no quig I'm so annoyed by this manager Jamie
Am glad I left at halftime. we are officially a small team. we are trying so hard, Griezy should go. I prefer we play braithweight as a 9, it time we trust him, it would be a better balance for the team. the best we gonna get this season is top 4.
This is the weakest barcelona in the last 20 years
My subs
Dest for Pique
Puig for Roberto (after Pique injury)
Trincao for Pedri
Coutinho for Griezmann

Trincao playing on the right
Dembele left
Coutinho CAM
Messi ST
Cm Puig
rb dest
Keston Smith
Keston Smith:
Messi got dispossessed so much. He can't keep trying to do the same thing like when he was young, he needs to change his style of play.
Antonio Vasquez
Antonio Vasquez:
After this game we all found out that Messi can’t play against big teams anymore
Khalid Al-Omary
Khalid Al-Omary:
Messi really fell off this season man
Messi looks like he doesn’t care whether we win or lose 🙁 I think we should consider parting ways with him and creating a new era
Shubham Aggarwal
Shubham Aggarwal:
and bayern scored 4 against atletico ... imagine what will happen to us :( flashbacks
Anele Anele
Anele Anele:
Ousmane Dembele is warrior 🙌🔥
MCS With Mulat MCS With Mulat
MCS With Mulat MCS With Mulat:
The olde regime damaged everything now we’re struggling!
Prosper Kisseh
Prosper Kisseh:
You all to stop talking rubbish about messi. How can he play well when Everytime he is figuring himself out then people start blaming him for no reason. He is a human and feels just as us. If I was in Barcelona I would tell griezman to tell his family and friends to shut up. We had enough for them blaming his performance on others. No one blamed no one when coutinho couldn't play well but now he is back stronger than before. Am a griezman fan but I feel what messi feels because am also a young player as well. Playing with frustration makes you feel less confident. Griezman tell your family to shut up.
I'm actually "happy" Pique got injured. He is so slow and so sloppy, doesn't fit the game anymore. Araujo can only do better
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
It's not about bouncing back from this, it's about consistency. Oh Barça, I know I have to support Barça throughout all times but it really hurts. Visca Barça
Yousif Abdulsattar
Yousif Abdulsattar:
6:30 "straight down the thought of Jan oblak" that's what she said
I can imgine barcelona playing for Europa league Next season...
Probably the only positive in today’s game was the fact that dembele didn’t get taken off and he lasted his first full 90 mins in a really long time...this kid is not injury prone anymore and it’s really good to see him getting consistent game time...absolutely gutted for Pique tho 🇫🇷⚡️
Peter Varkey
Peter Varkey:
No wonder😔. After international breaks its always like this. No expectatn in this team.wat on earth made ter stegan to came forward
omar rubio
omar rubio:
Lam rof
Lam rof:
Dembele really needs to train himself to improve his heading abilities. At the moment his heading is no better than the pedestrian off the road.
When does Braithwaite get a chance
lersus cummings
lersus cummings:
What I took from this game is that we need a second formation to suite some of these players
Koeman is an ass for not using all the players he has or atleast most of them
We have alot of holes in our defence
Puig needs to get an opportunity in this team, korman needs to stop being so stubborn
Abhi Sinha
Abhi Sinha:
Messi has to be CAM not cf, we saw in yesterday game Grizemann dropping deep doesn't help
Abdul Mughees
Abdul Mughees:
The moment we talk about our records of win streaks or something like that we r losing the very next game
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Oscar mingueza !
Ball Playing Center Back with pace & skills 🔥🔥
YsUnFazed Jr
YsUnFazed Jr:
All im gonna say is that Koeman is a dutch Setien. Dembele was by far our best player he is proving all the haters wrong.
Awesome Tag 47
Awesome Tag 47:
With Pique injured, will De Jong slot into CB and then could we see Puig in a pivot?
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira:
Wanna throw respect to Carrasco, that touch that took Ter Stegen out was pure class
Kevin Jimomi
Kevin Jimomi:
Seriously what do these fans expect? It’s still the same defence line that’s been bottling in the CL for last 4 years!!!
Leban Aljaž
Leban Aljaž:
We might be in the Europa leauge next season lads.
Aseel B
Aseel B:
Dembele was our best player out there and the only player who wanted to win.
Kevin Bobadilla
Kevin Bobadilla:
Damn looks like we are playing umtiti
Task Force
Task Force:
Lenglet had an open chance header but missed it and Griezmann also had it but missed it. I think we need a change in formations and Griezmann should'nt be played just because when he plays we see Messi struggles.
Brad Diaz
Brad Diaz:
Fell asleep after 15 minutes of watching, woke up at 91’ and went back to sleep... thought it was a bad dream lol ☠️
AKeem Taylor
AKeem Taylor:
Koeman needs to go!!!!! Where's the perfect start??? We are currently 13th in league.. like is the Barcelona??? I dont think so..
Mats Petersen
Mats Petersen:
promote jandro, he‘s so talented and seems ready to play in the first team.
Fazil Hashim
Fazil Hashim:
i Stayed up till 2 in the morning to watch this match, i wonder why I keep watching these matches , they just dissapoint you so much.
adexino larry
adexino larry:
I think Martin Braithwaite should get more minutes
I just came here to say every test Barca has had this season so far they've failed. All except for Juve. At this rate we'll be the next Man U very soon.
G O D:
We lost the league already,lets just hope we can get 4th place
jason young
jason young:
messi chance at the end of first half should go to top roof of the goal, which is the only way to beat the goalkeeper.
Eimaan Nuristani
Eimaan Nuristani:
As optimistic as I can be I think we had enough of greizman! Not only he doesn't perform well plus his family are causing so much problems!
Tba Zizou
Tba Zizou:
Valverde was a great coach. The board was just incompetent!
Acha Msukwa
Acha Msukwa:
I didn’t want to watch this video, but what can I do, in goodness and health I’m still married to Barca 🤗🤗. I still believe in this team
Real 1
Real 1:
No excuses! we have a fragile mentality once we conceded I knew the game was over face it guys the glory days are over we are no longer top dawgs in la liga..Messi should move on as well
Shawn Rodrigues
Shawn Rodrigues:
Ter Stegen wants to impress low as he is fed up of seeing Neuer being the best sweeper keeper😂😂😂

Nevertheless he is a great goalkeeper and we are lucky to have him
max 123
max 123:
Ronaldo will eat us in just 10 mins like this. And we brought dest for substitute. He will be beast if he plays every game
Dembo Soussoko
Dembo Soussoko:
I don’t know why the defenders are not communicating, they should be communicating that will be better🤦🏽‍♂️ come on Barça we are more than this 💪🏽
Ananthu KR
Ananthu KR:
With this style of play, playing from the back need to be more efficient and quick in passing and unpredictable.we are predictable both in formation and the passes we are going to make.
DreamChaser Tati
DreamChaser Tati:
Do we need more to see that we should sell Grezman?
Arthur McDaniel
Arthur McDaniel:
Well all i can say these injuries are a blessing, finally the younger players will get to start, no pique, no busq, no roberto. Well finally puig, and araujo will get well needed minutes.
Mutokambali Working project
Mutokambali Working project:
For me its time to let messi go and get some money in return from him, imo his head is not in barca anymore. And one other thing if we do let him go let's go out and get Haaland and build around him.
MercyxRon FTW
MercyxRon FTW:
You know what is the root cause?
Everyone in the team needs confidence.
That's it.
Welp...we can now look towards another trophy less season
let's protect mother NATURE
let's protect mother NATURE:
U know what Jamie I am tired of u defending MESSI, this was one of the most shocking displays I have seen from him in years.
Clas Reid
Clas Reid:
Lenglet I keep saying for seasons upon season now is absolutely useless!
Horrible performance. Nothing more to say...
EDIT: our MVP was Dembele, he was literally everywhere and doing everything.
Sid Gordon
Sid Gordon:
Jamie we need you to comfort us, tell us it's just a nightmare, tell us everything will be OK 😢
Drífa Magnúsdóttir
Drífa Magnúsdóttir:
Pique is getting old and slow maybe we need another centre back
I don’t think we’re winning laliga this season, but we need to get top 4 at least. Imagine Barca aren’t even in the ucl u just can’t believe that
Chiyaba Alberto
Chiyaba Alberto:
Maybe Messi should start conserving his energy.
Russell James
Russell James:
Embarrassing that a club like Barcelona is bringing on Braithwaite to try and win games!
Atleast we know what to expect as long as koeman is the manager!
Abhishek Mazumdar
Abhishek Mazumdar:
Bartemeu should have been fined for the destruction of this club.
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Maybe we need to go back to our old formation 😤😤
Daniel Lin
Daniel Lin:
I started a challenge since last year, it's a challenge that I only shave my beard when barca wins a la liga game... My beard is long...
Dembele could have had 2 assists against possibly the deepest block in Europe...he really is shining for us man and u just live to see it 🇫🇷⚡️...the only positive in today's game
I miss todibo! Bartmeou is gone but his mess is still hurting us of selling players like todibo! 😭 These are difficult days for us